Short Story Peer Editing

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Short Story Peer Editing

Name of author: _____________________ Story title: _____________________

Name of editor(s): ________________________________

Date: __________________________________

  1. Plot sequence – does it make sense? Is there a climax? Can you tell what type of plot sequence it is? Would this story be more effective with a different sequence i.e. non-linear, rising action, flashback, back story?

  1. Setting – is it well developed? Is it used to provide any important information? Is it vivid enough to increase the credibility of the characters and/or action? Is it used as a connection to the story’s meaning? Should it be? Is it used to create mood and/or atmosphere?

  1. Characterization – are the characters well-developed? Are there things in the description of the character that are not needed? Are characters revealed through thoughts, reactions to events, words, thoughts and opinions of other characters, physical description?

  1. Does the story flow? Is there a necessary amount of tension? Suspense?

Detail? What is lacking?

  1. Does the story have an effective lead/narrative hook? Does it capture the reader right from the very beginning?

  1. Does the story have an effective ending? Does the ending give the reader something to think about or connect the character’s story to that of the reader? Is the ending connected clearly to the beginning?

  1. Is there a deeper meaning to this story? Does there need to be?

  1. Grammatically: are there proper paragraph breaks? Is the punctuation correct? Is the dialogue punctuation correct?

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