Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

Example: Release in the Populace of U.S-Made BW Mycoplasma


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Example: Release in the Populace of U.S-Made BW Mycoplasma

    Sometimes, there also appears to have been collusion between the NIH and rather illegal (and unethical) testing on human citizens without their consent. As an example, our NIH leaders are still doing absolutely nothing at all about the modified mycoplasma BW agent {76} that our own BW researchers developed in the 1950s to burrow inside red cells, feed off their hemoglobin shells, and dramatically decrease the oxygen transport capability of the red cells in the blood. This modified BW mycoplasma agent was developed, then it was thinned by about 2,000 times and sprayed into the populace and the environment by combined U.S./Canadian teams in the 1950s in Canada. It was also sprayed by U.S. agencies in Florida. These sprayings resulted in passing the deliberately manufactured serious BW agent into the mosquito population and thence into the human population of North America. Indeed, in the cooperative joint U.S./Canada program, the modified mycoplasma agent was deliberately implanted in mosquitoes by the government researchers, and those mosquitoes were then released, to ascertain the “spread effectiveness” of the mosquitoes as disease vectors. That’s rather like firing some machinegun bursts at random into a very large crowd, to determine the average pattern of “hits” and “kills”.

    As a result, in Canada the present author personally contracted that specific biological warfare disease  courtesy of our own BW scientists and the inane directing officials who thought that diluting the BW mycoplasma agent spray rendered the mess safe!  while in the U.S. Army, living in Quebec, and stationed at the Canadian Armament Research & Development Establishment (CARDE) in 1966-68. I survived only by the Herculean efforts of the French doctors in Quebec, who opened both the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity and moved the internal organs around for about 3 hours, aerating the tissues thoroughly and unknowingly killing the exposed surface mycoplasma. After that oxygenation of the tissues, the mycoplasma already burrowed inside the red blood cells survived and then went dormant, slowly increasing over the next three decades.

    Left with slowly increasing chronic fatigue syndrome over the next 33-year period, I even served a tour in Vietnam and still no one knew what was wrong. No medical tests or examinations showed what it was. Then in Spring 2001, resurgence of the mycoplasma generated runaway heart fibrillation and a heart attack. When the terrorist attack of 9/11 struck a stunned America, I was struggling to stay alive from the heart attack, runaway heart fibrillation, and significant hypoxia from my own prior encounter with a “terrorist BW attack”.

    A colleague who checks on me about once a year then called; he has been in many “deep black” programs, most of which did not officially exist. He also has the equivalent of a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He knew of the mycoplasma BW agent development program and the mycoplasma spraying in Florida and Canada. He immediately recognized that my strange Canadian malady contracted in 1968 was actually that BW mycoplasma.

    He also told me where to get definitive information on the web and from Senate hearings, and voila! The puzzle was solved. Finally a specific test confirmed the chronic BW mycoplasma infection in Dec. 2001  after my 33 years of puzzlement, doubt, and slowly increasing physical debilitation. The treatment was a year (2002) on antibiotics, which did annihilate the mycoplasma that were hiding in the red blood cells. But it did not and cannot undo the damage already done throughout my body during those 33 years.

    In such case, one has permanent chronic fatigue, cannot walk very far or stand very long, and one takes blood thinner for the rest of one’s life to try to prevent strokes and blood clots. One also takes medication to try to control the heart fibrillation and stay alive, in addition to thinning the blood to hopefully prevent clotting. The eventual expectation is to go on a pacemaker, then eventually have another heart attack or stroke, finishing the process.

    The problem is that, if one takes the medication necessary to control the heart fibrillation, it also reduces the volume of blood pumping, which places one back in hypoxia, leading to strokes and/or heart attacks. If one does not take the fibrillation control medication, one reverts back into hypoxia from the fibrillation, which leads to strokes and/or heart attacks. With the usual treatment by well-meaning heart doctors, one is damned if one does and damned if one doesn’t. They do not and will not prescribe remedial oxygen, since they do not consider mycoplasma to even be involved in heart problems and attacks.

    The only way out of the dilemma is to take the medicine to defeat the fibrillation, and also take oxygen to prevent the resulting hypoxia. So I take remedial oxygen and pay for it on my own volition, since the heart doctors know nothing of the modified BW mycoplasma and they do not wish to hear of it. Nor does one’s insurance company, Medicare, the Veteran’s Administration, etc. By taking one’s own remedial oxygen, one remains just barely above the hypoxia zone, at least until something else unexpected occurs to make things worse. That way one remains alive a while longer, perhaps even for a few more years. Even so, one has acquired a delayed death sentence just waiting to happen at any moment. And one remains with severe chronic fatigue.

    Perhaps then it is understandable that the present author has a very personal interest in that particular BW mycoplasma disease and that set of incidents, and in the continuing gross failure of the NIH to acquaint heart doctors in the U.S. of that nefarious program and what happened. Today there is a direct involvement of this BW-modified mycoplasma in a significant fraction of heart disease patients, chronic fatigue syndrome patients, etc. Most of the citizens of the U.S. and Canada already have that BW organism infecting their bodies, like a ticking time bomb waiting to erupt perhaps many years later. To this day, very few hospitals and medical clinics have the very specific type of mycoplasma test required to test for the modified BW version.

    Apparently the NIH considers any contact on this problem  or a similar BW problem  a “hot potato” to be handled by their “policy” section (i.e., spin control section). Bluntly put, the attitude often seems more concerned with political control than with saving the lives of countless American citizens who unknowingly continue to be afflicted with that BW-modified mycoplasma, continue to die of its complications, or are disabled and their lives shortened because of it. NIH political orientation seems to be one of the major shortcomings of the U.S. in its required defenses against the biological warfare aspects of asymmetric warfare. It also appears that the NIH directly participated and cooperated with the U.S. BW organizations that developed and unleashed the BW mycoplasma in the first place. If so, the misdirected attention of the NIH to cover up will probably continue, and that will help guarantee much of the success and increased mass casualties resulting from professional terrorist BW strikes against the U.S. populace in the near future.

    Ironically, that nefarious modified mycoplasma is a strange kind of BW “force amplifier” that the Soviet BW weapons labs initially developed to “soften us up”. Eerily, they themselves did not have to introduce it into the North American populace. Instead, we ourselves developed it and  in what has to be some of the most stupid BW actions of all time  we deliberately unleashed it into our own environment and against our own North American populace. In comic relief, one is tempted to remark that With friends like that, who needs enemies!

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