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ePALS Classroom Exchange has opportunities for teachers and students to connect with projects and collaborations. E M H

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ePALS Classroom Exchange has opportunities for teachers and students to connect with projects and collaborations. E M H

  1. E.L. Easton—Languages

A comprehensive list of foreign language teaching and informational sites. E M H

  1. EspanOle!

The Online resource for students and teachers of Spanish. M H

  1. Ethnologue: Languages of the World

This site has related links on languages of the world. M H

  1. Multilingual Dictionary

Find a phrase in French, Spanish, Italian, and German. M H

  1. France—Diplomatie

You will find information about Going to France, Discovering France, Studying in France and much more. M H

  1. Garden of Praise

This is a Spanish site that has songs for students to sing and read along with the words. This site has songs about colors and numbers. E M

  1. Chinese for Kids

This site shows students how to learn the Chinese language. There are lessons and games. E, M

  1. Learn Hebrew Online

Students can learn words and phrases on Hebrew. There is Biblical Hebrew for adults as well as for students. You can connect with teachers in Israel for a fee or you can use free resources on the site. You are able to hear the Hebrew phrases spoken. Recommended for Upper elementary, middle and high school as well as adults. UE M H

  1. Hebrew Podcasts

Students can learn Hebrew by watching videos where they can hear and see the words and phrases by topic and category. E M H C

  1. High School Ace—World Languages

This site has a wealth of lessons and activities on World languages. H

  1. ***New Imendi

This site has lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Czech. Students can learn phrases, words, and can take test by clicking and dragging. They can see their score. There is no audio. M H

  1. Internet 4 Classrooms—Foreign Language Classes

Foreign Language Foreign Language Links. E M H

  1. Learn French

Students can see and hear the French terms. E M H

  1. How Good Is Your French

This site has interactive activities that promote comprehension and vocabulary of French conversation as well as daily situations. E M

  1. Hennings Haus

This site has interactive activities that promote comprehension and vocabulary of German conversation as well as daily situations. E M

  1. *New Arciurus

You can choose English or Spanish to play math, read stories, and learn vocabulary. E M

  1. LanguageQuest

Newspapers from around the world. H

  1. New Mobento possible for presentation place in other subjects

This site is a searchable video platform that offers a wide variety of high academic videos for AP and IB courses in science math technology English history and much more. H

  1. Latin Teach

A site for teachers of Latin that has numerous resources for teachers. H

  1. New Learn a Language

Students can learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, and Italian by using a variety of lessons, games and activities. The games and activities such as a memory machine, learning lounge, plus others have audio to help with pronunciation. E M

  1. Learner/Interactives-COMMON CORE-MATRIX-place in all subjects

This site has lots of interactives for teachers and students on all subject areas such as arts, foreign language, literature, language arts, math, science, social studies, and history. E M H

  1. New Learner Express-use in matrix

They have Learner Express is a gallery of short videos that also are linked to Common Core Standards and also linked to classroom activities. E M H

  1. New Lingtlanguage

Teachers can help their students becoming more fluent in a foreign language by create assignments that give students more flexibility in spoken and written exercises. H

  1. Portals to the World—Library of Congress

There are selected links to authoritative, in-depth information about nations and areas of the world. H

  1. Martindale’s Language & Translation Center

This is a concise Website that includes over 2100 languages, language dictionaries and encyclopedias, basic first year intermediate and advanced courses, writing, reading, and phonic, and grammar lesson. E M H

  1. New Nulu

Students can learn English or Spanish at their own rate in the context of everyday topic areas like politics sports, entertainment, etc. H

  1. Omniglot

World newspapers M H

  1. 1 Language

This is a resource that can provide assistance to students and teachers for those needing aid with reading and language from other countries. E M H C

  1. Spanish for Kids—123 Teach Me

This site has lots of interactive activities and videos to help students learn Spanish. E M H

  1. Parlez-Vous Francais

This is a good Internet Resource for French Students and Teachers. There are many links for food, culture, cities, language and more. E M H

  1. Interactive German

Students who are learning German will have access to interactive activities from verbs to subject tense. H

