Sinha pa all doordarshan programme staff will not participate in the agitation organised by programme staff association of all india radio


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anonymous New Year Resolution - I will not waste my time replying to backdoor entries. January 1, 2009 9:28 PM

pvp Shout!i am a trex with 15 years of ambition is to become a trex of 33 years service in single post.u can revert any pex or asd or sd in AIR.but u can not revert a trex.dear sirs.i am proud of ur administration of staff career.keep it up January 1, 2009 11:45 PM

sinha pa anonymous apca naam isa hai isliye apca future isa hai. sach nahi acha kaam nahi aur organisationka pyar nahi. anonymous is always anonymous at shout box at service and at home too. always without justice. January 2, 2009 7:00 AM

T Rex PVP, Thats trying to" B+ve" in ur outlook.Happy & Positive New Year to everyone shouting.... January 2, 2009 8:10 AM

T Rex Prasant, Dont be dissappointed for not receiving a reply. People are still ponderin over it cuz its constructive and difficult to adopt and adapt......Using dialogue and restraint ( withot blowing off our top) we can do what you suggested. At our station we have begun HAPPY NEW YEAR .Prashants comment "dear psa friends,it is very unfortunate to visit this guestbook.i could see only my comments posted one week ago.nobody responded so far means this e-connect user friendly tool of our site has no use.xchanging comments,views,and criticism is catalyst for growth.but..but..anyway i wish a very happy new year to all my psa friends especially my central committee. Previous post of Prasaat "dear prog staff of psa there is no use of criticising of the main issues before psa central committee is(i think)that psa lacks the complete data base and whereabouts of psa members for proper and timely compilation and submission.under RTI act and thru other sources let us try to collect maximum data from all stations ans post everything in our website.past is past.we lost our seniority and time bound promotion.act from this zero leave some hope at a far end otherwise all will perish after 20 years due to frustration. i have some points to share u all 1)pl reduce no of programmes to reduce our workload.hreavy prog production with a handfull of prog staff shud be avoided in future. 2)find time to discuss among psa members about service matters by leaving all planning and production activities at least twice a week. 3)almost all stations have personally conflicting programme staff.full of hatred and unermining shud be discussed in the unit itself. January 2, 2009 8:17 AM

anonymous Doctors say new year resolutions are a strain on mental health! January 2, 2009 11:17 AM

Name any dear president resign your level of corruption and false personal selfish motive and you tryinng to fool other is not hidden, better sit in your own home and try to lern some production work then play dirty poitics and policies, you deserve to be the best worst selfish psa member January 2, 2009 4:09 PM

Sanjay kumar January 02, 2009 - 05:28 PM sanjay kumar Friends there is some good news as the direct recruit PEXs with four years service are to be fixed in the next grade pay of Rs.5400. We shall be uploading the order to night. However our demand for ACP with arrears as per the pay commission recomendation shall continue. January 2, 2009 8:33 PM

pvp dear president,pl clarify the benefits received by upsc pexes with 4 years of it ACP? January 2, 2009 9:59 PM

venky KUDOS to PSA. HAPPY NEWYEAR to AUPOs, atleast for now their carnal desire will be satiated for the time being - if not for long! I believe the above revision is based on the 6th Pay commission's recommendations. Mr.Prez, what about poor TREX(permanent), PEX (REVERTED), (I/C), (ADHOC), (PROBATIONER), (REGULAR) ? ACP apart, what about the much promised elusive 7500/- scale for these forlon guys by the 6th Pay Commission as in the case of others in various ministries? why this fractured verdict by Prasar Bharati - divide n rule? THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. EITHER EVERY ONE GETS THEIR DUE SHARE OR NONE. PSA SHOULD PUT THEIR FOOT DOWN AND SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS. TIME FOR REAL STATEMANSHIP~~~~~~ January 2, 2009 10:30 PM

