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A screening of the classic film with subtitles on-screen so you can sing along to every word
Especially for the family audience, the producers of Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music bring you a show exploding with energy and fun.
Based on the latest instalment of the High School Musical series, this action-packed show bursts with singing and dancing and, as usual, YOU ARE THE STARS.
With free goody bags, fancy dress and our live host to lead you through al the magic moments, you are guaranteed a great time. But it’s when you, the audience, take over that the fun really begins!
High School Musical 3 tells the story of Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) in their senior year struggling with the idea of being separated from one another as college approaches. Along with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a musical to address their experiences, hopes and fears about the future.
Dress up as Troy, Gabriella, Tiara Gold or (if you’re really boring Troy’s dad Jack) and be Top of the Class…

Another smash hit show from the team who brought you Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music, Sing-a-long-a Abba, Sing-a-long-a Joseph and Sing-a-long-a Hairspray.
Ideal for all ages.

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