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Back by popular demand our summer holiday playscheme will be running from Monday July 27th to Friday August 21st. Our experienced and qualified team of playworkers will be providing four daily structured activities or workshops for children to enjoy. In between all activity sessions children can enjoy a wide variety of excellent indoor and outdoor free play equipment. We aim to make the summer a memorable time, where children make friends, learn new skills and take away an experience that will inspire their imagination, creativity, physical and social development. Special guests/ activities and events, healthy snacks & drinks are provided for children throughout the day at no extra cost.

Monday 27th July - All About Chocolate –We will be learning about the story of chocolate, where it came from, when did it arrive, what is its possible fate and how many delicious things can we create from it. Most children love chocolate but if they don’t there will be other types of sweetie making. There will be lots of games, stories and activities for children to enjoy.

Tuesday 28th July -Teambuilding & Construction Day- We will be using Lego, Junk materials, K-Nex, Meccano, lolly sticks, blocks and just about everything you can think of to build and construct a variety of models during our construction day. There will be stories, competitions and challenges throughout the day, giving children the opportunity to develop imagination, creativity and teamwork skills.

Wednesday 29th July - Kids Get fit Day- We will be providing sports including football, netball, skittleball, games, exercise & dance workshops throughout the day. There will be healthy snacks & smoothie making with all our favourite fruits. Children can make their own recipe book of healthy food and drinks. We will be visiting the park for a mini jog, stretch out our muscles, play on the play park and enjoy parachute games.

Thursday 30th July- A Day of Disney- Whether its Frozen, Snow white, Cinderella, Hercules, Robin hood, Spiderman XD or any other, please feel free to come along dressed up as your favourite Disney character. There will be crafts, games, themed treasure trails, stories and a film for Nursery, reception & year 1 & 2 children. Older children will have the opportunity to play a Disney games challenge in the morning and in the afternoon create their own or choose a Disney character, write a story, make costumes and produce a short play to be enjoyed by all at the end of the day.
Friday 31st July - Magic & Conjuring Day- We aim to learn card and coin tricks, make a simple conjuring set, wands, hats and trying our hand at being magicians. This day will be filled with challenges and exciting new skills to practice and learn. At the end of the day we will be showcasing our skills by providing our very own magic show.

Monday 3rd August- Outdoor Adventure & Archaeology Day- Become a young explorer for the day during our outdoor archaeologist and outdoor adventure day, there will be metal detecting, an archaeological dig for bones, pottery and hidden treasure. There will be den building, stories and crafts for the under 8s. Older children can learn about famous archaeologists and their discoveries, enjoy a treasure trail, fact finder quiz, fossil making and much more. This day will be filled with fun activities for all ages.

Tuesday 4th August- Skylanders v Minecraft A day of adventure and fun for all children who enjoy themed physical games, arts and crafts, and a cryptic treasure trail. This day will be themed around the popular creative console games Skylanders & Minecraft. Again there will be a wide variety of activities planned that are suitable for both boys and girls of all ages.
Wednesday 5th August -Creatures Great and Small-This day will be a fun filled themed day to learn all about creepy crawlies, large and small animals and reptiles. There will be nature trails designed to help children spot bugs and insects, an animal foot print hunt, games, quizzes and a half day trip (for children under 8) to Williamsons park to meet the keeper for a animal stroking and handling session and a tour around the mini beast house. Older children will enjoy playing regular sports and games, learn about animal conservation around the world and enjoy an animal & creature sculpture making workshop.
Thursday 6th August - Food Glorious FoodOn this day for older children will be holding a ‘one pot’ cooking competition with certificates and prizes for all. Younger children can make superfood smoothies and dips and all can enjoy food tasting a range of multi-cultural cuisines. Using games and stories we will be learning about what is healthy and why. We will be planting seeds to grow food which can then be put in our gardens, in the ground or tubs to be harvested in spring 2016. There will be many more games and activities for all ages to enjoy.

Friday 7th August - Sports Tournament Day - A sports coach will be available to teach skills and practice netball, basketball, football and dodgeball. In the afternoon children will be visiting the school field to take part in a mini sports tournament and lots of games and activities will be arranged in age appropriate groups.

