Scott Foresman Reading Street Reading Series Reading Comprehension Sheets and Study Guides for the Selection Tests Created by Tina Duckwall of Tina’s Treasures

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Scott Foresman Reading Street Reading Series

Reading Comprehension Sheets and Study Guides for the Selection Tests

Created by Tina Duckwall of Tina’s Treasures

Adelina’s Whales Comprehension Questions
Answer questions in COMPLETE sentences.
Fact and Opinion

  1. From page 298, what is an opinion about the wind?

Main Idea and Details

  1. What clues help Adelina know that the whales have arrived? p. 299


  1. Why do whales come to Laguna San Ignacio? p. 300

Fact and Opinion

  1. Why does Adelina say that her hometown is a special place? p. 300

Cause and Effect

  1. Why do scientists and whale watchers come to Laguna? p. 303

Figurative Language

  1. The whale is as long as a school bus and as wide as a soccer goal is an example of what figurative language?

Facts and Details

  1. Why is Adelina’s favorite time of day in the late afternoon? p. 304

Description in Details

  1. Describe Pachico from Adelina’s point of view. p. 304

Vocabulary Rewrite the sentences and fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word – USE your definitions sheet

biologist tropical lagoon rumbling bluff

  1. Some things you might find in a _______________ are water, clams and sand.

  1. The ______________ sound from the ocean was gray whales exhaling hot wet air.

  1. A _______________ studies whales and other living things.

  1. The whales swim in a _____________ ocean where the sun shines directly overhead.

Vocabulary from the Story
Rewrite the sentences and fill in the blank using the information from the reading on page 304.

  1. Adelina knows that when a whale leaps out of the water and makes a giant splash falling back in is called ________________.

  1. A whale that pops its head straight up out of the water as if looking around is said to be _____________________.

  1. The whales wide, flat tail is called a ___________ and when it raises its tail up in the air as it goes into a deep dive, that is called _____________.

Fact and Opinion
Read the statements and decide which is fact and which is opinion. Write the word fact beside the statement if it is fact and opinion if it is an opinion.
____________________ 1. La Laguna is a quiet, dusty fishing village.
____________________ 2. Adelina Mayoral has lived her whole life in La Luguna.
____________________ 3. Whales make noise when they exhale.
____________________ 4. The sound of snoring whales is comforting.
____________________ 5. Whales leave breath trails over the water.
____________________ 6. Adelina’s family lives far away from big cities with highways and shopping malls.
____________________ 7. Whales seem to have their own language.
____________________ 8. Whales brains are as large as a car’s engine.
____________________ 9. The whales tell each other that it is safe to visit Laguna.
____________________10. As the whales sleep, they dream of colorful sunsets of Laguna.

Adelina’s Whales (Genre – Photo Essay) Study Guide

Laguna San Ignacio was located on the coast of ____________.
Mother whales come to Laguna San Ignacio to do what?
Adelina has a good understanding of nature because she can tell by the way the light reflected on the _______________.
The story begins with grandfather having his first visit with a friendly ____________________.

Many types of the people visit Laguna San Ignacio to see the ________________________.

There is much to learn about the whales and this is why so many people have so many questions about the whales.
The author most likely wrote this selection to describe a special place that gray whales visit in the ______________. (what season?)
Children face many choices in their lifetime and future.
The whale’s wide, flat tail is called a _________________.



scientist who studies living things


a high, steep slope or cliff


a pond or small lake; shallow water


big and heavy; enormous


making a deep, heavy continuous sound


region where the sun can shine directly overhead; warm

Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride Comprehension Questions
Read the following questions and respond with a COMPLETE ANSWER.

  1. Who was Eleanor Roosevelt and who was Amelia Earhart? (566)

  1. When the people asked Amelia what it was like flying at night in the dark, what did Amelia say? (569)

  1. Why do the Secret Service men not want Amelia and Eleanor to fly to Baltimore? (570)

  1. What did Eleanor say was amusing about Amelia on the airplane? (571)

  1. What did Amelia and Eleanor do when they get back from their flight? (573)

  1. How did the ladies end their adventure together? (574)

Vocabulary-Rewrite the sentences and place the correct vocabulary word in the blank.

aviator brisk cockpit elegant outspoken solo

  1. An __________________ person says whatever he/she thinks or feels.

  1. The airplane __________________ flew over the grassy mountains of North Carolina.

  1. Amelia Earhart drove her plane _____________ without anyone else.

  1. Women could be _____________ and graceful, but Amelia feels that women should be able to do whatever men can do.

  1. Amelia sat in the _____________ of the airplane as she flew Eleanor around in the sky.

Sequencing Skill

Reread the following events from the story Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride and place them in the correct sequential order. Write the events in the correct order in your reading notebooks.
*Amelia calls Eastern Air Transport and arranges a flight.
*Amelia and Eleanor fly through the sky.
*Eleanor invites Amelia over for dinner.
*The Secret Service men drove the women back to the White House.

*The guests at dinner enjoy George Washington’s crab chowder.

*Eleanor and Amelia enjoy a dessert.
*Amelia and her husband dress for dinner.