ganesh ANOTHER C & P - January 02, 2009 - 11:02 PM prasanth kumar trex AIR KANNUR DEAR PSA FRIENDS, pl clarify the following if anybody knows 1)some prog staff are working hard to reach commercial targets.majority simply coming and going,spending our funds lavishly.all r treated praise no incentives for better marketing is not a concern for majority.then y this comedy show? 2)trexes are vanishing species.majority of FM LRS stations run with one or two trexes.he has to do both duty room and section.if he is sincere in programming,his life will b tied in the studios.In the present scenario,duty room relevence lost.then y this comedy show? 3)a trex has to do many double duties for which he is denied comp off as he has to shoulder the presentation and production of demand, we shud move for overtime allowance(i know trex has crossed OT limit) 4)there is regular recruitment of EAs. but SSC deny trex recruitment saying that prasarbharathi has constituted its own rectmt board.if so y EAs are being recruited still does the rule favour engg cadre? 5 many stations engage casual comperers and regular announcers as duty officers in trex absence.y this illigal practice?shud system go like this for ever? 6)many stations engage the planning and production duties(duty of pex)to announcers and put senior trexes in duty room as duty officers.y this insult? 7)when a pex is on leave or transferred and if nobody substituted,can this duty be given to announcers instead of trexes? 8)what legal and certified sound editing software is permissible in AIR STATION.many station s use and practice different editing there any centralised policy? 9)let us stop duty room and the so called useless logging work.try to rename all trexes as pexes and erase the designation trex. 10)sanctioning of 'news service to pvt FMs.sanctioning of no og PVT FMs.hwat shud be AIR's strategy? 11)who is marketing officer in AIR?IF IT IS A PEX .is there any claim for a pex to hold that post?can v expect marketing division to ... January 3, 2009 7:55 AM

ganesh Prasanth's post raises many questions. But as far as no.1 that happens not only in AIR but in most of the offices, mainly government. As for point 9 I have an idea - For a RTI question regarding manning of transmission AIR Chennai replied that as long as there is an announcer/EA for a channel it cannot be called unmanned even if there is no DO. At AIR Chennai most of the permanent announcers deflect heavy & inconvenient work to casuals saying that they have put in enough service to do less/easy work which argument our office has accepted and accommodated. In the above circumstances it will be best to put them in the duty room and promote all the existing trexs as pexs for which they will all be eligible by now. So the programme cadre can start from pexs. Any criticism friends :hammer: January 3, 2009 8:27 AM

Name Yogesh kanava, Happy New year to all PSA members. We hope that this year we will get a lot what we wish. January 3, 2009 1:34 PM

T Rex Prashant has raised some points that shows the inefficiency of the programme admn .not to look square in the eye and solve anomalies.The conscientious ones suffers.Becoming a Pex will not solve problems neither getting an increase....Why settle for little ? Lets take what is due to us ,not comparing with other cadres...... January 3, 2009 5:58 PM

S.B.Singh, MATHURA MOST IMPORTANT---KIND ATTENTION PRESIDENT AND GEN SEC PSA. there is an order issued by haryana central exise commissioner for fixing the grade pay of an inspector who has recieved ACP based on clarification dated 30.10.2008 issued by ministry of finance the grade pay has been fixed Rs 5400. Ifeel that this case could be model example for TREx case regarding ACP. As we know that earlier inpector of income tax was in grade 1640-2900 then in 5th pay commission it has revised 5500--9000 then upgraded to 6500--10500 by the govt. in this case this income tax inspector has got ACP 7500--12000. this ACP frade is of Income Tax Officer 7500--12000 Group b gazzeted. NOW our case is of similar nature Trex scale 1400-2600, revised in 5th pay commission to 5000--8000, then up graded to 6500-10500. PEX 6500-10500 to similar to income tax officer . In this case acp has been granted after upgradation i.e. 6500-10500 to 7500-12000 to inspector of income tax group c non gazzedted. It is therefore clear that Our ministry denial to acp for TRex and Pex Is fully injustice. PSA PRESIDENT SHOULD GET ORDER No 22//2/2008-IC dated 30.10.2008 MIn of finance. All mater shold be viewed on January 3, 2009 7:14 PM

Name vvv This is the extract of the order ! F.No.22/2/2008-IC.II Government of India Ministry of Expenditure Implementation CELL New Delhi, the30 October,2008 Subject-Application of Shri Rajiv Kumar Shrivastava under RTI Act. With reference to the RTI Cell's UO No.3(207)/2008-RTI dated 14th October,2008, the applicant may be informed that (1) Four years of regular service rendered in the pre-revised scale of Rs.7500-12500 will counted from the date of promotion in this grade. (2) As on 1.1.2006 a Government servant's pay will be fixed in the scale of in which he was placed on that day irrespective of the fact that the scale was granted to him on regular promotion or under ACP. (3) Government's decision regarding the introduction of the modified ACP Scheme is to be implemented by DOPT. 2. This issues with the approval of Director(IC). (Renu Karkkar) Under Secretary(IC-II) January 3, 2009 7:59 PM

