Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S


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Ibid., Vol. 1, 1964, p. 2-4.

23. See T. E. Bearden, Fact Paper, “Perpetual Motion vs. ‘Working Machines Creating Energy from Nothing’: With A Discussion Of Perpetual Extraction And Emission of Real EM Energy From The Vacuum,” available on website The paper gives a full explanation of the exact reordering and coherent integration mechanism used by every source charge to produce continuous negative entropy.

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27. Serway, ibid., p. 744 shows a typical calculation of a drift velocity of 2.46  10exp(-4) m/s.

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The new scooter, developed by Sciex Corporation of Japan, ran on four ordinary 12-volt car batteries. The magnets were based on powder-metallurgy techniques and special neodymium material which produced a magnet with the world's highest Megagauss Oersted rating at the time. 55 MgOe was the maximum previously, but Takahashi's magnet material achieved 120 MgOe. The Takahashi engine produced 15 horsepower from just a few amperes of electricity. When the scooter was free-wheeling, the engine became a generator and partially recharged the batteries.

Another novel use of the Takahashi magnets was as "battery doublers" to extend the life of rechargeable batteries. Thin inch-wide squares, attached to mobile phone batteries, doubled the amount of charge they retained and allowed the batteries to last twice as long. (c) Also see entries under magnetic Wankel engine, in T. E. Bearden, Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, Cheniere Press, Santa Barbara, CA, 2002, p. 363-368.

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34. Appreciable details on Nathan Stubblefield and his inventions are given by Gerry Vassilatos, Lost Science: New Edition, Adventures Unlimited Press, 2000. Tesla visited Stubblefield and got some of his own impetus from observing the anomalous and awesome electrical power effects achieved by Stubblefield.

35. See .

36. According to Italian channel RAI 1, on Sept. 18, 2004 there was an attempt on Putin’s life by planting two car bombs along his automobile route. Security forces discovered the cars and dismantled the bombs. Putin has also just nullified the election process in Russia, and has thus returned the nation to some of the stronger control mechanisms by the old Communist Party methods. One suspects the heavy hand of the Communist faction of the KGB/FGB  which controls the organization and thus controls Russia  is behind the return to greater authoritarian hold of the populace.

37. See Matthew Kaminski, “KGB Democracy,” Wall Street Journal, Sept. 17, 2004, p. A14.

38. For a commentary, see (a) Henry Sokolski, “It's Almost Too Late to Stop Iran,” Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27, 2004, p. A18. See also (b) Henry D. Sokolski and Patrick Clawson, Editors, Checking Iran's Nuclear Ambitions, Institute for Strategic Studies, 2004.

39. Fatwah, Feb. 1998, issued in the name of the World Islamic Front, and signed by Bin Laden, Zawahiri, and two others.

40. Osama Bin Laden, ABC-TV Interview in Afghanistan, May 1998.

41. The 9-11 Commission Report, Sept. 2004, p. 51-52.

42. Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001.

43. contains a summary article on mathematical attempts to model freak waves and uncover their causes. The article is Kristian B. Dysthe et al., “Freak Waves, Rogue Waves, Extreme Waves and Ocean Wave Climate,” June 2003. The authors are all mathematicians at various Norwegian universities and doing research on such waves. As can be seen, these types of waves occur far more frequently than previously suspected, can be larger than previously thought possible, but are also still little understood. Some of the attempted theoretical explanations are summarized in the article, with pros and cons of each being given also.

44. See, “Freak Waves Spotted from Space”, BBC News.

45. Per statistics of the Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography (HDNO) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence.

46. See Bill McGuire, A Guide to the End of the World: Everything You Never Wanted to Know, Oxford University Press, paperback, Aug. 2004 details the phenomenology of large volcano eruptions, supervolcanoes, and tsunamis, among other catastrophic geological events. McGuire is the Benfield Professor of Geohazards and also is the Director of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre, Department of Geological Sciences, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT.

