September 20, 2006 Dear Silvia Cariker

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September 20, 2006

Dear Silvia Cariker,
You have a chance to get the biggest story in water sports. The INT League is back in Bakersfield for the fourth consecutive year for the INT US Championships. This event will culminate the water ski, wakeboard, wake skate and kneeboard amateur and pro tournament season. About 450 competitors accompanied by their friends and families will be in Bakersfield to participate in the event.
The event will be held at Ski West Village, October 11th-14th and will be free to all spectators. Bakersfield and Arvin citizens are invited to come out to see the competition, meet the pro- athletes, and check out the boats, water ski and wakeboard gear brought to Bakersfield by industry sponsors.
Seventy-seven of the participants competing in the event have qualified in California. These athletes have been competing all season long to qualify for the Championships. INT has three tours in California. The Northern California region is bringing 29 athletes to the event, the Central California region is bringing 26 competitors and Southern California has 16 members on their team.
These three California teams will be competing against 19 other teams for the State Team and the spirit award, while each individual competitor competes in their division for the Title of US Champion.
The water sports industry association recognizes INT League as their official grass roots program. The INT League hosts family friendly, fun, non-intimidating tournaments while inspiring a competitive spirit. INT has a division for people of all ages and abilities from novice to pro.

Please let your listeners know about the event and come out to the event and feature a story on the talented athletes competing in the INT US Championships. You will find amazing kids, supportive parents, stunning pro competition, short line and big air! I would like to set up a meeting to work with you further on this story opportunity, please contact me at or 360.886.7822.

Jacqueline Stocks

Communications Director

PO Box 359 ~ Black Diamond, WA 98010

360.886.7822 ~ f. 360.886.9151 ~


A Home for Every Competitor in Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

The INT League, known as the "Little League of Watersports," was started in 1993 by Washington state native Rick Stocks. Stocks was an avid competitive waterskier who competed in American Waterski Association (AWSA) tournaments. Stocks felt that these tournaments were lacking some key ingredients. The legend is that Rick took his wife and two young daughters to an AWSA waterski tournament, after driving two hours to get to the lake, Rick paid his entry fee strapped on his ski and told the boat to hit it. As Rick came around the first ball he fell; there are no second chances. Looking up on shore he saw his wife and daughters not able to participate and disappointed, at that moment he realized that a change was needed to bring fun back into waterskiing. Rick Stocks envisioned a tournament series with ability level divisions rather then age and gender based divisions, family friendly music, fun, and a dock full of participants cheering each other on. As he swam to shore he realized that there might be a better format for waterski tournaments.

Rick was a nationally ranked competitive skier, marketing manager for HO Sports and was watching his beloved sport reduce in participants. With the help of his supportive wife Nanette, they created the INT League Amateur Tour, waterski and wakeboard tournaments based on a foundation of professionalism and family fun. The first event was held in conjunction with the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club on Greenlake in Seattle, WA in 1993.

The INT League is a non-profit marketing and promotional company. INT hosts amateur and professional water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard and wake skate competitions across the United States. INT League is the only amateur tour water sports organization to base competition on ability, not age.

INT events are about having fun, cheering on every athlete on the water, music, games, camp outs and Saturday night potlucks. Competitors are also given a mulligan on their first pass, to encourage athletes to push themselves to excellence and not discourage INT

them from coming. This has proven to give a good and friendly competitive experience to all participants.

INT tournaments were created to provide fair scoring, an opportunity for athletes to compete behind the best tournament boats available, and improve their ability in a non-intimidating environment.

The events are divided into 18 slalom divisions (including 3 wide ski divisions), 15 divisions for wakeboard competition, 4 divisions for kneeboard competition, and 2 wake skate League

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ivisions. In 2005, INT also added four professional divisions, men and women’s slalom and wakeboard.

There is a division for everyone, from beginners to pros. Skiers and wakeboarders “bump” up through the divisions as they improve. Waterskiers with limited experience can ski through the novice course, where the buoys are 13 feet inside the standard course making the experience less difficult and then progress to the standard course and obtain points. Wakeboarders, knee boarders and wake skaters have two passes to do tricks and accumulate points. Athletes also get bonus points for attending every event during the season. At the end of the season, the winners from each division are invited to attend the INT U.S. Championships.

The first US Championships was hosted in Austin, Texas in 1998 with 330 competitors in 27 divisions.  These competitors had one thing in mind - to be crowned the INT League champion. The INT US Championships has grown exponentially; each year amateur competitors from around the country, the biggest companies in the water sports industry, and some of the biggest names in waterskiing and wakeboarding attend the event. INT US Championships has grown to 450 plus participants with up to 1,200 people traveling from across America to cheer on their favorite athletes and hang out with pros and factory teams.

