Short Stories: Achebe, Chinua


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Short Stories:

  1. Achebe, Chinua – Civil Peace, Vengeful Creditor

  2. Adams, Alice – The Last Lovely City

  3. Agueros, Jack – Dominoes

  4. Aiken, Conrad – Silent Snow, Secret Snow

  5. Alexie, Sherman – Because My Father Always Said He Was the Only Indian who saw Jimi Hendrix play “The Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock

  6. Allende, Isabel – And of Clay we are Created, The Gold of Tomas Vargas

  7. Anderson, Sherwood – Death in the Woods, Hands, Sophistication

  8. Asimov, Isaac – Nightfall

  9. Atwood, Margaret – Happy Endings, Rape Fantasies, Average Waves in Unprotected Waters

  10. Babel, Isaac – My First Goose

  11. Baldwin, James – The Rockpile, Sonny’s Blues

  12. Bambara, Toni Cade – Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird, The Lesson, Raymond’s Run

  13. Barth, John – Lost in the Funhouse

  14. Barthelme, Donald – The Indian Uprising, Robert Kennedy Saved from Drowning

  15. Bates, H.E. – The Daffodil Sky

  16. Beattie, Ann – Janus

  17. Beckett, Samuel – Dante and the Lobster

  18. Bellow, Saul – Leaving the Yellow House

  19. Berriault, Gina – The Stone Boy, Women in their Beds

  20. Bierce, Ambrose – The Boarded Window, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

  21. Bisson, Terry – The Toxic Donut

  22. Bloom, Amy – Silver Water

  23. Borges, Jorge Luis – The Aleph, The Garden of Forking Paths, Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote

  24. Borowski, Tadeusz – This way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen

  25. Bowen, Elizabeth – The Demon Lover

  26. Bowles, Paul – The Eye

  27. Boyle, Kay – Atronomer’s Wife, Black Boy, The White Horses of Vienna

  28. Boyle, T. Coraghessan – Stones in My Passway, Hellhounds on My Trail

  29. Bradbury, Ray – There Will Come Soft Rains

  30. Brown, Jason – Animal Stories

  31. Butler, Octavia – Blood Child

  32. Butler, Robert Olen – A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

  33. Calvino, Italo – The Feathered Ogre

  34. Camus, Albert – The Guest

  35. Capote, Truman – A Christmas Memory

  36. Carter, Angela – The Bloody Chamber, The Erlking

  37. Carver, Raymond – Cathedral, Errand, What We Talk about When We Talk About Love, Where I’m Calling From

  38. Cather, Willa – The Diamond Mine, Neighbor Rosicky, Paul’s Case

  39. Chandra, Vikram – Dharma

  40. Cheever, John – The Country Husband, The Swimmer

  41. Chekhov, Anton – The Darling, Gooseberries, The Lady and the Pet Dog

  42. Chesnutt, Charles Waddell – The Sheriff’s Children

  43. Chopin, Kate – Desiree’s Baby, A Point at Issue, The Story of an Hour

  44. Cisneros, Sandra- Little Miracles, Kept Promises, Woman Hollering Creek

  45. Clarke, Arthur C.- If I forgot Thee, O Earth, The Star

  46. Connell, Richard- The Most Dangerous Game

  47. Conrad, Joseph- Heart of Darkness, The Secret Sharer

  48. Cortazar, Julio- Axolotl

  49. Crane, Stephen-The Open Boat

  50. Dahl, Roald- Lamb to the Slaughter

  51. Danticat, Edwidge- Children of the Sea

  52. de Balzac, Honore- La Grande Breteche

  53. Devlin, Anne- Naming the Names

  54. Dinesen, Isak- The Ring, The Sailor-Boy’s Tale, Sorrow-Acre

  55. Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee- Mrs. Dutta Writes a Letter
  56. Dostoevsky, Fyodor-The Grand Inquisitor

  57. Doyle, Arthur Conan- The Red-Headed League

  58. du Maurier, Dapne- The Birds, Don’t Look Now

  59. Dubus, Andre- The Fat Girl

  60. Edwards, Kim- The Way It Felt to Be Falling

  61. El-Bisatie, Mohamed- A Conversation from the Third Floor

  62. Eliot, George- The Lifted Veil

  63. Ellison, Harlan- A Boy and His Dog, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Jeffy Is Five

  64. Ellison, Ralph- The Invisible Man or Battle Royal, King of the Bingo Game

  65. Erdrich, Louise- The Red Convertible

  66. Far, Sui Sin- Mrs. Spring Frangrance

  67. Faulkner, William- Barn Burning, The Bear, A Rose for Emily

  68. Fitzgerald, F. Scott – Babylon Revisited, Winter Dreams

  69. Flaubert, Gustave – A Simple Heart

  70. Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins – A New England Nun, The Revolt of ‘Mother’

