Scary Story Rubric

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Scary Story Rubric

Use the rubric to check your writing to see if it fits these requirements. Attach this rubric to your printed final draft when you turn it in.

Name ____________Title________________________________





Descriptive Words

Many descriptive words are used

Some descriptive words are used

Few descriptive words are used

Very few or no descriptive words are used


(where and when)

Where and when are both fully developed and setting words are sprinkled throughout the story

One part is developed more than the other and setting words disappear for part of the story

Neither where nor when are fully developed or one is left out and setting words appear only at one part of the story

Neither where nor when are mentioned


(conflict and resolution)

The plot is well developed – it shows rising suspense and a climax

The plot is mostly developed, with a few parts left out

The plot is not fully developed and is missing a few major parts

The plot is not developed and is missing many major parts

Scare Factor

The story is very scary

The story is a little scary

The story is somewhat scary, but is too predictable

The story has no scary element at all


The ending is surprising and suspenseful

The ending is somewhat surprising

The ending is unoriginal

The ending is missing

Writing Mechanics

Skillful use of mechanics – spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Very few errors in mechanics

Some errors in mechanics

Many significant errors in mechanics


Total = ______ /24 points


Now write your own horror story for another everyday object or food (boiled eggs, strawberries being made into jam, a golf ball, carpenter’s nails).
Possible ideas:

Possible characters:

Possible settings:

Plot ideas:

How will it end?

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