Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

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A Few Questions to be Answered

    In an asymmetric war situation, some major appropriate questions for the targeted nation are:

  1. Are all the terrorists identified as to parent organization, etc.? How certain is the targeted nation that there have been no substantial omissions from its foe identification and capabilities list? Are there already effective compensatory plans in case there suddenly are uncovered additional terrorist organizations or parent organizations, and/or additional capabilities?

  2. What is the WMD and other clandestine weapon capability of the terrorists, their organizations, their supporting nations or groups, etc.? How certain is the targeted nation that there have been no substantial omissions from the weapons capability lists? Are there already effective compensatory plans in case there suddenly are uncovered additional WMD or clandestine weapon capabilities of the terrorists or their parent organizations?

  3. In view of Secretary of Defense William Cohen’s seminal 1997 statement, what specifically is the capability of the terrorists to cause those volcanic eruptions, weather engineering and climate control, and initiation of earthquakes? What specifically is the nature of these strange “electromagnetic” weapons? What specifically are the counters to them, and specifically how effective are these counters? Further, why is so large a percentage of the government still unknowledgeable of this portion of the terrorist threat, and thus totally unprepared for it? Why has the American public not been completely and adequately briefed on these confirmed developments by the terrorists?
  4. Even though known specific foreign areas with concentrations of the terrorist organizations and/or their support groups are targeted for attack and neutralization, how much of the terrorist capabilities have been reduced by such measures?

  5. Exactly what information is officially available (and to what degree of confidence) on the “missing” 5 Ukraine SS-19 Stiletto ICBMs, each missile with 6 nuclear warheads and each warhead of several hundred KT yield {61} To add spice to the controversy, three years after “all” the SS-19s were supposedly turned in and accounted for, another 31 physically turned up in Ukrainian silos and warehouses! One also questions what happened to the additional 230 or so missing “extra” nuclear warheads from the Ukraine total {62,63}, to the missing Russian suitcase nuclear weapons {64}, to the 20 suitcase nuclear weapons allegedly purchased by Bin Laden {65}, etc. What if anything has been done about the already-inserted Russian nuclear weapons and Spetznaz teams in our cities and population centers? What if any defense or countermeasures exist to prevent our destruction at some point, from these weapons alone? And again, why has not the American public been adequately briefed on such hostile capabilities and the “nuclear knives already at our throats”?

  6. How long has the insertion phase been ongoing? How effective has interception and neutralization or intercept of the insertion attempts been? Again, why has the American public not been briefed on these areas?
  7. What is the probable target listing compiled by the terrorists, based on their actual weapon capabilities and the degree of insertion success actually accomplished? Considering Bin Laden’s background in economics, and his past statements on the importance of disrupting the economics, is not the near-absolute vulnerability of our centralized electrical power system our greatest single weakness, insofar as catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy being introduced?

  8. What are the various options for the assessed terrorist “preparation” at the particular stage of their insertion phase, or in the near future? Which of these options have the greatest probabilities of destroying or inflicting unacceptable damage on the targeted nation? Which of these options are also matched by known or detected insertions already accomplished or attempted?

  9. Since we know that certain of our enemies  e.g., the KGB/FSB  understands the importance of surprise weapons or superweapons, what is our very best assessment of the probability and capability for the terrorists possessing and inserting surprise weapons or superweapons for which the targeted nation has little defense capabilities? E.g., what about the surprise “electromagnetic” weapons the U.S. Secretary of Defense confirmed, while most of the U.S. government officials  and even our own intelligence agencies, which still largely use the totally inadequate electrical engineering model in their EM analyses  are still unaware of them? Why has not our scientific community been made fully aware of them, and put to intensive work on them?
  10. With a three-year plan already in motion for our total destruction, and with a large key role played by the vulnerability of our electrical power system and its coming destruction, why are not our Department of Energy, National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, etc. already under strong Presidential orders to rearrange their energy priorities? Why have they not already corrected the terribly flawed CEM/EM mess that is taught in our universities and used by our power engineers? Why are they not conducting a massive Manhattan-type project for energy from the vacuum systems to totally replace the present centralized power system? There is no other possible solution, once one recognizes that the centralized electrical power system itself is going to be destroyed with very high assurance, about two years from now. So why are all our scientific efforts siphoning off research funds for puerile things which will take decades and will not do the job even then? Since a great part of the problem is the Russian science of energetics and its development of superweapons, then why are our scientists still largely preoccupied with standard electrical engineering and classical electrodynamics  models so horribly flawed and so archaic they should have been changed at least three quarters of a century ago?

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