Amelia and Eleanor Study Guide

  1. ______________ flew and ________ drove because it made them feel independent.

  1. Before Amelia attended the dinner at the White House, she flew over the ________________ Ocean.

  1. From the story, you can conclude that Eleanor and Amelia (already knew each other, met each other) right before the dinner party.

  1. The author probably wrote this story to tell about a _______________________ between two famous women.

  1. Eleanor’s decision to fly to Baltimore shows that she trusted Amelia’s skills as a ______________.

  1. The ________________ __________________ men made sure that Eleanor was safe.

  1. The reporters knew that the women had done something unusual when they returned from their (flight, car trip).

  1. It was unusual to have a woman as a _______________ so the reporters asked Eleanor if she had felt safe.

KNOW the steps for making the recipe. Know what happened first and last.

Prepare answers for the following questions on the Selection Test.

  1. Which two events in the story were the most exciting from Amelia and Eleanor?

  1. Why did Amelia turn off the lights in the plane?

  1. In what ways were Amelia and Eleanor alike that made them different from the most other women during this time period?


outspoken – direct

daring – bold

aviator – airplane pilot

solo – alone; without another person

cockpit – room in which the pilot sits

brisk – cold and chilly

elegant – stylish

Coyote School News Comprehension Questions
Read the following questions and answer them in Complete Sentences.

  1. Who is the narrator of this story Coyote School News?

  1. Reread page 169, paragraph 5. What does the phrase “squeezed together like sardines in a can” tell you about the bus ride to Coyote School?

  1. What special project was Miss Byers class working on?

  1. Why did Monchi have to go to the doctor? Describe in DETAIL.

  1. How did Monchi’s feelings about his trip to Tucson change over the course of the story?

  1. How does Monchi spend Christmas? Name 3 things that he does with his family.

  1. What does Monchi plan to do with his silver-dollar buckle?

  1. Why does Junior think roundup is more important than perfect attendance?

  1. For two days Junior and Monchi help with the roundup. Name 3 things that they did.

  1. Why did Monchi win the Coyote News Writing Award and how was he rewarded?


bawling dudes roundup spurs

  1. At _________________ time, the vaquero cowboys bring the cattle together.

  1. The red-hot irons were burning the hair on the calves and they were fighting and ___________________ like giant babies.

  1. For Christmas, Junior got a pair of ____________ used to make the horses move.

Spanish Vocabulary Reread the story to comprehend the language. Write the English word for the underlined Spanish term.

  1. Victor was the chismoso of the family.

  2. Tia Lena took Monchi to a doctor in Tucson.

  3. As we played with the piñata, Monchi’s mom tied a mascada over our eyes.

  1. The cowboys sat around the campfire singing rancheras and telling stories.

  2. The children hollered from the bus “Hasta la vista!”

Drawing Conclusions

  1. The roads are rough and bumpy. What story details support this conclusions? (How do you know?)

  1. Monchi wants to help his dad with the cattle roundup. What story details support this conclusions? (How do you know?)

  1. Monchi is not happy when Victor wins the Perfect Attendance Award. What story details support this conclusions? (How do you know?)

  1. How do the members of Monchi’s family feel about one another? (Use the details from the story)

Coyote School News (Genre -- Historical Fiction) Study Guide

Monchi said that the United States "moved the line" when it bought land from __________ means that the border between the two countries was changed.

At the time of the story, Ramirez Ranch was located in ____________________.

The children liked the fact that their teacher lived in the same kind of place that they did -- a ranch.

Monchi's problem in the story was that he wanted to win ______________________.

Miss Byers and Monchi both missed school to attend the ___________________.

Tucson had a ______________________ and Monchi's community did not.

What happened to Monchi that helped his tia Lena decide what to get him for Christmas?

In the story, you can tell that roundups were _______________ . (hard or easy work)(choose one)

Talking about ______________ fixing the roads, lets the reader know that the story took place back in time.

The author included pages from the _______________ to entertain the reader with stories that the students wrote.

Miss Byers gave Monchi a ___________________ because she knew that he could not help missing school.



 crying out in a noisy way


 a small wolf-like mammal


 people raised in the city; especially easterners who vacation on a ranch


 driving or bringing cattle together from long distances


 metal points or pointed wheels, worn on a rider's boot heels to encourage the horse to move

Encantado: Pink Dolphins of the Amazon

Comprehension Questions: Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fact and Details

  1. According to the story, in what ways are PINK DOLPHINS mysterious?

Compare and Contrast

  1. How are pink dolphins different from ocean dolphins? (424)


  1. What is it called when a pink dolphin touches its tail to its nose? (425)


  1. Why do dolphins send out sound beams from their foreheads?


  1. How does Molses describe the trees along the river? (427)

Cause and Effect

  1. What would happen if your canoe bumped the tangarana tree? (428)

Draw Conclusions

  1. Why is it difficult for scientists to study pink dolphins? (432)


  1. What part of the story was described as “Nightmare Dream World.”

Vocabulary: Rewrite the sentences and fill in the blanks with a vocabulary word.

  1. Dolphins can send out ______________ of sound from inside their foreheads.

  1. All you can see at first is a pink shimmer. The pink dolphin almost looks like a reflection on the water’s _______________.

