Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

Harshness of the Terrible Decontamination Problem


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Harshness of the Terrible Decontamination Problem

    No one has a good solution to decontaminating mass metropolitan areas, that have been destroyed or heavily damaged and that are dramatically contaminated with nuclear fallout. Neither does anyone have a solution for decontaminating the distant large nuclear fallout areas surrounding those devastated cities after the nuclear detonations.

    One need only point out the similar terrible task of decontaminating a large city (such as Washington D.C. in that government study), once the city has been sprayed en masse with anthrax by the terrorists. Yes, there are some chemical sprays that will kill the anthrax spores (else they last for a century or more, apparently). But these sprays are very harsh. To spray a civilian populace and area with them is to unavoidably kill a certain number of one’s own sprayed civilian populace.

    So far as is known, there are no similar sprays available that will kill the contaminating nuclear radiation!

    Now note the extreme harshness of the coming decisions necessary in asymmetric war. In military war, high level commanders have always had to make very agonizing decisions. For example, suppose one is an Army commander, and has  say  a dozen divisions under his control. Suppose on his war front he is attacked by overwhelmingly superior forces, and breakthrough and destruction of his Army is imminent. The commander will have to deliberately sacrifice  say  two divisions (that’s 36,000 men) by hurling them into the teeth of the attacking forces, to temporarily halt and delay the attack momentum while those two divisions fight and die. They will be ground up just like hamburger meat, but that delays the enemy onslaught for a precious short time.

    That desperately bought short delay time gives the Army commander the chance to get his other 10 divisions out of there, and back to prepared defensive positions, to live to fight another day. This way, he saves the bulk of his army, by deliberately sacrificing those two divisions. The point is, military commanders have always had to agonize and sometimes deliberately send large numbers of men under their control to their certain deaths. The soldiers sent on such missions also knew it at the time they received their orders, and they knew that they went to their certain deaths.

    Any fool can make a military decision when there is a “good” option and a “bad” option. But when there are only two “bad” options, one is forced to decide for the “least worst” of the options  even though it entails the deliberate sacrifice of lives to save others.

    Now the battlefield is our own cities, and the targeted force is our own civilian populace. That same type of “least worst” decision necessity falls now on the sacrifice of some of our own civilians. Some commander at high level (probably the President himself) will have to assess the situation as so desperate that multiple decontamination sprayings of the anthrax-contaminated area and populace are absolutely necessary, to prevent spreading mass destruction by anthrax carried to other areas, and resulting in the deaths of many millions more. So such an order will have to be given, agonizingly, to spray multiple times (necessary to neutralize the anthrax with a good probability of success).

    Each massive spraying might kill perhaps an additional 5,000 U.S. civilians. Heartbreakingly, these will be the most defenseless and helpless of our citizens, and the ones we would strongly wish to defend to the death with our very lives and with every heartbeat in our breasts. The most vulnerable group will largely consist of persons with hampered breathing or vulnerable immune systems  the old, the feeble, babies, the sick, nursing home occupants, etc.

    It has been said that war is hell, and indeed it is. Asymmetric war resoundingly brings that hell home to our civilian populace.

    Formerly our troops have mostly “ridden out of the protected U.S. fortress/castle”, to a foreign land, and fought the war “over there”, with our civilian populace largely immune and shielded from the horrors of such fighting, particularly when the fighting is intense. Now in addition to our involvement in foreign places, in asymmetrical warfare the major “battleground” is right here in our own cities, because the “major target” being attacked by the hostile forces is our civilian populace  including our aged, the infirm, women and children, babies, etc. These devils who are our foes believe that, if they can kill lots of American civilians, babies, etc., they personally acquire a very high religious status from God Almighty. In short, we are up against a fanatical, irrational foe, who has also unfortunately had two decades or more of almost unrestricted access into the United States, to insert the necessary WMD assets for this “final great Jihad against us in our cities and homeland”.

    This “final great Jihad”, in the operations phase fought inside our cities and nation, is what is really coming upon us. This is the coming horrible nature of the struggle. We are actually in a clash to the death between civilizations and cultures. Quoting Seib4:

    The far bigger question is whether the U.S. is engaged in a historic clash of civilizations with the Islamic world. …The U.S. … has reached no consensus on a strategy for dealing with a clash of civilizations.”

    Seib further states5:

    The bin Laden goal isn’t simply to humiliate the U.S. Nor is it to overthrow the government of Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or Jordan. The goal is to eliminate those governments  in fact, to eliminate those nations.”

    According to the present Yakuza/KGB/FSB and international terrorist plans, their actions are expected to reduce the U.S. to lying prostrate and helpless two years from now. With a U.S. nation in utter chaos and ruin, and economically already collapsing catastrophically, a touch-up with the FSB/KGB quantum potential weapons (the most powerful weapons on earth, but possessed by at least five nations) will quickly dud every nuclear weapon, ICBM, nuclear bomber, nuclear power plant, nuclear submarine propulsion system, etc. on the planet {90}. The dudding will take about 10 minutes, although an hour or so seems to be allotted for it. This is “pulling the dragon’s teeth and claws.” The conventional strategic military power (ICBMs, nuclear bombs and warheads, and nuclear subs etc.) will be suddenly dudded and effectively wiped out, to exist no more. All that giant strategic apparatus will be just so much trash on the garbage dump of history.

    At that point, the Yakuza gleefully plan to participate in the “methodical destruction of the United States”  the terminal part of the operations phase. They will be freed to just blast away at will with their scalar interferometers, as they wish, to continue to the full destruction of the United States.

    The intention of this unholy war against us, by both the recognized terrorists and the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo (the Aum Shinrikyo is now known as Aleph) is to kill every American (and every Israeli also)  men, women, children, babies, all of us.

    We will see the operational unleashing of this terrible plan, beginning during the next two years, gradually increasing in intensity, and finishing in the early part of the third year with the catastrophic economic collapse of the United States. Once the economic collapse is complete and the nation is in utter chaos, the sudden dudding of all our nuclear weapons, power plants, and nuclear propulsion systems will be the coup de grace that leaves us a hapless target. The rest of it is a turkey shoot, to simply execute us and finish us off.

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