Slieve Gullion Guided Walks 2018 The Fairy Kingdom

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Slieve Gullion Guided Walks 2018
The Fairy Kingdom

Nursery to P3 (ages 4 to 7)

Slieve Gullion's fairies care for the forest and everything that lives there. The Fairy King needs help to keep the forest safe from a troublesome fairy! Can the children help protect the forest animal and birds' home? Through hands-on activities, the children learn about Slieve Gullion's forest, play nature games and complete fun tasks to help the forest fairies save their home.

Finn's Magical Forest

Primary 3 to 5 (age 6 to 9)

This fun packed and curriculum-linked forest walk encourages children to engage their natural curiosity to uncover the wonders of Slieve Gullion Forest. The pupils explore the woodland’s wildlife while learning about Slieve Gullion's magical myths and legends. Activities are seasonal and may include: myths and legends, mini-beasts, birds, mammals, trees, seasonal changes, migration, conservation/caring for the forest, camouflage, hibernation.

Secrets of the Forest

Primary 6 to 7 (age 9 - 11)

This walk is full of activities to help the children investigate the woodland habitat and develop their scientific skills and knowledge. Through tailored tasks they explore how living things depend upon and adapt to the forest habitat. They are encouraged to gain a sense of ownership of Slieve Gullion and become more aware of their own role in caring for the environment and their local area.

Save Our Squirrels

Primary 5 to 7 (age 8 - 11)

The children are invited by the fairies to celebrate the red squirrels living in Slieve Gullion forest! They discover why the red squirrels have been lost from so many other forests and how we can help care for them. They listen to fun stories, play fact finding games and learn all about these rare and fascinating mammals.

Land of Legends

Primary 4 to 7 (age 7 - 11)

Celebrating the myths and legends surrounding the Ring of Gullion the children explore this magical ancient woodland and mountain. Following in the footsteps of the legend of Cuchulainn and Finn Mc Cool they listen to stories both old and new, such as the Cattle Raid of Cooley, the Salmon of Knowledge and The Lake of Sorrow.

Guided Walk Prices:



Approximate Length of Walk

10-20 visitors


1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on age of children and weather conditions

Max 30 pupils


30-60 visitors

£300 (2 walks in one day)

Feedback from teachers who have visited:

  • We'll be back! Brilliant from start to finish!

  • Perfectly pitched for their age group.

  • A wonderful day. Well organised and maintained trail which really captured the imagination of all the children!

What is Included?

  1. The children will be taken on a magical story through the forest bringing to life all the art features and fairy locations throughout. As they walk along they will explore and engage in fun games and tasks to help encourage them to learn more and become inspired by the wonder and awe of the forest, the mountain, its myths and legends and wildlife.

  2. The tours will be curriculum linked and will be adapted to the age, interest and ability of the pupils. There will links throughout the walk especially to the 'World Around Us' elements of the Curriculum.

  3. Hands on activities and games along the walk will have links throughout to Language and Literacy, Arts and Mathematics, e.g. myth and legend stories, music, songs, forest art activities, recording and measuring, exploring and observing nature and wildlife;

  4. Depending on the season and interest of the group environmental / wildlife activities and games, can cover topics such as mini-beasts, birds, mammals, seasonal changes, migration, conservation/caring for the forest, camouflage, hibernation etc;
  5. Groups of less than 30 (one class) are encouraged to ensure high quality of learning, enjoyment and engagement throughout each walk. The guides aim to provide the highest possible experience for all the children and adults;

  6. The tours are delivered and developed by qualified and experienced teacher(s) who is (are) nature experts trained to educate, entertain, inform and inspire;

  7. The tours have been developed by Sharon Carroll a specialist teacher with over 16 years of experience in developing education programmes. She has developed programmes for the Giant's Causeway, Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, Armagh Planetarium, Mid-Antrim Museum service and the Ulster Wildlife to name but a few;

  8. She holds a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Geography, a Masters in Applied Environmental Sciences as well as a PGCE in Geography.

  9. Her environmental company Enspire ( provides:

    • Enspire offers curriculum linked Key Stage 1 and 2 programmes for schools based on ‘The World Around Us’.

    • Enspire provides expert knowledge and skills in the development and delivery of education programmes and events linked to the natural world and history for all ages and abilities.

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