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Weekly Volunteer

Workcamp Suggestions


1: Antiracism, Antifascism, Refugees and Ethnic Minorities


Siuntio Reception Center
Country: Finland

Start Date: 2012-06-14

End Date: 2012-06-25

Number of volunteers: 8

International age: 18 – 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: The reception center of Siuntio was founded in Harjulinna in spring 2009. Its’ purpose is to offer a place for underaged asylum seekers who come to Finland without their families. There are approximately 30 - 40 children living in the center and a few families too. The reception center is in a very idyllic countryside place and located about 40 kilometers west from Helsinki. Even though the most common services are quite far, you can find for example a spa quite nearby in the middle of the Finnish nature!

Type of Work: Spending time with the children in the reception center, organizing activities like games or excursions in groups. Outdoor work and gardening. Helping with organizing a Midsummer's Eve party for the inhabitants. Doing a big clean-up for the house and working in the kitchen.

Study Theme: About minor asylum seekers and local culture of Siuntio.KVT Finland organizes as a part of Bridge Builders project a theme day in each camp that addresses issues around human rights, global issues, peace and sustainable development.

Accommodation: Basic floor accommodation indoors.

Requirements: Not accessible for families or people with wheelchairs. Previous experience about organizing activities to teenaged children could be helpful but is not obligatory.

Approximate Location: Siuntio, closest city Helsinki.

IE-VSI 1.1:

Country: Ireland

Start Date: 2012-08-01

End Date: 2012-08-18

Number of volunteers: 16

International age: 30 - 99

National age: 30- 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

  1. Description: Mosney is a former holiday resort, which now provides housing for almost 700 residents from 50 different countries seeking asylum in Ireland. There are approximately 100 children and young people aged 6 – 16yrs resident in Mosney, volunteers are needed to help run a Summer Activity Camp for some of these children.

  2. Type of Work: Organising activities: sports, arts, drama etc. for the children, day trips are also planned.
  3. Study Theme: Asylum-seeking process in different countries (volunteers will be asked to bring info from their own countries), interculturalism.

  4. Accommodation: Shared, in former holiday chalets on the site. Volunteers will prepare their own breakfast in the chalets, other meals provided by the centre

  5. Language: Fluent English is essential.

  6. Requirements: Experience of working with children is essential, preferably on summer camps. Skills in arts/ crafts, drama and/or sports are desirable but not essential

  7. Approximate Location: Approximately 48 km north of Dublin in Co. Meath. The centre is quite isolated, there is a regular bus service to Drogheda, the nearest large town, which takes about 15 minutes. The Mosney centre is located next to a beach; there is a small supermarket on the site.

  8. Notes: Strict Child Protection procedures will be applied including Police Check and references. Please send your application first and we will contact you with further information. These procedures take time and volunteers are encouraged to apply well in advance of the project start date.

DE-SCI 1.35


Country: Germany

Start Date: 2012-07-28

End Date: 2012-08-12

Number of volunteers: 13

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16- 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: The memorial in Wöbbelin commemorates the former satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp. It was only established at the end of World War II, and existed some ten weeks. Nevertheless, more than 1,000 prisoners died from starvation, disease and the consequences of abuse. Several thousand people from 16 countries, including Italy, were liberated on the 2nd May 1945 by the U.S. Army. Many of those who died were later, after the liberation, buried with dignity in public places.

Type of Work: Creative workshop "Faces of Wöbbelin Camp" with two artists from the region; maintenance work on the camp’s former grounds and at the memorials for the victims of the camp.

Study Theme: Wöbbelin, the satellite camp of Neuengamme concentration camp; talking with a survivor of the concentration camp; Nazi history in the region; violence and right-wing radicalism today; getting to know the Jewish community and the regional parliament, a discussion about new forms of memory.

Accommodation: In Ludwigslust, in multiple-bed rooms in a house where people from different generations meet together and share activities.

Language: English.

Approximate Location: Wöbbelin.

Notes: Bicycles and minibus for excursions are available. Important: An Italian group of young volunteers is invited for the workcamp.

2: North-South Solidarity

UG-UPA 2.8:

Country: Uganda

Start Date: 2012-08-16

End Date: 2012-09-12

Number of volunteers: 25

International age: 20 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 360.00 Euro

Description: For more than 20 years, HIV/AIDS has left a scar on almost all families in the Sub Saharan countries. UPA (Uganda), UVIKIUTA (Tanzania) and KVDA (Kenya) organise the first regional International workcamp on HIV/AIDS. This pilot caravan camp is intended to use the Tool Kit “ACT, LEARN and TEACH: Theatre, HIV and Aids Toolkit for Youth in Africa’ to scale up the sensitisation efforts by use of Forum, share good practices and create a collective strategy to fight the disease.

