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The National Childbirth Trust

York Branch

Seller Information Pack

Updated August 2012

It is important to read these guidelines thoroughly before putting your goods into the Sale, even if you have sold at a previous Sale as there may be changes. You should also read the venue information sheet for the specific sale. Please ensure that you have ticked off each question on the Seller’s Checklist BEFORE you bring your items to the Sale.

Held 4 times a year

on Saturdays

2pm to 4pm

The ideal chance to sell babies’ and children’s equipment, toys and clothes that you no longer need – and help a good cause at the same time”

Drop off items 11-12 am

Sellers and helpers pre-sale c. 1.15 pm

NCT Members admission 1.40pm

Public admission 2pm
Collect unsold items 4.30 - 4.50pm

For further information contact

York NCT Nearly New Sales on 0844 243 6337, Option 2


Registration Deposit

We use a deposit system for registration. This is because we have had a large number (20+) of no-shows at recent sales. No-shows prevent other people selling when we have to limit numbers, make allocation of sale jobs very difficult, waste our volunteers’ time and energy in administration and preparation, and reduce the NCT fund-raising effort,. Many other branches use deposit systems for sellers, and we hope this will stop no shows and enable all sellers to have fair access to sales.

To sell, you must pre-register by e-mailing: or telephone 0844 243 6337, Option 2. Please give your name, address and a contact phone number for the day of the sale. You must then send a deposit cheque for £15, payable to “NCT York Branch”, to 32, Lime Tree Avenue, New Earswick, York, YO32 4BE. Your registration will then be confirmed. Your original deposit cheque will be returned to you with your commission cheque after the sale. We will only cash your cheque if you don’t turn up, sign in and help at the sale, or if you fail to collect your unsold goods before the venue closes.

In line with the NCT national policy, commission is now 35%.

This means that 35% of the ticket price is retained by the NCT and 65% is returned to you after the sale. Setting commission levels at the national rate means we will be able to access central support and benefits, such as use of credit/ debit card machines. You may wish to reprice some items to reflect this.

As a trial, we are taking a maximum of £17.50 on any single item, I.e. the commission for a £50 sale. This is to encourage the sale of more expensive items, such as travel systems, and give sellers a better return on these high value items. So if you sell an item for £150, you will only pay £17.50 commission (instead of the usual £52.50). You do not need to highlight or mark items over £50; we will work this out when calculating your sales.



Label all items using the labels that correspond to your NCT local group (e.g. Acomb, Central). The York NNS Co-ordinator can email the correct labels to you; please email: or telephone 0844 243 6337, Option 2. You can also download labels from the branch section of the NCT web-site (

Please do not make up your own labels as we cannot sell items without the correct labels. Labels with altered prices are not allowed – please use a new label if you wish to reprice an item.

Pre-register by e-mailing: or telephone 0844 243 6337, Option 2. Your registration will be confirmed once we have received a cheque for the £15 deposit. If you have a particular job preference, please let us know and we will do our best to meet it, depending on other requests and the need to run the sale efficiently.
You may sell up to 150 items at any one sale.
We will send you a copy of the sale poster when you register. Please help us promote the sale by printing off copies to put up in your local area in places where parents are likely to see them e.g. at toddler group meetings, in your local Post Office or library, on village notice-boards.


On the day contact (emergencies only) – this will be confirmed to sellers when they pre-register.

All sellers must drop off their goods between 11.30am and 1pm. If you arrive after 1pm we cannot put your items out for sale. Allow time for Saturday traffic (York ring road A1237 can get very busy) and let us know if you are held up. Please return any boxes etc to your car if possible. Goods for sale will then be unpacked and placed on the correct tables by those who have the task of setting up.

Please sign the seller’s register located at the entrance desk to ensure your deposit cheque is returned.

