Short story text: features and structure

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Short story text: features and structure

This summary table shows the different features of most short stories. Only Ten follows this pattern.

Add some more information from the story in the boxes in the third column to demonstrate you have understood the structure of the story.

Plot structure

Explanation of the plot structure

Examples from Only ten


The story starts with a situation or orientation.

Briefly introduces the characters and setting.

Gets straight into the story. Opening sentence grabs the reader’s attention.

‘We called him The Shah at first …’     


An event or character changes the situation.

Something happens to change the situation.

This section is usually short.

Pearl becomes friends with The Shah.


Rising action

Events unfold to increase the tension.

This is the longest section of the story.

The suspense, pace and tension increase.

The events give clues about the ending but do not reveal it.


Climax (there may not be a climax in other stories)

The highest point in the story; all the events have been leading up to this.

At the swimming pool, Hussein …


Resolution (there may not be a resolution)

The end creates the impact.

This could be:

- a twist

- a conclusion that explains the clues along the way

- an open-ending with a number of possible resolutions to explain the clues.


Features and structure: Only Ten

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