Type of Work: Open discussions and debates Holding workshops on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care. Lectures on HIV/AIDS counselling and care for parents/children Visit Post AIDS clubs Performing forum theatre on HIV/AIDS prevention and care Radio talk shows Public dialogues

Study Theme: Promoting Responsible attitudes for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

Accommodation: In Uganda, the accommodation shall be provided within Abongo Women’s’ Group premises. In Kenya, the participants will be accommodated in classrooms in the local school. In Tanzania volunteers will be accommodated in the local residential houses.

Requirements: National, regional and international volunteers Willing to take up tasks as peer educators One with ambition to learn about HIV/AIDS and understand how to prevent it Ability to Adopt and enjoy living in simple conditions.

Approximate Location: In Uganda, in UPA Pakwach branch, in West Nile region, 420 km from Kampala. In Kenya, in Emukhuya Primary school, in western Kenya. In Tanzania, in Mwika community, in Moshi District on the sloops of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Notes: Volunteers have to take part in the whole project (three countries). They will pay for their own transport between the countries.

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.
IT-SCI 2.1:

Solidarietà con l'Africa
Country: Italy

Start Date: 2012-08-19

End Date: 2012-09-05

Number of volunteers: 10

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00 Euro

Description: The work camp is organized from more than thirty years and its aim is to raise funds for the mission of the Friars Minor Capuchin of Emilia-Romagna in Dawro Konta (Ethiopia. Besides work, there are meetings concerning missionarity and the North-South relations, community life, free time, daily trips

Type of Work: Volunteers must set up and manage a big flea market for two weeks in the premises of the convent. The first days of the camp the volunteers have to set the different areas (furniture, clothing, bikes, books, electrical equipment, miscellaneous, etc.), then there will be the selling to the public. Concerning community life, volunteers have only to keep cleaned the rooms (no preparing meals). Some volunteers of Imola will organize the work shifts. The work is demanded FOR ALL VOLOUNTEERS from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 18:30.

Study Theme: During the camp there will be at least two educational meetings. Also, there will be a meeting relating the mission of the friars in Ethiopia. At the meetings there will be volunteers who are studying English at university and they will translate into English.

Accommodation: Board and lodging are free. Boys and girls sleep in separate rooms of 50-60 people and equipped with beds. You need to bring sheets and the need for personal hygiene. It is requested the respect of time table.

Language: The main language of the camp is Italian but those who English may participate. In this case some activities may be more difficult and during the opening of the market they can’t sell because the costumers speak Italian only.

Approximate Location: Terminal: Bologna Railway station: Imola

3: Peace and Disarmament

LK-SCI 3.1:

Eastern Road to Reconcilliation
Country: Sri Lanka

Start Date: 2012-07-15

End Date: 2012-08-01

Number of volunteers: 15

International age: 20 - 80

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 200.00 Euro

Description: Mutur is a little village situated in the Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka. The village was badly affected by the 30 year civil war, the tsunami of 2004 and the heavy flooding last year. SCI – Sri Lanka has been working in Mutur since 2008 helping the local people to re-build their houses and also supporting their livelihood efforts by providing micro credit. This effort was supported by the Italian Branch and SCI friends abroad. “Peace Centre” is a new initiative yet for another effort in our post conflict peace making agenda.

Type of Work: - Painting the furniture & fittings - Organising Play Activities for Children affected by the conflict, tsunami & floods. - Organising training sessions for local youth on “Post Conflict Peace Promotion” - Cleaning and landscaping the Peace Centre Environment. - Helping the conflict & Tsunami/flood affected families with rebuilding their livelihood efforts. (house repair, toilet construction, gardening etc)

At the present time there are three LTV’s teaching English to the local youth and kids as a part of our “Link Language Project”

Study Theme: Conflict & Development

Accommodation: Simple, local, vegetarian food and common accommodation would be provided in a large common hall in the Peace Centre. Volunteers are advised to bring their own sleeping bags/ground sheets.

Language: English

Requirements: Big smile and Motivation

Approximate Location: Mutur is a little village situated in the Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka.

