Social Story for Zingo®

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Social Story for Zingo®
Directions: Read with the students before playing the game.
Today, we will play a game called Zingo®. When you play a game, sometimes you win. This is good. Many people feel happy when they win a game.
When you play a game, sometimes you loose. This is okay too. When they win, your friends feel happy. It okay for you to feel sad or upset if you don’t win, but it is nice for your friend to have a turn to win. It is also nice to tell your friend “Congrats!” or “Good job!”
In the game, Zingo®, we will have lots of fun. In this game, each player gets a card with different pictures on it. The machine shows two pictures at a time, and players grab them quickly if they match a picture on their card. They put the picture on their card over the matching picture. It will be lots of fun.
Some things that aren’t as fun will happen too. Another player might grab the picture before you. This is okay.
If this happens to you, stay calm and remember that it is just part of the game. If you get upset, take some deep breaths and try to laugh about it. You could also just say, “Awwww…” or “Bummer…” Each picture is on more than one card, so it will probably come again soon.
It is not okay to yell, stop the other players from taking the picture cards, or get angry at the other players.

The point of playing the game is to have fun. Remember that all your friends want to have fun too. If you follow the rules, stay calm, and have a good time, everyone can enjoy playing the game.

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