Short Story Poster Project

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Short Story Poster Project

Directions: Working with a partner, create a poster based on your knowledge of the literary elements of a short story and “The Cask of Amontillado”.

Part 1: Five Stages of Plot Diagram

  • Draw a diagram of the 5 stages of plot

  • Describe each stage of plot in “The Cask of Amontillado” by explaining the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution in several sentences each.

Part 2: Mood

  • Find TWO quotes (lines) that effectively convey the “mood” of the story

  • Explain the quotes in your own words and describe the mood and how it enhances the plot in that particular part of the story.

Part 3: Characterization

  • Indirect Characterization: Find a quote that demonstrates indirect characterization of Montresor & Fortunato. (So find 2 separate quotes). Then briefly describe what your quotes teach the reader about both of these characters. Make sure to use proper in-text citation at the end of your quote.

Ex: “Quote” (Poe 87) or for each consecutive quote, just the page #: (87)

Part 4: Imagery

  • Quote 3 phrases/sentences from the story that convey vivid imagery

  • Include a citation at the end of each quote.

  • Include an illustration of an object or symbol within the story that goes along with the imagery you quoted.

Part 5: Symbolism

  • Draw and describe TWO symbols within the story. Explain what both symbols represent in the story.

Part 6: Irony

  • Find an example of “Verbal Irony” based on words/phrases that either Montresor or Fortunato say to one another. *Hint-Think about whether or not the characters actually mean what they say- hence verbal irony!

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