S.B.Singh, MATHURA Thanks vvv to given extract of said memo.Now we are going to put our case also under RTI toMIB ,DG AIR, DOPT AND MINISTRY OF FINANCE. January 4, 2009 10:18 AM

pvp most of psa members are unaware of this online communication site.they simply click site and see any fresh orders posted.beyond that they dont know how to enter into shoutbox and guest book. January 4, 2009 11:42 PM

prasanthtrex is there any solution to block outsders entering into this shout box.can we log in with our life membership and our own password. January 4, 2009 11:45 PM

Guru Well..Friends....What is happening to the dpc of pex to jts...? Does any body have the list of promotees...? When is this going to happen..? January 5, 2009 7:41 AM

Name naren how direct recruit pexs alone get the higher grade pay. its against natural justice and legality.two grades in the same post1 Definitely we will go to court to stall that order .How these are superior? January 5, 2009 11:21 AM

Name naren why psa approve such a suicidal brokering? Sanjaykumar must apologize for extolling that as soomething great. January 5, 2009 11:23 AM

vinod Friends, if any body has the copy of the order upgrading the grade pay of PEX to 5400 please scan and mail me at January 5, 2009 12:16 PM

kamlesh_mishra hi friends ! in response to naren's post, i'ld like to express my observations regarding the latest leadership.One amongst this panel is yet to enter the arena.Our President is too innocent and gentleman to be the leader of an association.whether knowingly or innocently his gestures are like an ` plant, probably planted by some......leave it. nothing to say( l'm trying to be positive...!). yes, one thing i wanted to express in response to the post by prasanth kumar trex AIR KANNUR (Ced & Ped by Gannubhai), he says-"9)let us stop duty room and the so called useless logging work".Dear prasanth, if we forget our frustations for a few moment, fill our lungs with cool breeze of this beautiful winter and think, we recall the times when this beloved organisation of ours was conceptualised,a place namely DUTY ROOM was thought of as an intrinsic part of it's design. The learned person known as DUTY OFFICER(nowadays lovingly known amongs announcers as DOg...errr...DOji !) was imagined to sit in this room with his/her EARS listening to the sounds streaming out of the radio set, BRAIN analyzing the content keeping in view the AIR Code and the aesthetics of the locale and HANDS grading and reporting the quality. In other words Duty Room was visualised as the Quality Control Room.Unfortunately the present decision makers have listened the buzz of the song known as 'marketing' but are ignoring the accompanying esseintial melody of quality.You rightly said, there is no need of DUTY ROOM in present scenario.SENSES SHOULD SINK BEFORE DEATH.( cant remain positive for long...hufff) January 5, 2009 4:24 PM

Name pex Shout! a cameraman in the scale of 6500 has got the 8000 scale on completion of 12 years. but a pex with 20 years of service should not get the 5400 grade pay. great .keep it up January 5, 2009 5:55 PM

ganesh I enquired with our president and happy to inform our friends that the 5400 gp applies to all pexs with 4 years regular service. January 5, 2009 6:28 PM


Wow What about poor Trexs,Pexs with 5 days working a blessing in disguise with firstly stepping up now 5400 gp no need of ACP now but Trex is still suffering some of them begging for 4600 gp which is totally wrong if one has to beg please beg for 4800 gp while 4600gp is corressponding to SEA SCALE while A Trex should correspond to Pex in case of Acp w r t 4800 GP. January 5, 2009 8:00 PM

Wow Recently regularised adhoc Pex(206) won't get the 5400 gp as their adhoc service is not counted by the directorate which is great mockery by our deptt? January 5, 2009 8:06 PM

Wow Shout!Shout'shout,shout!shout!shout!cry!cry!weep!weep!please!please!please!please!please!beg!beg!pray!pray!for ACP for POOR TREXs Who Are Suffering With 4200 Gp While Their next Step counterparts going to be blessed with 5400 gp Congrats to them but think seriously about Poor but strong pillars of programme hierarchy? January 5, 2009 8:17 PM

kamlesh_mishra Wow, pls dont shout, dont cry, dont weep, neither please, beg or pray to anyone, not even the almighty...... just accept....that Tr.Ex. cadre is DEAD. Also accept (u all up there) that Tr.Ex. is synonymous to AKASHWANI. January 5, 2009 8:49 PM