The INT League was started in Washington State with four events and has expanded into 27 states hosting over 250+ event days. INT has continued growth averaging 10 to 15% in participation and with retention of 80% per year.  In 2004, 26% of pros riding and challenging on the wakeboard pro tour had competed in an INT event. INT provides a friendly culture and is introducing an amateur competition tour to more men, women and youth than any other event promoter in the sport. INT currently has partnered with approximately 80% of the local water sports dealers in the states where INT events are hosted. Future plans include expanding events to all 50 states and international countries while continuing to host the INT Championships and educate the general public about this family friendly and adrenaline pumping sport.


Fact Sheet
INT League

Press Contact: Jacqueline Stocks

P.O. Box 359

Black Diamond, WA 98010

September 27, 2007




2007 INT U.S. Championships
What: INT League U.S. Championships
When: October 10-13, 2007
Wed. October 10- Round 1 Competition commences at 8:00am

Thur. October 11- Competition resumes at 8:00am

Fri. October 12- Round 2 begins at 8:00am

Sat. October 13- Competition resumes at 9:00am

  • 7:00pm Awards Ceremony, Masquerade Banquet- Holiday Inn Executive Suites

Where: Bennett’s Ski School, Zachary, Louisiana

(The public is invited at no cost)

Directions to the lake: See INT Website –

Who: The best athletes from across the country who won first and second place in their waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, or wake skate division will compete for

the U.S. Champion title.

Why: Athletes compete in their state or region in a series of waterski, wakeboard,

knee board, and wake skate tournaments during the summer season in

order to qualify for U.S. Championships.

For more information on the INT League, please visit the website at, or contact Jacqueline Stocks at or 206-920-1345.
INT League

Press Contact: Jacqueline Stocks

P.O. Box 359

Black Diamond, WA 98010

September 21, 2007




Waterskiers and Wakeboarders Swerve into Baton Rouge

For the INT U.S. Championships Amateur and Pro Tournament

Zachary, Louisiana- October 10 – 13, INT League will be hosting its 2007

U.S. Championships tournament at Bennett’s Ski School, Zachary, LA. Waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate divisions will compete over the course of four days to win the U.S. Champion title.

Four hundred fifty participants will travel from over 25 states to compete in this prestigious tournament and there are over 1,000 spectators expected. Opening ceremonies are Wednesday, October at 10, 8 a.m.; competition will commence immediately. Event admission is free for spectators.

Corporate sponsors including Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, HO, Hyperlite, Connelly, CWB, O’Brien, Straightline, Correct Craft, Master Craft, Malibu, Tige, Supra. Moomba, Jet Pilot, Radar, Ronix, Hydroslide and Body Glove will be on-site supporting with the latest boats and water sports gear.

The pro divisions are stacked with some of the top athletes. Pro slalom skiers Jill Knutson, Danyelle Bennett, and possibly Rhoni Barton will be competing in the women’s pro slalom division. The top men’s pro skiers will be competing; Jamie Beauchesne and Chris Rossi will be back this year to defend their titles, as well as some new faces vying for the Championship title.


n the wakeboard divisions, pro athletes Raequel and Shawna Hoffman are coming back to show the boys how it’s done in the women’s pro division. In the men’s division, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Nick Weinacker, CJ Lamkin, along with the other pro riders will all put on an acrobatic show not to be forgotten. INT’s long time rider Alex Scagliotti will be riding in the

INT US Championships-add 1

men’s pro wakeboard division this year. He took third place in Bakersfield at the 2006 Championships and hopes to take first place in 2007.

Malibu will host a Cajun party at the Magnolia Mound Plantation on Wednesday evening to celebrate the first day of competition. An authentic contemporary Cajun band will serve as entertainment while INT competitors enjoy one of the oldest plantations in the Baton Rouge area.

On Thursday, Kristi Overton-Johnson will give a motivational speech entitled Night of Champions. Kristi and other waterski and wakeboard pros will walk through their inspirational journey, reminiscing on their failures and successes on the water and in life at 8pm at the Holiday Inn Executive Suites in Baton Rouge.

Friday evening, Master Craft, Radar, Ronix, and Bennett’s Ski School have partnered to bring “Lights out at the Bayou” to Bennett’s Ski School. Professional jumpers and slalom skiers will put on a show under the lights while INT participants and their families enjoy some southern cooking.

Saturday is the final day of competition. After the event, INT will host a Masquerade Dinner and Awards Ceremony for all athletes and their families at the Holiday Inn Executive Suites, Baton Rouge. Individual awards will be presented to the winners of each division, along with a spirit trophy to the state team who has shown the most team spirit during the week. Another award will also be presented to the state team with the most athletes on the podium. INT will also grant three scholarships to INT competitors whom have displayed academic excellence and wrote an essay about how INT has affected their lives.

