Seven Point Story Structure Worksheet with Question Prompts

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Seven Point Story Structure Worksheet with Question Prompts

Basic Story Structure - Adapted from Dan Wells’ Presentation on YouTube & Larry Brooks Story Structure

Part 1

Ice Monster Prologue: (What is the antagonizing force? Optional)

What, or who will be your MCs nemesis?


The Opposite of the Resolution. What’s your character’s life like before the quest? What do they have to lose?

Plot Turn 1: (The Event That Sets Your Story in Motion and moves it to the midpoint)

What happens to change your MCs world? What are the stakes? What does she stand to lose? What are the antagonistic forces your character faces?

Part 2The Response

Pinch Point 1: (Put the pressure on your character)

What happens to your character

Midpoint: (Takes your character from reaction to action. Your MC realizes they must do something.)

How does your character figure out what will get her out of danger? What changes in her that she prompts her to action? What is the catalyst for this change? This takes place over a series of scenes.

Part 3The Attack

Pinch Point 2: (This is where your story takes the ultimate dive. It’s the darkest hour)

Who does your character lose? Has a mentor left like Gandolf did? Companions are trapped behind and your character is all alone? What happens to make her almost want to give up?

Plot Turn 2: (Your hero obtains information that lets him know that he can get out of the bind he’s in.)

What new piece of information gives your hero hope? How can she utilize this to get to her resolution?

Resolution: (Your hero completes what he set out to do)

This is not complete. You will need to flesh it out with a bunch of try/fail cycles and several subplots.

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