Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U. S

Yakuza Production of Portable Scalar Interferometers


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Yakuza Production of Portable Scalar Interferometers

    The Yakuza now produce their own scalar interferometer weapons in their own facilities in Japan, including small, portable versions, and this has nothing to do with the Japanese government. The Yakuza have small versions of these weapons which can fit into a small sport utility vehicle (SUV), and undoubtedly some are also already inserted in the U.S., to be used a few times during the next two years against our refineries, nuclear power plants and hydrocarbon-fueled power plants, oil fields and Gulf oil rigs, control systems and substations for the centralized power grid, pipe line hubs, long high voltage distribution lines, etc. In short, the Yakuza can already lay down the U.S. electrical power system, for months at a time or permanently and it can do it easily, quickly, and at will.

    Even normal cyberwar techniques will do it for extended periods, as is well known by cyberwar specialists. For example, quoting from a PBS interview with Joe Weiss {35}:

    Question: “So just put it all in perspective. What's the worst-case power scenario, power we're talking here power lines, power grid?”

    Answer: “Absolute worst? I won't even say absolute, but a very worst case could be loss of power for six months or more.”

    Question: “Over how big an area?”

    Answer: “Big as you want.”

    Question: “Is that a possibility?”

    Answer: “Yes.”

    Presently we are in the two year “slowly escalating” initial operations phase of the centralized asymmetric warfare plan for the destruction of the United States.

    Then, beginning about two years from now, the final operations phase will swiftly occur, and the already damaged entire U.S. centralized electrical power system will be destroyed quickly and rather permanently. The destruction will be by combined attacks, including cyberwar, with a guaranteed destruction furnished by Yakuza tactical and strategic interferometers, portable EMP shooters, etc.

    Again, all this is coordinated by centralized FSB/KGB planning under its major faction, the old die-hard Communists who control the FSB/KGB and also control and operate the Russian superweapons. That Communist faction of the FSB/KGB thus has and retains the dominant power position in Russia, because it possesses the Russian superweapons.

    Copiously supplying lots of Russian oil to the United States is not the intention of the dominant die-hard Communist faction, because that faction still fervently plans to totally destroy the United States. Russian President Vladimir Putin comes from the younger, more modern faction of the FSB/KGB. That faction would very much like to reach a full accommodation with the U.S. Putin would like to become our trusted cheap oil supplier, and pump lots of U.S. development and royalty money into the Russian economy, benefiting it at every level.

    But Putin will not be permitted to do that to the full extent {36}. Consequently, Russian oil shipments to China, over land by rail, have been stopped, stimulating China into becoming more aggressive in other world oil markets such as the MidEast. The largest oil consortium in Russia is under strong legal attack and direct interference by the State, significantly hampering its production and delivery of oil, particularly to the U.S.

    The old Cold War has not gone away, contrary to popular conception. Instead, it has just been turned into a completely different kind of war, called “asymmetric” warfare. And the same old dogs are still calling the shots, like a tired old black and white movie from the 1930s. Hence our asymmetric war problems (i.e., our War on Terrorism and the war of terrorism on us) will continue. As an example, Putin has had to cave in to pressure and again centralize and tighten the control of the Russian government, setting aside the reforms of open election that had been partially implemented {37}.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Al Qaida, and Intended Muslim Jihad

    The international terrorists are also being subtly and not-so-subtly manipulated, and we will see the anti-American polarization in the MidEast continue and intensify. Many foreign Arab fighters are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Their number and organization  and centralized coordination  will continue to increase.

    There are still serious nuclear proliferation problems to be faced in North Korea, Iran, and elsewhere. Iran has announced it is resuming enrichment of uranium and, short of a few ineffective sanctions or attacking Iran, it seems that little can be done {38}. North Korea remains defiant and almost certainly already has a small number of nuclear weapons. Pakistan and India  both nuclear powers  continue a stand-off and are eyeball to eyeball.

    Israel is extremely concerned about the path Iran is taking to achieve a nuclear weapons capability. The Israelis are purchasing several hundred “bunker-busting” bombs from the U.S., and at some point Israel may conceivably attack and take out the Iranian nuclear facilities to prevent an unacceptable Iranian nuclear knockout threat being achieved against Israel. The MidEast situation will further heat up, not lessen, over the next two years.

    The intent of our foes is also to deliberately bring substantial factions of the Muslim world to a state of Jihad with the United States, necessitating additional commitment of U.S. forces out of country, and increasing the already-pressing economic strain on the U.S.

    Claiming that America had declared war against God and his messenger, Bin Laden has called for the murder of any American, anywhere on earth, as the “individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it.” {39}.

    In an American national television interview from Afghanistan, Bin Laden stated his intention to kill innocent civilians as well as military, without hesitation {40}:

    It is far better for anyone to kill a single American soldier than to squander his efforts on other activities… We believe that the worst thieves in the world today and the worst terrorists are the Americans. Nothing could stop you except perhaps retaliation in kind. We do not have to differentiate between military or civilian. As far as we are concerned, they are all targets.”

    The 9-11 Commission Report summarized the unrelenting attitude as follows {41}:

    Many Americans have wondered, “Why do ‘they’ hate us?” Some also ask, “What can we do to stop these attacks?” … Bin Laden and al Qaeda have given answers to both these questions. To the first, they say that America had attacked Islam; America is responsible for all conflicts involving Muslims. Thus Americans are blamed when Israelis fight with Palestinians, when Russians fight with Chechens, when Indians fight with Kashmiri Muslims, and when the Philippine government fights ethnic Muslims in its southern islands. America is also held responsible for the governments of Muslim countries, derided by al Qaeda as ‘your agents’.… To the second question, what America could do, al Qaeda’s answer was that America should abandon the Middle East, convert to Islam, and end the immorality and godlessness of its society and culture. [Al Qaeda states] ‘… you are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind.’ If the United States did not comply, it would be at war with the Islamic nation, a nation that al Qaeda’s leaders said ‘desires death more than you desire life’.“

    This perhaps explains the morose statement of Vice Present Cheney, only a month or so after 9/11, and after he had received intensive briefings on terrorism and its present conduct against the United States. Cheney stated {42}:

    The war on terrorism will not be over in our lifetime. It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end. At least not in our lifetime. The way I think of it is, it’s a new normalcy.”

    Welcome to asymmetric warfare, where war is war, peace is war, and there is only perpetual war.

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