  1. Quiz Hub

The Quiz Hub quiz test the students’ knowledge of French vocabulary: numbers. E

This Quiz Hub quiz test the students’ knowledge of Spanish vocabulary: numbers. E

  1. Welcome to SEAsite

This site is an interactive learning resource for Southeast Asia languages, literature and culture. M H

  1. Si, Spain

An Interactive service which promote free exchange of information of Spanish current affairs… M H

  1. Study Spanish

There are Spanish tutorials as well as lessons on verbs and grammar. There is conversational Spanish, too. H

  1. Syvum Activities games & Quizzes

Online Learning and Interactive activities. Students can learn Portuguese, Japanese just to name a few. UE M H

  1. LSyvym anguage Translation Quizzes and Games

This site has games and quizzes in translation of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. UE M H

  1. Countries of the World

A site with extensive information about countries of the world including their flags, maps, economy, geography, climate, and much more

a wealth of information on over 360 world languages; includes locations, dialects, and number of speakers. E M H

  1. PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class

This is a PowerPoint for Spanish class. H

  1. TravLang—Foreign Language for Travelers

If you would like to learn about a foreign language, you only need to click on one of 35 languages to choose from basic vocabulary, numbers, to more advances lessons. E M H

  1. Super Spanish Websites

There are links to Spanish newspapers, vocabulary builders, tutorials and word builders. E M H

  1. Verb 2 Verbe

This site conjugates verbs in French or English. M H

  1. Vocabulary Training Exercises

Students can practice verbs, nouns and phrases in French, German, Spanish and English. M H

  1. Web German

Learn German Lessons, grammar, resources, photos and other foreign language links. H

  1. Foreign Language Resources

Web German—There are many links to foreign languages from Korean to Chinese. You can even learn Hungarian. H

  1. Multilanguage Dictionary

This site has access to dictionaries and linguistic functions in 7 languages. You have access to French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, and English. M H

  1. Word Reference—Online Language Dictionary

This is s free on line language translation dictionary for Spanish and Russian. H



This site offers free arts and crafts projects, articles, craft links, and hobby resources. Our goal is to provide parents, teachers, educators, and crafts enthusiasts a quality one-stop arts and crafts information portal. E M

  1. Artful Animals

Artful Animals explores how African artists create works of art using images based on tamed and domestic animals. E M H

  1. A Lifetime of Color this opened to writing resource center, move to language arts. Should we move to TR also???

This site has interactive online games, lessons, and activities for teachers and students EC, E, M H

  1. All About Jazz

Video clips on jazz from long ago and to the present. E M H

  1. ArtRage 2.5 Free Paint Simulation Software

    This site provides realistic simulations of using paint on a canvas, along with pencils, pens, crayons, water and other art tools. There is a manual available as a part of the software. UE M

  1. Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery

Provides a wide selection of American collections from Colonial times to the 20th Century. H

  1. American Museum of Natural History

Students and teachers can find out about exhibits and science news. E M H

  1. Theater Games and Acting Exercises

There are just a few ideas for theater games and acting exercises to start your drama classes. H

  1. Architect Studio

Students get to be architects and design and build houses an online interactive tool, which allows users to design and build a virtual home with the assistance of a virtual Frank Lloyd Wright; it also includes a teacher and research section. H

  1. New Art Babble

This site has videos about artists and interview about their work, art explorations, and much more. It is partnered with the National Gallery of Art. H

  1.—Create art-artpad

Students can learn about artists and their styles. They can also paint their own artwork that records their paint while it is create in a time-lapse effect. E M H

  1. The Archive

This site has a variety of ways to learn about a variety of artist: virtual galleries, theory and criticism, as well as other art links. M H

  1. New Art Hints

Learn about atmospheric perspective and drawing the human head. M H

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago

Exhibitions: past, present, and future. E M H

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago

Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh, exhibition. Explore the work they created. E M H

  1. Art Museums

You can use this site for getting art lessons, and art resources, and expose students to gallery art. You can submit art lessons and communicate with other art teachers. E M H

