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Facebook Party Training


Once you have a party scheduled, set it up as a catalog party on the Pampered Chef website and then go to the Show Page tab (the second tab), scroll down to the bottom and copy the direct link for the party. Paste that link in below on the set-up text.

Here's what I use for the set-up text. (I have the items that change in red because it helps me remember to change it for each party and colored text doesn't show up on Facebook.)

Therese's Pampered Chef Party – Virtual Style!!!


Therese is hosting an ONLINE Pampered Chef party and YOU’RE invited!

Here's how it works:

1. Accept the invitation

2. Click this direct link to Therese's party:

3. Click “Shop”

4. Shop away! (FREE in April with a $70 purchase? YOUR choice of the above selected products!!!)

All orders will be submitted together and shipped when the party closes on April 27th. Credit/debit cards won’t be processed until that time. Direct shipping is available to anywhere in the U.S. Local orders will be shipped to Therese for pick-up.


ONLINE ONLY! (Attend in your pajamas, if you'd like!)


Start with tomorrow's date and add 9:00 P.M. as the time of the show (so it shows up on their newsfeeds all day long). When you add the time, the "end time" option will suddenly appear.


Put the date at the end of the party – usually about 9 or 10 days from the opening. (I generally open my parties on a Thursday and go until the Sunday or Monday a week+ later. That leaves two weekends for people to shop.) I use 9:30 P.M. as the end time.


Just leave your own name as host until you've finished setting up the party. You'll go back and add the other host's name then.


Make sure the Guests/Friends tab is clicked. This will allow only those who are invited by a host or other attendee to see the party posts. You don't want your FB parties to be open to the public because then, every single post you do will appear on your personal news feed – and if you're doing several of these at the same time, they'll appear several times. It will make your friends crazy! (Or crazier than they already are…)

Once you click "save," the event will be created. Now you want to make the page "pretty" and add your first, introductory post before you invite the host.
I generally use the photo that the Home Office gives us or one from the Facebook Party Page. I generally just use the picture of whatever they earn when they spend $70 this month. Be sure to use a picture that's rectangle shaped so it'll fit in the space.
WELCOME EVERYONE – to Therese’s Virtual Pampered Chef party! I'm Karen Hemmes, the Pampered Chef consultant and I'm here to answer your questions and to post pictures/recipes of the awesome Pampered Chef offerings this week. You're going to "meet" many of the brand new tools - plus you'll reconnect with some old favorites! Just follow along and when you're ready to shop, head over to: and shop away! Have fun!

Click on the "Edit" tab in the right hand corner of the party page. Your set-up screen will reappear. Type in the host's name on the "hosts" line. Click "save." Now the two of you are co-hosts for the Facebook party.

Hi Therese,
Wahoo! Here we go!

I've set up your Pampered Chef party event on Facebook and invited you to be the host. When you agree to be the host, you'll be able to start inviting your friends, family, coworkers, people who live in other cities and states, guys, older people, younger people, people who cook, people who don't cook. Invite everyone who eats!
In order to be successful, you need to do 3 REALLY IMPORTANT things:
1. Get your friends to ACCEPT the invitation! Your goal should be AT LEAST 20 GUESTS "ATTENDING" the party!!! (If your friends don’t accept the invitation, they won’t see ANY party posts on their news feeds.) You might need to private message them, text them, email them, call them, post something on your page, tell them face-to-face, or do ALL of these, if they miss the invite. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the Facebook party!!!
Once you've had a few invitations accepted, I'll start doing party posts.
2. Treat this Facebook event like it’s happening in your living room. You’ll want to respond to your friends’ posts as if they’re face-to-face conversations. Comment on everything. I will do the same, too! And please post different comments of your own to the party throughout the week about tools you like, or tools you think specific friends might like (tagging them, of course). The more interaction between the guests, host, and consultant, the more successful it will be.

3. I'll be mailing you a couple of catalogs. Please pass them around to everyone you see during the week. Find out what they’d like to order. You can collect their order manually and then you can pass the order on to me, or send them to the website – whatever’s easiest.