Notes: Special arrangements would be provided for the volunteers to view the “Kandy Dalada Perahera” the unique Elephant parade that takes place in Kandy every year for two weeks during July/August. Project is situated very close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka like Nellweli, Pasikudah etc

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

TG-AST 3.5:

Peace Education " Alafia "
Country: Togo

Start Date: 2012-07-26

End Date: 2012-08-15

Number of volunteers: 20

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 18 - 99

Extra Costs: 200.00

  1. Description: The project aims to develop the culture of peace in the communities. Togo has faced in the past conflicts among its population due to political reasons.Currently, people live in peace but there are still some wounds which are not completely cured. The government is implementing a vast programme of justice, truth and reconcialiation. This project of Peace Education will not only educate people to live together regarless of their origin,gender,political, religious and ethnical group but it will also train young people to become "peacemakers".

  2. Type of Work: - Exchange and sharing between the volunteers and the actors of local development to establish a document of work on non violence and necessary strategies for the implementation of the peace education project. - Identification and mobilization of the young people to implement the activities conceived in the 1st phase by the means of talks, workshops of song, sketch, tale, theater, sport.
    - The volunteers present the activities and raise an awareness campaign during which the population and the local and administrative authorities will be invited.

  3. Study Theme: Peace

  4. Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in a house provided by the host community, so please come along with sleeping bags, tents and sheets.

  5. Language: French. However, the project is open to English speaking volunteers with a minimum of French.

  6. Requirements: Motivation and spirit of tolerance.

  7. Approximate Location: Akpadapé, 9km from Kpalimé near Togo-Ghana border.

  8. Notes: The volunteer will be picked at the airport if s/he sent us his/her flight plan.

  9. This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

4: Disabilities

RO-SCI 4.11:

Summer with Motivation
Country: Romania

Start Date: 2012-07-18

End Date: 2012-07-31

Number of volunteers: 6

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00 US Dollar

Description: "Summer with MOTIVATION" is the second workcamp organized by SCI-RO together with the Motivation Foundation (http://www.motivation.ro/en/home), after the one in 2011. Our partner is a 17th old NGO focused on assisting teenagers with disabilities physical or mental and mobility issues. They encourage these teenagers to be aware and appreciate their skills, stay active and involved in society. Since 2011, SCI-RO has organized several one-day long actions in the daily care center in Buda (near Bucharest), playing, painting, cooking together with them.

Type of Work: The volunteers will be mainly in charge with entertaining activities for the children, organizing games, sports competitions, theatre plays etc., for and with the teenagers from the Motivation Foundation. During the whole workcamp the volunteers will be supported in their activity by therapists from our partner. The second part of the workcamp will take place near Buzau, where the activities will be focused on approx. 10 mildly mentally challenged teenagers for whom this week away from Bucharest is their only vacation, eagerly awaited the entire year.

Study Theme: During the workcamp the volunteers will discuss about the disabled people situation in their countries, healthy life style, creativity and developing new abilities, etc. The capital city Bucharest provides multiple tourist attractions that the volunteers can enjoy during their free time.

Accommodation: During their stay in Bucharest, the volunteers will be hosted by the Daily Care Center of Motivation Foundation. During the second part of the workcamp, the volunteers will stay in multiple beds rooms. In both cases toilets and washing places will be available. No need for sleeping beds.

Language: English -local language Romanian

Requirements: We encourage volunteers with artistic or sports skills to apply for this workcamp and make this a great experience for everyone involved. Knowledge of Romanian and experience with disabled people are very welcome but not required. There will be given an initial training to prepare the volunteers. .

Approximate Location: Bucharest and for the second part of the camp the volunteers and the children will travel together to a new, beautifully surrounded by nature location near Buzau.

Notes: We encourage volunteers with artistic or sports skills to apply for this workcamp and make this a great experience for everyone involved. Knowledge of Romanian and experience with disabled people are very welcome but not required. There will be given an initial training to prepare the volunteers.

FR-SCI 4.7:

Tonneins 1
Country: France

Start Date: 2012-07-09

End Date: 2012-07-28

Number of volunteers: 4

International age: 20- 99

National age: 20 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: In an APF center (Association of paralysed France), in south west France, volunteers will be responsible to organize leisure activities and participate in the daily lives of residents. They will be hosted within the center. Volunteers should be at least 20 years old and being very motivated by this type of workcamp. A letter in French is also asked to confirm the registration.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be responsible to organize leisure activities and participate in the daily lives of residents.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be hosted within the center

Language: French

Approximate Location: Tonneins

5: Children, Teenagers, Elderly People

TR-GEN 5.10:

Country: Turkey

Start Date: 2012-06-07

End Date: 2012-06-22

Number of volunteers:6

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 18 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: Local scouts are camping every year at the end of their school year, where they join in different activities. This year English speaking club will be added to their daily activities. We are looking for good English speaking volunteers who can share their knowledge by practicing with the scouts , who will be between 9-14 and 15-17 age group. Each group will consist of 70 scouts and will stay 1 week at the camp site.

