Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

A Force Amplifier Not Considered by Western Analysts


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A Force Amplifier Not Considered by Western Analysts

    By use of scalar interferometry (which the Yakuza already has and uses) or quantum potential weapons (which the Yakuza does not have, but the KGB/FSB does), it is possible to trick the immune system of each person in the targeted populace area so that his or her immune system erroneously “detects” invasion by, say, two dozen different pathogens at once. This is done by simply placing the EM “shadow disease engines” or “precursor engines” for those specific pathogenic conditions into the bodies in the area.

    Given this deliberate stimulation and the resulting alarming detection, the deceived immune system desperately spreads its finite assets across those detected” two dozen invading pathogens. The immune system reacts to what it detects, not necessarily to what is actually occurring. And it detects the interaction of faint precursor engines for the specific two dozen diseases, deliberately radiated into the body and thus interacting with its cellular mass. Such a “spread” immune system is then just about totally vulnerable to any real attack by any normal opportunistic real pathogen in the area, because it can marshal few if any additional resources. In a bizarre way, this is a new form of asymmetric biological warfare, designed to disable the immune systems of the targeted populace, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the real BW pathogen being introduced.

    In the absence of deliberate BW pathogen attack, the result of spreading the immune systems in a targeted area is an extraordinarily heightened vulnerability of a very weakly radiated populace to ordinary opportunistic infectious pathogens in the populace’s environment, to which the humans in that populace are physically exposed.

    There are always such opportunistic pathogens in one’s environment, but usually the immune system can handle most of them with a shrug. But the deceived living body with a spread immune system will be quickly and easily attacked by multiple environmental pathogens, unable to effectively exist, and without the organism’s usual immune system’s protective resistance {71}. That living body with its spread immune system will shortly develop a whole “cocktail” mix of opportunistic diseases. If the immune spreading intensity is lowered a bit, then only a percentage of the persons with the effect will develop the “cocktail mix of diseases” syndrome. If the immune spreading is lowered even further, then only those persons already having additional “immune system lowering” will be affected.

    This “spreading of the immune system” is what was deliberately done to generate the “Gulf War Disease” in some of our soldiers in the first Gulf War. The immune systems of our soldiers in certain areas  already weakened a bit by multiple vaccinations  were spread by hostile forces, as a test to see if our scientists and analysts recognized what was being done. The immune spreading signals were deliberately lowered to the point that none of the French troops  who had refused to take the mix of vaccinations we administered our own forces, and which do reduce the ability of the immune system for some weeks  developed the “cocktail mix” diseases and syndrome, while some of the U.S., Canadian, and British forces who did have lowered immune systems as a result of their vaccinations did develop the “cocktail mix of diseases” called the Gulf War Syndrome. The natives in the area had not had their immune systems lowered by vaccinations, and so no change occurred in that populace.

    Our scientists did not understand it at all. They did not understand it then, they do not understand it to this day, and they will not understand it tomorrow unless forcibly ordered to meticulously consider and experimentally investigate what happens when immune systems are indeed spread in the fashion being advanced, and when specific tailoring to select the targeted populace subset is also used.

    Our scientists still have not comprehended the higher group symmetry electromagnetic mechanisms by which health and disease changes in personnel in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow were induced during several decades of microwave radiation by the Soviet Union. They do not intend to further try to understand it, and they have simply buried it. It does not matter that three U.S. Ambassadors eventually died as a result, or that hundreds of persons were made sick or developed real diseases. Also, our scientists do not know how to properly investigate and explain the directly related Kaznacheyev experiments {72}, nor do they intend to do so.

EM BW: Terrorism Force Amplifier Not Considered by Analysts

    Not comprehending “immune system spreading” or how it is induced, our medical scientists certainly have no knowledge of the electromagnetic use of specific precursor engines for a specific disease  such as anthrax  to directly induce the disease in targeted bodies in an entire great area. Instead of the passive measure of immune system spreading, the same EM weapons can directly transport and induce the precursor engines for developing the anthrax conditions in the bodies in a large targeted populace  such as the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area, which was the area considered in the referenced Government study involving a spray anthrax attack {Error: Reference source not found}.

