Seattle Genealogical Society (sgs) Drupal barnraising – website summary

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Seattle Genealogical Society (SGS)

Drupal barnraising – website summary
This document describes elements of the Drupal website which is being designed/built for the Seattle Genealogical Society (SGS).

  1. Front page

The Front page consists of a Header area, a 3-column Content area, and a Footer area.


The Header area consists of the Logo/Title, a Background image, an Upper menu area, a Search bar, a Text-size control, and the Header menu.
Note that the header, and header elements, will be identical for all pages on the website.


The Logo/Title contains the organization logo and title.

1.1.2Background image

The Header area will have a background image, selected by SGS.

1.1.3Upper menu

The Upper menu contains menu links for the About page, the Join/Membership page, the Contact page, and the Login page.

[User story: #9]

1.1.4Search bar

The Search bar is a text-box for users to type in search queries.


The Text-size control allows users to change the size of text, increasing, decreasing, or setting to “normal”. It displays the current text-size, as a percent of “normal”.

1.1.6Header menu

The Header menu contains menu links for the Events menu, the Resources menu, the Support menu.

1.2.Content area

The Content area contains 3 columns. The Left 2 columns contain text, and a front-page slideshow. The Right-most column holds dynamic information, such as a list of upcoming events.

[User story: #30 (list of upcoming events)]

1.2.1Content: Slideshow (Front page only)

The front-page Slideshow contains rotating images with associated text and links to content pages.

[User story #36]


The Footer contains a Footer menu, Sponsor links, Social-media links, and a Terms of Use link. The Footer also contains information about the organization, such as address and contact information.
Note that the footer, and footer elements, will be identical for all pages on the website.

1.3.1Footer menu

The Footer menu contains menu links to key pages, e.g., Calendar, Interest Groups, Classes, Programs, the Library Catalog, Newsletters, Publications, Bulletins, Donate, Contact, Login, and Terms of Use.

1.3.2Sponsor links

Sponsor links consist of a Sponsor logo with a link to the Sponsor’s website, e.g., the 4Culture logo/link.

1.3.3Social-media links

Social-media links consist of a Social-media site’s logo with a link to the SGS area of the social-media site. For example, a link to the group for SGS, or the SGS President’s blog on


The Navigation menus include:
Header Upper menu:

  • About (Board, Bylaws, History, Library of Trustees, Mission)
  • Contact (Address, Bus info, Driving directions, Email, Hours, Map, Parking, Phone, Photo of library, Visit)

  • Join (Benefits, Membership, Paypal link, Renewal instructions)

  • Login

[User story: #9 (About menu)]
Header menu:

  • Events (Calendar, Classes, Interest Groups, Other events, Programs, Seminars)

  • Resources (Library catalog, Newsletters, Publications for sale, Research services, Store)

  • Support (Donate, Volunteer, Join link)

Footer menu:

  • Bulletins

  • Calendar

  • Classes

  • Contact

  • Donate

  • Interest Groups

  • Library Catalog

  • Login

  • Newsletters

  • Programs

  • Publications

  • Terms of use

3Content areas

The following sections list the content areas (pages) of the site, beyond the Front page.


The About page(s) contain background information about SGS, including pages and/or stories in the following areas:

  • Board of Directors – bios for members of the board

  • Bylaws – bylaws of the organization

  • History – history of the organization

  • Committees – Archives, Library Trustees, Material Review, Nominating

  • Mission – the mission of the organization

[User story: #8 (About pages)]
The About page(s) have a sub-menu in the Right column, to navigate among the About topics.

[User story: #10 (About sub-menu)]


The Contact page(s) provide information for how to contact the organization, including:

  • Address – the address of the SGS office

  • Bus information – how to reach the SGS office by bus; nearby bus routes

  • E-mail – email address(es) for the organization

  • Hours – hours of operation

  • Map – map showing location of the SGS office

  • Parking – information on parking at/near the SGS office

  • Phone – phone number(s) for SGS

  • Photo of Library – photograph(s) of the SGS library

  • Visit – information on visiting the SGS office

[User story: 12]
In the Right-column of the Contact page, there will be information on how to connect with SGS, including a Facebook link, a link to the blog, and information about subscribing to the SGS listserv.
The SGS mail listserv allows subscribers to receive email about SGS activities, events, etc.


The Events page(s) contain an event calendar and associated information about SGS events, including:

  • Calendar of events – full calendar and text-based events listings.

  • Classes – full calendar-based and text-based listing of SGS classes. The Right column will have information about upcoming events.

  • Interest groups – listing of Interest Group meetings, with general information about Interest Groups in the Right column,

  • Other/Special events.

