Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

Impact of Immune System Spreading

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Impact of Immune System Spreading

    If immune system spreading is also simultaneously applied by scalar interferometry to the targeted populace receiving the BW strikes, then one must multiply the expected casualty results from a spray anthrax attack by a factor of three. This means that, in the referenced U.S. Government study {Error: Reference source not found}, instead of one to three million casualties, one would have from three to nine million casualties. That’s in one city area, from one professional attack by a small 2-place aircraft, with one person flying and one person spraying, using a common little agricultural sprayer, and spraying out 100 kilograms of anthrax spores distributed over the area.

    Almost all of those three to nine million persons contracting the disease and becoming casualties would die. They have little chance even if treated, and their automatic Black triage category 4 status will see to it.

    In other words, with the possession of augmenting weapons such as scalar interferometers in the hands of the Yakuza, the terrorists have achieved a terrible force amplifier capability that parallels the destruction capabilities of a modern state’s ICBMs, strategic bombers, nuclear subs, aircraft carriers, etc. All without a single ICBM, strategic bomber, nuclear sub, or aircraft carrier.

    So now one considers  say  three large U.S. city areas hit just about simultaneously by effective anthrax spray attacks, and one sees the grim picture very probably in store for us. To be conservative, we assume 1 million casualties in each city as the “baseline” achieved by the spray attack pathogen itself. Thus a total of 3 million casualties are obtained in the three strikes. However, if immune system spreading were also incorporated simultaneously, the casualties in each city will reach, say, 3 million, almost all of whom will die. That is a total of 9 million American casualties in the three cities and almost all of those wounded will die. If, in addition to the immune system spreading, some supporting scalar interferometers are also inducing the same anthrax disease pattern via EM BW, that’s perhaps 5 million casualties in each city, for a total of 15 million American casualties, almost all of whom will die. If the intensity of the scalar interferometry disease induction is further increased, that’s perhaps 18 million or so total American casualties in those three city areas  almost all of whom will die.

    Here one directly sees the transition from the kind of estimates our own analysts usually make for BW agent attacks, to estimates that show the more maximum risk of massive strategic destruction and even knockout by the same “front line terrorist troops”, due to the advent of the supporting scalar interferometers, immune spreading, and EM BW.

    All that would be caused by 6 men, three light 2-place Cessna-type aircraft, 3 little agricultural sprayers which can be purchased at any Home Depot or similar store, and 300 kilograms of anthrax spores from Voz Island  and, in the 9, 15, and 18 million casualty cases  some force amplification support from three or more scalar interferometers.

    In addition, the contamination of those large built-up population areas will force additional harsh spraying of decontamination agents, killing many thousands more of our own populace. Note also that the effectiveness of the decontamination sprays are also seriously hampered if the scalar interferometers continue their EM BW anthrax induction. None of these kinds of “force amplifier” effects are presently known or taken into account by our analysts and our intelligence agencies.

    The real “action fact” that should be concentrated upon by our medical science agencies, is that most of those casualties are going to wind up as triage Black category 4 patients. Most are not even going to be treated, and so almost all of them will die.

    Also, we point out the “amplified disease anti-engine” treatment approach is capable of rapidly causing the reversal of the disease, even in those who presently will sadly be assigned to triage Black category 4. Now most of those will fall within triage Red category 1. There is simply nothing else out there that will produce such a dramatic savings of human lives, and perhaps the saving of our nation itself.

Impact of Smallpox Release

    It is almost inevitable that the terrorists also obtained smallpox BW agents  so could anyone who wanted it, who had guts and money. Reliable information already confirms that the terrorists obtained many BW agents, including smallpox. One just went into the collapsed Soviet territories, to the actual BW labs, and bought it at the time. Or one got it from North Korea. Or one just hired very desperate Russian smallpox BW scientists who urgently needed to support their families. Or one got it from Voz Island.

    The collapsing Soviet state was unable to pay salaries etc. to scientists and generals and soldiers for protracted periods. In desperation to get money to survive, extreme measures were taken by those scientists and generals and soldiers. Anything there that one wished to buy could be bought, including even a nuclear submarine  see Lunev’s book for that incident {Error: Reference source not found}. Among other things, these “items that were available” included supplies of smallpox agent, and the Soviet BW smallpox specialists themselves.

    Once smallpox is unleashed in any major city on the planet, it will eventually kill almost one-third the present human population. Quoting Garrett {84}:

    If the smallpox virus were released today, the majority of the world's population would be defenseless, and given the virus' 30 percent kill rate, nearly two billion people would die."

    Smallpox is almost certainly going to be released against the U.S. populace. The Yakuza and other terrorist organizations will see to it, with smallpox toxin supplies almost certainly already inserted in the U.S. and waiting.

    As an intellectual exercise, we leave it to the reader to ponder the impact of a few limited smallpox releases in our cities combined with simultaneous wide usage of the force amplifiers (immune system spreading and EM BW smallpox induction) previously discussed. The impact is not pleasant.

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