Shows of a Particular Decade or Decade(s) Songs of a Musical Style or Genre

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Claude McNeal Original Cabaret Productions

1974 - 2012

Shows of a Particular Decade or Decade(s) Songs of a Musical Style or Genre

Best Songs of the 20th Century! A Country Western Cabaret

Charles A. Lindbergh versus the Roaring Twenties Jazz & Dixieland

Decades: 150 Years of American Music Streetcorner Harmony: From Doo Wop to Motown

Decades II Streetcorner Harmony Part II

The Turn of the Century Swing! Swing! Swing!

The Roaring Twenties

The Thirties Specialty & Novelty Shows

The Forties A Few Good Politicians

Happy Days Are Here Again: Music of the 1930s and '40s Amazing Gospel!

The Fabulous Fifties American Heartland

Old Time Rock 'n' Roll Part 1: Music from the 1950s & '60s Cabaret Bandstand

Old Time Rock 'n' Roll Part 2: Classic Rock Music from 1963 – 1974 Cabaret Street Song

The Sixties Cabaret’s Top 40

1968 Come A Little Closer: An Evening With Divas

The Seventies: The Way We Are Comedie Cabaret

The Seventies: The Way We Were Condo Man

The Eighties: We Fell in Love for Investment Purposes Country Roads, City Streets

A 90’s Cabaret: The Last Decade of Innocence French Cabaret Masters

Millennium! Give Me That New Time Religion

I Am of Ireland

Composer Shows Indy In Revue: The Story of Indianapolis

America’s Best Composers Late Great Billion Dollar Movie

A Tribute to Stephen Sondheim Lead Ins …

American Cabaret Theatre Salutes Andrew Lloyd Webber May Madness: A Musical Salute to the Indy 500!

The World of Jacques Brel Painting the Universe: How the Humanities Shape

Bernstein's Broadway Our World

The Charm of Irving Berlin Reflections on 9/11

Cole & Noel: The Music of Cole Porter and Noel Coward Rock Legends

Gershwin Time & The Livin' Is Easy Rockspell: The Gospel According to Rock

The Immortal Hoagy Carmichael Sensual Excuses

Jerome Kern: The Original Broadway Genius Songs of Brecht

This Joint is Jumpin': Fats Waller & Eubie Blake Summer Lovin’

Just One of Those Things: A Musical Celebration of the Life and Genius of Cole Porter

Luck Be A Lady: The Enchanting Music of Frank Loesser Take This Job …Songs of the American Workplace

Kurt Weill: From “Mack the Knife” to “September Song” Talk Show

The P.T. Barnum Show

Broadway/Hollywood Related Musicals The Rise and Fall of the Andrews Sisters

The Best of Broadway Part I (1898 – 1956) Vaudeville Troupe

The Best of Broadway Part II (1956- 2005) Voices of A Generation

Broadway Now

Hollywood Musical Cabaret

Hollywood Nights Holiday Shows

American Broadway Musical (high school version) A Cabaret Christmas (various)

A Christmas Cabaret: Home for the Holidays

Anniversary Shows A Christmas Carol: The New Musical

The Best of Cabaret Theatre A Country Western Christmas

The Best of Cabaret Theatre Part 1 A Tale of Scrooge

The Best of Cabaret Theatre Part 2 Holiday Cabaret (various)

Scrooge’s Cabaret

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