47. See “Supervolcanoes,” BBC2, Thursday 3 Feb. 2000 ; available for downloading from website .

48. See . Stanley H. Ambrose is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and also is Director of the Anthropology department’s Environmental Isotope Paleobiogeochemistry Laboratory.

49. Cf (a) Jorge A. Vazquez and Mary R. Reid, “Probing the Accumulation History of the Voluminous Toba Magma,” Science, Vol. 305, 13 August, 2004, p. 991-994; (b)

50. From a transcript of an interview on BBC, available for downloading on website .

51. See Merritt Ruhlen, The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue , Wiley, 1996. There is also persuasive linguistic evidence supporting this bottleneck hypothesis, along the lines presented by Ruhlen. Our special thanks to Marcia Stockton for pointing this out.

    52. E.g., see (a) Stanley H. Ambrose, “Late Pleistocene human population bottlenecks, volcanic winter, and differenciation of modern humans,” Journal of Human Evolution, Vol. 35, 1998, p. 115-118; (b) S. H. Ambrose, “Population Bottleneck,” in R. Robinson (ed.), Genetics, Macmillan Library Reference, 2002 [a 4-volume encyclopedia of genetics]; (c) M. R. Rampino and S. H. Ambrose, “Volcanic winter in the Garden of Eden: The Toba super-eruption and the Late Pleistocene human population crash,” in F. W. McCoy and G. Heiken, (eds), Volcanic Hazards and Disasters in Human Antiquity, Geological Society of America Special Paper , Vol. 345, 2000, p. 71-82.

53. For detailed modeling, see Steven N. Ward and Simon Day, “Cumbre Vieja Volcano  Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands,” American Geophysical Union, 2001. Available from .

54. . The information on hazards to shipping and losses of shipping is provided by the Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography (HDNO) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence.

55. Marcia Stockton, private communication.

56. James Davison Hunter, Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America, Basic Books, New York, 1991 (Paperback edition, 1992). Dr. Hunter is Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, and is also the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies at the University of Virginia.

57. John Zogby, President of the Zogby International Survey firm. Quoted from John Mariani, “Zogby Describes Divided Nation,” The Post Standard, Sept. 24, 2004. Article is carried on website

58. Details of these dramatic deaths, and how they were technically achieved, are given in T. E. Bearden, Fer-de-Lance, Cheniere Book Co., updated 2003.

59. Stanislav Lunev (with Ira Winkler), Through the Eyes of the Enemy, Regnery, Washington, 1998. Lunev is the highest ranking GRU defector. He is a former Colonel in the GRU, the military counterpart of the KGB. In p. 22-33, he summarizes the Spetznaz capabilities. On p. 22-27, he summarizes Spetznaz use of nuclear weapons already on American soil. On p. 26, he gives some of the ways in which the Soviets easily brought nuclear weapons into the U.S. On p. 30 he confirms Russian seismic weapons. Use of EMP weapons is on p. 30-31.

60. As a typical example., see Colin S. Gray, “Thinking Asymmetrically in Times of Terror,” Parameters, U.S. Army War College Quarterly, Spring 2002, p. 5-14. The basic message of the article is that asymmetric war is really nothing new, even the concept doesn’t have any real content, and the terrorists can do a little damage and we will take some damage, but we will survive as always. In the vernacular, it proposes that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff; everything is still AOK and there isn’t any really new or unique problem. Now contrast this with the recent registration of a Yakuza scalar interferometer on the Yellowstone caldera, so that in a single shot most of the United States will be destroyed. We really do not recall seeing that kind of thing occur in our past “asymmetric” wars.

61. Missing and unaccounted, in the official Ukraine records and accounting for its nuclear weapons transfer to Russia. The reader should understand that there are no officially acknowledged missing nuclear weapons, and there likely never will be! In the real world, there turns out to be hundreds of such weapons that have “mysteriously disappeared from accounting”, and then in the hue and cry and charges and counter charges, the hullabaloo has just faded away and been ignored.