Monday 10th August - Cinema & Film Day There will be many themed activities provided throughout the day. Over 8’s will be walking to the cinema in the morning to watch a (Kids Am) film and in the afternoon will be able to join in Jezmond’s crazy stuff 2! & film making workshop! Younger children will be practicing drama skills as role play film directors & actor, listening to stories, painting & creating props, playing themed games & watching the latest popular film out on DVD, along with popcorn & treats.
Tuesday 11th August- Bake & Creative Dessert DayWe will be making weird and wonderful cupcakes, giant cookies and having a dessert making competition where children in teams can choose to make either Eton mess, cheesecake or ice-cream. There will be prizes and certificates awarded to groups for their achievements.
Wednesday 12th August - Circus Skills Day In the morning we will be visiting the park, taking a picnic, our parachute and circus skills equipment to enjoy games and practice skills. In the afternoon we will be making juggling balls, poi and enjoy dressing up, face painting, learning about circus people & life and showcasing our new creations and skills.

Thursday 13th August - Make a Difference DayNurturing helpfulness, we will be using stories and rhymes with young children looking at why it is important to help others and what can we do to be helpful. We will learn about the people who help us and enjoy roleplay hospital, fire and police service. We are hoping to invite somebody along to give a talk regarding fire rescue and perhaps have a visit from our local firemen in their fire engine. Older children can enjoy a fun drama and roleplay workshop using stories designed to raise debate & help children develop their own thoughts & feelings regarding the world around them. In groups children can develop their own manifesto to change the world. Please note as well as themed activities, there will be sports, games, crafts and lots of freeplay to enjoy.

Friday 14th August - Outer Space & Science of the Universe- What’s in our skies, Learn to spot constellations, planets, comets, meteors and satellites. Who discovered planets & constellations and what has been believed throughout history are just some of the topics that will be covered in our outer space day. There will be a wealth of stories, crafts and lots more themed activities throughout the day for all ages.
Monday 17th August- Rhythm and Rhyme DayThis is a musical day full of fun filled music activities using percussion instruments from all over the world. Children under 8 will have the opportunity to practice rhythm, dance play instruments and games while older children can write their own lyrics and join in to form a band. There will also be a making instruments craft workshop and a performance to showcase our skills towards the end of the day. Our youngest children will be using nursery rhymes and percussion instruments to provide a show for all to enjoy.

Tuesday 18th August - Design and Print - We will be printing Tea shirts, bags, fabric wall hangings, paper gift wrap, cards, tags, bookmarks and much more. We will be using different objects, such as string, fruit, vegetables and make rubbings of leaves, stone and wood. Focusing on many great artists who used printing in their work, we will be appreciating pop art & art nouveau by William Morris, using pictures of famous art work from this period to influence the children’s work.

Wednesday 19th August -Trip to Gulliver’s World Theme Park Enjoy an amazing day out at Gulliver’s World Theme Park which is packed with all kinds of adventures & rides designed specifically with primary aged children in mind. Alice in wonderland, Lilliput land, smugglers wharf, Gully’s cartoon studios and the lost world are all themed areas within the park. Children will be supervised in small groups with a ratio of 1:6 throughout the day. Children need to bring a packed lunch in a throw away bag and a maximum of £2 spending money for an Ice-cream.
Thursday 20th August -Kids Got Talent & The Voice Day– Whether its singing, joke telling, creative arts, dancing, or acting we believe that every child has a talent to be celebrated. In small groups children will play confidence building games, learn how to speak to an audience or make props and costumes for themed acts and performances. This is an excellent opportunity for children to work as a team to provide a show at the end of the day. Prizes and certificates will be issued to all those who participate.

Friday 21st August - Super Soaker Splash & Inflatable fun Day - Back by popular demand our super soaker splash and inflatable day will provide a day of themed crafts and games using balloons, water and inflatables. In the afternoon we will be playing a variety of beach & water bomb games along with ‘super soaker splat’ so make sure children come prepared with dry clothes to change into. We will have a bouncy castle all day that will be available for all children to enjoy especially for those who wish not to join in getting wet in the afternoon.

Please note pack lunches are required to be provided from home. In addition to this children can enjoy our superfood snack bar during lunch for an extra 50p. We are holding a full day trip to ‘Gulliver’s World Theme Park Wed 19th August. During this day there will be no alternative arrangements for those requiring full or half day care at the Club and there is an additional fee of £3.50 towards the transport costs. All of our staff are experienced, trained and are fully DBS/CRB cleared. All of our three large outdoor play areas are fenced with security gates, intercom system & CCTV so that children are free to play, learn and explore in a safe and secure environment. All of our activities are planned for different age groups to ensure they are appropriate for the learning and development of each group. The year groups are as follow: Nursery & Reception, Yrs 1 & 2, Yrs 3 & 4 and Yrs 5 & 6 & 7. Children are encouraged to join in activities that are planned for their age group, however we are aware that being separated from siblings/friends may be unsettling so we can be flexible and in some cases group children together if preferred. We do however; where age gaps are significant, encourage this to be temporary so that children can get the best opportunities for their age while in our care.
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