Type of Work: Practising English with scouts and organizing activities for them.

Accommodation: Accommodation is simple, under provided tents. Sleeping bag and mat are necessary. Please note that accommodation is basic and with limited privacy. Bathrooms and toilets are shared. You can bring your own tent if you want. Food will be supplied in the camp site.

Language: eng,tur

Requirements: Volunteers need not to be a native speaker but a good level of English is necessary. Volunteers must be at least 20 years old. A motivation letter containing a Skype ID must be sent together with the application form. Applicants will be interviewed via Skype before being confirmed. LA: English. Note: No alcohol is permitted during the camp at the campsite and the accommodation area. Smoking is not allowed while volunteers are with the pupils.

Approximate Location: LO: anakkale is a city in the north-west of Turkey, hosting Troya antic site. The scout camp site will be in Kucukkuyu where is also a seaside town.

MN-MCE 5.6:

Orphanage’s farm-1 (Buhug river)
Country: Mongolia

Start Date: 2012-06-14

End Date: 2012-06-27

Number of volunteers: 20

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 175.00

Description: The Childcare Centre of Mongolia was established in 1974. There are 300 children, 150 younger and 150 older kids, 35 teachers and 50 staff. The children live in a very deprived environment. The main concern is food and education facilities. Small plots of land in Buhug river are available for the Centre to grow vegetables. The elder 30 kids, between 12 and 16 years, old work there during the 3 months of summer. They produce vegetables, just enough for their meals all the year. Since 2000, volunteers from all over the world have been participating in summer programs in the vegetable farm.

Type of Work: We will work together with the orphans aged 12-15 to remove the weeds in the field. Quite tiring but let's enjoy it with them! Around 30 kids come here during the summer holiday from June to August. The main work of the volunteers is to help Orphanage’s vegetable farm. Weeding wild plants, watering the farm and trees... They will also organize sports and cultural activities with children.

Accommodation: Mongolian traditional tents (GER)

Language: English

Requirements: To like kids and to be flexible. Mongolian speakers are welcome!

Approximate Location: 45 km from Ulaanbaatar in Buhug. The sight is unbelievably beautiful: typical Mongolian plain.

6: Environment

CH-SCI 6.11:

Killarney National Park Woodland Conservation Project
Country: Switzerland

Start Date: 2012-05-13

End Date: 2012-05-26

Number of volunteers: 10

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: The farm in Essertfallon is part of an eco-village situated in Clos-du-Doubs. The main activity of the place is farming. There are a dozen cows and a garden that ensure self-sufficiency. Some people with special needs are hosted in the farms and are supervised by two people.

Type of Work: The main activity of the workcamp will be clearing an area from lumber and to eventually build a fence to expand a meadow for goats. This shall help to maintain the rich biodiversity of this area where certain animals (butterflies, birds, …) and plants are protected. Additionally, SCI volunteers will continue the eco-construction of a house that will be used as a living and education place. All the building materials come from the region: straw, clay, wood.

Accommodation: Volunteers will sleep in a dormitory at the farm and the meals will be taken all together.

Language: English, local language is French.

Requirements: Strong motivation for physical work and curiosity to learn about eco-construction.

Approximate Location: In the remote Jura Mountains next to the French boarder and near Delémont.

IS-SEE 6.14:

Djúpavík - Where the northern road ends!
Country: Iceland

Start Date: 2012-05-22

End Date: 2012-06-03

Number of volunteers: 8

International age: 18 - 80

National age: 16 - 80

Extra Costs: 150.00 Euro

Description: WORK/PROJECT: SEEDS Volunteers will be working on various different things in and around Djúpavík, which is a tiny, small village in the Icelandic Western fjords.

Among the main tasks will be to build and maintain hiking trails and walking paths in the area, alongside the paths we will put up sticks and signs. Other tasks will include cleaning the coast line between Djúpavíkurkleif and Stekkjarnes, collecting driftwood and general gardening work.

In Djúpavík there is an old abandoned herring factory which needs to be kept and we will be assisting in some maintenance and renovation works inside it. The building is used now by artists and to host diverse cultural events.

ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will be hosted in a local summer house, sleeping on bunk beds. Please bring a sleeping bag.