62. The Ministry of Defense reported on transfer and destruction by the Ukraine of 3772 nuclear warheads, but the general staff reported there were more than 4,000 to begin with. In other words, something other than transfer or destruction was done with some 230 or so Ukrainian nuclear warheads.

63. Even under U.S. agreement with the Russians (START II) for dismantling some of the nuclear weapons, there has been no truly accurate accounting. E.g., quoting from Jo L. Husbands, BITS Research Report 97.1, Part II: Domestic and International Politics: The U.S. Response to the Russian Nuclear Legacy, Nov. 1997:: “From the outset, the Russian government was unwilling to permit the United States to have a role in the actual dismantlement of former Soviet/Russian nuclear warheads. The United States therefore cannot say with certainty how many warheads have actually been dismantled at the four Russian dismantlement facilities…”

Our comment is that the reports of precisely how many warheads were transferred and/or dismantled and destroyed are not accurate at all in their “total numbers”, and they never have been. Instead, the infamous and deceitful catch-all phrase so long used by our intelligence agencies to cover ignorance was invoked. The phrase is We have no evidence that…, which usually is a bald-faced attempt to cover up something which we absolutely do not know the truth or falsity of., or that is embarrassing, or that is a political hot potato. Usually the evidence is indeed there somewhere, but it indicates something contrary to the prescribed “official position”. Analysts who push too hard in advancing what the intelligence data base really states, when it is against the official policy position, do not fare well or long in the U.S. intelligence community.

64. In 1996 Gen. Alexander Lebed, then President Boris Yeltsin's national security adviser, reported that 84 suitcase-size nuclear weapons were missing from Russia's arsenal. Other Russian officials denied the claim, and U.S. officials discounted it. The matter was never resolved, but just gradually ignored.

65. Paul L. Williams, Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror, Alpha Books, Indianapolis, 2002 states Russian and U.S. intelligence sources are aware that bin Laden purchased 20 suitcase nuclear weapons in 1998 from Chechen Mafia agents for $30 million in cash and a quantity of heroin whose street value was $700 million. Williams is a former FBI consultant and the author of several important books on terrorism.

66. Eliot Marshall; David Malakoff, and Constance Holden, "Bioweapons Cleanup," Science, Vol. 295, 25. Jan. 2002, p. 603.

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68. The study reference is: U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Assessing the Risks, Government Printing Office, Washington, 1993, p. 54.

69. Richard K. Betts, "The New Threat of Mass Destruction," Foreign Affairs, 77(1). Jan./Feb. 1998, p. 32.

70. Manitoba Health, Emergency Treatment Guidelines: General – Triage, Aug. 2004. This Canadian guide is deliberately referenced to show that the triage procedure is a necessary medical emergency procedure, recognized internationally.

71. Our own National Institutes of Health (NIH) knows nothing about higher group symmetry electrodynamics, knows nothing about precursor engineering (the Soviet energetics science), at best knows the standard but seriously flawed electrical engineering, never understood the induction of health changes and diseases in U.S. Embassy personnel in Moscow by the decades of so-called “microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy”, knows nothing of the mechanism proved by Prioré and important French scientists to yield revolutionary electromagnetic cures for dread terminal illnesses (such as cancer, clogging of the arteries, some infectious diseases tested, etc.), knows absolutely nothing at all about Soviet bioenergetics or its mechanisms and capabilities, and certainly knows nothing of (and does not even “believe”) the startling capabilities of Soviet/Russian/FSB/KGB psychoenergetics and its biogenesis ability to build an actual living mind and mind operations in the laboratory.