  71. Friedman, Bruce Jay – Brazzazville Teenager

  72. Gaines, Ernest – The Sky is Gray

  73. Galsworthy, John – The Japanese Quince

  74. Garcia Marquez, Gabriel – The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

  75. Gardner, John – Redemption

  76. Gilchrist, Ellen – Victory over Japan

  77. Gilman, Charlotte Perkins – Three Thanksgivings, The Yellow Wallpaper

  78. Glasgow, Ellen – The Difference

  79. Glaspell, Susan – A Jury of Her Peers

  80. Gogol, Nikolai – The Overcoat

  81. Gordimer, Nadine – Town and Country Lovers, The Train from Rhodesia

  82. Greene, Graham – The Destructors

  83. Harte, Bret – The Outcasts of Poker Flat
  84. Hawthorne, Nathaniel – The Ministers Blake Veil: a Parable, My Kinsman, Major Molineux, The Wives of the Dead, Young Goodman Brown

  85. Head, Bessie – Life, Snapshots of a Wedding

  86. Heinlein, Robert A. – Waldo

  87. Hemingway, Ernest – A Clean, Well Lighted place, Hills like White Elephants, In Another Country, The Killers, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, The Snows of Kilimanjaro

  88. Hempel, Amy – In the Cemetery Where Al Johnson is Buried

  89. Hendel, Yehudit – Small Change

  90. Henry, O. – The Gift of the Maji, Mammon and the Archer

  91. Hoeg, Peter – Journey into a Dark Heart

  92. Houston, Pam – The Best Girlfriend you Never had

  93. Hughes, Langston – The Blues I’m Playing, Slave on the Block

  94. Hurston, Zora Neale – The Eatonville Anthology, The Gilded Six-Bits, Spunk

  95. Irving, Washington – The Devil and Tom Walker, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle

  96. Jackson, Shirley – The Lottery

  97. Jacobs, W.W. – The Monkey’s Paw

  98. James, Henry – The Beast in the Jungle, The Jolly Corner

  99. Jewett, Sarah Orne – A White Heron

  100. Jin, Ha – In the Kindergarten

  101. Johnson, Charles – Menagerie, a Child’s Fable

  102. Joyce, James – Araby, The Dead

  103. Kafka, Franz – A Hunger Artist, In the Penal Colony, The Metamorphosis

  104. Kincaid, Jamaica – Girl, What I Have Been Doing Lately

  105. Kohler, Sheila – Africans

  106. Kundera, Milan – The Hitchhiking Game

  107. Lagerlof, Selma – The Legend of the Christmas Rose

  108. Lawrence, D.H. – Odour of Chrysabthemums, The Rocking-Horse Winner

  109. Le Guin, Ursula K. – The One Who Walks Away from Omelas

  110. Lessing, Doris – Debbie and Julie, Through the Tunnel

  111. London, Jack – To Build a Fire

  112. Mahfouz, Naguib – Half a Day
  113. Malamund, Bernard – Black is My Favorite Color, The First Seven Years, The Magic Barrel

  114. Mann, Thomas – Death in Venice, Disorder and Early Sorrow

  115. Mansfield, Katherine – Bliss, The Garden Party, Marriage a la Mode, Miss Brill

  116. Manto, Saadat Hasan – The Dog of Tithwal

  117. Marmon Silko, Leslie – Storyteller

  118. Marshall, Paule – To Da-duh, in Memoriam

  119. Mason, Bobbie Ann – Residents and Transients, Shiloh

  120. Maugham, Somerset – The Fall of Edward Barnard

  121. Maupassant, Guy de – The Necklace

  122. McCullers, Carson – Wunderkind

  123. Melville, Herman –Bartleby the Scrivner, A Tale of Wall Street

  124. Merimee, Propser – Mateo Falcone

  125. Mishima, Yukio – Fountains in the Rain, Swaddling Clothes

  126. Mistry, Rohinton – Swimming Lessons

  127. Morrison, Toni – Recitatif

  128. Mphahlele, Es’kia – Mrs. Plum

  129. Mukherjee, Bharati – The Management of Grief

  130. Munro, Alice - Boys and Girls, Walker Brothers Cowboy

  131. Nabokov, Vladimir – A Guide to Berlin, That in Aleppo Once…

  132. Naoya, Shiga – Han’s Crime

  133. Narayan, R. K. – A Horse and Two Goats

  134. O’Brien, Tim – How to Tell a True War Story, The Things They Carried

  135. O’Connor, Flannery – Everything That Rises Must Converge, A Good Man is Hard to Find, The Life You Save May Be Your Own

