Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

Distant Military Actions: Necessary But Not Sufficient


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Distant Military Actions: Necessary But Not Sufficient

    Hence one cannot think of winning major battles and the asymmetric war in a few months or even a few years, simply by fighting successfully on well-defined distant battlefields. Those distant conflicts and confrontations are necessary but not sufficient, a term mathematicians delight in using.

    Instead, one must also think of a continuing gritty, gruesome war, lasting for decades, ongoing in one’s own cities and population centers and installations. One rather gradually grinds down the terrorist opponents and rather gradually uncovers and destroys the various parts of their vitals, while protecting one’s own vitals as much as possible, and while rooting out everything one can of the insertions made by the foe or further attempted by the foe. Here effective HUMINT is vitally important, and our shortage of it is a grave strategic vulnerability.

    If one destroys the terrorists’ assets and capabilities before they destroy him, one survives. If one does not succeed in doing that, one dies because the terrorists will destroy him without mercy. This is the message the Al Qaida and other terrorists are sending, when they behead prisoners and hostages. It is absolutely a scorpion duel to the death.

    With the abrupt wake-up call of 9/11, we were suddenly confronted with the continuing and unrelenting nature of this asymmetric warfare. At least officialdom and our armed forces were confronted with it; there has been no truly adequate news briefing or educational series for the American public on such matters. The military schools of the Army, Navy, and Air Force do include education on such warfare, including highly classified courses at the top secret level. But certainly the U.S. public still does not understand the absolute necessity for Cheney’s morose statement or the full nature of the new reality of asymmetric war {Error: Reference source not found}.

    Indeed, as with every other subject, the subject of “asymmetry” in warfare is itself a societal polarization area. Typical “anti-views” simply downplay the very notion of asymmetry as being “nothing new or special” in warfare {60}. As one reads such treatises, it becomes crystal clear that our own strategic planners and strategic theorists themselves are often confused, simply recasting asymmetric war into what has gone before. They are not factoring in such radical developments as the Yakuza’s acquisition and use of scalar electromagnetic superweapons, or the dramatic change that occurs in the theory once full strategic U.S. destruction is a capability already in terrorists’ hands, with multiple knock-out blows already cocked and waiting.

Asymmetric Warfare Simplified: An Overview

    Let us briefly discuss this “new” kind of “old” warfare in the most direct manner possible. The present war is a very different kind of warfare called asymmetric war. It consists of two phases: (1) the insertion phase, (conducted in what we erroneously call “peacetime”), during which the necessary WMD and teams to operate and unleash them are inserted in the targeted nation’s populace, population centers, and key target areas and made ready to go, and (2) the operations phase, in which the inserted forces and assets are unleashed, thereby destroying the targeted nation  in this case, the U.S. itself. The bulk of the target and intention is to kill U.S. civilians and destroy critical facilities right in the U.S. homeland  as many as possible, as efficiently as possible, and wherever and whenever possible.

    Secondary to the importance of population kill during the operations phase is the destruction of the targeted nation’s economy, catastrophically and decisively. If the foe succeeds dramatically in accomplishing the insertion phase, the foe will almost automatically win the follow-on operations phase a priori, unless he is an utter fool.

    Our very real problem today is that the insertion phase has been going on for at least two decades, while we were literally “sleeping” as far as intercepting and degrading the insertion effort by any substantial degree at all. The blunt truth is that the terrorists’ Insertion Phase has just about been successfully accomplished already. We are in grave danger of being utterly destroyed, with high assurance, in the three-year Operations Phase whose first part has already begun.

    Compare the conduct of asymmetric warfare as analogous to orienting and setting up weapons and ammunition and target lists for a massive artillery barrage, and preparing to make a massive attack with that barrage. One first gets the artillery guns shipped into the necessary assembly areas, assembled in place, with their ammunition and crews inserted and made ready, with their target lists completed and waiting. Then one gets the vast assembly of guns and crews properly registered on their specific targets and ready to go. That’s the “insertion” or “preparation” phase for a normal mass artillery bombardment.

    Then the assemblage of “weapons in place” simply fires the massive barrage on order, and that is the “operations” phase, exploding with suddenness and great violence right on the enemy’s vitals. An important major characteristic of this “normal” warfare insertion phase is that it is the insertion of the delivery systems, to chosen “attack positions” outside the targeted area.

    In asymmetric war, instead of assembling all the delivery systems (cannon, rockets, missiles, etc.) it is as if all the deadly ordnance was first assembled right in its target areas, inside the targeted nation, along with the necessary teams to set them off right there. In short, the “delivery” part of the former operations phase is pre-accomplished, before hostilities even begin. So the insertion phase gets the artillery rounds to the target during “peacetime”, and avoids assembling all the artillery pieces, rocket launchers, and other delivery systems necessary in the conventional war approach.

    Thus successful insertion in asymmetric war has already overcome one of the vagaries of standard war: the inaccuracies and mishaps caused by misdeliveries and/or losses of the delivery systems themselves prior to delivering the ordnance on the distant targets. In normal war, those misdeliveries and losses to the delivery systems directly subtract from the effects achieved on the target once the attack is initiated. In asymmetric war, the cost of misdeliveries and losses to the inserted WMD are paid for before the hostilities and before the attack (the operations phase) begins. So given a successful insertion, “delivery system losses” prior to attack do not subtract from the effectiveness of the attack results, once the attack is initiated.

    Once the hostile terrorists possess weapons of mass destruction and have already delivered them onsite to the actual targets, the “massive barrage” of the operations phase is certain to destroy the targeted foe, if the terrorist leaders have any competence at all in their planning and preparations. The great advantage of the insertion phase is that it covertly prepares a great “barrage” where the “ordnance delivery to the exact target locations” has already been accomplished and its lethal effectiveness against the actual targets has therefore been assured in advance. With proper stealth and intrigue, the insertion phase can be accomplished slowly and at will, and without any extraordinary resistance being offered by the “sleeping” targeted nation or population! After all, it is “peacetime” when such clandestine insertion operations are conducted.

    So asymmetric war bypasses the normal overt concern with long range delivery systems such as ICBMs, strategic bombers, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, etc. The usual giant armada of delivery systems is unnecessary, if the terrorists can successfully perform the covert insertion phase. Instead, the terrorists’ major early activity is in ordnance procurement, not in building long range delivery systems.

    Obviously asymmetric war differs from normal symmetric war, and so there are definitely some new questions which must be answered.

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