S.B.Singh, MATHURA wowji kyon ro rahe ho insan ki pahchan bure vaqt main hoti hai.jeetna hai to jago rules aur law ke adhar par lado .jajwati hoker apna hosala mat khoeye.hamare seniors ne kahi rule lagoo nahi hone diya isiliya aaj hamai rona pad raha hai.Trex bhi 5400 ki grade pay ke haqdar hai kaise to fact janiyae mere shout main. thanks. January 5, 2009 10:16 PM

S.B.Singh, MATHURA wowji kyon ro rahe ho insan ki pahchan bure vaqt main hoti hai.jeetna hai to jago rules aur law ke adhar par lado .jajwati hoker apna hosala mat khoeye.hamare seniors ne kahi rule lagoo nahi hone diya isiliya aaj hamai rona pad raha hai.Trex bhi 5400 ki grade pay ke haqdar hai kaise to fact janiyae mere shout main. thanks. January 5, 2009 10:19 PM

prasanth struggle thus begins.for these days,fight was against injustice done to us by dept as a that british principle came into force.divide pexes as promotees and upsc and rule .sit outside and watch them fighting eachother for grade pay 5400.sorry,i am not bothering as a trex bekoz nothing will happen to my future.transfer,promotion reversion ACP nothing.again,nobody will ask me(to all trexes)to work.ganesh says all regular pexes get 5400 gp.otherwise,pl teach me the difference between pex work by upsc pex(5400) and pex work by promotee pex.(4600) my prayer is let the almighty promote all pexes to ASDs.all trexes to pexes.stop trex cadre.lock dutyroom for ever.after 3 years ,let allASDs become SDs,all pex becomeASDs,(adhoc or I/C ,yes our greatest achievement is this I/C status.)then stop pex cadre also.dear friends,these are comedy shows friends,pl post ur commends with readable words,dont abuse our colleques with bad,substandard words.thank u January 5, 2009 11:04 PM

venky Lal Salaam to my comrades S.B.SINGH & VVV (probably from the Silent Valley): THANKS for ur undying spirit - vvv has done gr8 job by unearthing this order.F.No.22/2/2008-IC.II Government of India Ministry of Expenditure Implementation CELL New Delhi, the 30 October,2008 - As on 1.1.2006 a Government servant's pay will be fixed in the scale of in which he was placed on that day irrespective of the fact that the scale was granted to him on regular promotion or under ACP. Mr.President this is a fit case for all our issues. Please take this up on war footing and rest not, till this issue is resolved. no more pleading, begging, crying, weeping, shouting only action. immediately issue ultimatum and prepare all your ammunition for the final assault January 5, 2009 11:15 PM

venky Mr.Prez, why r u hesitating to going on flash strike? whats stopping u from taking a bold step? we the members will rally around u. as long as we think about our personal agendas, we will head nowhere. when so many of our friends are trying to help in whatever form (like references, orders, RTI, court directives, etc). its ur responsibility to pickup the threads and build up the case on these leads, but alas! Leave alone taking it up seriously, the PSA guys dont even bother to clarify even simple things when this forum is at everyone's disposal. NOW r NEVER otherwise the history will not forgive anyone of us. January 5, 2009 11:30 PM

ganesh I think my clarification needs clarification. All pexs means direct as well as promotee pexs with 4 years regular service will get 5400 gp. Of course this leaves poor adhoc, IC, reverted pexs by the wayside. January 5, 2009 11:40 PM

PPP PL CLARIFY THE 5400 ORDER January 6, 2009 11:48 AM

PSA, COIMBATORE PSA, COIMBATURE UNIT in full house has proposed and resolved that the Central Leadership of PSA must reaffirm the demands already put forth and must come out more with visible demonstration of unity and aggressive action like mass strikes and subsequent gains or atleast some semblance of immediate results only will then induce members to contribute. The members have expressed their willingness to build up the fund within a short time (notwithstanding the demands of AUPO members regarding Review DPC & Combined Seniority List) - PSA has job on hand . January 6, 2009 4:46 PM

NameAnonymous Please all vigilant commrades visit where fixation order of a central excise Inspector is published An Inspector was Given ACP from 6500-10500 to 7500-12000 and after that 4 yrs of continuous service that fellow was fixed in the GP of 5400/- GREAT EYE OPENER BUT WHO WILL BELL THE CAT Dooogs? January 6, 2009 5:02 PM