Throughout the party, pick 3 or 4 of your favorite products and comment on them. I will do the same daily.
We’ll plan to leave your Facebook party open for a little over a week so you’ll want to invite your friends right away! I have it set to close for your guests on Monday, April 27th, then we’ll submit everyone’s orders, (along with yours, once we find out what your host benefits are) on Tuesday, the 28th.
Let me know if you have any questions. We'll chat throughout the party to make sure everything's on track.
Happy cooking,



** You need to go in every day and change the beginning date until the party is over! This makes the event appear at the top of all the guests’ event lists. You do that by clicking “edit” and changing the date. Once the date is changed, a post will appear. Delete that post. (You don’t want those “changing date” posts to be filling up the party page.)


Sometimes, your host is so excited, she immediately accepts your invite and starts inviting her friends to attend. You'll get notices when people accept.

Sometimes it takes the host a while to invite her friends (because she has a life and isn't on Facebook every moment of the day). If she hasn't responded within 24 hours, I'll private message her something like this:
Hi Therese,

I wanted to make sure you saw the above post and you're excited to get started on your virtual Pampered Chef party! As soon as you accept the invitation and get your friends invited, I can start sharing the awesome tools, tips, recipes and more that your friends will enjoy SO much! Let me know if you have any questions, okay?

Happy cooking,

If she gets a few guests who've accepted – but not enough, I private message her something like this:
Hi Therese,
You've got a great start on your party! You've invited 72 friends and so far, 6 of them have accepted the invitation. Remember, getting guests to "attend" is the MOST IMPORTANT job you have during the party! If they don't agree to attend, they won't see all the yummy recipes, awesome tools, or time-saving tips I'll be posting. Anything you can do (text, email, private message them, etc.) to get them to accept the invitation will be helpful. You want a minimum of at least 20 – the more, the merrier!
I'll be in touch throughout the party…

Every time you get notice of an order, you want to do THREE things:

  1. Announce it on the Party page. Make it a celebration! If you're giving away a gift (a Season's Best or a Quikut Paring Knife or a set of Toaster Tongs) to the first five orderers, post this (with a picture of applause or fireworks or something else fun):

WOOT WOOT!!! CELEBRATE! Congratulations NAME! You're Darlene’s FIRST orderer! You’ve earned the FIRST party prize (for the first five party orderers), Your prize will be delivered with your order. Who's going to earn prizes #2, #3, #4, and #5?

If you're not giving away gifts, then post:
WOOT WOOT!!! CELEBRATE! Congratulations NAME! You're Darlene’s FIRST orderer! You're going to LOVE your new Pampered Chef tools! Who's going to be NEXT?

  1. Private message the host. Say something like:

Hi Darlene,

How cool that NAME just ordered! Your guest sales are now at $XX.XX, just $XX.XX away from the minimum $200 you need to earn host benefits! You're getting closer with each new order. I can't wait to see what you choose with your host benefits shopping spree! Keep up the GREAT work!


How cool that NAME just ordered! Your guest sales are now at $XX.XX, just $XX.XX away from $300! Each time the guest sales reach the next $100 level, your host benefits go up. I can't wait to see what you choose with your host benefits shopping spree! Keep up the GREAT work!

  1. Email the customer, including an attachment of the month's host benefit flyer. You can click reply on the email that arrives from the home office. (You'll need to change the email address.) On the subject line, you can say, "Thanks for your order for Darlene's Pampered Chef party!!!" Tweak this email, choosing one of the tools to comment on and deleting the (or cooking) part, if it's a person who lives in a different part of the country:

Hi MaryAnn,
I'm Karen Hemmes, the Pampered Chef consultant who's helping Kaytlin with her virtual party.
Thanks for your order! You picked some GREAT tools! I especially love the Mix 'n Chop! I not only use mine for ground meats, I also use mine for things like bananas (for banana bread) and graham crackers for crust. I used mine just today to smash up the avocado for guacamole. I hope you'll love yours as much as I love mine!
By the way, do you have any interest in being the next Facebook (or cooking) party host? Not only is it fun and easy, but you could earn even more great tools for your kitchen because all hosts earn FREE products, half-priced products, and everything else at a discount - plus Kaytlin will get to choose anything in the catalog at half price when it's time to close your party, as long as we schedule yours BEFORE we close hers.
Let me know, okay?