  136. O’Connor, Frank – Guest of the Nation

  137. O’Flaherty, Liam – The Wave

  138. Oates, Joyce Carol – Four Summers, How I Contemplated the World from the Detroit House of Correction and Began My Life Over Again, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

  139. Ogot, Grace – The Green Leaves

  140. Olsen, Tillie – I Stand Here Ironing

  141. Orwell, George – Shooting An Elephant
  142. Ozick, Cynthia – The Pagan Rabbi, The Shawl

  143. Paley, Grace – A Conversation with My Father

  144. Parker, Dortothy – Big Blonde

  145. Paz, Octavio – My life with the Wave

  146. Phillips, Jayne Anne – Souvenir

  147. Poe, Edgar Allan – The Cask of Amontillado, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Masque of the Red Death, The Purloined Letter, The Tell-Tale Heart

  148. Porter, Katherine Anne – Flowering Judas, The Grave, He, The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

  149. Proulx, E. Anne – The Half-Skinned Steer

  150. Puskin, Alexander – The Stationmaster

  151. Rivera, Beatriz – African Passions

  152. Rivera, Tomas – The Harvest

  153. Robbe-Grillet, Alain – The Replacement

  154. Roth, Philip – The Conversion of the Jews, Goodbye, Columbus

  155. Saki – The Interlopers, The Open Window

  156. Salinger, J.D. – A Perfect Day for Bananafish

  157. Saroyan, William – Resurrection of a Life

  158. Sartre, Jean-Paul – The Wall

  159. Sayers, Dorothy L. – Suspicion

  160. Scott, Sir Walter – Wandering Willie’s Tale

  161. Silko, Leslie Marmon – Lullaby, The Man to Send Rain Clouds, Yellow Woman

  162. Singer, Isaac Bashevis – Gimpel the Fool, Henne Fire, The Spinoza of Market Street

  163. Solzhenitsyn, Alexandr – One Day in the Live of Ivan Denisovich

  164. Sontag, Susan – The Way We Live Now

  165. Stein, Gertrude – Melanctha

  166. Steinbeck, John – The Chrysanthemums, Flight

  167. Stockton, Frank R. – The Lady, or the Tiger?

  168. Tan, Amy – Rules of the Game, Two Kinds

  169. Taylor, Peter – A Spinster’s Tale

  170. Thurber, James – The Catbird Seat, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  171. Tolstaya, Tatyana – Night

  172. Tolstoy, Leo – The Death of Ivan Ilych
  173. Toomer, Jean – Blood-Burning Moon

  174. Trevor, William – The News from Ireland

  175. Twain, Mark – The Celebrated Jumping Grog of Calveras County, The Invalid’s Story, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

  176. Tyler, Anne – Average Waves in Unprotected Waters

  177. Updike, John – A & P

  178. Vargas Llosa, Mario – The Challenge

  179. Vonnegut, Kurt – Harrison Bergeron

  180. Walker, Alice – Everyday Use, Roselily

  181. Warren, Robert Penn – Blackberry Winter

  182. Wells, H.G. – The Door in the Wall

  183. Welty, Eudora – Why I Live at the P.O., A Worn Path

  184. Wetzel, Marlene Reed – A Map of Tripoli, 1967

  185. Wharton, Edith – Pomegranate Seed, Roman Fever

  186. Wideman, John Edgar – The Beginning of Homewood, Fever

  187. Wilde, Oscar – The Canterville Ghost

  188. Wodehouse, Pelham Greenville – Jeeves Takes Charge

  189. Wolf, Christa – Exchanging Glances

  190. Wolfe, Thomas – The Far and the Near

  191. Wolff, Tobias – In the Garden of the North American Martyrs, Say Yes

  192. Woolf, Virginia – Kew Gardens, The New Dress

  193. Wright, Richard – Bright and Morning Star, The Man Who Lived Underground, The Man Who Was Almost a Man

  194. Yamamot, Hisaye – The Eskimo Connection

  195. Yezierska, Anzia – America and I

  196. Yoshimoto, Banana – Kitchen

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