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Links on Forensic science H

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Links on Forensic science H

  1. Sea and Sky

This site has activities on space and the ocean. E

  1. Siemens Science Day

There are hands on science activities in earth, life and physical science that will engage students in the field of science. Teachers have to sign up to use the site. UE M

  1. Solar System Exploration

A variety of resources on the solar system provided by NASA. EZΩ M H

  1. for physics

If you are teaching physics or just studying physics, is the web site for you. It is designed for students who are studying A-level physics. The material frequently goes beyond what is required in the A-level physics syllabus. There is a mathematical refresher course in the preliminary section, which covers basic calculus and the mathematics that students frequently find difficult. H

  1. Spigot

A science magazine for kids and classrooms

Teachers can sign up and receive a classroom subscription for the magazine that comes out five times a year. Students learn how science affects their lives. Teachers can download magazines on volcanoes; energy, ecosystems, simple machines, and the universe just to name a few of the topics. UE M

  1. Sqool Tube

Teachers can use these fun filled videos to enhance their lessons in science. E M

  1. StarChild

Students learn about the solar system and the universe by performing tasks on different levels. There are lesson plans, and teacher information and booklets that accompany the activities. E M

  1. Strange Matter

Find out about strange matter and other secrets of everyday life. UE M

  1. Simple and Complex Machines

This site uses animation to teach simple and complex machines .like the wedge and levers, pulleys and ramps, wheels and Axle. There are student introductions that include labs and teacher‘s overviews that include lesson plans. UE M

  1. Vocabulary Test Activities

Vocabulary Test Activities for GRE & SAT H

  1. The Giant Heart

A resource for teachers of Elementary Level students for learning about the heart. There are charts and resources for keeping records exercise, etc. E

  1. The Teacher Café

Elementary lessons, worksheets, and resources with online activities on animals, space, and plants. There are also lessons and worksheets for middle and high school science. E

  1. Understanding Genetic

Understanding Genetics share stories, news, activities and ethics issues. The site also includes four online exhibits: Zooming in to DNA; What Color Eyes Will Your Children Have? Know Your Foods and Insider’s View into a Genetics Lab. Questions can be submitted to ‘Ask a Geneticist,’ and archived questions and answers can be read. H

  1. An Educators Guide for Machines

    This is a guide for K-12 educators for teaching machines with science standards that have activities for investigating machines. E M H

  1. Science Interactivities

This Website is an interactive study on the possibility that life exists on Mars. You will need Flash to play. E M

  1. Daily Almanac

This is a daily almanac that offers News of the day, This day in History, Health news, Word of the day and more. Hosted by Slim Goodbody. E M

  1. New Try Science

Kids can have fun while exploring a variety of unique topics. They can also do experiments using household objects to learn about physics, chemistry and lots more. E M

  1. History of the Brain

This site is a timeline of the history of the brain. Just click on an image such as ancient beliefs, anatomy, psychology, disorders and neuroscience to get a timeline for information on that information. H

  1. Units of Measure

Here is a database of sites on information units of measurement. This database is geared to middle and high school level instruction. Everything from Nomographs to Atomic clocks and more can be found in the databases. H

  1. Just for Kids

Students can choose to participate in a variety of different adventures that helps students learn about plants, weather, where food comes from, river explorers, and lots more. E

  1. The Great Plant Escape

Students journey through the world of plants by solving problems and doing experiments, E M

  1. My First Garden

Teaches students the principles of gardening and how to garden. E

  1. Natural Hazards Gateway

There are maps, newsletter, and photos on earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, volcanoes, and wildfires. There are federal resources and links to more information. There are real time resources as well. UE M

  1. New Video Lectures

Educators are able to browse and find lectures from renowned lecturers on topics; such as physics, biology, technology, Earth sciences and much more. H

  1. Villainy. Inc

Integrates mathematical experiences with adventure. Recommended for middle school level. Students use critical thinking skills to move through the process. M

  1. Virtual Explorers

In this site, is a group of individuals are committed to providing teachers and students with access to wildlife biologists working in the field. This web site provides students with an opportunity to experience wildlife research as it takes place. E M

  1. Cloud Cam

Live cloud cam E M

  1. Volcano World

Provided by the University of North Dakota, this site features images, background information, Ask a Volcanologist, and news of current eruptions around the globe. E M

  1. Weather Wiz Kids

This site is designed by a meteorologist and has information about hurricanes, tornadoes, rain, winter storms, clouds, wind, temperature, wildfires, earthquakes, and weather experiments. There are photos, jokes and stories related to the weather. E M

  1. Web Elements Periodic Table of the Elements

Web elements interactive periodic table. Click on an element and get the information H

  1. The Faces of Science: African Americans

Information about African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. M H