Provide an A5 (or larger) stamped addressed envelope in order for us to post you a cheque and sold labels after the sale. Please provide large letter postage

On arrival, your job during the sale will be confirmed. We ask for all sellers to help at the sale for a couple of hours. If you can’t help on a particular sale date, please do not sell – with four sales a year, there are plenty of other opportunities. Alternatively, you may nominate a representative to help on your behalf (e.g. husband, partner, friend), but this must not be someone who is already selling themselves. Please let us know if you are sending a representative instead of the seller named on the labels. If you have particular needs (e.g. you can’t lift heavy weights, can’t stand for long periods), do let us know as early as possible and we will do our best to give you a suitable job.

A café selling hot and cold drinks, cakes and biscuits is usually provided, run by volunteers and helpers. A number of trade stands are often present, and the pre-Christmas sale usually includes a wider range of these, along with fun activities and competitions. It would be greatly appreciated if you could bring a cake or plate of biscuits for the Café (bought or home-made).

If you are unable to come to the sale after registering, please let us know as soon as possible. You can send an e-mail up to 6pm the evening before, or a text to the emergency contact number after that. We can then reallocate your job to ensure the sale runs smoothly. We may retain your deposit, depending on the notice you give and the circumstances .


Please note that timings for Baby Fairs will be different and will be advised separately.

11.30am -1 pm

Sellers drop off items. Sale room set up (tables and clothes rails etc)

c. 1.30 - 1.50 pm

Briefing for sellers.

Pre-sale for sellers and helpers.

Café may also open if volunteers available.


Sale opens for NCT members who show a valid membership card. Members who do not bring their card with them will have to wait until 2.20pm.


Sale opens to general public


Sale closes


Clear tables etc and sort unsold items by local group.

4.30 - 5pm

Sellers collect unsold items. Final tidy up and depart.


ALL unsold goods must be collected between 4.30 and 4.50pm.

Unsold items will be sorted onto tables by local group, in accordance with the colour on the labels. This includes any “All NCT” items Please also check the lost labels/ forbidden items table. Large equipment should usually be collected from the large equipment area.

Please do not take your items until everything has been sorted. If items are taken early, something is inevitable missed which causes extra work for the NNS team as well as worry about items being lost. Taking items early also means you will not be able to check the lost labels table properly.

You may also pick up some hangers to recycle these.

A cheque and all sold item labels will be posted to you within a month of the sale. Our treasurer works hard to post cheques out as soon as possible, but if you have not received your money a month after the sale, please let us know. Please check your labels and payment sheet carefully; we are not perfect and with 2000+ labels at most sales, there are occasional mistakes.



Sales are open to all to sell and buy - it is not necessary to be a NCT member. All those organising the sale and running things on the day are volunteers. The Nearly New Sales team always welcomes new volunteers – for more information on what this involves, please contact Katie Croft, Nearly New Sales Co-ordinator, during the sale or get in touch via or telephone 0844 243 6337, Option 2
The goods are split amongst the stalls: clothing (by age 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc), bedding and linen, books and puzzles, small toys, large toys, large items (prams, cots, etc.), feeding/changing supplies, maternity wear, etc. Labels are removed at a central till for payment. After the sale, the labels are sorted and each seller is sent all of their sold labels and a cheque for 65% of their sales. It is therefore very important that all items are labelled correctly. 35% of all sales go to the NCT.
Helping at the Sale

If you are selling , you are expected to help during the sale by doing one or more of the following: reception and charging admission (usually £1.00), serving teas and cakes, arranging goods, selling goods at the till, packing bags, tidying tables, floating (a point of general information – and added help to anyone when needed), and clearing up afterwards.

When you register, you can state a preference for a particular job/ timeslot in advance, subject to the need to spread people around to make the sale run efficiently. Offers to help without selling are always gratefully received. All sellers/ helpers receive free drinks from the café.

If you are not available to help on the day, you will not be able to sell at the sale.

NCT Commission

The NCT keeps 35% of all sales for its work supporting parents. You will receive your 65% by cheque within a month of the event. No money is handed out to you on the day. So it is doubly important that your goods are labelled correctly or you may miss out on your money. There is a seller’s register that you MUST complete. You also need to provide a A5 SAE with large letter postage so your cheque and labels can be returned to you.

What can be sold?