NameAnonymous An employee after upgradation through ACP from 6500 to 7500 will be given 5400 GP its 6th pay commissions reccommendations no doubts about it. January 6, 2009 5:06 PM

NameAnonymous corrigendum: An employee after ACP from 6500 to 7500 will be given GP of 5400 after 4 years of continuous service in the GP of 4800. January 6, 2009 5:08 PM


Wow Jai Bhootnath ki! January 6, 2009 7:07 PM

T Rex Expect some Rebirth to take place too............... January 6, 2009 9:30 PM

Wow Every employee working in 5000-8000 placed in 9300-38400 GP 4200 SO PARITY IS RESTORED AMONG ALL BUT ACP IS NOT RESTORED even announcers,instrumentalist will get more GP THAN TREX & PAs President must wake up tell us latest and further course of action DPCs are Distant Dream but Fixation of Trexs Pas not Rectified then we will loose the battle forever! January 7, 2009 9:16 AM

Gladiator Late MR.OBITUARY, our final rites have already been performed the day we have all played into the hands of PSA. From now on, only death anniversaries will be observed subject to our brethen remain alive to the situation. Our predecessors (since the concept of successors is redundant) must be turning in their graves! CONTRIBUTIONS CAN BE UNEARTHED FROM ALL DEAD MEN'S CHESTS. Amen!January 7, 200910:16 AM
anonymous The problem for prog staff can be overcome only if we throw away our conscience. We should stop doing extra work just because our conscience less officers ask us to. They are concerned only with earning good name from the dte. We should even stop our voluntary contribution.January 7, 200910:25 AM

