School story template

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School story template


Brief title introducing your learning story


One-two sentence overview of your initiative. A brief ‘snap-shot’.

Focusing Inquiry:


Why did you decide to take action? What data and information was your chosen initiative based on? Was there any research or literature that influenced the design and direction that your initiative would take?


What did you want to achieve out of your initiative? What is most important?

Teaching Inquiry:


How did you go about implementing your initiative? What steps did you take? What teaching and learning opportunities did you plan to achieve your objectives?


What resources did you draw on during your initiative? You may want to provide copies of resources that you produced or make reference to the work of others that you found particularly useful.

Learning Inquiry:

Evaluation/ Reflection:

How successful was your initiative in terms of your objectives? Would you repeat this initiative? If you were to repeat it, what would you do differently next time? Given your evaluation what will you do next?

Lead Teachers:

Who were the lead teachers involved? How can they be contacted for further information about the initiative?

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