Sentence Starters for the Dialectical Journal Mrs. Fleming

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Sentence Starters for the Dialectical Journal

Mrs. Fleming
The following sentence starters will help you to write journal entries that require you to think on the levels below.


LEVEL 4Analysis—Students analyze constituent elements by identifying motives or causes, making inferences, and finding evidence to support generalizations.
LEVEL 5Synthesis—Students combine ideas in unique ways such as solving problems, making predictions, or producing original communications.
LEVEL 6Evaluate—Students present opinions, judge the validity of ideas or quality of work.


  • ______________(situation or character in the story) is similar to _________________ (another character or situation in the story) because …

  • I think ___________________ will happen because _______________________.

  • I think ______________________(character, situation, statement, or occurrence) is important to the story because …

  • This _______________ (statement, story, line) is an example of _____________________(literary device). It is important because…

  • ____________________(character, situation, issue, or action from the story) reminds me of _______________________(person, situation, issue, or story from your own life) because…

  • If this ________________________ had happened, the story would have changed in the following way.
  • I disapprove of __________________________ (character, action, or policy within the story) because…

  • __________________________ (scene, dialogue, or character) should have been deleted from the story because…

  • The author used _________________ (literary device) to produce __________________ (effect).

  • The author included ________________________ (character, scene, action, or dialogue) to show…

  • If I could __________________________ (an action related the story), I would ____________________________________________.

  • This statement means _______________________________. It helps the story by _____________________________.

  • A solution to _________________________ (the story’s conflict) would be to _______________________________ (your answer).

  • This is still an issue today in ______________ (where and how it is still and issue). It remains an issue because ____________________________________.

  • ____________________ (character) seems to be _____________________ (description of character’s personality, feelings, emotions, and actions). For this reason I think ________________ (your thoughts about the character and their importance to the story).

***Remember that the main purpose of the dialectical journal is to help you better understand the story. Please take notes and make notes that move you towards that purpose.

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