T Rex I wonder how we all got tricked into believing the lie of working with "voluntary contribution with good conscience" --------- a pan indian phenomenon seen among trexes and some pexes.This is to no avail seeing the outcome of pex i/c case treatment by the dte. How can we go on suffering injustice and do programmes being the voice of the voiceless.....? ( flagship) Are we self demeaning our worth? Should psa or the individual stand guard on our worth ? Arent we fighting against each other locally , cadrewise, regionwise, sectionwise, studiowise, shiftduty wise , casual wise....cant go down deeper...and forgetting the bigger cause? No wonder when the eternal languish is thrown upon our face . We sold our birthright for a servin of porridge....TODAY let us stand together and resist damaging moves....from this first day of islamic calendar..becuz once again we can make resolutions::::::::::: Muharram :It is the first month of the Islamic calendar. Instead of joyous celebration, Muslims mark the beginning of the New Year by taking up the black attire of sorrow and participate in mourning gatherings in which the sacrifices of Husayn and his companions are commemorated.It is one of the four months of the year in which fighting is prohibited. Muharram is so called because it was unlawful to fight during this month; the word is derived from the word ‘haram’ meaning forbidden. It is held to be the most sacred of all the months, to recall the righteous virtues for which the valiant martyrs stood and the grave calamities that they thus had to bear. Great India !! Great Programming --generating content..January 7, 200911:35 AM
Guru See what is happening via pramod mehtha.... To The Public Information Officer, Prasar Bharati,/upsc/mib New Delhi 1. Name of the Applicant PROGRAMME STAFF WELFARE ASSOCIATION OF AIR & DOORDARSHAN (Regd.) 2. Address: ROOM NO. 11, B.H. ANNEXE, ALL INDIA RADIO, DELHI 110001 3.Particulars of information:. (a) Concerned Department: MIB/ AIR/DD (b) Particulars of information required: Permission to inspect files wherein information sought below are asked. I. Whether it is true that as per the outcome of a Cabinet decision of March 1982, and MIB order No. 45011/26/80-B(A) dt 3rd May 1982 , certain categories of then existing non performing staff artists who had not attained the age of 58 years on the cut off date of 28 th February 1982 would be encadered with the regular programme cadre in terms of their qualifications, experience and record of service and subject to their screening by a screening committee involving UPSC ? II. Whether it is true that as an outcome of the Cabinet decision of March 1982 to convert then existing staff artists into government servants, and encader certain categories in the regular programme cadre, the procedure for such conversion/encaderment , method of screening , committee to undertake screening and cut of date to consider staff artists was notified through gazette notifications called All India Radio (Group A Posts) Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 1984 and All India Radio (Group B Posts) Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 1984 both dated 23rd October , 1984. ? III) Whether it is true that the cut of date of 28 Feb 1982 or 6.3.1982 was clarified by the Hon’ble J&K High Court in SWP. No. 1261/1991 in the matter of Ashraf Lone v/s DG:AIR/MIB while ordering MIB/DG:AIR to review DPC of programme cadre involving erstwhile staff artists to the posts of Assistant Station Director from 6th March 1982 ? IV) Whether it is true as per cabinet decision of March 82 outlined in noting on F. No. 45011/83/82-B(A)) dt 3rd May 1982 , then existing staff artists in the category of Science Officers were equated with Programme Executives subject to screening ? V) Whether recruitment of persons in the name of non performing category of staff artists (a to n) specified in point no. X below are still being recruited at local level as on date? VI) Whether persons who were locally recruited in AIR/DD as Science Officers were recruited with higher minimum qualification than Programme Executive (Science ) recruited through UPSC vide notified RRs of 23. 10.1984 ? VII) While superseding the cabinet decision of March 1982 /and recruiting persons in the name of Producers, Science Officers, Reference Officers etc, locally after 6.3.1982 , whether officials of AIR / Doordarshan /MIB checked from the UPSC if those persons being appointed locally had ever applied to UPSC for the post of Programme Executive /Assistant Station Director and if so, whether they had been found unfit for appointment by the UPSC ? VIII) Whether it is true that subsequent to Ministry of Information & Broadcasting order No. 45011/26/80-B(A) dt 3rd May 1982 , the Ministry further vide order no. 45011/29/91-B(A) dated 29th November 1991 also deemed staff artists who were appointed after 6th March 1982 as Government servants ? IX) Please provide copy of AIR/DD notified recruitment rules by which persons recruited in the name of producers, science officers etc after 28th February 1982 or 6th March 1982 were deemed as Government servants retrospectively and further encadered in the regular programme cadre such as Programme Executive and Assistant Station Director, Station Director etc retrospectively ? X) Kindly provide as per proforma A given below , the true information and details regarding all categories of contractual staff artists given below who were in service in All India Radio and Doordarshan as on 6.3 . 82 in view of placing factual position of the true status of erstwhile staff artists in the matter of review DPC of Programme Cadre pending in the Supreme Court from 6.3.82 to Dec 1989 and review DPC under Contempt in the Principal Bench of CAT, New Delhi from 5th Nov 1990 onwards. a) Chief Producer, b) Dy. Chief Producer, c) Senior Producer, d) Sports Programme Organiser, e) Producer Selection Grade, f) Science Officer, g) Producer Grade I , h)Translator i) Editor (Scripts) j) Editor k)Producer l)Producer Grade II (all categories) m) Reference Officer n) Assistant . Editor (All categories) o) Script Writers p) Production Assistant (All categories) q) Property Assistant r) Floor Manager s) Assistant (Foreign Languages ) t) Farm Radio Reporter u) Field Reporter The required details of the abovementioned categories of staff artists as on 6.3.1982 may be given in the proforma detailed below (category wise)_. Proforma A Category of erstwhile Staff Artist: _____________________ Name/ Designation of erst -while Staff Artist as on 6.3.1982 . Designat-ion of erstwhile staff artist as on today . (In case of retired persons indicate designation at the time of retirement.) . Fee Scale as on 6.3.1982 Qualification of staff artist as on 6.3.1982 Date of Joining in AIR/DD along with all designations held prior to 6.3.1982 Date and details of all changes in designation after 6.3.1982 . Details of notified statutory rules applied for change in designation after 6.3.82 along with reasons recorded on file for change in such designations . Details of Post/ Designation placed by MIB/AIR/ DD before screening committee headed by UPSC as specified in Group A & B notification of 23.10. 