Short Story Unit Summative Assignment Grade 9 Academic English Write a Short Story task

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Short Story Unit Summative Assignment

Grade 9 Academic English

Write a Short Story
TASK: Using what you have learned about short stories over the past couple of weeks, you will write a flash fiction piece (1000 words or less) of your own, that makes a thoughtful statement on some aspect of the human experience as you see it. You may write the story independently or with one other person, however each student needs to complete brainstorming activities independently. Find some good examples of flash fiction here:
DATE DUE: The final good copy will be due on Thursday Sept. 27th, 2012. However, there will be numerous points leading up to this deadline in which you will be expected to have portions of the assignment done and these checks will make up portion of the assignment’s mark. (ie. Proposal,Pre-Writing graphic organizer, rough draft, draft with peer edits)

  • Your story must be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 5 pages. The assignment must be typed using size 12 font and double spaced.

  • Your story must have ONLY one main character
  • Your story must have a minimum of ONE and a maximum of 3 supporting characters

  • Your story must clearly fit on a plot graph (contain all 6 sections of a plot)

  • Your story can include effectively constructed dialogue

  • Your story must clearly include at least one of the types of conflict

  • Your story must make clear use of one of the following techniques: flashback, foreshadowing, suspense, symbolism or irony (must specify which type on your proposal)

  • Attach the rubric to your final copy and don’t forget to choose a creative and or appropriate title.

Sept. 20th - Topic brainstorming and proposal due

Sept. 24thPre-writing for setting, character and plot due

Sept. 26th – Rough Draft due (Peer editing must be completed in class today)

Sept. 27th – Final Polished Copy of Short Story due

ENG 1D ~ Short Story Proposal
Student Name(s):__________________________

Teacher Approval:________________________
After having completed your “Creative Writing Short Story Brainstorm” sheet, summarize your story using the following format. Your short story and character brainstorm activities should also be included with your proposal.

The story is about a                 _________________________

[brief description of main character - introduction]

who ______________________________________________

[action or predicament which initiates plot – the inciting action]

because____________________________________________                           [motivation]

but                 ________________________________________

[conflict; difficulty or obstacle main character faces – rising action]
so   ________________________________________________

[decision made in an attempt to resolve the conflict– crisis]
which leads to_________________________________________

[highest point of interest in the plot – climax]

and finally finishes with __________________________________

[plot/conflict resolution, ending]

which shows___________________________________________

Proposal is due : Thursday Sept 20th
Good Copy is due : Thursday Sept. 27th

English 1D ~ Short Story Creative Writing Assignment

Peer Editing Checklist









The setting, main characters, and mood are introduced in a clear and interesting format that makes the reader want to keep reading.

Inciting Incident
The story contains a clear inciting incident in which the conflict in the story begins and the plot “takes off”

Rising Action
The conflict is elaborated upon in an interesting and logical fashion.
The action continues to build through the use of detailed/descriptive writing.

There is a clear point in the story in which the protagonist is forced to make a decision, and the result of this decision leads to the climax.

There is a clear climax which is both a major turning point in the story as well as the story’s highest point of interest.


There is a clear and well-thought out ending to the story that “fits” one of the three types of endings (denouement, ironic twist or climactic)

Overall Creativity and Effort Title is appropriate and original. Characters are unique and well named. Instructions are followed and creativity and effort is demonstrated in the story.


The story has at least two main characters
Each character is very well developed. They are detailed, realistic and believable
Each character serves a clear purpose in the story


The conflict in the story is focussed on an important struggle faced by the protagonist

The conflict serves a clear purpose in the story



The author effectively used dialogue and or description to both further the plot as well as reveal more information about the characters.


The author made clear use of at least one of the following techniques: flashback, foreshadowing, suspense, irony, or symbolism.

The author has used this technique to enhance the story.


The author has provided clear evidence of sufficient brainstorming and editing through the use of provided graphic organizers and several rough drafts.


The good copy of the story is free from spelling, grammatical, and sentence errors (run-ons, fragments, comma splices, etc.)

TOTAL No. of each level EARNED

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