Sitting on top of the world

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There is a terrible story of a plane crash at an air show. A woman was on the wing and coming toward the cameras and as the plane turned, something happened and the other wing dipped and the plane nose dived very quickly, killing the pilot and the wing artist in a firey ball.
Before the crash, the announcer said that she is sitting on top of the world.
Five seconds later, she was in another world.
Perhaps that is what struck me, the extents to which we will go to feel like we are on top

of the world. Do we have to risk our lives to sit on top of the world?

Would you be surprised if I said that we could sit on top of the world at every second? Would it further surprise you if I said that in order to sit on top of our world every second, we have to totally sacrifice our sense of apparent separate identity in an independent world?
The only thing is, it is not life threatening to do so. Instead, it is life-giving and pleasurable. In fact it is the greatest pleasure there is to be had in this world. Why?
To understand, we must first accept fully that there is a Creator Who has made this world and everyone in it for a specific purpose. The next thing we have to accept is that following His ethical standards is the route to experiencing connection and the pleasure, the soul-felt pleasure, of that connection.

There is an inner muscle, a relationship, that grows and strengthens which becomes a new reference point for facing challenges as well as for taking positive creative actions. It is a place that no one can describe to anyone else. It is an experiential reality to which we cling with loyalty, a devekus, a sense of connection, in which whatever goals we set there are far more accessible than in the world as we see it, goals that are totally within our choice because they have to do with our own will, thought, speech and deed.

In a real sense, we are already sitting at the very bottom of Creation, in the lowest of the worlds, in the world where Hashem is totally hidden. That means our feet are walking on a substance that is spoken into existence at every moment by Hashem, and what fills our being is a soul that is contained not only within our body but is attached inwardly to worlds, and worlds and worlds beyond the world that our eyes see and our feet traverse. What animates us has existence simultaneously in other dimensions. And the Creator, who is outside of time, is the place of the entire world. Adom is Hashem’s first born child. All of mankind comes from Adom, without exception. All of mankind is here because the Creator wills it every moment.
So here we are, standing in this world with our feet on the ground and it is as if we are the people at bat for the generation. There were generations before and there will be generations after. We stand at the plate of life in this world and it is time for us to take a swing. What shall we do to show we comprehend who we are, who the Creator is, and what He expects of us? Each of us has a unique way of sitting on top of the world. We have a positive soul mission, the root of our positive desires. And we have something to fix, the root of all that challenges us. When we begin the inner journey to make new choices, choices that facilitate positive change in both directions, we begin to see the power of our soul.

The power of our soul is that it can be relied upon as the pathway of pleasure enhances our life simply for making choices consistent with what Hashem instructs us to do. When we use free will to choose the soul’s agenda, Hashem’s will becomes our will and determines our actions. we begin to live with a pleasure and a clarity we can build on for the rest of our lives. What was the alternative? The agenda that the apparent “me” in an independent world may have thought was pleasurable.
So yes, we can sit with the greatest pleasure on top of the world and yes, it requires us to give up our lives, but we still breathe and enjoy life, even more.

June 23, 2013

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