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Effective, Quick Mass Casualty Treatments Will Not Be Developed by the U.S. Medical Research Agencies

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Effective, Quick Mass Casualty Treatments Will Not Be Developed by the U.S. Medical Research Agencies

    Sadly, in this present asymmetric warfare problem, we are forced to conclude that the NIH and the CDC will not be doing the research necessary to develop adequate response therapies and means for quick, effective treatment of mass BW warfare casualties. None of the associated agencies appears likely to develop anything innovative in this area, particularly they are not going to quickly develop a portable higher group symmetry electromagnetic treatment unit {77} that could effectively treat and cure most of those millions of casualties that will result in our cities in the future.

    As we mentioned, there is a precursor EM engine for every disease and every debilitated condition of the living body. That means there is also a precursor EM anti-engine that can be formed, amplified, and introduced into the diseased patient  and that will reverse the disease condition in situ and cure the disease. Because the anti-engine is electromagnetic and can therefore be amplified, the treatment period can be reduced to as low as five minutes of non-ionizing radiation containing the amplified specific disease engines. The body’s potentials and fields thus have the anti-engines kindled inside them, and after the treatment is removed, the body’s own “activated” fields and potentials  at every level  now continue diminishing and destroying the disease engine, and reversing the patient’s condition back to normal.

    Further, anti-engine patterns for a variety of expected and known BW agents can be developed and incorporated into such treatment machines, and the machine can then just be “switched” to the appropriate anti-engine required to treat the patient’s BW condition (destroy the patient’s specific disease anti-engine and reverse the patient’s condition back to normal).

    As a further example of U.S. medical orientation, in 1998 a close colleague and the present author tried very hard to get the NIH (and other federal agencies) to develop a portable unit for such EM mass casualty treatment in a crash U.S. government program, to save millions of lives in the coming asymmetric warfare debacle {78}. The mechanism to be used was an EM mechanism for generating an amplified anti-engine for a specific BW-induced disease. By radiating the body with the amplified anti-engine, it overrides the actual disease engine, eroding away the disease engine and the disease along with it, and reversing the physical condition back to normal. Once developed, this would be a therapy far superior to anything presently developed or proposed officially, and it could result in saving millions of American lives.

    The NIH, DoD, USAF, CDC, and other federal agencies had not the slightest notion of what we were talking about, and we never got out of the “policy” section at NIH, even with the assistance of Congressman Bud Cramer. Not a single scientist in any of those government agencies even called to discuss the proposal and its novel physical mechanism, and apparently none checked the hard references we cited from the French medical science literature where the basic mechanism had been proven.

    None of those agencies had the foggiest notion that the decades-long microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow already demonstrated the use of higher group symmetry electrodynamic “disease engine” signals to directly generate health changes and diseases at will. They had no concept of the use of appropriate amplified “antisignals” to reverse and cure illnesses, or that an extended EM can be developed to either induce or cure specific diseases to order as one desires.

    They certainly do not comprehend the higher group symmetry operation of the human cellular regenerative system  which is responsible for the body’s healing  and have not gone much further than Becker’s brilliant seminal studies of that system {79}. Unfortunately, Becker’s work was limited by his use only of U(1) electrodynamics. Even so, he almost deciphered the control operation of the cellular regenerative system {80}. Otherwise, Becker would have had the “anti-engine” EM healing process then and there. His EM healing method for otherwise intractable bone fractures survived and is still utilized in some hospitals from time to time {81}.

    To show what simple potential (voltage) across an otherwise intractable fracture can do, it affects the red cells that arrive, reconverting those red cells to a suitable “precursor” cell (more primitive, earlier cell). The cell shucks its hemoglobin and grows a nucleus  this is dedifferentiation, and it is generated by the appositive longitudinal Whittaker waves  that constitute the voltage  acting as “pump waves” in the nonlinear optical sense. The pumped bone fracture site has thus become a pumped phase conjugate mirror site, with the input or “signal wave” being the specific physical disorder’s “engine”.

    In accord with nonlinear optical pumping theory, the energy of the pumping waves then establishes an amplified “anti-engine” or “phase conjugate replica” signal. This amplified signal (anti-engine) will then quickly reverse the entire physical red blood cell back along its past travel through time in its past short life (red cells only live about three months). Hence the red cell dedifferentiates back to an earlier stage. The “delta” condition in the fracture site involves bone cells. So the red cell is redifferentiated by the pumping to move forward to the type of cell that makes cartilage. Then it further redifferentiates yet again to the type of cell that makes bone, and that cellular material is deposited in the fracture site, healing it.