  1. New ArtPd

Use the tools provided on this site to create paintings. You can print or email finished works to other. E M H

  1. Art-Rageous

This site has lot of lessons and resources geared for high school. H

  1. George Gershwin

Students learn about the composer George Gershwin. Students can learn about other composers such as Hyden, Mozart, Handle, Ravel, Stravinsky, Vivaldi, and Shubert. UE M H

  1. Arts Connected—Tools for Teaching the Arts

Extensive resource for art sponsored by the Walker Art Center, The Minneapolis Institute of Art tours, lessons, and more from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. E M H

  1. Artist Toolkit-interactive

An interactive visual elements tool kit where students can explore art elements and art principles and meet artists of today. E M

  1. Blues Journey

Learn about the American musical form—the Blues. It is an interactive site the traces the history of the Blues. E M H

  1. Drop Me Off in Harlem

Discover and learn how important figures in Harlem influenced the Harlem Renaissance from 1917 to 1935. E M H

  1. Artlex—art dictionary

This site is an extensive dictionary of art terms. Besides art terms, you can look up types of art, art movements and links to artists and their images. M H

  1. World Myth and Legends in Art

Explore Myths and legends in art. This site leads students through a gallery of artifacts that represent different myths and legends around the world. Students can write essays Online that compare and contrast these myths and legends. UE M

  1. Artsology

This site helps to expose children of all ages to music and art using interactive games, videos, and investigations. E M

  1. ArtsEdge

You can get lesson plans and activities and explore artists. E M H

  1. BatLyrics

You can search for lyrics to songs old and new or from artists. The words appear as well as video of the artist sing the lyrics. You can search for lyrics by artist, genre or lyrics. E M H

  1. Play! Making Tracks

Learn about classical music, play instruments or even watch cartoons about classical music and instruments. You can even take a test about the music. E M

  1. Musical Mysteries

Students will learn the elements of music such as rhythm, mood, sounds. There are lesson plans and resources for teachers. E M

  1. Best History Sites

A well-chosen, well-arranged, and rated list of annotated links to history Web sites of all eras. Good for art history. E M H

  1. New BSO Kids,4

Students can find resources, games and activities about symphonic music and BSO concerts. E M H

  1. Cartoonster website is suspended

A free Online tutorial that teaches you how to draw and animate cartoons. E M H

  1. Classic Cats

Classic Cat aims to make Classical music more popular by making it more accessible. It does this by providing an index to over 5000 free to download classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work. The site is specialized in audio files, but contains also some video, sheet music, lyrics and midi links. E M H

  1. Children’s Music Workshop

This site provides a wealth of music education information online. It was established in 1993 and is a referenced web site in music education. You can access free sheet music as well as videos and other resources on this web site. E M H

  1. Color Matters

This site goes into detail about a variety of color related questions and theories behind colors. E M H

  1. Color with Leo

This site has an art studio with Online tools to create art, coloring templates, and games. Art lessons, artist information is also available. Elementary level. Free registration. E M

  1. Museum of Online Museums

A variety of Online museums from all over the world.

  1. Crayola—Digi-color\

In this site students have a variety of drawing tools that they can use to create illustrations about stories, or characters. The ideas for use in all subject areas are endless. E

  1. Creating Music

A place for kids to compose music and play their creations. E

  1. New K-6 Arts Lesson Plans

This site is a database of lesson plans for the arts for k – 6 in dance, drama, music, and visual arts. This may be a good starting point for lesson ideas. E M

  1. Contrapunctus Variations

This Website allows students to create their own musical contribution to a live performance of musical ensemble using string instrument. UE M

  1. The Cave of Lascaux

This official site of France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication provides a history of this cave and an opportunity for a virtual tour of the paintings found there. A "Learn" section explains cave painting in general, including technical aspects. M H

  1. Dance-Kids

This is a website that introducing young children from the ages 6 to 9 to a variety of forms of dance. M H

  1. DomoAnimate

This tool lets you create animation using characters, change backgrounds, use text to tell a story and add music. You will have to sign in order to use the tool. E, M, H

