Scoil Naomh Lorcáin – Levitstown N. S

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Scoil Naomh Lorcáin – Levitstown N.S.

Levitstown, Maganey, Athy, County Kildare

Phone: 059 91 45217

Animal Stories

Written by the girls in Second, Third and Fourth Class

Niamh Dooley, Jessica Lacey, Aoife Fitzpatrick, Majella Hayden,

Sahara Donovan, Avril Doherty, Lisa Hayden, Annie Malloy.

Table of Contents

Story One: You’re a Hero Ginger

Story Two: Floppy Goes to the Vet

Story Three: Lost in the Woods

Story Four: Lucky the Bear Cub

Story Five: Newborn Deer

Story One: You’re A Hero Ginger

A few years ago, there was a family [and still is] called Frances and Paul. They owned a beautiful cat called Ginger. He was a soft, fluffy and ginger cat. The cat was a boy. Frances was going to have a baby girl called Niamh.
One day the phone rang. It was the hospital. They said, “Frances, your baby is ready”. “OK”, said Frances so excited. So Paul and Frances made their way up. When they got there, Frances told the nurse her name. The nurse said that you can go into the room and wait for it. So Paul and Frances had brought some relations with her. They were so excited. So in about five minutes the nurse came in with a beautiful girl.
The baby weighs 4 pounds and 11 ozs. Paul and Frances hugged each other. So the two of them brought out the baby to show their Mammy and Daddy. Frances’s mother said, “5 pounds and 11 ozs”. “Oh no, no, no”, said the nurse laughing. “She’s 4 pounds and 11 ozs”. So the nurse brought Paul and Frances, the baby and all the family to the ward.

The next morning Paul was up early and Frances’s uncle, aunty and the baby’s godmother [Joan] went with Paul. While they were gone to the hospital, somebody came to the house. They were driving a black car. They got out of the car and walked very smartly to the back door. They knocked on it, but there was no answer. The strange people started to open the door, but it was locked. Then one of the people went to the car and got a steel bar to break in. When they were about to break in, Ginger leaped on top of them. The guards came out in no time, because the alarm went off and they heard it. So the guards rang Paul and Paul came back. The guards arrested the lads that broke in and brought them to the barracks. Paul rubbed down ginger and put him in his arms and said he was the best cat ever and Paul kissed the cat and set off again to see his wife and daughter.

Niamh grew up as a very bright and intelligent girl. Then one day a man came to the front door and said, “Frances, didn’t you have a baby?” “Yes”, said Frances. “Well the cat you have is going to have an award for saving the house. Won’t you bring him to it tomorrow”. “Of course I will”. So the next day the whole family went to the awards.

The End

Story Two: Floppy Goes to the Vet

About two years ago, there lived a family of six. The Daddy was called Paul, the Mammy was called Frances. Then there were the children. Their names were Niamh, Wayne, Aoife and Ross. The family’s surname is Dooley.

Not that long ago they bought a young rabbit. They named it Floppy. The next morning the family were up earlier than before. By the way, it was in the summer and the children were on their summer holidays and that didn’t go down too well with the children’s parents, because every morning, the boys would start a fight with the girls and get in trouble. So when they got up out of the bed, they got dressed fast and went down to the kitchen. Paul forgot he said to Frances that he ate the last of breakfast last night. They lived beside a shop and got a bit of breakfast that would do them until Frances did the shopping later in the day. So Niamh went to the shop and got a bit of breakfast. When she came back, Mammy took out some bowls and made breakfast. The family sat down and enjoyed their breakfast.

When breakfast was over, the family went out to feed Floppy. When they fed Floppy, the family went back into the house to get ready. When they were about to go out to the car, Paul said that he had to go to the toilet as usual, so the rest of them said that they would wait in the car. Paul was very long in the toilet. Most of the time he would be reading the newspaper. Finally Paul came out to the car and set off for Carlow.

When they got there, Frances said, “go to Tescos to do the shopping”. “OK”, said Paul. When they got a space, Paul decided that they all would get out. So Niamh wheeled the trolley around the supermarket. They had to get a couple of things for Floppy, like food and things like that. So when they had their shopping, they went up to pay for it. When they had finished their shopping everywhere, they set off home.

When they got home, they took the shopping out of the car and went into the shed to check Floppy. When they went in, Floppy was very sick. So Frances had to ring the vet and the vet said to bring her in straight away. So they went in to the vets with Floppy.
When they arrived at the vets, they took Floppy out of the back of the car and carried her in a small soft box. When they reached the desk, Mammy told the nurse the rabbit’s name. In about ten minutes, the doctor called Floppy into his room. He put Floppy onto a big table and examined her. He said that she had a very serious cold. “I think we will have to keep her here until morning”. “That OK”, said Frances. So the vet took her to a bed and showed the family where her bed was. So the vet told them to come back in the morning and we will see if she can go home or not.
The next morning they were up at eight thirty. They got their breakfast and off they went to see Floppy. When the got there, they went up to the desk and asked about Floppy. The nurse said Floppy is OK to go home, “but you must keep her inside the house, because she will get worse”. So the nurse went in around the back and the family followed the nurse. So they got Floppy and brought her home. And in about a year Floppy had lovely baby rabbits.

The End

Story Three: Lost in the Woods

In this book you will find the story of a newborn deer. Well this is kind of continued from it and here’s the story.