1984 XI) . Kindly provide as per Proforma B , the names of persons who were recruited as contractual employees in All India Radio and Doordarshan with the following designations of erstwhile staff artists after 6.3.1982 . a) Chief Producer, b) Dy. Chief Producer, c) Senior Producer, d) Sports Programme Organiser, e) Producer Selection Grade, f) Science Officer, g) Producer Grade I , h)Translator i) Editor (Scripts) k) Editor k)Producer l)Producer Grade II (all categories) m) Reference Officer Details may be given (categorywise) in the proforma given below . Proforma B Category of Staff Artist: _____________________ Name of person Recru-ited in categories (a to m) specified above after 6.3. 1982 alongwith date of recruitment and designation then. Designation of such persons as on today . (In case of retired persons indicate designation at the time of retirement.) Details of advertisement for recruitment after 6.3.1982 published in newspapers . If, so date and details of publication. Date of Joining in AIR/DD alongwith / Fee Scale and qualification at the time of joining of such persons Details of Cabinet Approval taken to encader such person recruited after 6.3.82 in regular programme cadre Date on which each of these persons recruited after 6.3.1982 were made Govt servants (Please specify notified rule, order number and date of issue of such order) Probation period details with notified rules clause along with dates of police verification of each of these persons . Date of Encaderement in the programme cadre of each of such persons recruited after 6/3/82 . (Please also specify order number and date of issue of such order). . XII. Please provide certified copy of staff artist lists for encaderment in programme cadre that was placed before the screening committee involving UPSC as per Cabinet decision of March 1982 and Group A and B rules of 1984. XIII. Please provide the copy of the decision of the screening committee involving UPSC, regarding encaderment of certain categories of then existing staff artists into Group A and B Programme cadre in terms of Cabinet decision of March 1982 and Group A and B rules of 1984 ? XIV. Designation and post held by Science Officers Dr K.B. Gopalan, , Smt Aparna Aparna Vaish(DDG i/c ) DD, Hrishikesh Pani (DDG i/c) AIR and Kum Deepa Chandra as (Sr.Director) DDK as on 6.3.1982 ? XV. Copy of contracts and recruitment rules by which Dr K.B. Gopalan, , Smt Aparna Vaish, Hrishikesh Pani and Kum Deepa Chandra were recruited as Science Officers in AIR/DD along with their date of recruitment as Science Officers ? XVI. Copy of last contracts issued/ signed by Dr K.B. Gopalan, , Smt Aparna Vaish, Hrishikesh Pani and Kum Deepa Chandra as contractual Science Officers with details of of issuing authority? XVI) Details of statutory RRs /and clause therein by which Dr K.B. Gopalan, , Smt Aparna Vaish, Hrishikesh Pani and Kum Deepa Chandra were promoted as Asst. Station Director ? XVII) Copy of relevant files containing details/Documents of screening of erstwhile contractual staff artists (Group A, Group B and Group C) by UPSC as prescribed in the scheme of 6.3.1982 and statutory rules promulgated on 23.10.1984. ? XVIII) Names /Details of then existing non performing category of contractual staff artists of (Group A, Group B and Group C) who have not been screened as per the 6.3.1982 scheme & notified RRs of 1984 ? XIX) Details of all then (6-3-1982) existing non performing category of contractual staff artists who were not having the basic minimum qualification of Post Graduation prescribed for Programme Executive in the 1984 Group B recruitment rules but encaderd in Programme cadre higher than PEX or encadred as PEX ? XX) Details (Names/Kendra) of all Group C staff artists who were/are not graduates but have been encadered / promoted as PEXs . XXI) Whether All India Radio (Group A Posts) Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 1984 specifies five years regular service in the grade of Programme Executive/Programme Executive(Grade) for promotion to the post of Assistant Station Director? XXII) Whether UPSC , DG:AIR , DG:DD and MIB have taken into account five years regular service in the grade of Programme Executive/Programme Executive Grade while conducting DPCs/review DPC to promote staff artists such as Science Officers and Producer Grade I to the post of Assistant

Station Director ? XXIII) Date and Details of persons recruited by UPSC to Group A Posts after 5th Nov 1990 and details of RRs used /applied for such recruitment? XXIV) Other than 6/3/82 scheme whether any person have been encadered /included in the regular programme cadre. If so details including file notings may please be provided. XXV) Date and terms of last contract/including designation and details granted to staff artists who were included in the regular programme cadre after 6/3/82. XXVI) In terms of any NE/Kashmir schemes after 1982 and before 1993, how many persons were recruited in such Kashmir and NE packages? Please provide complete details with names and qualifications and relevant notified rules XXVII) File notings leading to the Presidents pleasure in terminating contract of science officers recruited after 6.3.1982 and converting them to government servants and retrospectively making them Assistant Sattion Director? 4. That aforesaid information and certified documents may please be given in electronic format by way of Data CD and supply it to me on payment of its cost. 5 I state that the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in the Right to Information Act, 2005 and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office. 6 A fee of Rs. __________ has been deposited Vide No. _ NO_______ dated ___________. Place : New Delhi Date: Signature for Applicant (President) Tel. No. (Office)01123715411/4530 9818294349January 7, 20094:32 PM

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