  • Programs – listing of 1-off events (e.g., a local speaker). Programs are free events, included in membership. The Right column will have information about upcoming events.
  • Seminars – listing of seminars given by SGS (by visiting speakers). Seminars are ticketed events, with members receiving a discounted price. The Right column will have information about upcoming seminars.

[User story: #26 (Calendar)]

[User story: #37 (Interest groups)]
Users will be able to filter events and only see a certain type of events (program, interest group, class events, seminar, other).

[User story: #27]
SGS admins will be able to add events to the calendar.

[User story: #29]

3.4.Join / Membership

The Join/Membership page(s) contain information on SGS membership, including:

  • Benefits – benefits of membership

  • Membership – details about memberships

  • Paypal link – link to the SGS Paypal account, allowing payment of membership

  • Renew/How – instructions on renewing membership

[User story: #13]
The Membership page(s) also contain links to the Membership application form (PDF) and the Membership Interest form (PDF).

In the Right column of the Join page will be information and links on how to join SGS.



The Newsletters page will provide links to the Newsletters (PDF files) that have been published by the SGS, and will display the first page of each newsletter.

[User story: #20]

3.5.2Library / Catalog

The Library catalog page(s) provide listing of the SGS library holdings.

[User story: #4]
It will be possible to add new entries to the Catalog.

[User story: #1]

It will be possible to tag Catalog entries.

[User story: #2]
It will be possible to import entries into the Catalog.

[User story: #3]
There will be a Catalog Search capability, a Catalog Filter capability, and a Catalog Browse capability (which will be roughly similar to the Catalog Listings on the existing SGS library page (

[User story: #5 (Filter)]

[User story: #6 (Search)]
There will also be a listing of the most recent acquisitions.

[User story: #33]

3.5.3Research services

The Research services page(s) provides information about how to request research assistance from SGS.

[User story: #21]
The Research services page(s) includes a link to the Research Service request form, and a Paypal link.

[User story: #22]


The Publications page(s) list books and/or materials that have been published by SGS.

[User story: #38]
The Publications page(s) includes a link to the online Store page.


The Store page(s) lists books, etc., that are for sale.

[User story: #23]
A link to a printable order-form is provided.
Links to online payment methods may also be provided (TBD).
The Store page will also have a “Featured books” block.

3.6.Support (Donate)

The Support page(s) provide information on how people may support SGS, including:

  • Donate – information about donating to SGS, how donations will be used to help SGS efforts, and a wish-list of items that would help SGS.

  • Join – a link to membership information (see the Join/Membership area)

  • Volunteer – information about volunteer opportunities

The Donate page(s) also contain a link to a Donation form which can be printed (currently an HTML page), as well as information about donating books to the library and arranging for pickup of books that are donated.

[User story: #16 (Donate money)]

[User story: #17 (Donate book)]

[User story: #18 (Volunteer)]
There will also be a Volunteer-request form, for people who want to volunteer with SGS.

[User story: #19]


Standard image sizes are:

  • Small images – 70px by 70px

  • Large images – 420px by 280px

Images are borderless. (Borders are added in HTML).

4Addendum 1: Phase 2 (or beyond) Elements

This section lists website elements that are intended for future implementation/exposure.

4.1.User accounts / Roles / Profiles / Login page – Phase 2

Users may create accounts for themselves on the site. The accounts are stored in the site’s database. A user account requires a unique email address to associate with the user, as well as a “username”. A user account can contain additional information about a user, such as First/Last name, contact information, etc.

A user profile will be created, which will be automatically used to collect information from the user (e.g., name, contact info, etc.) when they create an account, in order to help validate a new user.
Note that these elements are all Phase 2 (e.g., to be implemented/exposed after the initial barnraising).

4.1.1User roles / Permissions

User roles can constrain the site functions and/or areas that a user is able to access. For example, an “editor” role may allow a user to modify content on the site, instead of just viewing the content.
There will be one or more roles created for people who are working on the site, e.g., “webmaster”,
“librarian”, “editor”, etc.
The SGS web committee will have roles that allow them to create and modify content.
User roles are set by the site administrator, through the Administer menu, and are generally not modified by other users.

4.1.2Login page

The Login page allows a user to enter their username and password, to login to their user account. In addition it has tabs to allow a user to request a new password, or to create a new account.
In general, the Login page and its tabs are automatically created by Drupal.

Addendum 2: website forms

This section contains images of forms from the existing SGS website.

4.2.Donation form

4.3.Mail Order form

4.4.Membership application

4.5.Membership interest form

4.6.Research Services form

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