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Start the academic year with the new free bilingual interactive book of “Snow White Interactive Story”!

Madrid, September 11th 2012.
G4M3 Studios, an iOS and Android software development studio based in Madrid, announces the release of the free bilingual edition of Snow White Interactive Story. This interactive story is based on the Brothers Grimm´s classic – and has the option to be played and read in both English and Spanish, complete with eight different mini games.
The characters come to life as children interact and learn with them. The interactive story has an amazing artwork, and it has been dubbed by professional native speakers such as Nico Figueras on the Spanish version, and Rebecca Lander on the English version. Snow White Interactive Story is available for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the new iPad, and Android devices.

The interactive story begins and ends with a traditional animation aesthetic, but as you read along the characters come to life in a magical kingdom full of colours. We have made a great effort to maintain very high production values”.

Verónica Valenzuela, Game Designer and Co-founder of G4M3 Studios

In Snow White Interactive Story, the players not only have the chance to enjoy the story but they can also interact with all the characters. Furthermore, they can play eight extra mini games with three degrees of difficulty. With more than 35 minutes of animated story, original music and an amazing dubbing, children will enjoy while they learn.

I based the design of the main character on Natalie Portman, a great model to focus on for drawing Snow White. I was inspired by her beauty, elegance and cheerfulness. I think I have renewed the classic story and maintained the essence of the original fairy tale”.

Matías Marcos, Head of Art

The LITE version of Snow White Interactive Story allows you to enjoy the interactive story until the 11th scene, and to play the mini games “Butterfly garden”, “Puzzle” and “Combine and explode”. The user will be able to purchase the entire bilingual story for only £1.99. This is an easy way to make little ones learn Spanish and have fun.
You can become a fan on Facebook.
Moreover, you can see the trailers in Spanish and the Making of Snow White Interactive Story in YouTube. Don´t miss them!
If you want to know more about Snow White Interactive Story and the other games of G4M3 Studios, visit our site on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


  • 35 minutes of interactive bilingual story

  • 8 interactive mini games: Butterfly Garden, Labyrinth, Puzzles, Sing-along “Snow White and the New Beginning”, Combine and Explode, Memorize, The River Challenge and Trumpet Melodies.

  • 28 animated scenes

  • English and Spanish version
  • Original soundtrack and original song: Sing-along “Snow White and the New Beginning”.

  • Exclusive characters.


Title: Snow White Interactive Story

Systems: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the new iPad and Android devices.

Language: Spanish and English

Age: +4

Size: 396 MB

Price: £1.99

Developer: G4M3 Studios S.L.


Based on the famous classic of the Grimm Brother´s, the story is about a beautiful kindly princess named Snow White, who is loved by every single creature in the kingdom except for one: the Queen, her envious stepmother.

Once the magic mirror reveals that Snow White is the most beautiful in the kingdom, she has to run away to the forest, where she meets seven charming dwarves. The Queen poisons Snow White with a poisoned apple, and she falls into a deep sleep. Only a magical purple flower gifted to her with love will save her.

About G4M3 Studios

G4M3 Studios is a Spanish company that focuses on producing electronic entertainment. The team is made up of highly qualified professionals with ample experience in this field. They develop a great variety of videogames for Smartphones and Tablets, and also create interactive stories to be enjoyed by both parents and their children.

Since their audience is diverse and demanding, they have developed the following product lines: G4M3 Kids, G4M3 World, G4M3 RS and G4M3 App. Snow White Interactive Story belongs to G4M3 Kids, a line of high visual and audio quality interactive stories which aims to make children play and learn.

Links to the game

Link iOS Lite:

Link Android:

Press release: Snow White Interactive Story

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