  1. Drama Resource

You will find drama games, lessons, tips, and creative ideas for teaching drama. E M

  1. Drawing Lab

Students learn all about how to draw the human form. H

  1. Dallas Symphony

Explore musical instruments, composers and news for kids. E


This tool allows students the opportunity to create animation by clicking and dragging backgrounds, objects, and characters. Students type in text for the characters and can select music for their production. E M H

  1. Picturing America

The Best of the Humanities on the Web from the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the National Trust for the Humanities, and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation. E M H

  1. Educational Theater Association

This is a professional association for theater education site. There are theater resources for information on theater categorized by theater subject. H

  1. Planet for teachers and students

This is a wealth of links for students and teachers in all types of music; from theory, composers, history and sheet music to practice. E M H

  1. Eduweb—art

Online learning activities about art, history and science. Our mission is to create exciting and effective learning experiences that hit the sweet spot where learning theory, Web technology, and fun meet. E M H

  1. An Interactive Adventure

You are trapped inside a painting; you get to explore the palette, style and artist before finding your way out- E

  1. The Art of Crime Detection

The right and left-brain control what we see and how we recognize things. Students learn how hard it is to identify people who commit crimes when they must solve a crime by helping a police artist with identifying parts of the face for a sketch. E M H

  1. 8 Note

Free classical & traditional sheet music, free popular and jazz riffs, free music lessons, free music resources E M H

  1. Music Room

This site teaches children about music fundamentals, music history,

and the important composers who helped enrich our world. E M H

  1. Treasure Trove of Music

Music history, a dictionary of terms, plus more. E M H

  1. From the Top

This site is designed for young classical music (k – 12). It has a green room, hall of fame, answers zone, students lounge, reference room, and an area for parents and teachers. E M H

  1. 4 Krafty Kidz

Free coloring pages, craft ideas and clip art that can be used in the classroom. E

  1. Paint Net- A Free Photo Shop Clone

    This is a Photo shop look a- like software that is free. It lets you edit and manipulate photos or create digital art. M H

  1. The Getty

This is great site to explore art. There are teacher resources with lesson plans and art games for students. E M H

  1. Go Animate

This tool allows you to create animation by spinning an election scene, shoot a movie or build a character. You do have to be signed in to use the tool. You can use characters, background, settings, music, and speech to create your movie. E M H

  1. New Art Express

There are lesson and activities for students to explore different concepts in art. E

  1. New HaringKids

Enrichment art lessons. E M

  1. Hands On Crafts

This site has two studios(clay and fiber) for young children to have an interactive hands on experience making crafts. E

  1. Save Outdoor Sculpture

Activities that encourage students to examine and create sculptures. E M

  1. Homework Spot—Fine Arts

Homework help- a variety of topics, resource links, games, etc. E M

  1. Incompetech

You can find royalty free music with no cost. E M H

  1. Art of the Harlem Renaissance

This Web site provides an introduction to the exhibition Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance, The Web site combines images and text to elaborate on some of the key themes in the exhibition E M H

  1. Learner/Interactives-COMMON CORE-MATRIX

This site has lots of interactives for teachers and students on all subject areas such as arts, foreign language, literature, language arts, math, science, social studies, and history. E M H

  1. Musee du Louve

View the museum in Paris with the iPhone. This is a free application. E M H

  1. Jam Studio

Students can create their own music using beats, keys, cords, tempo, and instruments. Even better, teachers can apply for a free grant that allows all your students to have an all access pass so you can use this Online resource with all of your students to create original projects. UE M H

  1. Internet Shakespeare Editions

Grades 9-12 Internet Shakespeare Editions is a comprehensive catalog and resource of Shakespeare plays and poems. The site is searchable and includes published works, a performance database, text, video and audio clips. M H

  1. Jamendo

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited for non-commercial use. E M H

  1. Jazz

This site helps student’s imaginative thinking, creativity and a respect for jazz and other’s cultural heritage. Great lesson plans, jazz resources including videos and audio clips. E M H

