Setting Describe the setting Point of View

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Elements of Plot Foldable Activity


List of main characters

Describe the setting
Point of View

State the point of view (1st person or 3rd person)


Describe the story’s exposition.


Describe the story’s resolution.

Picture that illustrates the resolution. It can be drawn, or clip art. It must be relevant to resolution, neat and colorful.


(Write the title. Don’t write the word title)


(Write By: Author’s Name)

Picture that illustrates the general theme of the story. Sort of like the cover of a book.

Your Name

Date: 9/28/11

Class Period

Rising Action
Include at least 4 rising action events from the story.


Describe the story’s climax.

Picture that illustrates the climax. It can be drawn, or clip art. It must be relevant to climax, neat and colorful.

Falling Action

Include at least 2 falling action events from the story.

This will be folded in along the side lines. It will be like double doors meeting in the middle.

Requirements and Suggestions:

  • Foldable should contain all of the required elements.

  • All of the information should be accurate and placed correctly on the foldable. (For example make sure the climax that you include is indeed the turning point in the story).

  • All lettering should be neat and written in ink. Black ink will be fine for the lettering, but I encourage creativity, so colorful letters could add to the attractiveness of the final product. I encourage students to do everything lightly in pencil and then go over it with ink/markers/colored pencil once they have it exactly like they want it. Make sure to erase all pencil before turning foldable in.

  • I have given every student a piece of large white art paper to make their plot elements foldable. If the paper becomes dirty or wrinkled, please get another piece of large white paper to use for the activity. Please do not use a standard piece of typing paper.

  • The project is due Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

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