INT League Vice President Nanette Stocks says, “We are very excited to be in Louisiana for this year’s Championships. The entire event will be fun and the competition intense. I would like to thank all of our sponsors and competitors for helping us grow the sport of waterskiing and wakeboarding.”

Directions to Bennett’s Ski School are available at

The INT League is a not for profit organization that hosts amateur waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate tournaments nationwide. For more information please see the INT website at


Public Service Announcement

INT League

Press Contact: Jacqueline Stocks

P.O. Box 359

Black Diamond, WA 98010
September 28, 2007


Kill Date: October 14, 2007

20: Waterskiers and wakeboarders, the INT US Championships are being held right here at Bennett’s Ski School in Zachary, Louisiana October 10th through the 13th. There will be four days of waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate competition. Come check out the competition, the booths, and the say hi to the pros. For more info, visit

30: Waterskiers and Wakeboarders, the INT US Championships are being held right here at Bennett’s Ski School in Zachary, Louisiana, October 10th through the 13th. There will be four days of waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate competition. Athletes have come from all over the country to compete for the US Championship title. The public is invited to come check out the event. Pro riders and skiers will be onsite as well as and the latest fashion and finest gear from the biggest names in the watersports industry. For more info visit us at

60: Are you into waterskiing and wakeboarding? The biggest event in amateur water sports, the INT US Championships is being held right here at Bennett’s Ski School in Zachary, Louisiana, October 10th through the 13th. Four days of waterski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake skate competition. Athletes have come from all over the country to compete for the INT US Championship title. Event admission is free for spectators. Pro wakeboarders, Kaesen Suyderhoud and Nick Weinacker and pro skiers Jill Knutson and Jamie Beauchesne will be competing in the pro divisions and signing autographs.

Come see the latest fashion and the finest gear that the water sports industry has to offer. Get great deals on Costa Del Mar, HO, Hyperlite, Connelly, CWB, Radar, Ronix, StraightLine, O’Brien, Jet Pilot, Body Glove, Hydroslide, Correct Craft, Master Craft, Tige, Malibu, and Supra Moomba. For more info and directions to the lakes visit us at Come check out the INT US Championships for short line and big air.

What exactly is the INT League?
The INT League is a marketing and promotional company. We host amateur water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard and wake skate competition across the United States. Our League is the only amateur water sports organization to base competition on ability, not age.
I'm not sure I'm good enough, how good do you have to be?
We have divisions for all ages and abilities. Our events are divided into 18 divisions for the slalom divisions, (includes 3 wide ski divisions) 15 divisions for wakeboard competition, 2 wakeskate divisions and 4 divisions for kneeboard competition. So whether you are just a beginner or an expert we have a division for you, your family and friend.

What equipment do I need to compete?
All you need to bring is your ski, wakeboard or kneeboard and vest, and if you don't have one there are often dealers on site with demo equipment. We provide ropes, handles and the best boats the industry has to offer.


How do I get information on INT and how do I get on the mailing list?

Just e-mail your state coordinator or the main office and we would be happy to get that information to you. Our address and phone number are on the INT website. You can also sign up online for INT’s email newsletters.
What boat I will compete behind?

The INT League uses the best boats the industry has to offer. In doing so our coordinator's rotate the boats at each event. Each competitor is required to compete behind which ever boat comes up in the event rotation.


What does INT stand for?

International Amateur Tour


 Where do you hold events?

The INT League hosts events in 27 states or regions- Check the INT website for an accurate list.


Do you have to be a member?

Yes, but included in your membership is an event t-shirt, a sticker, rulebook and a few other

items. Membership is available for purchase on the INT website.



INT League Q&A- page 2
What is the difference between the INT League and the USA Water Ski's NSL League?
The main difference is that USA Water Ski is the governing body of water skiing and only sanctions events. The second difference is that any individual or club member can use the “Fun” sanctioning which has no specific format. So NSL formats differ from one event to the next.

The INT League hires State Coordinators who are responsible for hosting 4-8 event tour stops in their state. The format for INT events is always consistent, regardless of the state or region. These tour stops are set-up to give the competitor the same atmosphere the Pro athletes have at the Pro-tour, with sponsor banners, an announcer and music playing all the time. Each competitor receives points for how they finish at each event. The last event of the summer is the state finals where the point leader in each division is crowned "State Champion". The state champion is then eligible to continue on to the U.S. Championships, which is held in October.


How did INT League get started?

The INT League was started in 1993 because there was a need for water sports competition based on skill level (ability), instead of competition based on age. The goal of the INT League is to provide competition that is fun and exciting, in an atmosphere, in which, every family member would feel comfortable participating.

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