Scary Stories


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Scary Stories

Almond, D. Skellig

Anderson, M. The Game of Sunken Places *

Avi The Seer of Shadows

Bannister The Shadow Door

Barrett, T. Cold in Summer

Bellairs, J. The House with a Clock

in It’s Walls *
Breen, M. Darkwood

Bruchac, ,J. Skeleton Man *

Burgess, M. The Ghost Behind the Wall

Cassedy, S. Behind the Attic Wall *

Clapp, P. Jane-Emily

Delaney, J. Revenge of the Witch *

Duncan, L. Don’t Look Behind You

Gaiman, N. Coraline

Gaiman, N. The Graveyard Book

Gidwitz, A. A Tale Dark and Grimm

Going, K. The Garden of Eve

Graff, S. Blackwell’s Island

Hahn, M. Closed for the Season

Hardinge, F. Well-Witched

Higgins, F. The Black Book of Secrets

Horowitz, Raven's Gate *

Jarvis, R. The Dark Portal *

Karr, K. Skullduggery

King, S. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Lawlor, L. Dead Reckoning

Lawrence, I. The Convicts

McKissack, P. The Dark Thirty

(short story collection)

More Scary Stories

Milford, K. The Boneshaker

Mitchell, S. Shadowed Summer

Montes, M. Something Wicked’s

in Those Woods

Mourlevat, J. The Pull of the Ocean

Nance, A. Daemon Hall

Napoli, D. Three Days

Naylor, P. Sang Spell

Nickerson,S. How to Disappear Completely and Never

Be Found
Nix, G. Sabriel

Nixon, J. Nightmare

Poblocki, D. The Nightmarys

Poe, E. Tales of Mystery and Madness

(short story collection)
Preussler, O. The Satanic Mill

Priestley, C. Tales of Terror from the

Black Ship
Pullman, P. Clockwork

Reiche, D. Ghost Ship

Sedgwick, M. The Book of Dead Days

Shusterman, N. Darkness Creeping (short story collection)

Sleator, W. Into the Dream

Snow, C. Snap

Various Half-Minute Horrors

(short story collection)
Wright, B. The Dollhouse Murders

Whinnem, R. The Pricker Boy

Wiseman, D. Jeremy Visick


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