Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

Modern Asymmetrical War: The Scorpion Duel

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Modern Asymmetrical War: The Scorpion Duel

    We thus are back to the absolutely primitive warfare of two dueling scorpions: He who first succeeds at insertion, and then strikes his enemy hard and decisively in his vitals, is he who wins a priori.

    The procedure is to first ensure that one will hit the foe’s vitals catastrophically, and sufficiently to destroy the entire foe himself. Then the procedure is to unleash what has been assembled, thereby destroying the foe.

    Hence the success of the insertion phase  inserting the necessary WMD and operational teams into those vitals in advance  predetermines the success of the subsequent operations phase, where one strikes on order, unleashing the WMD and destroying the nation’s vitals and therefore destroying the foe.

    For the targeted scorpion, there is no turning back or delay, once the insertion phase of the scorpion duel begins against him. Successful insertion of the required WMD and WMD teams during a time our folks innocently think of as “peacetime” inevitably wins the war by destroying the penetrated adversary very shortly after the operations phase begins. In a nutshell, those two phases  insertion followed by operations  constitute the “offense” part of asymmetric war. And since peacetime is just the insertion phase, asymmetric war is perpetual war, whether or not shooting is ongoing.

    There has been little public “briefing” by our government on what the estimated success of the insertion phase against us has been and is now. Apparently much of the analysis is in disarray, filled with assumptions, and very short on actual definitive data. It also follows that most definitive data in this area would be highly classified, particularly to protect effective human intelligence (HUMINT) sources.

    Now one can appreciate VP Cheney’s morose statement. Since “peacetime” now is just another name for “insertion phase”, then “perpetual peace” is still “perpetual war” in the new vernacular. So we have entered a “perpetual war” we have not previously known or understood. There is no real peace in the sense we think of it. There never will be any peace again, until one of the dueling scorpions is utterly destroyed.

    The “defense” part for the terrorists is to hide or defend their own “vitals”  their actual bases, support organizations, supply routes, troops and forces and equipment, etc. In the present asymmetric war, there are no single terrorist bases for us to just “knock out” decisively. We cannot win this war by simply having our troops riding out of “Fortress America”, meeting and defending some hostile army on some distant battlefield, and then riding back into our protected fortress again. There no longer exists such a thing as a protected Fortress America”.

    Instead of an identifiable single army on a single foreign battlefield, the terrorist foe’s “vitals” are hidden around the world, in many places, and in many ways. Many of them are secretly hidden right here in the United States, inserted during the insertion phase which has been ongoing for at least 20 years.

    In the U.S., we cannot “hide” our vitals such as refineries, pipelines, railroads, bridges, electrical power plants and long transmission lines, harbors, water supplies, food supplies, etc. Instead, we can only try to protect them against their certain attack, and try to limit the damage and destruction. The main target for the terrorists is not just our military forces, but also our civilian populace and especially our national economy which is particularly vulnerable by the rather simple destruction of our centralized electrical power system and its primary support infrastructure.

    The real art of asymmetric war is to first draw most of the targeted opponent’s military forces out of the protected fortress and get them scattered widely in distant locations and distant struggles. By augmenting the distant resistance, this forces the targeted nation’s military forces mostly to be deployed elsewhere, leaving the internal fortress itself much less protected, and thus making it highly vulnerable.

    Once the major decisive action is shifted to inside the protected fortress, the urgent necessity for (i) a strong Homeland Defense, (ii) well-organized mass casualty treatment capabilities, and (ii) strong border defenses, sealing of the borders, and interception of insertion attempts as they occur, etc. There is also the urgent need to go after the opposing scorpion’s “vitals” wherever the pieces can be located and “fixed in place” and destroyed.

    Ironically, for the U.S. these urgent needs come at a time when our HUMINT resources have largely been abandoned or nullified, by the past fascination of our intelligence community for technical widgets such as satellite photography, etc. So our ability to ferret out inserted cells and WMD has been sharply reduced by the intelligence community itself.

    Effective HUMINT takes years to get established with successful agents infiltrated into the terrorist cells and planning organizations. So not too much is going to be rapidly accomplished to resolve our HUMINT shortfalls. Much of what HUMINT is available is either from foreign sources or is due to the clandestine cooperation of much of the peaceful U.S. Muslim community, which sees this nation as its own country, and thus sees any threat to destroy the U.S. as a threat against the peaceful Muslim religion itself. To understand some of the factions and divisions of the Muslim world, the reader is referred to treatises by Williams {Error: Reference source not found,Error: Reference source not found}.

    But the scorpion duel is highly sensitive to being able to (i) find the opponents vitals (which now are the inserted assets and terrorist teams within one’s own nation) and

    (ii) go after the scorpion’s vitals and destroy them in what are erroneously called “peacetime operations”. Ironically, one sets up winning or losing the asymmetric war, by one’s actions in peacetime. Once in an asymmetric war, “peacetime” is the absence of significant overt active hostilities, but the presence of fierce covert insertion and preparations for the follow-on operations phase and the “knockout” punches.

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