Script : The tortoise and the eagle (An African-American Story)

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SCRIPT  : The tortoise and the eagle (An African-American Story)
One upon a time, there was an eagle who lived in the clouds and a tortoise who lived under a bush. When Eagle heard that tortoise was very nice, he went to visit him. The tortoise family was very happy to see Eagle. They fed him so well that Eagle returned again and again.

When Eagle flew away, he laughed : “Ha, ha ! I can enjoy Tortoise’s hospitality in his house on the ground but he can never come up to my home in the treetops!”

Frog didn’t like Eagle because he often ate frogs.

So, one day, Frog came to see Tortoise and said, “Friend Tortoise, give me some beans and I will tell you something important!”

After enjoying a bowl of beans, Frog said : “Friend Tortoise, Eagle is using you. After every visit he flies away laughing! Next time he visits you, say : Give me a gourd*, and I will send you food to your wife and children too.”

So, Tortoise asked Eagle to bring him a gourd.

Frog said : “Now, Tortoise, get into the gourd. Your wife will cover you with fresh food and Eagle will carry you to his home in the tretops.”

Eagle returned and Tortoise’s wife said to him : “My husband is away but he left this gourd filled with foo for your family.”

Eagle flew off with the gourd and Tortoise could hear every word as he laughed : “Ha, ha! I can share tortoise’s food but he can never visit my hometo share mine!”

When the gourd was empty, Tortoise crawled out and said, “Friend Eagle, you have often visited my home. Now, it’s my turn to visit you!”

Eagle was furious! He souted and Tortoise said, “Take me home, our friendship is at an end.”

Eagle answered “Take you home? Iwill throw you down and you will smash on the ground!”

Tortoise grabbed Eagle’s leg.

“Let me go!” the huge bird said.

“I’ll let you go when you take me home!” Tortoise said.

So Eagle understood that friendship needs the cooperation of two people.

* Le mot gourdest utilisé ici dans son sens de “calebasse”

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