  1. At a quick _____________, the tangarana tree’s hollow stems teemed with thousands of stinging black ants.

  1. Pink _______________ live in rivers, not in the ocean.

  1. Pink dolphins are so _______________ they can even touch their tail to their nose.

  1. If you take an expedition to an ___________________ or zoo, you will most likey see bottle-nosed dolphins.

Encantado (Expository Nonfiction) Study Guide

Revisit and Practice Facts and Opinions

  1. Dolphins send out sound beams from their _____________ to help them identify the things around them.

  1. Dolphins and submarines are alike because they both use __________ in the water.

  1. Ocean dolphins would not be able to survive in the Amazon River because the bodies do not __________ well so they wouldn’t be able to get around the _____________.

  1. “Nightmare Dream World” means that the rain forest if _________ and amazing.

  1. Also in “Nightmare Dream World”, _______________ will protect the tree that is their home.

  1. There are many dangers in the Amazon.

  1. Pink dolphins are difficult to study because they are hard to see because they swim in _________, leafy stained _____________.

  1. Dolphins are “whirl around like a ferris wheel” because they can spin in a _______________.


aquarium- building used for showing collections of live fish, water animals, and live plants; fish tank
dolphins-any of numerous sea mammals related to the whale, but smaller. Dolphins have beak-like snouts and remarkable intelligence. Marine mammals.
enchanted- delighted greatly; charmed; magical

flexible- easily bent; stretchable; bending without breaking
glimpses-short, quick brief views or looks
pulses- regular, measured rhythmic beats
surface- the top of the ground or soil, or of a body of water or other liquid; outer edge

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Slippery Salamander

Comprehension Thinking Skills Questions
Reread the story and answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES in your reading notebooks.

  1. Describe Idaville and tell what is ordinary about the town? (page 494)

  1. What does resided mean on page 494 in paragraph 4? Use the clues from the story.


  1. How can you explain why Leroy was called Encyclopedia Brown? (494)


  1. Which words best describe how Chief Brown feels about this new crime? (495)


  1. Tell me what Mrs. King thinks about salamanders. (498)


  1. What is the main problem in the story? (496)


  1. What evidence was there that convinced Encyclopedia Brown that Sam Maine was guilty? (497-498)

Plot Read the following statements, draw the flow map in your reading notebook and write the statements in the right column.
** Encyclopedia realizes that Sam Maine is not a lizard expert.

** Sam Maine returned the stolen salamander to the aquarium and was fired as caretaker.

** A tiger salamander has been stolen from the aquarium.

** Three employees at the aquarium exhibit had been questioned by the police.


Rising Action



Vocabulary Rewrite the sentences in your reading notebook and fill in the blanks. Use your vocabulary definitions

amphibians crime exhibit lizards reference salamanders stumped

  1. Chief Brown was confused and ____________ by the crime committed in Idaville at the aquarium.

  1. Mrs. King thought that _____________ were sacred creatures with magical powers.

  1. Encyclopedia knows that anyone who knows about salamanders would know that they are not lizards but classified as _____________________.

  1. The Den of Darkness was a huge indoor ______________ of reptiles and amphibians.

  1. People in Idaville said that Encyclopedia’s brain was filled with more facts than a _______________ book with lots of information.

Encyclopedia Brown Study Guide

  1. If ______________ did not live in Idaville, what would most likely happen is that some crimes would go unsolved.

  1. The setting of the story is in the evening at the ___________________’s house.

  1. The main reason that Chief Brown was stumped by the crime was that the crook left very few ________________.

  1. The author probably wrote this story to entertain with a story about a boy that solves ___________________.

  1. Encyclopedia Brown needed specific ________________ about the crime before he could solve the crime.

  1. The frogs and salamanders are alike because they are both what type of animal?

  1. The event that happened around the same time Dr. O’Donnell examined the new crocodile is that __________________ took a coffee break.

  1. Sam Maine acted suspicious of Mrs. King because he wanted the police to think that she was the _______________.

  1. Encyclopedia Brown showed that he had solved the crime when he said that ___________ was lying about his experiences.

  1. An important lesson in this story is that it is very important to pay close attention to DETAILS.

Prepare for these Questions:

  1. In addition to working at the aquarium, what else did O’Donnell, Mrs., Brown, or Sam Maine have in common?

  1. What is most likely the reason Sam Maine lied about his experience with taking care of animals?

  1. What do you think Sam Maine would have done with the salamander if he had not been caught?


reference- used for information or help
amphibians- cold-blooded animals with backbones and moist,

scale-less skins. Their young usually have gills and live in water until they develop lungs for living on land; live on land and water

stumped- puzzled
reptiles- cold-blooded animals with backbones and lungs, usually covered with horny plates or scales.
crime-activity of criminals; an act of breaking the law
lizards- reptiles with long bodies and tails, movable eyelids, and usually four legs. Some have no legs and look much like snakes.
salamanders- animals shaped like lizards, but related to frogs and toads. They have moist, smooth skin and live in water or in damp places.

exhibit- act of displaying; public showing

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