One day Paul was out feeding the deer, when his wife Frances came out calling him. “Paul, come quick, there’s something on the telly you must see”. “OK”, said Paul, so he left down the food on the ground so the deer could eat out of it themselves. So when Paul went in, the baby deer started to go out in the yard. His name is Rudolph. But Rudolph had gone to the gate and was walking on the road. He was heading for the big forest. Back inside Paul had got himself a cup of tea. “I will go out and see did the deer eat their food”, said Paul with a mouthful of tea. He went out to the deer, but what a surprise he got when he went into the shed. He shouted as loud as he could to his wife Frances. Frances came out. “Oh my God, what has happened to poor Rudolph”, said Frances surprised. So they set down the road to look for Rudolph.

Meanwhile, Rudolph was enjoying himself playing with other animals in the forest. He heard Paul and Frances calling him, but Rudolph didn’t go because he wanted to stay for another while to play with his friends. So Paul and Frances had to go home and come back in the morning and then look for him. So when they got home, they had to get their supper. They ate it and got a glass of wine.
Rudolph had got bored, very hungry and very thirsty. So he went to a stream nearby and had a big drink. He started to walk around the woods and he got a bit to eat. Now he became very tired. So he made himself a nice cosy bed and fell asleep straight away.
The next morning Paul and Frances were up bright and early. They set down the road to look for Rudolph, but what a surprise they got when they got as far as the woods. Rudolph was on his way home, so Paul and Frances carried the baby deer home and he never did anything like that again.

The End

Story Four: Lucky the Bear Cub

In the story, Honeylove the bear cub, he gets lost and goes into a little boy’s house. Well in this story, it’s something similar. That’s why he’s called lucky, you’ll see….

One night in the wild fields, there was a baby deer cub born. According to the wild animal’s keeper, the parents who gave birth were delighted, but they really needed to get somewhere warm for themselves and their baby to stay. So they carried their baby around the wild to get somewhere. But they walked 10 miles and still couldn’t get a place to stay. They looked around them and they saw two adults and 6 children playing in the bog, where the bears were looking for a den. The people saw the bears and went over to them. When they were up close, the bears know who the people were. It was the Dooley family. The Dooleys are a well-known family, so they took the bears home and put them into a shed. They were given some food and they went fast asleep. Back inside Paul was trying to look up a number for the wild animal keeper. Finally Paul looked and found it. Frances rang the number [the children had gone to bed] and the keeper answered it. Frances was put on hold. When they were waiting for the keeper to come back to the phone, Paul went out to check the bears. The bears were enjoying their rest, so Paul went back in and Frances was talking on the phone. Then she left it down. The keeper said, “he will be here in the morning to give them an injection”, announced Frances. Then they went to bed.

The next morning, they were up early, because the keeper was coming. When Paul and Frances went up to the kitchen, the children were fighting. “Cut it out, you know you’re not to fight”, said Paul very angrily and they all got up to the table to have breakfast. After they had eaten, Niamh and Wayne cleaned off the table and went off down the hall to get dressed. In the middle of getting dressed the doorbell rang, so Paul went down to the door. It was the keeper. “Well, did you want to see him”. He was huge and looked really funny. Aoife said he was a stupid clown and he was. So Paul took the animal keeper outside and the rest followed. He went into the shed and had a look at the bears and said that they were fine little things. After a while, the bears soon found a home. They wanted to stay with the Dooley family and they decided to call the baby bear Lucky. Can you guess why did they call him that?

Story Five: A Newborn Deer

There was once a man called Paul Dooley. He drove lorries for different people. He owned a male and a female deer. One day he came back from work and opened the shed door to let the deer out. He could not believe this eyes when Paul went in. There was a cute little deer only born. Paul called to his wife Frances, who was baking in the kitchen. She came out and said, “Well, look at the cute little deer”. Paul told Frances that when he came in from work, he opened the shed to let the deer out and he saw this. “Well what are we going to call it”, asked Frances excited. “I don’t know yet”, said Paul pleased. “We’ll get a name from Tommy”. Tommy was Frances’s uncle. He knew a lot of animal names. “Shall we let them out for a run around”, Paul asked. Frances agreed with Paul, so they let the deer out and the baby deer started to waddle around. Paul and Frances laughed.

The next morning they were up bright and early to bring the deer to the vet to get checked out. Paul had to ring Sean Dunne to get a lend of a trailer. So Paul and Frances and the deer went to the vets. When Paul was about half way up the road, he heard a lot of noises coming from the trailer. Paul said to Frances, “what is the noise?” Frances told Paul to go and check to see if they were OK. So Paul stopped the car and got out. When he opened the trailer, the baby deer was stuck in the corner of the trailer. He was very scared, so Paul rubbed down the deer, so they won’t be scared and Paul closed the trailer doors and set off again. When they got to the vets, Paul took the door out of the cattle trailer. The Mammy and Daddy of the baby deer wanted to get out as well. So Frances went into the vets and got him to come out to the deer. So in about 1 minute, the vet came out with all his medical things. The vet examined the deer. The vet told Paul and Frances that he had a small bit of a flu [nothing major], so he gave them some tablets to give to the deer. So Paul and Frances made their way home. When they got home, Frances carried the deer to the shed and Paul took the other two. When they had that done, they went over to Tommy’s house. They asked him for a name for the deer. Tommy thought for a moment and said, “Rudolf would be a lovely name for the deer”. Paul and Frances said that would be a lovely name for him.

The End

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