NIH and its subsidiary organizations seem interested in maintaining the status quo in medical science and adhering scrupulously to present medical treatment mechanisms and theoretical understanding. They seem to block and deny any and all more advanced and innovative research, particularly if advanced group symmetry electrodynamics is involved.
They have little knowledge of the actual healing mechanism of the body (its cellular regeneration system, which is a highly special electromagnetic system), and do not understand the higher group symmetry electrodynamics of that system. Further, they do not intend to even study the kind of “novel” electrodynamics and electrodynamics mechanisms used by the body for all its cellular healing processes. Instead, they are absolutely determined to continue with drugs, vaccinations, surgery, antibiotics, and conventional medical therapies.
Consequently, we are 50 years behind where we should be in medical therapy technology. We are also extremely vulnerable to mass casualties generated in our population centers by terrorist WMD attacks. NIH’s actions and policies are determined to keep us in that situation indefinitely.

72. (a) Vlail Kaznacheyev and L. P. Mikhailova, Ultraweak Radiation in Intercellular Interactions, [in Russian], Novosibirsk, 1981. An English exposition of much of the Kaznacheyev work is given in (b) Vlail Kaznacheyev, "Electromagnetic Bioinformation in Intercellular Interactions," Psi Research, 1(1), Mar. 1982, p. 47-76. See also (c) Vlail Kaznacheyev, "Apparent information transfer between two groups of cells," Psychoenergetic Systems, 1(1), Dec. 1974, p. 37. (d) Vlail Kaznacheyev et al., "Distant intercellular interactions in a system of two tissue cultures," Psychoenergetic Systems, 1(3), Mar. 1976, p. 141-142. In the same issue, see (e) "A Comment" by William A. McGarey, p. 143; and (f) "A Comment" by Arthur C. Hastings, p. 143-144.

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76. (a) The U.S. Patent is "Pathogenic Mycoplasma", US Patent No. 5,242,820, issued September 7, 1993. Dr Lo is listed as the Inventor and the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC, is listed as the "Assignee"; (b) for a summary, see Donald W. Scott, “Mycoplasma: The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases,” Nexus Magazine, Aug. 2001. Particularly see (c) US Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, Hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, Biological Testing Involving Human Subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977; released as US Army Activities in the US Biological Warfare Programs, Volumes One and Two, 24 February 1977. See also (d) Donald W. Scott and William L. C. Scott, The Brucellosis Triangle, The Chelmsford Publishers, Sudbury, Ontario ,Canada, 1998.

77. The interested reader is referred to our “Porthole Briefing” on website

78. (a) T. E. Bearden, Energetics: Extensions to Physics and Advanced Technology for Medical and Military Applications, Mar. 21, 1998, 200+ page inclosure to CTEC Letter to Gen. (Ret.) Walter Busby, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Counterproliferation and Chemical and Biological Defense, March 21, 1998., also the inclosure to CTEC letter to Major General Thomas H. Neary, Director of Nuclear and Counterproliferation, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Air and Space Operations, HQ USAF, May. 4, 1998. Copies were also sent as inclosures to letters to NIH, CDC, and several other government agencies and laboratories. (b) T. E. Bearden, "Method, System and Apparatus for Conditioning Electromagnetic Potentials, Fields, and Waves to Treat and Alter Matter," Application No. 60/339,122, Dec. 7, 2001. This is the provisional patent application that the present author openly released to the public domain in Dec. 2002, and it is posted on (c) See also T. E. Bearden, Porthole Briefing, available on

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(f) G. Mayer, A. Prioré, G. Mayer and R. Pautrizel, "Action de champs magnétiques associés à des ondes électromagnétiques sur l'orchite trypanosomienne due lapin," [Action of magnetic fields associated with electromagnetic waves on the typanosomian orchitis of the rabbit], Compt. Rend. Acad. Sci. (Paris), Vol. 274, 1972, p. 3011-3014; (g) Prioré's doctoral thesis (which was rejected when the project was suppressed) is: Guérison de la Trypanosomiase Expérimentale Aiguë et Chronique par L’action Combinée de Champs Magnétiques et D’Ondes Electromagnétiques Modulés [Healing of intense and chronic experimental trypanosomiasis by the combined action of magnetic fields and modulated electromagnetic waves], thesis submitted in candidacy for the doctoral degree, 1973;

