Season: Pre-Sowing Objective

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Farming Calendar

Example Farming Calendar:














Seed selection

Germination test

Land preparation

Fertilizer application


1st weeding

2nd weeding

Fertilizer application

Pest and disease mgt


Post-harvest mgt


1. Seed access/poor seed

2. Insufficient rainfall

3. Marketing-low prices

1. Labor

2. Pests and diseases

3. Weeds

4. Insufficient rainfall

1. Labor

2. Storage

3. Aflatoxin

Selecting the FFBS Plots

Example of a Contract with Plot Owner and FFBS

Contract between (please print names):

_____________________________ _______________________________

Farm owner Relevant authority e.g. farmer organization

In relation to the Farmer Field and Business School (FFBS) that will take place in the village of XXX, the above mentioned parties agree to the following terms:

  1. The farm owner agrees to let the Farmer Field and School use [a part of his farm…specify area] for the implementation of the FFBS.

  2. The area to be used by the school will consist of ___ number of plots of ___ size (or specify area) chosen by the FFBS facilitator and participants. One or two plots will be used for implementing practices decided on by the FFBS participants. On the other plot(s), participants will implement management practices normally done by the farm owner or those agreed upon as common within the group. All work on the two or three plots will be carried out by the FFBS participants.
  3. The farm owner agrees to allow the FFBS participants to carry out all practices as necessary for learning objectives. FFBS participants will be allowed to make observations on other parts of the farm (beyond the two plots mentioned in 2).

  4. The farm owner agrees to respect all requests from the FFBS related to activities on the two/three plots.

  5. The FFBS will supply all inputs used on the FFBS plots.

  6. The farm owner agrees that he/she will not seek compensation from the FFBS __________ (project, farmer organization) even if he/she suffers loss in production due to vagaries of weather and other abiotic stresses.

  7. The length of this contract will be ______ months, from ________to _______, ____ (year).

  8. This contract can be ended without notification under the following circumstances:

  1. Failure by either party to respect their obligations as set out in this contract

  2. Failure to limit FFBS activities to the area/crops mentioned in this contract

Signatures: Plot owner, FFBS team leader, community representatives & authorities.

Plot Owner ________________________________ Date: ______________________

FFBS Team Leader__________________________ Date: ______________________

Community Representative_____________________ Date: ______________________

Authority___________________________________ Date: ______________________

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