Food ingredients will be provided and a kitchen will be available, volunteers will share the duties of preparing and cooking meals. Do not forget some traditional/typical food from your home country for the international evening.

LOCATION: Djúpavík is located at the head of Reykjarfjörður on the Strandir coast in the Westfjords region (Vestfirðir), in the municipality of Árneshreppur. Perhaps one of Iceland's most remote areas, it is a sheltered bay in a remote region, largely untouched by modern developments where silence reigns and nature continues to shape a rugged, mountainous landscape. The distance from the capital is around 360 km.

You can hardly get further away from the bustle of the towns to enjoy life in the beautiful and peaceful landscapes of this remote area. The bay Djúpavík is among the least frequented parts of the country. The roads up there are only open during the few months of the short summer; it is one of the remotest corners of Europe, where the coastline is covered with vast expanses of driftwood that originated on the other side of the Arctic Ocean, in Russian Siberia; the region is stunningly beautiful and somewhere to really experience Iceland’s wildness.

There has been small farming communities in the district for hundreds of years, but the story of Djúpavík really began in 1915, when Elías Stefánsson started a herring salting station; that worked until 1919 when he went bankrupt; then a herring factory built in 1934 changed the lives of the people for a few years until the last big catches were landed about 20 years later.

Djúpavík is dominated by the huge ruins of its old herring factory and the rusting shipwreck of the 100-year-old former passenger and cargo ship Suðurland. When the herring industry was at its height in the mid-1940s, hundreds lived in this remote location, women salting the fish, men turning the remains into animal meal and oil. The factory went bankrupt in 1954 following a disastrous collapse in fish catches, but the huge costs involved in demolishing the building – once the largest concrete structure in Europe – means that its huge shell remains, reminiscent of a Hollywood set.

Few years ago, world-famous Icelandic band Sigur Rós held a small number of concerts in Iceland. The venues were specially chosen, and the old herring factory in Djúpavík was one of them.

LANGUAGE: English will be the language in the camp; basic conversational skills are necessary.

TERMINAL: Closest international Airport: Keflavík/Reykjavík (KEF).

SEEDS organises the “minibus option”, a shared transport from Reykjavík to the camps and vice-versa, which apart from being cheaper and more convenient, allows volunteers to meet fellow campers and have a relaxed trip, while stopping on the way for interesting and tourist sites.

EXTRAS / SPECIAL REMARKS: Participation fee EUR 150. (Euros)

Excursions for SEEDS’ volunteers include kayak trips in the fjord with a seal colony, a visit to the area and isolated pool in Krossnes, among other recreation activities.

7: Sexuality and Gender

UG-UPA 7.7:

International advocacy workcamp for increased male involvement in Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), Mother and child Health (MCH) and Antenatal service - as a positive strategy for prevention of HIV/AIDS infection in children.
Country: Uganda

Start Date: 2012-07-24

End Date: 2012-08-14

Number of volunteers: 15

International age: 20 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 250.00 Euro

Description: North west Nile area suffers of a high rate of people living with HIV. There is high need for positive prevention interventions using the key thematic areas that includes Prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), Abstain, Be faithful and Condomise (ABCS’)... Men often threaten to kill their wives when they are tested positive. Many believe that its women who bring HIV at home. Besides, most of the policies formulated mainly focus on women because polygamy issues severely affect the wives.

Type of Work: Radio talk shows about low male involvement in PMTCT, MCH and antenatal service uptake. Conduct community dialogues to mobilize and sensitize Hold sub-county stakeholders meetings Hold district stakeholders information sharing Platform to formulate policies implement and monitoring. Print IEC materials Support to Youth Health Information Centre. Voluntary counselling and testing sessions in Orphans nursery and Primary School. Home visits

Study Theme: Promoting positive attitudes of Male involvement in PMTCT, MCH, antenatal Service uptake towards HIV/AIDS free children by 2015

Accommodation: Accommodation will be at UPA Arua Branch camp site. Simple living conditions.

Requirements: Open minded need to interact with other people of different cultural background. Flexible to live/stay in simple life condition Lovers of; children, pregnant mothers and caregivers. Both experienced and none experienced needed.

Approximate Location: Arua district is located in North West Uganda. The work camp site will be at the branch office. Sessions to the public will be conducted in schools, churches, and Community collection points in Driwala Parish 3km from Work Camp Site.