  1. Jazz Kids

This site creates method books that show beginning improvisers how to improvise at the piano. E M

  1. Harlem Renaissance

This site is a multimedia experience on the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920’s and 1930’s. E M H

  1. Kerpoof

Create pictures, movies, drawings, cards, and stories with online applications E M

  1. Kids-at-Art—The Imagination Factory

Art lessons and art activities using recycled materials. Categories are drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, fiber art, marbling, crafts, holidays and general info. E M

  1. New Kid Port

Interactive activities on a variety of skills. The site has a teacher’s page. You will find other subject areas as well. E M

  1. Art Games

From the website: “Art Games is an interactive website designed to engage children in playful, interactive learning about works of art in the collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. The activities are designed for children in kindergarten through 6th grade, to be enjoyed by children playing on their own or with an adult companion, guided by instructions in English or Spanish.” E M

  1. Kinder Art

Ideas, Plans and More E M

  1. Kodak Lesson Plans

Projects from Kodak. E M

  1. Layton Music

Where music teachers come to play. E M

  1. Learner/Interactives-COMMON CORE

This site has lots of interactives for teachers and students on all subject areas such as arts, foreign language, literature, language arts, math, science, social studies, and history. E M H

  1. National, International, and World Music

Resources including music, instruments and dance from around the world. Includes some videos. E M H

  1. Music Games

Learn about Medieval, Baroque, and Romantic period music with crossword puzzles, music theory choice and more. E M

  1. The Symphony- An Interactive Guide

This web site has everything from composers to history and timelines to forums. E M H

  1. Children’s Creative Theater

Children’s Creative Theater is designed to introduce the visitor to the world of children’s theater. Our major areas of concentration are: theater history (brief), theater terms, theater games, resources, an original skit, and a tour of a real children’s theater. E M

  1. Mama Lisa’s World

Children’s songs and nursery rhymes EC E

  1. Film Music- Moby Gratis

Free music to download for non-profit and educational use E M H

  1. Museum of Web Art

This site integrates technology with art in a creative technique by allowing the participate to be involved with the art. Participants gain a better understanding of the elements of Web design. E M H

  1. Mr. Picasso Head

Students can manipulate the different features of the face to create an online portrait. E

  1. Landscapes

Students will find lots of information about creating landscapes and learn about the history of landscapes. H

  1. Music Theory

In this site you can get lessons that you can hear notes being played, staff paper generator, chord calculator and a matrix generator and much more. E M

  1. Music Ed Magic

The site is a gathering place resources for music educators. M H

  1. Museum of Modern Art

A student will explore different parts of the Museum of Modern Art using interactive activities. E M H

  1. National Gallery of Art

There are teaching packets, online resources, as well as a video tour of the museum.


  1. National Gallery of Art-Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibitions of the museum of the National Gallery in Washington D.C. E M H

  1. Van Gogh Exhibition

The National Gallery of Arts' Van Gogh's Van Gogh’s exhibit closed in 1999. But through the magic of the Internet, you can still see it. The virtual museum tour comes in the two flavors. If you have a high-speed connection, I recommend the QuickTime VR version. Either way, the exhibit features seventy-two paintings, and audio commentary. View the brochure for a van Gogh bio and timeline. Visit the Teaching Program section for lesson plans and an audio pronunciation guide (useful for all the French names and places.) E M H

  1. Rousseau

Students will learn about the artist Henri Rousseau as they navigate this site. There is a wealth of information on this site. M H

  1. Kids Zone

This site gives students opportunities to learn about various types of works of art by manipulating tools in a variety interactive art exercises. E M

  1. Kids Zone—Flow

This is a motion-painting machine. Students can create design the move to create a flowing patterns. E M

  1. New York Philharmonic

Students learn about the parts of the symphony and the instruments E

  1. Odosketch

In this Online sketching tool, students can draw using color pencil tools and then play it back. H

  1. Opsound

In this site musicians and sound artists are invited to add their work to the Opsound pool using a copy left license developed by Creative Commons. Listeners are invited to download, share, remix, and re-imagine. H

  1. OOPS Fine Arts

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