Short Story Revision Checklist! Directions

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Short Story Revision Checklist!


  1. Choose a partner and email your rough draft to that person.

  2. Be prepared to mark up this person’s paper with your highlighter tool/text boxes.

  3. Revise the paper, using the points below.

  4. Email the person back his/her paper, with comments/directions.

  5. Have a conversation with that person if there are questions or points needing clarification.

Things to identify:

  • Are there areas in need of more detail (“show, don’t tell)?

  • Identify these areas by writing SHOW.”

  • Highlight areas where you have described the personality of your character, whether through appearance, actions, thoughts, or speech.

  • If you feel like there are unanswered questions about your characters, setting, or plot, mark the area of your draft where you could answer with a question mark and note. (example: character? )

  • Is the setting well-identified?

  • Place a star (★) on your draft where you currently define the setting.

  • Place a star with a circle around it (✪) where you want to add setting details.

  • Is the mood and tone useful to the story?
  • At the end of your story write three sentences that describe the mood. Be sure to specifically explain how the mood is conveyed in your story (word choice, etc.).

  • How does the plot work? Is enough attention focused on each part of the plot?

  • Identify your favorite part of the plot by underlining it. Write a short note by this underlined portion as to why this if your favorite part of the plot.

  • Is the climax a climax? Does it effectively build tension and create the “turning point” in the main conflict of your story?

  • Mark this area with “CLIMAX” and mark notes about what you would change/add.

  • Is the story realistic?

  • Explain how at the beginning of the draft.

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