Happy cooking,


Karen Hemmes

Pampered Chef Director and New Consultant Trainer

303-306-7473 or 303-915-7079


Don't forget to add the party URL to each post!!!
Post every single day! Personally, I post twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. And each time, I do two or three posts, one right after the other. One is a higher priced tool, one is a lower priced tool, and the third one is a recipe, tip, or something amusing. When someone has ordered, I also post the announcement/thank-you post at the same time.
Save your posts and pictures to reuse!

Your posts should be saved on a document that you can copy and paste from. Also, you should have a file somewhere to save your pictures (I use dropbox to save my computer's memory.) That way, it's easy to use the pictures and posts over and over!

Every single post should:

  • Be fun, cheerful and personal (It's a party!)

  • Be accompanied with a picture

  • Include a direct link to the party (Most times, guests will see the posts on their newsfeeds, not on the party page itself. If the link is on each post, it's easy for the guest to click through immediately to the party.)

Post different types of announcements to keep things interesting and to reach out to different types of guests. Make sure you post:

  • Higher and lower priced tools

  • New and classic tools
  • Cooking and non-cooking tools

  • Cooking tips

  • Recipes

  • Humor

  • When someone orders – a post to celebrate

  • Invitation to host the next party

  • Information about shipping/direct shipping

  • Your Pampered Chef story (inviting the guests to learn more about the opportunity)


Three days before the party ends, start posting countdown posts.

At the end of the party, post a final "thank-you" post showing what the host earned


(Feel free to copy mine)

I use ALL CAPS for the names of the tools since there's no bold or italics or color on Facebook posts. Also, since I haven't taken the time to alphabetize the posts below, I always find them by clicking "Control F" and typing in part of the name of the tool. Clicking enter takes me right there!

Brownie Pan:

I like to start Virtual Pampered Chef parties with Chocolate. (You can't go wrong with chocolate, right?) Welcome to the BROWNIE PAN! You can make mini desserts BUT you can also make mini ANYTHING! Quiches, breads, meatloaves, pizzas, the list goes on and on... Perfect for moms who want their kids to eat their dinner - imagine putting a different surprise in each well!! Grab yours today and get baking! Go directly to the online party at: PARTY DIRECT LINK. OH! And the cleanup? PRICELESS! (This recipe is below.)

(Post this in the first comment)

Spritz the wells of the BROWNIE PAN with oil. Scoop refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough into each well using the SMALL SCOOP. Smash with the MINI TART SHAPER. Top with a small Reese’s Cup. Scoop prepared Brownie dough (any type) on top of the other two layers, using the MEDIUM SCOOP. Bake 16-20 minutes until done. Try not to eat them all yourself – but if you do? You can hide the evidence by baking a second batch!!!

Close & Cut

No more balancing two plates together... My favorite brand new tool from the Spring/Summer catalog? The CLOSE & CUT! This cool tool lets you quickly and easily halve cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives, mozzarella balls – even bagels and chicken breasts! When you're done? Pop it into the top of the dishwasher. Here's a short video showing it in action: (scroll down a bit). Get yours through this party at:

Scoop Loop

The SCOOP LOOP makes it possible to easily scoop out seeds and stems with this flexible serrated loop. Use the large end on bell peppers, tomatoes, melons and pumpkins, and the small end on squash, mushroom, jalapenos, small tomatoes and cucumbers. What a GREAT tool! How did we ever live without this before? Get yours, for just $5.50, at:

Measuring Spoons and Cups

These aren’t your mother’s measuring spoons or cups! Our MEASURING SPOON SET comes in six sizes and they conveniently snap together — no bulky ring! Extended lengths and oval heads fit into most spice containers. You can even set filled spoons on the countertop without spilling! And the EASY READ MEASURING CUPS? They make it easy to see the measurements while you pour your ingredients from above (instead of doing the old favorite: the deep knee bend). And speaking of easy, it's easy to order these through Jesse's party by clicking:

Tortilla Shell Baker

Enjoy everyone's oohs and aahs when you serve up that yummy recipe in a crispy tortilla bowl that you've transformed from fresh tortillas in your own oven or microwave using our newest stone, the TORTILLA SHELL BAKER! Drape tortillas over an inverted baker to make short, wide bowls, or press them inside to make tall bowls. You can also make fluted bread bowls, cheese tortes, and pie crusts. You get a set of two when you order these at:

Citrus Press

Tips for using our awesome CITRUS PRESS? 1. Soften your lemon or lime in the microwave for 10-15 seconds before rolling it on the counter. 2. Then, after cutting it in half, squeeze the fruit cut-side down (unless you want to squirt yourself in the eye!). The PRESS will turn the fruit inside-out, squeezing out ALL the juice! It's amazing. Truly. Check it out at:

Small Baker (blue)

Spring’s just arrived, so it’s not too hot to bake! Thank goodness for that because this Savory Potato & Onion Gratin baked in the gorgeous new midnight blue SMALL BAKER (from our Contemporary Classics Stoneware Collection) is a yummy side dish for any meal. (This recipe is yours for the asking.) And when a pan is this pretty, you can take it right from the oven (or microwave) to the table! Get yours at:

Holiday Cooking

Are you all ready for holiday cooking? The Pampered Chef can help! You'll want to check out our ROASTING PANS, BASTER and CLEANING BRUSH, MEAT LIFTERS, FORGED CARVING SET, and CUTTING BOARD WITH JUICE WELLS, and those are just for the turkey. From the main dish to the sides, and finishing with the desserts, we can put the right tools in your hands... Check out all the options at:

Julienne Peeler

I love our JULIENNE PEELER! It's perfect to make strips of veggies to jazz up your dishes. One of my favorite new recipes is to julienne an entire zucchini (except for the seeds) and steam it for a couple of minutes with 1/4 cup of marinara sauce and 3 cloves of garlic. You've got yourself a quick "spaghetti" that's SO yummy and healthy and fun! Get this tool through Julie's party at:

Food Chopper

We're starting Kimberly's party with a classic Pampered Chef product: the FOOD CHOPPER!!! Who already owns this amazing tool (for chopping veggies, nuts, cooked meats, ice cream toppings, and onions-with-no-tears)? What do you chop with YOUR food chopper?

Food Chopper

Here's a classic Pampered Chef product: the FOOD CHOPPER!!! Who already owns this amazing tool (for chopping veggies, nuts, cooked meats, ice cream toppings, and onions-with-no-tears)? What do you chop with YOUR food chopper? Don't have one yet? We can help you! Just click here:

Magic Mop

Remember the classic MAGIC MOP? It's baaaaack!!! The mop fibers, (which are made from the same materials as those used to clean up environmental oil spills), removes excess fat from chili, gravy, stew, soup, and even pizza! The tube squeegees the grease off the mop and protects the fibers for easy storage. Every kitchen needs one (or two) of these! Good thing you can get yours through Jesse's party at:

Manual Food Processor

One of my favorite all purpose tools is our MANUAL FOOD PROCESSOR! It’s amazing! I love fresh salsa (I make a pineapple kiwi salsa at all my brunch parties!) and this tool makes fresh salsa easy. Just toss in the ingredients, process, and voila’ – you’ve got yourself salsa! You can also use it to make egg salad, guacamole, pesto, salad dressing, smoothies, ice cream toppings – basically anything and everything you want to chop… Yum!! Add this to your kitchen today at:

Smooth-Edged Can Opener

TIP! Cross contamination comes from can openers. This is why ours is so great, because it never touches the inside of the can or food. The lid does not drop into your food either, and you have a smooth edge both on the lid and on the no more cut fingers! Add this to your kitchen and give Dena’s party a boost at:

Cut ‘n’ Seal

Let’s face it. Kids hate bread crusts. And they get a kick out of fun-shaped food. The CUT ‘N' SEAL takes care of the crust issue (you can feed the crusts to the birds) and your kids will happily finish their fun sandwiches! And for just $11, that's a win/win! You can also make hot sandwiches like this pizza pocket! Add this tool to your kitchen collection at:

Scoop ‘N Drain

Grab ravioli from boiling water, pull chicken from the stock, drain juice from a can, even remove fried foods from hot oil! The SCOOP ‘N DRAIN, (now available in two convenient sizes!), does it all! Get yours at:

Bamboo Cracker Tray

Show off your appetizers on a pretty piece with this new, wider version of our BAMBOO CRACKER TRAY. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the perfect addition to your bamboo collection. Check out all the bamboo options at: Michelle's party at:

Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer

Remember the classic APPLE PEELER/CORER/SLICER? The name says it all! It peels, cores and slices - all at the same time. And it's great for potatoes too. Imagine not having to peel and slice potatoes any more... (That's my customer David, showing it off!) Get yours (and the stand) at:

Double Burner Grill Pan and Press

What's HOT at the Pampered Chef? The EXECUTIVE DOUBLE BURNER GRILL!!! Cook enough for a crowd in just one batch, with room enough for four paninis, six steaks or eight burgers - or do the meat on one side and the veggies on the other. It also fits two of our GRILL PRESSES side-by-side. With all kinds of thoughtful features, you'll want this pan in YOUR kitchen! Good thing you can get it through Dena's party at: PARTY DIRECT LINK - OR for free or half-priced, by hosting your OWN virtual party!

On-the-Go Trunk Organizer

It’s been said that a woman's car is like a giant purse - filled with all kinds of "necessities." And all that STUFF tends to be a jumbled-up mess, right? Now the Pampered Chef brings order to the chaos with the ON-THE-GO TRUNK ORGANIZER, which provides pockets for groceries, sports gear, safety supplies and more. And the Velcro on the bottom holds it in place! Check out our entire ON-THE-GO line at Kaytlin's party:

Basketball Dip:

In honor of March Madness College Basketball: this cheesy dip is a slam dunk. To make it, just top our 3-Minute Dip with 2oz of coarsely grated cheddar cheese and arrange chopped black olives to make the seams of a basketball. (This recipe is below.)

Post this in the first comment:

3-Minute Dip Recipe: Mix 4 oz mozzarella cheese, 8 oz softened cream cheese, 2 Tablespoons milk, and 1-2 Tablespoons of your choice of any PAMPERED CHEF RUB (seasoning) in the GARLIC & BRIE BAKER. Microwave on HIGH 2-3 minutes, or until melted, stirring halfway through cooking, with MINI MIX ‘N SCRAPER. Serve with fresh vegetables or crackers.

Deep Covered Baker

Who has the Magic Pot (aka: DEEP COVERED BAKER)? What do you make in it? One of my favorite Pampered Chef party recipes is Rush Hour Fajitas – done in the microwave in just 15 minutes! You can bake a juicy, fall-off-the-bone whole chicken in the microwave in about 30 minutes! Or a Chocolate Lava Cake in 11 minutes, pork tenderloin in 7 minutes, meat loaf in 20 minutes, mashed potatoes in 10 minutes, homemade bread, and so much more! The Deep Covered Baker is one of the best "tools" in my kitchen! Get yours at:

Twix-it Clips

Who needs something fastened? A chip bag, a boil-in bag, a freezer bag, your hair...? Our Twix-it Clips will hold anything! Get yours at:

Barbecue Pizza Pan

It’s almost spring, so I hope it’s not too soon to dream of grilling… My favorite grilling product is our BBQ PIZZA PAN! Grilled pizza is amazing! It’s like cooking in one of those big brick pizza ovens. The crust comes out so crispy on the bottom, but tender on top – and all with a yummy smoky aroma! It is the best pizza ever! Use it for pizzas, nachos on the grill and even frozen French fries next to your burgers! Get YOURS at:

Cool & Serve Trays

Our versatile COOL AND SERVE TRAYS are a must have! Use them to serve veggies, fruit, salsa and chips, ice cream cakes, pasta salad, wraps, antipasto, deviled eggs and MUCH more! The cooling inserts stay cold for 4-6 hours – which means your food stays cold and fresh for the potluck, party, or picnic! How awesome is that? Now it's available in TWO sizes with various tray topper setups and CARRYING CASES! Get YOURS through Julie's party at: www… OR HOST IN MAY and earn them for 60% off!!!

Microwave Grips

I love the Microwave Grips. I store mine right on top of my microwave so they're always handy. They’re compact, heat-resistant, and (here’s the best part) under $10! (Plus, the kids like it when you pretend they’re big lips from a faceless puppet. – Actually, it might not be the kids who like it… :) ) Get yours at

Trifle Bowl

Our TRIFLE BOWL is so versatile – you’ll use it year-round for all kinds of purposes! Of course there are desserts and salads, but what about for appetizers, punch bowls, decorating and holidays? The possibilities are endless. Plus the stand comes off for easy storage and transporting, and it has a lid! What’s not to love? Get YOURS at through Julie's party at:

Microwave Chip Maker

Microwave Chips? SO UNBELIVEABLE!!!! Just follow the picture. Grab a potato and the Simple Slicer and slice. Add your favorite seasoning, microwave for 5-6 minutes and VIOLA! You have homemade potato chips minus the grease and the calorie guilt! Perfect for sweet potatoes and apples too. Grab your own MUST-HAVE Make-Your-Own-Chips tools at:

Digital Scale

For calorie counters and precision bakers, this Digital Kitchen Scale makes it easy to weigh-in. Weigh in at:

Rotary Grater

Does that old, rusted cheese grater you’ve been using “grate on you?” The Pampered Chef ROTARY GRATER will beautifully grate your fresh Parmesan or cheddar cheese, chocolate, nuts, even carrots and zucchini. It has an extra-wide, open drum (not the kind you make music with!) that grates without clogging. Plus, the handle goes on either side for right or left-handed users and the blades can be turned forward or backward – your choice! Speaking of choice, you’ll want to choose to purchase this dishwasher-safe kitchen basic at:

Silicone Baking Mat

Skip the cooking spray – the nonstick SILICONE BAKING MAT with a two-sided cookie guide goes right on top of your baking sheet which means your next batch of desserts will come out perfectly spaced and easy to release. Everyone needs these for their baking projects! Why not make that sweet job as easy as possible? Order yours through Nicole’s show at:

Tool Turn-About

Not a cook? Pampered Chef has items for YOU too! If you are looking for organization, the TOOL TURN-ABOUT (in black or bamboo) and the SPICE TURN-ABOUT are FABULOUS! The Spice Turn-About can hold crafter's paint while the Tool Turn-About is perfect for a scrap-booker, a playroom, an office, a garage, toiletries and so much more!!! Check 'em out on Darlene’s show at:

Mix ‘n’ Chop

The MIX ‘N’ CHOP is everyone's favorite product! It can be used for all kinds of kitchen jobs. What do you use YOURS for? What? You don’t have one yet? You can get one easily by going to:

Bamboo Spoons and Spatulas

I adore the BAMBOO SPOONS and SPATULAS! They tend to be the first tools I reach for, with so many of my kitchen tasks. I like the solid construction; they don't feel flimsy like my cheap wooden spoons always did. Every kitchen needs all of these, I promise! Get yours at:

Measuring Spoon Set

These aren’t your mother’s measuring spoons or cups! Our MEASURING SPOON SET comes in six sizes and they conveniently snap together — no bulky ring! Extended lengths and oval heads fit into most spice containers. You can even set filled spoons on the countertop without spilling! And the EASY READ MEASURING CUPS? They make it easy to see the measurements while you pour your ingredients from above (instead of doing the old favorite: the deep knee bend). And speaking of easy, it's easy to order these through Teri's party by clicking:

Egg Slicer Plus/Serrated Peeler

This is another favorite at my house - the EGG SLICER PLUS! It can be used on strawberries, eggs, kiwi, hotdogs, bananas, mushrooms, goat cheese- it’s quick and all the slices are the same size! Shown with the BEST peeler ever- the SERRATED PEELER! Works great on all fruits and vegetables with tough or soft skin because the little teeth grip and take off the peel, not half of your produce! I use it for peaches, kiwis, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes… well, everything, really! :) (It’s easy to order these through Darlene's party at:

Grilling Tools

The warmer weather means we’re barbecuing again and The Pampered Chef makes it easy by providing the perfect tools for each grilling job. Have you ever tasted tender and juicy Beer (or Soda) Can Chicken? Have you ever grilled a pizza? Have you grilled shrimp or veggies? We also have awesome gifts for the Grill Master in your household. You’ll probably hear him bragging… Feed his grilling habit (don't forget Father's Day!) at:

I know it's no longer Summer but I'm guessing that, instead of another tie or pair of gloves as a holiday gift, the Grill Master in your household would LOVE to receive some amazing Pampered Chef tools for his grilling jobs. Have you ever tasted tender and juicy Beer (or Soda) Can Chicken, a grilled pizza, or grilled shrimp or veggies? This year, he'll actually be bragging about his gifts! (Imagine the concept.) (Shop ahead of the holidays at Dena's virtual party by clicking: )


Yep! It's a library. A library filled with COOKBOOKS. Each provides full-color, step-by-step instructions with a beautiful photo of the finished product. Your mouth will water just looking at the pictures! And this is just a sampling. Find these and the rest of them at: PARTY DIRECT LINK and give Julie's party a boost at the same time!

Roasting Pan with Rack

Tired of buying one of those flimsy foil "turkey pans" each year and then dealing with the pan leaking, the turkey being too heavy for the pan, and needing to support it with a heavy cookie sheet? Isn't it time to invest in a pan that's going to last, year after year, ham after turkey, and one you can pass down to the next generation? Our ROASTING PAN WITH RACK is the tool you want! Check out this Lifetime Guarantee pan at:

Stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers don't HAVE to be purchased at the last minute. The Pampered Chef has hundreds of stocking stuffer options for you, and what's nice is that you can pick them up now and Pamela gets credit too! Find your stocking stuffers at:

Round Pizza Stone and Antipasti Pull-Apart Pizza

Get our LARGE ROUND STONE WITH HANDLES (aka the Large Pizza Stone) and share some together time while you make our easy and fun Antipasti Pull-Apart Pizza. How about a breakfast or dessert pizza? Or, if you're really brave, let the kids pick the toppings for some added excitement! Who has the Pizza Stone? Who needs it? (EVERYONE!) PARTY DIRECT LINK

Measure, Mix & Pour

Ditch unknown added ingredients and make your own salad dressings! With the MEASURE, MIX & POUR you control exactly what you eat. And, bonus, no measuring! You can also measure and mix breakfast drinks, sauces and all kinds of other liquids. So easy! Get yours at:

12" Steamer Insert

Prepare an entire meal at once by steaming on top, in our new 12" STEAMER INSERT, and cooking below, in one of our three lifetime guaranteed 12 " SKILLETS: STIR-FRY, STAINLESS, or EXECUTIVE NON-STICK! You can steam up to 2 lbs of veggies or 4 lbs of red potatoes. Or cook 24 eggs at once. Or steam chicken or fish. And the 12" GLASS LID covers it all! Get the amazing details at:

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