    For example, the exact structural pattern of the necessary disease induction engines for anthrax can be directly “gathered” or “recorded” from the EM emissions of sickened human cells or humans with anthrax. Such ordinary EM carrier emissions do contain those specific anthrax EM disease engines as infolded Whittaker patterns {Error: Reference source not found,Error: Reference source not found}  particularly in the IR and UV range, and particularly when both the IR and UV ranges are considered simultaneously (i.e., when a full harmonic interval of radiation is considered, and especially when that harmonic brackets the visible spectrum and the targeted organism is in the dark so that the “visible light spectrum” interference is removed). Our scientific leaders have little or no understanding of the Kaznacheyev experiments, and most simply are not interested in understanding them since it would require thinking in terms of a higher group symmetry electrodynamics, not the common old electrical engineering.

    Hence they do not even conceive of the result of “electromagnetic enhancement” of a strike by a BW agent such as anthrax, or of EM BW, where the disease itself is induced in the body by the exact disease engine that pathogens carry, but mostly without the intervening physical carrier. This “direct induction of the specific disease condition” via tailored induction of the appropriate specific EM disease engines in the bodies of the targeted populace, is another gigantic force amplifier that can be either used alone or in conjunction with the previous force amplifier of spread immune systems. The U.S. has no defense against it, nor do our medical science leaders and establishments intend to develop such defenses.

    As a force amplifier, the combination of immune spreading and EM BW induction of a single disease can increase the overall casualties from an anthrax attack by from 5 to 10 times what would be obtained by the basic anthrax spray attack of physical anthrax spores alone.

    Further, our own physics of the vacuum already prescribes the basis for precursor engines and their use, including their use in induction or augmentation of disease, or in elimination of disease. Quoting Aitchison {73}:

    "Vacuum polarization, in general, alters the effective force law. Forces, in quantum field theory, are understood as being due to the exchange of virtual quanta... In the case of QCD and QFD, ... a crucial new feature is that the force-field quanta themselves carry the 'charge' of the force-field, i.e. it is as if the photon of electromagnetism carried electromagnetic charge."

    The upper limit of the force amplification (more simply, the gain) is of course the limit entailed by the size of the targeted population. The combination of the two force amplifiers, coupled with the actual spray attack, can effectively infect and sicken almost the entire exposed population, with nearly the entire population becoming casualties and dying.

    In a mass casualty situation, the presence of these force amplifiers will also move the vast percentage of the stricken casualties to the “Black” triage category Four. They will thus receive no treatment, but will just be allowed to die. The use of the force amplifiers means that a much greater percentage will be Black and allowed to die under normal triage rules.

    But our own National Institutes of Health (NIH) and medical science community  and our own intelligence community in that area  are simply not interested. Nor have they apparently done even elementary homework in the area of higher group symmetry electrodynamics. Most do not even recognize the term! Nor have they funded any specific higher group symmetry electrodynamics research in the area, outside the terribly crippled U(1) electromagnetics and electrical engineering, even though these disease force amplifier capabilities of higher group symmetry electrodynamics have already been repeatedly demonstrated, first by the KGB against the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in the former Soviet Union and then by the KGB/FSB in Russia today.

    Sadly, most of our present scientific medical research is almost a “vast wasteland” as far as any study of (1) scalar interferometry use in disease induction or force amplification, (2) the mechanism used in the decades long EM induction of health changes and diseases (resulting in the deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors) in the former U.S. Embassy in Moscow, during the long so-called “microwave radiation” of the Embassy, (3) the spreading of immune systems of a targeted population, and (4) electromagnetic induction of specific disease in a targeted populace via the induction of the specific precursor engine for that specific disease. Further, our medical scientists’ knowledge of higher group symmetry electrodynamics appears to be nil. Worse, the medical science community appears to have no concern at all over its own total lack of knowledge in such higher forms of electrodynamics. Possibly, a part of this nonchalance is due to the important financial exchanges between some NIH scientists and outside industry.

    But as a step in the right direction, NIH is now imposing stricter rules on its scientists with respect to their consulting to, or employment by, outside drug companies which in turn are receiving payments from NIH funding {74}. The agency has even proposed banning all its scientists from doing any consulting work with drug companies for a year {75}, while the agency’s investigations continue. Let us fervently hope that this cleanup continues, so that NIH really does again function as an independent government agency dedicated to the benefit of the American public, not the big drug companies. At this point, every little bit helps!

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