Children’s clothes up to the age of seven, maternity clothes, bedding, toys, story books, games, slings, children's videos / DVDs, large items (backpack carriers, cots, Moses baskets, etc), small equipment (slings, changing bags, etc), prams (with instruction manuals), towels, re-usable nappies.

Please read the guide-lines on page 9-10. If in doubt, please ask.

What cannot be sold?

Please read the guide-lines on page 9-10. If in doubt, please ask.

Items are sold at your own risk. We do our best to provide reasonable security at sales, but we cannot be responsible for items being lost or damaged. Although every care will be taken with the security of your sale goods, the NCT cannot accept responsibility for labels that become detached and lost, or for lost and damaged items. All items are left at the owner’s risk.
The NCT reserves the right to remove any items from the sale which are deemed unsafe, damaged, soiled, incorrectly labelled, or which are detailed on the NOT ALLOWED list issued by NCT Headquarters (just ask if you would like to read the full list).


We use a two-part label system, in line with best practice recommendations from other branches and to speed up payment at the tills. Items with single part labels will not be accepted for sale.

Before the sale you are expected to mark up your goods with the correct labels. Use the label that corresponds to your NCT local group, to help with sorting goods at the end of the sale. Unless you state a preference for a particular local group, these are allocated on the basis of your address – you do not have to attend a group to sell.

You must use the labels provided for this – please photocopy them or print extra if you need more. Labels are available in Word or Excel format; please let us know which format you prefer to use. They can also be downloaded from the York branch section of the NCT website at Please do not create your own labels, as we cannot guarantee you will be able to sell your items. DO NOT USE STICKY LABELS.

The Word labels can be filled in by hand or on computer. We recommend inserting your name (as in the example label) before printing sheets off to save time filling them in. The Excel file is set up to save you the input work on your labels. You fill in the list and the programme completes the labels for you. If you like to keep a list of your items, you may prefer this option.

Each label has 2 halves – a plain half, and a coloured half. At the checkout, the coloured half will be cut off and retained. The plain half will remain attached to the item.

Please complete BOTH sections of the label with the SAME information. This should include the seller's name, description of item, price, and for clothes, size and age range.

Once complete please attach ONLY the plain side of the label (so the coloured side is unattached and hence easy to cut off) to your goods securely. When an item is sold, the coloured side of the label is cut off and retained so that the Seller's share can be calculated, and so it is important that this side is not attached in any way to the item. Please make sure that your label is secure – for security reasons we do not sell items without a label attached. So no label = no sale and the item can only be returned to you if you pick it from the “lost labels” table at the end of the sale.

Labels should be securely attached by the uncoloured end only with safety pins or sewn on to clothes and soft items, and with sticky or masking tape for toys, books, equipment etc. No self-adhesive labels, staples or dressmakers pins please. Items with labels fixed in this way will not be sold. Try to avoid using Sellotape (or equivalent) on books, games boxes, etc as it usually damages the item when buyers remove it later.

Multi-part items must be securely fastened together.

Please put the words “ALL NCT” on the label if you want all the proceeds to go to the NCT. To save time, fill in your name before printing or photocopying onto white paper.

If you do not have a colour printer, please remove the shading before printing, otherwise we end up with lots of grey labels. Or use a highlighter pen in your group’s colour to colour your labels correctly. You may need to adjust the page margins for your printer to get eight labels per page.

Labels can be down-loaded from the York branch section of the NCT website ( ) or the NNS Co-ordinator can e-mail/ post the correct labels to you. We will post you 40 labels and ask you to copy these to give you more if needed. Local libraries and most Post Offices offer photocopying. Please email: or telephone 0844 243 6337, Option 2.

Labels are colour coded to your local group and contain some basic information:

  • Your Local Network Group (e.g. Acomb Group)

  • Your name (the name you want the cheque to be made payable to)

  • A brief description of the item

  • Size (by age - refer to the chart on the last page if unsure)

  • Price - in multiples of 50p (minimum cost of £1)

Pricing is up to you, but you are more likely to sell more if you set your prices at reasonable levels. For equipment and toys, it is best to charge less than 50% of the shop price. Clothes sell for much less than the shop price, but we do usually have a special rail for more expensive, special and designer items at the Christmas and baby fair sales. Price items in units of 50p, and ideally in nice round numbers e.g. £1, £2, to make it quicker for our till volunteers taking money and calculating your sales. In response to seller requests, we have included some pricing indications in this pack (see “Useful Information”).