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

BE-SCI 7.1:

Theatre of the oppressed (Bruxelles)
Country: Belgium

Start Date: 2012-09-04

End Date: 2012-09-15

Number of volunteers: 5

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 18 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

  1. escription: Theatre of the oppressed has been created in Brasil by Augusto Boal. It aims at making injustices visible and training people to struggle against it. This year SCI Belgium organizes a workcamp around that theatre form, more particularly the forum theatre.

  2. Type of Work: The workcamp will be an 8-day workshop about gender issue, gathering 10 participants, from different social and cultural backgrounds, half Belgian, half international. It will end with a performance of forum theatre. The members of the audience will become actors: we will invite them to come on stage, propose some actions and perform them in order to test them. This performance will allow us to exchange with a broad audience our views around gender issues.

  3. Study Theme: Gender issues, inequalities between men and women, representations we have about the roles of men/women and the influence it can have on our lives.

  4. Accommodation: International Volunteers will be accomodated in one appartment in the city centre of Brussels.

  5. Language: Good knowledge in French, in order to express yourself in French during workshops and play in French during the performance.

  6. Requirements: For volunteers motivated by gender issue and theatre of the oppressed. We ask you to write a motivation letter in French.

  7. Approximate Location: Brussels

 8: Socially Disadvantaged

HK-HKG 8.4:

Global Citizenship
Country: Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China

Start Date: 2012-08-05

End Date: 2012-08-12

Number of volunteers: 8

International age: 16 - 99

National age: 16 – 99

Extra Costs: 45.00

Description: Volunteers will be working with secondary school and university students in Hong Kong. Local participants will include ethnic minorities, asylum seekers and Chinese of various ethnicities. This project aims to create a platform for volunteers to explore and discuss equalities and inequalities in local communities with the students in Hong Kong. This will create an opportunity for students to explore and learn from volunteers representing different countries and backgrounds about what it means to be a global citizen.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be visiting school and university groups every day to conduct workshops, gatherings, outings and small actions to interact with local participants and community members. Volunteers will be exposed to local customs, practices and Chinese traditions.
We will explore the actions we can take as individuals, families, educators, and policy makers to contribute to world peace.

Study Theme: World peace, equality, breaking stereotypes, human rights

Accommodation: Participants will be staying in an international youth hostel or school dormitory. You will be sharing rooms with other volunteers.

Language: English

Requirements: Open-minded and willing to share

Approximate Location: Hong Kong, China

Notes: If you wish to travel in China Hong Kong is a good place to start. Please do let us know if you need any help making your travel arrangements in China or any other parts of Asia. We are happy to help you.

PT-IPJ 8.8:

Stage on the street: all included!
Country: Portugal

Start Date: 2012-07-01

End Date: 2012-07-15

Number of volunteers: 15

International age: 18 - 30

National age: 16 - 30

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) Aim: to promote healthy lifestyles among the population (especially Youth). Activities: organization of international work camps; organization of summer camps; organization of youth exchanges and youth initiatives; organization of sport activities (canoeing, mountain bikes); Fair Trade awareness (shops, school activities, fairs, etc.); coordination of Casa da Juventude de Amarante, a Youth Centre, in partnership with the City Hall

Type of Work: Activities: training on theatre performance and workshop on how to deal with the difference; direct contact and work with local NGO (Cercimarante) responsible for activities with local handicapped young people; organize an event (theatre performance) involving both groups (workcamp participants and local handicapped young people) to be presented to the local community (street performance – expected more than 500 persons to attend); visits to some of the main cities and spots in the North of Portugal (Guimarães, Porto, Parque Natural do Alvão).

Accommodation: Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms (4 participants each) of Casa da Juventude de Amarante (even so participants should all bring sleeping bag).

Language: english

9: Art, Culture, History

MA-CSM 9.6:

Learning Arabic in Rabat - June session
Country: Morocco

Start Date: 2012-06-06

End Date: 2012-07-01

Number of volunteers: 10

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: The objectives of this activity are: - Giving to people the opportunity to get basic knowledge about Arabic language. That knowledge could be useful for him in their studies or in their daily life or in their travels in countries speaking this language. - Giving the opportunity to people to get in touch with the Moroccan culture and its way of life, and in consequences achieve a fruitful cultural exchange. - Giving the opportunity to people has some basic knowledge about this language to brush up it and be adapted to different ways to use it.

Type of Work: An Arabic language session is a special activity that CSM organize every year. Some 80 people coming from different countries participate in them.


Accommodation: The participants lodge and eat in families during the whole period. Staying with a family is a tool for CSM to give the occasion to the participants to use the Arabic language and also to discover the Moroccan way of life. All the participants are asked to respect the families’ environment and don’t behave against the local tradition;


Requirements: NONE

Approximate Location: Rabat is the capital of Morocco it’s situated on the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is normally hot in summer; however warm closes are advised to be used in some fresh nights.