  1. We Choose the Moon

    This is an interactive site about the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. There is a countdown and mission launch on the screen as well as actual voice quality from the Kennedy Space Center. You can view different pictures of the parts of the rockets and pictures from the mission. There are simulated “live” streams from the mission. E M H

  1. Oh No Lego Wedges

Learn about wedges from Lego. Explore all about wedges, which are inclined planes. UE M

  1. Ladies and Gentleman—The Inclined Plan

Students explore the inclined plane. E

  1. Wilderness Kids Club

This site is for elementary aged students and has lots of activities, adventure information, and wildlife information. Students can even post questions to questions about animals. E

  1. Windows to the Universe

This is an entertaining site to explore! The black background and colorful objects in outer space make this an inviting Website for students. Clicking on "Our Planet" will provide information on Earth -- everything from its "Interior and Surface" to its "Myth & Culture." Clicking on "Our Solar System" provides information on planets, asteroids, and comets. Students will enjoy coloring the planets in the new interactive Solar System Coloring Book. You will find additional, and great, information under "Astronomy & The Universe." Also, be sure to click on "Strange Stuff in Space"! There are lots of activities, such as playing games and creating a journal, available in Teacher Resources. E M H

  1. New Molecular Workbench

This site has interactive simulations for learning physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Teachers can create their own simulations and modules. M H

  1. World Book Encyclopedia’s Cyber Camp

This is an online camp that allows students to take nature walks through forests, wetlands, learn about plants and animals as well as do crafts. Students never have to leave the classroom. E M

  1. Wild Finder—Mapping the World Species

WildFinder is a map-driven, searchable database of more than 26,000 species worldwide, with a powerful search tool that allows users to discover where species live or explore wild places to find out what species live there. M H

  1. World Wide Telescope

This site is a Web 2.0 visualization software that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope. Take a tour of the universe using your computer. M H

  1. New Whyfiles

This site is a weekly science online newspaper that keeps you in the know about the latest science revelations. There Classroom activities, and you can search in the archive more articles. UE M H

  1. New Whyfiles—Interactives

Whyfiles has a variety of interactive activities on such areas as Make a Snowflake, Control a Tornado, Make rainbows and much more. UE M H

  1. Whyville

Here is a safe place online where kids can engage in social networking that is an educational tool sponsored by NASA and others to engage children in activities that will impact their understanding in real life. M

  1. New Wonderville

Students will have fun learning about a variety of topics from chemistry to engineering as they participate in activities as well as learn about jobs in the fields of technology and science. There is also information for teachers and families. E M H

  1. Bubble Town

Students will have fun learning about bubbles. They will learn about bubble engineering, making a bubble blowing tube, posters and games. E M

(224) (215)

  1. ABYZ News Links

An easy-to-use directory to newspaper Web sites from all around the world; very handy for social studies and foreign language units. M H

  1. Applied Language

This site has many free resources for educators and students. There are currency converters as well as translation tools. Students can get maps of the world as well. M H

  1. 4 the Teacher

This web site has Free Elementary Foreign Language Activities

Online Interactive Educational Learning Games Gaelic - Spanish - Polish and American Sign Language. E M H

  1. BBC—Primary French

The PRIMARY FRENCH website has both animated and non-animated content. E

  1. BBC—Languages—French

French Steps: an online beginner's course that's easy-to-use. E M

  1. BBC—Languages—Ma France

There are videos with both English and French Caption. There are also quizzes and other activities. H

  1. BBC—Languages – Spanish

Follow a beginner’s course on line; get quick fix of holiday phrases on this web site. There are tutorials as well as pronunciation guides. E M H

  1. Bonjour Learn French on Line

Students can learn French words and phrases. They can see and hear the words and phrases. Elementary, middle and high school (Beginning levels) E M

  1. Casa de Joanna

Students can learn about French terms and those of specific topics like going to the market as well as downloadable worksheets. E M H

  1. Multilingual Flash Activities

There are five multilingual flash interactive activities that you can use in your classroom. E M H

  1. Chinese Savvy

Learn Chinese with free lessons as well as hear phrases with a speech dictionary of phrases. E M H

  1. Crick Web

This site has a variety of interactive games and activities to learn math, science, history, geography, foreign languages skills for early childhood to intermediate. Be aware that any money activities are in pounds. E M

  1. High School Resources—Foreign Language

Links to lesson plans and resources for the foreign language teacher or for the teacher that wants to link other cultures into the curriculum. H

  1. New Doulingo

Students can learn French, Spanish and German at their own rate. This site does have audio and has different levels from beginners to advance. It builds on skills. They can record their own voice, but his feature does not work well. M H

  1. Foreign Language Teachers

This site was developed by the Center for Modern Languages. There are activities, resources, interactive games and more for teachers to implement in their classrooms. M H

  1. ePals

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