Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

The Ease with Which WMDs Were Obtained by Terrorists

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The Ease with Which WMDs Were Obtained by Terrorists

    In facing an asymmetric war launched against us, the availability of clandestine WMD to the terrorists, so that the weapons can be inserted, becomes a primary consideration  along with an extraordinary need to understand the new superweapons and rapidly develop counters and defenses.

    To see that any competent and supported terrorist organization will easily have obtained WMD, one should Google a search on Voz Island in the Aral Sea {66}, and on anthrax simultaneously. The Russian biological weapons research and production facilities were the world’s best, appreciably ahead of similar facilities in the West. Hundreds of tons of very high quality BW agents were just dumped on Voz Island from those Russian facilities. Quoting Marshall, Malakoff, and Holden {Error: Reference source not found}:

    "The United States and Uzbekistan are close to finalizing plans for a
    $6 million cleanup of a former Soviet bioweapons facility. The effort is aimed at preventing terrorists from harvesting live anthrax spores from a secret dumping ground.

    For nearly 60 years starting in the 1930s, the Soviets released anthrax, plague, and other weaponized pathogens on Vozrozhdeniye (Resurrection) Island in the Middle of the Aral Sea. In 1988, at the end of the Cold War, weaponeers buried tons of a particularly potent strain of powdered anthrax at the site, mixing the bacteria with bleach in steel drums to kill it. But several years ago testers found that some of the anthrax is still alive, and water diversions from the shrinking Aral Sea have since opened a land bridge to the once isolated island. Fearing that terrorists might try to harvest ready-made bioweapons from the site, U.S. Officials agreed in October to pay for destroying
    the anthrax and a nearby testing facility.”

    Actually, for quite some time, any funded terrorist organization that wished a copious supply of the finest anthrax ever made, and wished a strain already resistant to many of our treatments, could just go to Voz Island, pay the natives a little sum, and dig up the dirt in the appropriate part of the dump site, sack it up, and carry it away. Or pay the natives a bit more, and they would dig it up and sack it for the buyer. Wash out the dirt, and one would have all one wanted of the highest grade anthrax spores ever made. Those terrorist organizations that wished a copious supply of high grade anthrax, obtained it with relative ease.

    Bin Laden also obtained anthrax and other BW agents from other sources {67}.

    Other BW agents and nuclear materials were available on Voz Island also, in the same way. In short, any organized terrorist group in the world that wished such BW agents, easily got them. And much of that WMD procurement will already have been covertly inserted into the U.S.

    The mailing of high grade anthrax in letters sent to a few important U.S. targets after 9/11 was not a complete attack at all nor was it so intended. The mailings were a small test attack to ascertain the amount of disruption and economic damage that could in theory be obtained by mass mailings simultaneously, through the mail in many locations, to thousands of targets. The results obtained by these little sample mailing tests showed that mass mailings of anthrax powder, in letters sent to selected high level targets, would create chaos, extensive delay, and economic disruption. Here again one sees the coordinated planning toward our economic disruption, damage, and collapse.

A Simple but Lethal Strategic Strike with Horrific Casualties

    As is known, anthrax is highly lethal when ingested or breathed into the lungs. So a simple spray attack on a large metropolitan area, by a small 2-place Cessna, with two men aboard  one flying and one spraying out the side  could account for from one to three million casualties {68}, almost all of whom will die. Quoting Betz {69,}:

    "A 1993 study by the Office of Technology Assessment concluded that a single airplane delivering 100 kilograms of anthrax spores — a dormant phase of a bacillus that multiplies rapidly in the body, producing toxins and rapid hemorrhaging — by aerosol on a clear, calm night over the Washington, D.C., area could kill between one million and three million people, 300 times as many fatalities as if the plane had delivered sarin gas in amounts ten times larger."

    Needless to say, the emergency treatment capabilities of the entire struck area would be completely overwhelmed. In such a case, triage becomes the official policy. Unless the treatment were started right for a civilian who inhaled the anthrax, it would be largely ineffective anyway.

    Triage is the classification (medical screening and sorting) of patients to determine the need and priority for treatment and transportation {70}. Triage generally results in the patients being separated into four categories according to the priority for treatment that will be followed. The four categories are:
  • High Priority (Red): Patients who need immediate treatment and immediate transport in order to survive. (But refer also to category 4 below). Those who need immediate treatment but cannot be expected to survive even if treated, go into category 4 (Black), not Red.

  • Intermediate Priority (Yellow): Patients who will most likely survive but require treatment.

  • Low Priority (Green): Patients who require little or no treatment or whose treatment and transportation can be delayed.

  • Lowest Priority (Black): Patients who cannot be expected to survive even with treatment, those who cannot be expected to survive in a mass casualty situation, and those whose vital signs are absent.

    In a mass casualty situation with very scarce supplies and nowhere near sufficient mass treatment capabilities, triage becomes necessary and officially applies. That means casualties classified in the Black (lowest priority) category  such as patients already showing the anthrax symptoms, and therefore almost certain to die with or without treatment  will just be set aside, made as comfortable as possible, and allowed to die. There is very little to be gained by treating them: even if given every treatment available, almost all of the patients in this category would die anyway. With triage sorting, the very scarce and precious antibiotics and treatments will be reserved for those who have at least a better chance of surviving, once treated.

    This is one of the harsh decisions, formerly reserved for military forces in the field under desperate circumstances, which will have to be made for our civilian populace and wounded as well. Such desperate decisions are further discussed in Section 32.

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