Short Stories: Learning By Connecting

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Short Stories: Learning By Connecting

Hypertext Assignment Created by: Sarah Dean (9805958) EDCI 336, January 22nd 2002 or

What to do:

  • Click on the underlined story title to read the story. Go through both of the stories.

  • Odd words are highlighted and can be clicked on to move to a definition. Be careful not to disrupt your flow of reading too often.

  • Each story has assignments attached. Complete these assignments as you read. We will come together as a class to discuss the stories when signalled to do so.

  • At the bottom of this page is a link to elements of short stories notes. When you’re done reading the stories flip through this section.

Short Story #1: “Whose Side Are You On?”Author unknown

Short Story #2: “No Virginia, There Is No Free Lunch”Michael Bennett

Connecting your reading experience to a framework – The Inner Workings of Short Stories

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