Section 1 (pg. 3 pg. 22) What does the narrator want to study? Kabbalah


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Night - Questions – Answer Key

Section 1 (pg. 3 - pg. 22)

1. What does the narrator want to study? Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

2. What warning does Moishe the Beadle bring to the Jews of Sighet? The Germans slaughtered the foreign Jews.

3. How do the people respond to Moishe's story? They ignore him or don't believe him.

4. List three rules imposed on the Jews of Sighet by the Germans. a) Prohibited from leaving their homes for three days. b) Not allowed to own gold, jewellery, or any valuables. c) Had to wear the yellow star.

5. What does Eli's father learn at the special meeting of the Council? The Jews are being taken from the ghetto and transported somewhere else.

Section 2 (pg. 23 - pg. 28)

1. What does Mrs. Schacter repeatedly hallucinate? A large fire.

2. How do the other people get Mrs. Schacter to stop yelling? They beat her.

3. Where are the Jews of Sighet taken? Auschwitz/Birkenau.

Section 3 (pg. 29 - pg. 46)

1. Why does the inmate tell Elie and his father to lie about their ages? The old and young are killed immediately.

2. What is tattooed on Elie's arm? A-7713

3. What lie does Elie tell Stein, his relative from Antwerp? Elie says his mother received letters from Stein's wife and that she and their kids are alive and well.

4. Where are Elie and his father moved to at the end of the section? Buna.

Section 4 (pg. 47 - pg. 65)

1. Why is Elie sent to the dentist? To have his gold crown removed.

2. What secret does the French woman who works near Elie hide from everyone? She is a Jew and can speak German.

3. Why is Elie whipped? Elie is whipped because he sees Idek having sex.

4. Why is a prisoner shot while the factories are being bombed? The prisoner tries to steal soup.

5. What event compels a prisoner to ask "where is God?" A popular and handsome young boy is hanged.

Section 5 (pg. 66 - pg. 84)

1. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), what does Elie realize about his faith in God? Elie no longer has any faith in God.

2. What is "selection"? The SS doctors select sick and weak prisoners to be exterminated.

3. Why does Elie have to go to the infirmary? His foot is infected and needs to be operated on.

4. Why does Elie's neighbour in the infirmary have "more faith in Hitler than in anyone else"? He says that "he alone has kept his promises, all his promises, to the Jewish people."

5. After the war, Elie learned what happened to the patients who remained in the infirmary. What was their fate? They were liberated by the Russians two days after the evacuation.

Section 6 (pg. 85 - pg. 97)

1. What happened to prisoners who could not keep up during the march? They were shot.

2. What is Juliek's last act before dying? He plays a Beethoven concerto on his violin.

3. How many prisoners were placed in each roofless cattle car of the convoy train? 100 per car.

Section 7 (pg. 98 - pg. 103)

1. What is done with the dead bodies in the train cars? They are stripped and thrown out.

2. What happens when German civilians throw pieces of bread into the train cars? The prisoners fight over them, in some cases to the death.

3. What is their final destination? Buchenwald.

Section 8 (pg. 104 - pg. 112)

1. What advice does the Blockalteste give to Elie about his father? He tells Elie to look after himself and stop trying to help his father.

2. What does Elie feel deep down when his father dies? "Free at last!"
Section 9 (pg. 113 - pg. 115)

1. What is the only thing Elie cares about after his father's death? Food.

2. What does Elie see when he looks in the mirror? A corpse staring back at him.


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