Seeing Salmon Swim

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Seeing Salmon Swim

With Ethan

By Clark Ness
Ethan was out in his yard one day. His two cats were with him.

“What do you want to do today?” he asked his cats.

“We want to see salmon swim,” said the biggest cat.

“Yes, that would be fun,” said the smallest cat.

“OK. I think we can do that,” said Ethan. He went into his home. Soon he came out with some brown paper, tape, and a pair of scissors.

“What are you going to do?” asked the smallest cat.

“I am going to make us each a pair of wings,” said Ethan. He cut six wings out of the brown paper. He then taped two wings on the biggest cat, two wings on the smallest cat, and two wings on his back.

“How are these wings going to work?” asked the biggest cat.

“I have to go and get my magic nickel,” said Ethan. “Then these wings will help us fly to where we can see the salmon swim.”

Ethan went back into his home with the brown wings on his back. He was back in a wink with his magic nickel.

“Fly, fly, fly,” he said.

Poof! Ethan and his two cats now had real wings on their backs. The biggest cat flapped his wings and lifted up off the ground. Ethan and the smallest cat did the same. They also lifted up off the ground.

“Follow me,” said Ethan. He and the two cats flew up and away.

“Where are we going?” asked the smallest cat.

“We are going to a river near the ocean. The salmon swim up this river to where they lay their eggs,” said Ethan.

In no time they were flying above a river near the ocean. They could see the salmon down in the water.

“We need to fly closer,” said the biggest cat. The three of them flew down to just above the water. The salmon were huge. One salmon jumped up out of the water and almost hit Ethan.

“This is so cool to see,” said the smallest cat. Ethan and his two cats flew above the salmon for almost an hour. They had fun watching the salmon swim and jump.

“Time to go home,” said Ethan. The three flew back home and landed in Ethan’s yard.

“Thanks for taking us to see the salmon swim,” said the two cats.

“You are welcome,” said Ethan as he put his hand on his magic nickel. “Ethan, Ethan, Ethan, cats, cats, cats.”

Poof! Ethan was Ethan again without wings and the two cats were two cats without wings. The three walked into Ethan’s home thinking about salmon.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level – 2.8

Flesch Reading Ease – 91.6
Text Copyright © 2008 by Clark Ness. Clip art from Microsoft Clip Art.

Permission granted for reprinting and photocopying.

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