Notes: NONE

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

NO-ID 9.1:

Country: Norway

Start Date: 2012-06-22

End Date: 2012-07-01

Number of volunteers: 12

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00 Euro

  1. Description: Sandermosen Station is a part of a foundation called KulturBANEN (The Cultural Railway), a foundation which is working to use trains as a connection between different cultural activities along the railway between Oslo Central Station and Gjøvik Railway Station. The goal is to make all the stations along this railway “cultural stations” with different cultural contents and offers, and to make the surrounding forest more available for people by building paths and bicycle roads connecting the stations.
  2. Type of Work: Building a mobile stage, help renovating the kiosk in the station building and the garage for the rail tricycle. Work includes clearing the path to the station, building small bridges and getting benches in place, as well as preparation of signs. As this is a cultural station, there will also be possible to work with cultural activities which can be performed on the last night (theatre, dance, music, etc). Musical instruments are very welcome. The station has guitar, piano and a baritone available for the volunteers.

  3. Accommodation: Basic living conditions, in the station building, outdoor too. Outdoor toilet. Mattresses will be available. Bring a sleeping bag. If volunteers want it will also be possible to sleep in open air or in tent/ caravan.

  4. Language: English.

  5. Approximate Location: Sandermosen Station is located in a protected cultural landscape 14 km outside Oslo. This is a beautiful forest area which is much used by citizens in Oslo for hiking and for just getting out into the nature.

  6. Notes: Not accessible to wheelchairs.

  7. SI –SCI 9.2

Kino Otok– Isola Cinema International Film Festival
Country: Slovenia

Start Date: 2012-05-27

End Date: 2012-06-05

Number of volunteers: 8

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 18 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00 Euro

Description: Kino Otok – Isola Cinema international film festival was founded out of enthusiasm of two Slovene film directors Jan Cvitkovič and Vlado Škafar in 2004 when they were at first only dreaming about making one and then actually starting it with the help of the Community of Isola. Therefore the festival’s heart is in solidarity and volunteering and it has stayed there since the whole beginning. Important work experience is gained, and friendships are being made through common enjoyment of films and flow of the festival.

Type of Work: We are looking for help with setting up festival locations (tables, chairs, computers, fences, cleaning up the set…), preparation of the open-air cinema in the main town square every evening, setting up the technical equipment at the evening music program venue and also a few people helping in the festival camp. Volunteers will work in "intervention squad", where the work will be done at very different hours before and after the festival, so the time table is very flexible due to unexpected and unpredictable occurrences and variety of tasks involved, so the free time can be a bit fragmented.

Study Theme: Volunteers start before the beginning of the festival and have opportunity to experience the calmness of the town before the festival. Volunteers will be given the accreditations and will therefore be able to enjoy the films and music program during their spare time. Volunteers are granted a day off for their activities, but it can only take part once the festival is finished

Accommodation: Accommodation is very basic, usually a big gymnasium (sleeping bags required), or a student dormitory. Food provided by organizer, also a possibility of vegetarian meal (no vegan or other strict diet can be taken care of).

Requirements: Because of the nature of work we must highlight the importance of strength and physical shape, as some things are a bit hard to move, so guys are very welcome. We're also welcoming enthusiastic, highly flexible, handy, ingenious, talkative and positive people who like contributing for work to be done and then enjoy how their work composites in the mosaic of the festival.

Approximate Location: A small coastal town of Isola (Slovenia). There are a number of airports in the vicinity, the closest being Trieste (Italy), also very close: Venice airport (Italy), Brnik – Ljubljana airport (Slovenia), Zagreb airport (Croatia)…

 Notes: The work of so called “Intervention squad” is of high importance for the festival, as they also do jobs which don’t exist until that specific moment and therefore contribute a lot to the festival. In their free time (before the festival), volunteers still have to be on “stand by” in case they are needed. During the festival tasks are mostly in evening/night hours.

DE-SCI 9.96


Country: Germany

Start Date: 2012-07-14

End Date: 2012-08-04

Number of volunteers: 13

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 16 - 99

Extra Costs: 0.00 Euro

  1. Description: The municipal cemetery in Lilienthalstraße in Berlin Neukölln is a witness of urban history. Here, particularly the rememberance of the victims of wars of the past centuries is made visible. Today, the ensemble (which was inaugurated in 1939 and later extended) covers besides a gatehouse with covered foyer, a chapel/funeral chapel and a crypt, also some buildings and staff accommodations which are hidden in the green. Due to the change of population and funeral rituals, Berlin´s districts have to find new use for cemetery areas.