If you need help or more information about labelling, please ask.

Sample completed labels:

Label 1 Label 2

Seller: J Smith
Item: Blue Postman Pat Dungarees

Age/Size: 18-24m

Price: £1.50

Item: Blue Postman

Pat Dungarees

Price: £1.50

Seller: J Smith
Item: Pink Daisy Sandals

Age/Size: Size 7

Price: £2.75

Item: Pink Daisy

Price: £2.75


This bit is attached to the item This is cut off at the till.

and stays with it when bought We pay commission

on this and return it to

the seller

Large Equipment and Large Items
Large equipment is often displayed and sold separately at many of our sales. It includes prams, buggies, travel systems (without car seats), cots, Moses baskets, chairs, change tables, back carriers, play nests, door bouncers, stair-gates, ride-ons etc. You can just use your normal labels on these items. If you can bring it to the sale, you don’t need to complete a Large Items form.
Large items are things that are too big to bring along to a sale, but that you still wish to sell through the NCT. We don’t get many of these, but examples include garden slides and toddler climbing frames. For these items, you need to take a good photo of the item and complete a large items form (you can download this from the web-site). You then bring the completed form to the sale, without the item, and it will be displayed clearly for shoppers. A purchaser can then use the form to pay for the item through the tills and then contact you to arrange collection.

It is hoped that these sales fulfil four functions:

  1. Allow people to sell children’s items they no longer need;

  2. Recycling and reusing items to reduce waste;

  3. Enable people to buy nearly new goods at reasonable prices; and
  4. Create a small profit for your local NCT Branch. The NCT uses the profits from the Sale to cover Sale expenses and then to train antenatal teachers, breastfeeding counsellors and provide post natal support for local new parents.

Nearly New Sale profits go to York Branch of the National Childbirth Trust Reg. Charity no. 801395


Tick when done


Are you (or your representative) available to help on the day of the sale?


Have you registered and sent in your deposit cheque?


Are the items AS NEW and suitable for the season around or after the sale?


Are the items all labelled using sticky tape or safety pins or sewn on ON THE PLAIN WHITE SIDE ONLY and does the label have a size and price on both parts?


Are the items priced at over 50p and in multiples of 25p?


Have you filled in both sides of every label?


Are the clothes on hangers where appropriate and grouped together by age and sex?


If there are two or more parts to an outfit / toy, are they joined together securely?


Are any boxes or bags you want back labelled with your name?


Has your large equipment got its label and instructions?


Have you checked none of your items are on a recall list?



Have you provided an A5 SAE with large letter postage / completed an envelope and left 60p to cover postage?


Have you provided a cake etc (bought or home-made) for the café?

Useful information

If you are in any doubt whether an item can be sold, please ask. Full and updated guidelines are provided on the NCT web-site, and we bring a copy of these to every sale.

Equipment & Toy Guidelines

We can sell

  1. Second-hand mattresses from cots, cribs and Moses baskets provided:
  • They have a waterproof cover (e.g. PVC) with no cracks, tears or holes

  • They are clean and dry and firm with no sagging

  • They are not “ventilated” mattresses with holes in or through them. Ventilated mattresses cannot be cleaned inside the holes.

  • The change to mattress sales is made following updated research from the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID)

  1. Prams, Push-chairs, Travel systems and Buggies provided:

  • They have full instructions for the particular make and model

  • They have a permanent label stating compliance with BS7409 or EN1888

  • They have a label headed “Carelessness Causes Fire”

  • Although you can sell a Travel System pram, you cannot sell a Travel System’s car seat. You may attach a note to the Travel System inviting enquiries from buyers to purchase the car seat privately at a later date or away from the nearly new sale. But you are not allowed to include the car seat in the price of the Travel System. Also you are NOT allowed to bring the car seat inside the venue of the Nearly New Sale under any circumstances.

