Société nord-américaine de sociologie du sport

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Société nord-américaine de sociologie du sport

North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

Conférence annuelle


Annual Meeting

Dialogues interdisciplinaires
Interdisciplinary Dialogues
Marriott University Park 3 au 6 novembre

Tucson, Arizona, USA November 3-November 6

2004 Program Committee Members

Mary McDonald, Chair, Miami University

Ben Carrington, University of Texas

Katherine M. Jamieson, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Wib Leonard, Illinois State University

Samantha King, Site Coordinator, Queens University,

Ellen J. Staurowsky, Ithaca College

On this occasion of the silver anniversary of NASSS, this year's theme of "Interdisciplinary Dialogues" recognizes the diverse theoretical and methodological movements that scholars have enacted over the past twenty-five years to study sport both within and beyond the boundaries of sociology. "Interdisciplinary Dialogues" also suggests the necessity of continuing conversations among and between sport scholars and those working within other disciplines and interdisciplinary "fields."
Conference Highlights

Pre-Conference Symposium

On Wednesday, November 3, 2004 from 7-9 pm, NASSS will host "Human Rights in the North American Borderlands: A Symposium." In this symposium a panel of local Tucson activists and academics will discuss immigrant, indigenous, and civil rights, environmental justice, and labor and anti-racist organizing in the context of local and global border militarization and "free" trade. Speakers will include Guadalupe Castillo, Pima Community College; Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith, University of Arizona; Jennifer Allen, Border Action Network. Pat António Goldsmith, the University of Wisconsin, Parkside will preside.

Thursday Special Session

Graduate Workshop - Negotiating the Publication Terrain

Alissa Overend and Emma Wensing, NASSS Graduate Student Executive Board Members, have organized a special Thursday session, designed for but not restricted to graduate students that will focus on the publication process. The session will include three panelists in a round table format: Annelies Knoppers, the newly appointed editor of the Sociology of Sport Journal; Peter Donnelly, the editor of the International Review of the Sociology of Sport; and Audrey Giles, an all-but-defended Ph.D. student. Each presenter will speak for about 10-15 minutes, leaving ample time for a question and answer period.

Friday Keynote Address

The Decolonial Queer Body

Emma Pérez is an historian, a creative writer and a feminist critic. Her publications include: Gulf Dreams, Third Woman Press, 1996 and The Decolonial Imaginary: Writing Chicanas into History, Indiana University Press, 1999. She taught in the Department of History at the University of Texas, El Paso for over ten years. She recently joined the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder as an Associate Professor. Postcolonial critic Homi Bhabha notes that Pérez "has a distinctive and beautiful voice. Her work is written across national/cultural/sexual borders that are difficult to cross." She's recently completed an historical novel titled, Forgetting the Alamo, Or, Blood Memory. Her Friday keynote will feature a journey that summarizes the contributions of a few decolonial queer scholars who theorize the decolonial queer body.

Take a Student to Lunch on Friday

As in the past, Friday will offer the annual "Take A Student to Lunch" opportunity where faculty treat graduate students to lunch.

Friday Silver Anniversary Celebration

The 25th Anniversary of the NASSS Conference

NASSS Dialogues: A Discussion of the Future

Our November meeting in Tucson will mark the 25th annual conference of NASSS. In recognition of this important milestone, all NASSS members are invited to participate in a Friday discussion of the future direction of NASSS at a special session in Tucson. Stephan R. Walk, California State University, Fullerton will preside. The session will feature issues that concern NASSS members and direct a particular focus on the following issues:

Membership, retention and outreach efforts, including promotion of diversity,

recruitment of graduate students, and the conference climate.

Communication among the NASSS membership about organizational matters.

Conference structure and content, including interdisciplinarity, accessibility and rigor.

Administrative structure of NASSS, including terms of office and role delineation.

Friday Silver Anniversary Celebration

Honoring the Presidents of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

In honor of their service to the organization, the Presidents of NASSS will be recognized

at the Friday business meeting and will serve as our guests of honor at the Friday evening reception. Memorabilia from the NASSS archives will be on display throughout the conference.

NASSS Presidents

2005-2006 Stephan R. Walk, California State University, Fullerton

2004-2005 Mary G. McDonald, Miami University

2003-2004 Ellen J. Staurowsky, Ithaca College

2002-2003 Wib Leonard, Illinois State University

2001-2002  Earl Smith, Wake Forest University

2000-2001  Michael Malec, Boston College

1999-2000 Peter Donnelly, University of Toronto

1998-1999  Alan Klein, Northeastern University

1997-1998  Mary McElroy, Kansas State University

1996-1997  Margaret Carlisle Duncan, University of Wisconsin,


1995-1996  Tim Curry, Ohio State University

1994-1995  Michael A. Messner, University of Southern


1993-1994  Don Sabo, D'Youville College

1992-1993  Mary E. Duquin, University of Pittsburgh

1991-1992  John Loy, University of Illinois

1990-1991  Barbara Brown, University of Western Ontario

                    Jay Coakley, University of Colorado - Colorado


1989-1990  Howard Nixon It Appalachian State University

1988-1989   James H. Frey, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

1987-1988   Janet C. Harris, University of North Carolina,


1986-1987   D. Stanley Eitzen, Colorado State University

1985-1986   Susan Greendorfer, University of Illinois

1983-1985   George H. Sage, University of Northern Colorado

1981-1983   Barry D. McPherson University of Waterloo

1980-1981   Andrew Yiannakis, University of Connecticut

Saturday Keynote Panel

Interdisciplinary Dialogues: (Post)Identity and Sport

Ben Carrington, University of Texas

Richard Gruneau, Simon Fraser University

Othello Harris, Miami University

Margaret MacNeill, University of Toronto

Each panelist was asked to respond to the following prompt:

The past twenty-five years and beyond have witnessed various responses to "identity" and inequality both within and outside the realm of sport. These range from identity-based social movements (i.e. women's movements, indigenous rights movements) designed to challenge inequality to nonidentarian critiques that posit identity as the very mode enabling the reproduction of inequality. Moreover, debates about the usefulness of identity as a basis for scholarly analysis and political action have led many scholars to revise fundamental assumptions about the nature of subjectivity, agency, and the intersection of axes of difference. Where do you position your work among these various responses? What theorists or theoretical movements have been influential in your thinking? What insights does your position offer for scholars of sport and the future direction of the field?

Saturday Spotlight Session

Spotlight Session: Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Thinking Through Race, Nation and Sport

This panel features young scholars whose work engages the latest thinking in critical race theory and who have not previously attended NASSS:

Kathleen S. Yep, Claremont Colleges

Brett St. Louis, University of California, San Diego

Gregory S. Rodriguez, University of Arizona

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