Setting – a Place – b Time – c Weather conditions – d Social conditions – e Mood or atmosphere – plot

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Name of story analyzing _______________________ By __________________ Published_______

SHORT STORY ELEMENTS WORKSHEET - Fill in the following as appropriate:


a)  Place –

b)  Time –

c)  Weather conditions –

d) Social conditions –

e)  Mood or atmosphere –


a)  Introduction -

b)  Rising Action –

c)  Climax –

d)  Falling action -

e)  Denouement –



1)  External –

2)  Internal -


1)  Man vs. Man (physical) –

2)  Man vs. Circumstances (classical) –

3)  Man vs. Society (social) –

4)  Man vs. Himself/Herself (psychological) - 

CHARACTERDescribe the characteristics of the main characters in one to two informative sentences

Character 1 ___________________________ -

Character 2___________________________ -

Character 3 __________________________ -

Which characters from the story fit these descriptions and why?

1.  Individual –

2.  Developing –

3.  Static –

POINT OF VIEW -- Point of view, or p.o.v., is defined as the angle from which the story is told. Circle which point of view is reflective of the story you read, and write a sentence explaining why this is the best choice.

1.  Innocent Eye

2.  Stream of Consciousness

3.  First Person

4.  Third person (omniscient or limited)

THEME -- Describe the theme of the story you read in a couple of words, then, in two to three sentences, explain why these words best describe the theme.

One possible theme of this story


The reason is because:

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