  2. Type of Work: Reconstruction of offices, living and common rooms, especially cleaning and painting. Specific plans include seminar and rehearsal rooms, accommodation possibilities, a great place for cultural activities, space for temporary exhibitions, as well as facilities for the counseling services for migrants. The buildings are in good condition from a technical point of view, since they have been used until recently. Research and documentation of the history of the place, which should still keep the character of a cemetery in the future, are planned additionally.
  3. Study Theme: Transformation of public space (for example cemeteries), communication and integration within young people from Europe; meetings with various civil society groups, promoters, politicians are possible.

  4. Accommodation: In former staff quarters on the premises (please bring along sleeping bag/sleeping pad).

  5. Language: English.

  6. Requirements: Willingness to perform manual work and to integrate.

  7. Approximate Location: Berlin.

  8. Notes: There is a variety of recreational activities, for example sightseeing, cultural activites; sport facilities such as volleyball, football are available on the spot.

10: Ideology and Spirituality

DE-SCI 9.96ID-IIW 10.4:

Ramadhan Camp 12-1
Country: Indonesia

Start Date: 2012-07-23

End Date: 2012-08-03

Number of volunteers: 15

International age: 18 - 59

National age: 18 - 49

Extra Costs: 200.00 Euro

Description: Ramadhan, Moslem life and Indonesia are three things that are close related to each other. It was such an interesting suggestion from IIWC partners to organize work camp in Ramadhan Month. Luckily with good and strong partnership with IIWC local partners, in 2012 IIWC organizes the 2nd Ramadhan Study Camp which will emphasize an introduction of moslem culture in Indonesia: Ramadhan and its meaning for Indonesian moslem

Type of Work: Activities 1: Learning reading and writing Arabic, calligraphy, Rebana (Islamic drum). Activities 2: Cooking together for cookies or drinks or special food for lebaran or designing moslem clothes for Lebaran. Activities 3: Making Ramadhan greeting cards and selling it in as charity. 4: Helping school subject study for children

Study Theme: This workcamp offers a cultural experience and study about Ramadhan life in Indonesia including the ramadhan working hours, sleeping and wake up management, way of working, schedules, food and drinks, cookies, etc. More than that, volunteers will have opportunity to share their knowledge with the local students in terms of sharing Ramadhan cookies recipes and helping the students with their school studies such as English, Math, etc

Accommodation: Orphan house, sleeping bag and mattress needed, self cooking

Language: English

Approximate Location: Ketileng Semarang City, Central Java Indonesia

Notes: be ready for very early breakfast for Ramadhan at 2.30 am, sleepy day time, praying songs during most evenings, so enthusiastic local children and local people, be patient and have big big smiles!!!

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

CZ-INE 10.1:

Country: Czech Republic

Start Date: 2012-09-02

End Date: 2012-06-14

Number of volunteers: 10

International age: 18 - 99

National age: 18- 99

Extra Costs: 0.00

Description: The workcamp will take place in the Sri Devpuriji Ashram. The ashram serves as a place for yoga, meditation and other techniques. It is situated in Zdarec u Skutce, a small village at the foot of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Ceskomoravska vrchovina) in the central part of the Czech Republic.

Type of Work: The volunteers will help to build an ecological house from straw and clay (the main task will be to apply clay plaster to the walls from straw), and to construct a stone floor. Additional tasks will be to prepare firewood, gardening and cutting grass. The work will be demanding i we are looking for volunteers with a good physical condition. Study part: If you are interested in yoga, you can take part in daily lectures on yoga-practices (e.g. morning lectures, afternoon relaxation).

Accommodation: You will sleep in the common room of the Ashram on foam mattresses. Please take your sleeping bag There will be ONLY vegetarian food.

Language: eng,eng

Requirements: The yoga centre is a place where no alcohol, drugs or meat are consumed. You can smoke only in a certain area of the centre. Bring good working clothes, working boots and raingear After the end of the project, you will have the possibility to stay at the centre for some more days for a fee of 150 Czech crowns per day.

Approximate Location: Yoga centre Zdarec u Skutce (1km from the town Skutec with 3000 inhabitants)You can swim in the little stream, which flows right through the area of the centre or in the stone quarries close-by. Take trips to the surrounding countryside, have a campfire, play music or visit sites of interest in the surroundings.


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