    In simple language, that is precisely how Becker’s bone-healing EM treatment works. The point is, that process and its proven success already proves the entire capability to treat and reverse diseases and physical injury conditions by a peculiar variation of nonlinear optical pumping, using the “disease or disorder engine” as the input signal, producing an amplified “anti-engine”, and this anti-engine forcibly interacting upon any and all aspects of the cells and the physical body to reverse the situation and restore the body to health.

    But the NIH was not interested, even though the elements of this process had also been resoundingly proven by the Prioré group in France, in rigorous work funded by the French government.

    Eventually the NIH just shipped the entire package over to the DoD (to whom we had already sent the package anyway) because the package mentioned the Gulf War Syndrome and “that was the purview of the DoD”. In short, the NIH wasn’t interested in what Gulf War Syndrome really was, or in curing it either. So unless it involves drugs or some form of ionizing radiation treatment or some such, our own NIH was not and is not interested in a proven, demonstrated cure for cancer and other dread diseases, accomplished in France in the 1960s and early 70s, and already rigorously reported in the French medical science literature but resoundingly suppressed today.

    For that matter, one can check the same U.S. agencies for their understanding  or lack of it  of the mechanism that induced the “Gulf War Disease”, and one will find their understanding is still almost zero. One can check their knowledge of what induced the diseases and health changes at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow over so many years, and one will find it is still zero.

    The entire U.S. medical science community is still using an archaic old seriously flawed classical electromagnetics of the material luminiferous ether, rather than the more modern higher group symmetry electromagnetics of mass-free spacetime. Consequently it is far more concerned with the immune system’s responses which “physically kill the bad guys”, or harsh drugs which “chemically kill the bad guys”, rather than the cellular control system responses which actually accomplish all healing within the body after the “bad guys” are already dead.

    The immune system and the drugs do not actually “heal” anything not even the immune system’s own damaged cells. The fundamental orientation of American medicine is on physically attacking and killing the pathogens which transport the disease engines, rather than on how the damaged body regenerates its own cells and reverses its own disease engine via use of higher group symmetry electrodynamics. This strongly prejudices and canalizes our own medical science development. It also makes us extraordinarily vulnerable to the coming mass casualty attacks in our cities and population centers.

    Indeed, the entire U.S. electrical engineering community itself does not realize that it doesn’t even know or apply what electrodynamics in massfree space is. There is not a single electrical engineering professor or text that calculates an actual E-field in space, although all purport to do so. Instead, rigorously they calculate the indicated point intensity of the ongoing effect of interaction of the force-free E-field in space with charged static matter. This ongoing interaction generates the “force-field E” in that charged matter while that interaction is ongoing. Their own CEM/EE model never gets out of the assumed charged matter and its force fields (those ongoing interactions that are occurring), and the model never expresses the force-free E-field in mass-free space at all. In the face of such appalling scientific ignorance for more than a century, it is little wonder that our nation is so terribly behind in understanding what can be done  and is being done  by the terrorists with the primary (precursor) electrodynamics in free space, before its interaction with matter. In short, our analysts have not comprehended Soviet energetics for a half century, and they have no intention of comprehending it now, even though it is being used against us.

    So we really do not have mass casualty treatment capabilities that will be effective and that could be developed. Our national agencies adamantly are not going to develop the proven Prioré-type EM treatment or really get to the bottom of Becker’s anomalous EM bone fracture healing, because such would not be common old electrical engineering. Our scientific leaders are not going to demand the correction of that terribly flawed electrical engineering model, which is our single greatest national vulnerability and the one that is being capitalized upon by coordinated terrorism and asymmetric warfare to destroy us in within the next three years. We are going to unnecessarily lose millions of American lives, of many of our citizens who become casualties. Now most of them will just get triage “Black” category 4 treatment  which is no treatment at all. Those future wounded Americans would not have to die if such EM countermeasures were intensely developed in portable treatment machines and massively deployed {82}. We are describing a vast force amplifier for the defending nation that has been targeted and very seriously struck. But it is a force amplifier that our own government community and scientific community do not wish to even hear about.

    Never mind the actual experimental proof of the type methodology proposed, already in the hard French medical literature, accomplished by the Prioré group in the 1960s and early 1970s {83}. The understanding of the Prioré mechanism does not exist in NIH or in our entire medical community, which  as far as medical EM is concerned  has not yet gotten out of the terribly flawed century-old electrical engineering with its serious foundations errors.

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