  • See additional information below

  1. Children’s Pedal Cycles (where the seat is less than 635mm from the ground with tyres fully inflated)

  2. All styles of second-hand shoes, slippers and boots (they sell better if in good condition)

  3. Door bouncers, sit in activity centres and baby walkers.

  • Door bouncers must have assembly instructions including a weight limit.
  • There is no legal reason not to sell baby walkers, although there is some concern over accidents associated with their use. The NCT has decided that the decision to use a baby walker rests with parents/ buyers.

  1. Good condition clothing, including nightwear – see additional information below

  2. Cots, travel cots, stair gates and barriers, fireguards and bed guards. These should have all the correct fittings and have no gaps where it would be possible for a baby to get their head stuck. Instructions should be included if possible.

  3. Toys that are complete and in full working order, with instructions if appropriate.

  • Toys must meet the essential safety requirements of Annexe II of the Toy Safety Directive (

  • Second-hand toys do not have to have a CE mark (required for new toys since 1990)

We can’t sell

  1. Second hand car seats, including ones which form part of a travel system.

  2. Children’s or adult Pedal Cycles where the seat height is over 635mm. These are subject to strict cycle safety requirements, and York NCT Branch feels it is better for cycles to be bought from a recognised dealer who has the skills and equipment to carry out the necessary safety checks.

  3. Cycling or crash helmets or riding hats.

  4. Mains powered electrical equipment.

  5. Used breast pumps or bottles (unless unused and in the original sealed packaging).

  6. Infant formula milk for any age.

  7. Upholstered furniture, including any fabric items, cots and high-chairs, that DON’T have a permanent “Carelessness Causes Fire” label.

  8. Bag style baby slings, with a deep pouch and elasticated edge, as these may cause breathing difficulties in young babies. The following brands are specifically banned:

  • Infantino sling rider
  • Premaxx baby bag

  • Munchkin cargo sling

  • Boppy carry in comfort

  • Lamaze close comfort

  • Wendy Bellissimo sling

  1. Recalled items – responsibility for not putting these in a sale rests with the seller. See or for a list of UK and European recalled products.

Prams and Pushchairs

We are not allowed to accept prams and pushchairs for sale that do not comply with the “Wheeled Child Conveyances (Safety) Regulations 1997”, and do not conform to BS 7409:1996. Breach of this would cause the NCT to be heavily fined, and the Act even threatens imprisonment. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SELL A NON-COMPLIANT PUSHCHAIR AT OUR NEARLY NEW SALE.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any pram or pushchair you place in the sale complies with these requirements, and for your convenience, we have summarised the Act at the end of this Sellers Pack. Please check your pram or pushchair complies will ALL of the points. We intend to have all prams and pushchairs inspected prior to the sale, and any we feel or believe to be non-compliant will be removed from the sale.
Maclaren pushchairs – any of the following Maclaren models – Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, Techno XLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno and Easy Traveller – must be fitted with a hinge safety cover. Covers are available, free of charge, from the Maclaren website, but must be fitted before the sale. Any of these pushchairs without the hinge cover should be removed from sale

Please ensure you have fitted a hinge cover to these models before selling them.

If you want to sell a pram or pushchair, you must provide the manufacturer's original instructions for assembly/folding/fitting etc., or a legible and accurate copy/ downloaded copy of these. Items with no printed instructions will be removed from the sale.
Clothing Guidelines
  1. All items to be clean and in a very good condition. We reserve the right to withdraw dirty, damaged or ‘worn out’ items from the sale.

  2. Small items like vests and socks to be bagged in packs of 3+ (all the same size).

  3. Items with more than one piece to be secured together with safety pins.

  4. No clothing with a drawstring around the neck.

  5. Shoes will only be accepted in good condition.

  6. Items should be on hangers where possible, especially dresses and coats. Original hangers cannot be returned to sellers, but hangers may be available at the end of the sale for sellers to collect and re-use.