(h) Eric Perisse, Effets des Ondes Electromagnetiques et des Champs Magnetiques sur le Cancer et la Trypanosomiase Experimentale [Effects of Electromagnetic Waves and Magnetic Fields on Cancer and Experimental Trypanosomias], Doctoral thesis, University of Bordeaux No. 83, March 16, 1984; (i) For a limited background and light technical coverage of Prioré's work for the educated layman, see T. E. Bearden, "Vacuum Engines and Prioré's Methodology: The True Science of Energy-Medicine, Parts I and II," Explore!, 6(1), 1995, p. 66-76; 6(2), 1995, p. 50-62; (j) For somewhat more specific technical details, see T. E. Bearden, Energetics of Free Energy Systems and Vacuum Engine Therapies, Tara Publishing, Internet node, July 1997; (k) for a summary of the entire Prioré affair, see Christopher Bird, "The Case of Antoine Prioré and His Therapeutic Machine: A Scandal in the Politics of Science," Explore!, 5(5-6), 1994, p. 97-110; (l) For detailed coverage of the entire Prioré affair, see Jean-Michel Graille, Dossier Prioré: Une Nouvelle Affaire Pasteur, [The Prioré Dossier: A New Pasteur Affair?], De Noel, Paris, 1984 [in French];

(m) For a technical description of the ordinary EM and physics characteristics of the Prioré radiation (but not the active mechanism), see A. J. Berteaud and A. M. Bottreau, "Analyse des rayonnements électromagnétiques émis par l'appareil Prioré," ["Analysis of the electromagnetic radiations emitted by the Prioré apparatus"], D.R.M.E., 1971, p. 3-12. Prioré’s patents are (n) Antoine Prioré, "Apparatus for producing radiations penetrating living cells," U.S. Patent No. 3,368,155, Feb. 6, 1968; (o) Antoine Prioré, "Method of producing radiations for penetrating living cells," U.S. Patent No. 3,280,816, Oct. 25, 1966, (p) Antoine Prioré, "Procede et dispositif de production de rayonnements utilisables notamment pour le traitement de cellules vivantes," [Procedure and Assemblage for Production of Radiation Especially Serviceable for the Treatment of Living Cells], Republique Francais Brevet d'Invention P.V. No. 899.414, No. 1,342,772, Oct. 7, 1963.

84. See Laurie Garrett, "The Nightmare of Bioterrorism," Foreign Affairs, 80(1), Jan./Feb. 2001, p. 76-89. The quote is from p. 77.

85. As reported in “Alert as Nuclear Bombs Go Missing,” The Drudge Report, Sept. 17, 2002.

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87. Ibid.

88. Paul L. Williams, Osama's Revenge: The Next 9/11: What the Media and the Government Haven't Told You," Prometheus Books, 2004. Williams is a former FBI consultant and author of several treatises on terrorism.

89. Paul L. Williams, Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror, 2001.

90. See (a) T. E. Bearden, Fer-de-Lance, Cheniere Press, 2003 (updated) for some details on quantum potential weapons and their usage. Also see (b) T. E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, Cheniere Press, 2003 (updated) for additional details. Some five nations of the world now possess QP weapons, and a sixth nation is obtaining them. China, Russia, Brazil, Israel, and one other friendly nation are the five present nations.

91. For background on such tsunamis when naturally induced, see David R. Tappin, Editor, Submarine-slump-generated Tsunamis, Special edition of Marine Geology, Volume 203, Issues 3-4, 30 January 2004, pages 199-386.

92. Paul H. B. Shin, “Killer wave lying in wait: Volcano could unleash horror,” New York Daily News, Aug. 29, 2004, .

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