Sizing Guide


Height (cm)


Height (cm)



18-24 months


0-3 months


2-3 years


3-6 months


3-4 years


6-9 months


4-5 years


9-12 months


5-6 years


12-18 months


6-7 years


As there is no standard sizing used universally by baby clothing manufacturers, this guide includes the sizes most commonly found on labels.

A rough pricing indication: -
Baby Toddler / Child

Babygro- pack of 3: £3.00 Tracksuit: £2.00 - £5.00 Dress: £2.00 - £5.00

Rompersuit/dress: £1.50-£2 Dungarees: £2.00-£3.50 Trousers / Skirts: £1.00 - £3.50

Snowsuit: £3.00-£6.00 Coats/jackets: £4.00-£5.00 Coats: £5.00 - £10.00

Socks (pack of 3): 50p Tops: £1.00 - £5.00 School Uniforms: £1.00-£3.00

Cot blankets/sheets: £2-£3 each, £5+ for a set or baby sleeping bag

Baby Equipment: 1/4 - 1/3 original

Maternity wear: 1/3 original

Toys/books: 1/4 original

You are free to vary your pricing depending on your perception of an item’s value and how keen you are to get rid of it. Surprisingly, items priced very cheaply to sell fast do not always go. Quality makes in excellent condition, such as Boden or Monsoon, can often sell at a premium.

From 1 January 1999, all prams and pushchairs (whether new or second-hand) supplied in the UK must meet with the Wheeled Child Conveyances (Safety) Regulations 1997. These regulations require all such conveyances to conform to the British Standard BS 7409:1996, which specified the safety requirements. Pushchairs which do not comply with the above cannot be sold in the course of a business or trade. All upholstered parts must comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1989. These regulations are made under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 and enforced by local authority Trading Standards Officers. The penalties for breaches of the requirements are, following conviction in a Magistrates’ court, a fine of up to £5,000 or up to six months in prison, or both.

  • All prams and pushchairs must comply with the relevant British Standards (BS7409: 1996). Included in the standard are specific points to check.

  • All plastic parts and coatings of paint, varnish, lacquer etc. must be non toxic.

  • Upholstered parts must comply with the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1989.

  • Parking devices should work and prevent movement on a 9º slope. It must not be possible to assemble the vehicle so that the parking device is ineffective. Check tyre wear has not affected the parking device performance.

  • If a reclining seat is fitted, it must have a positive stop to prevent accidental rotation.
  • There must be two locking devices. The primary locks the vehicle in the normal operating position. The secondary locking device must be different from, separate from and independent of the primary locking device. With the main lock released the secondary lock should prevent the frame collapsing. It must not be possible to inadvertently operate more than one device in a single operation.

  • There must be no open-ended projections, holes, loose washers, fixings etc. closing or adjusting mechanisms which would form a finger-entrapment for a small child or baby.

  • There must be no exposed or accessible edges, points or burrs sharp enough to inflict a wound or abrasion.

  • There must be no small parts that can be gripped by a child’s fingers or teeth that can be detached. Detachable parts must be inaccessible to a child whilst in the vehicle, or incapable of being operated by the child.

  • Seat and chassis assemblies must have a permanently attached 5-point harness. The front waist straps must be located on a rigid part of the structure (not bumper bar). The crotch straps must be linked to the front waist strap. Both waist and crotch straps must be at least 20mm wide. The shoulder straps must be at least 15mm wide.


  • Bodies, seats and chassis must be permanently marked with the name, trademark or other identification of the UK manufacturer, distributor or retailer. It must also be permanently marked with BS 7409:1996

  • Those designed for attachment to specific mating units must bear a permanent label which identifies the mating unit or units.

  • Non-reclining seats must have a permanent notice in a prominent position stating “Not recommended for a child under six months”. Children under six months need to be laid flat in a buggy etc.
  • Bodies and chassis that can be sold separately, and complete vehicles, must bear a permanent notice in a prominent position stating, “WARNING: A CHILD’S SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Children should be harnessed in at all times and should never be left unattended. The child should be clear of moving parts while making adjustments. This vehicle requires regular maintenance by the user. Overloading, incorrect folding and the use of non-approved accessories may damage or break this vehicle. Read the instructions.”

Revised August 2012


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