Songs Referencing Romeo and Juliet


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Songs Referencing Romeo and Juliet

*The 1956 song Fever contains the lyrics "Romeo loved Juliet/Juliet, she felt the same/When he put his arms around her/He said, "Julie baby, you're my flame."
* Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo is the name of a song from Eric Bogle's 1997 album Small Miracles, presumably inspired by the above documentary.
* The disco group Festival had a minor hit with a song called "Romeo and Juliet" which used as its lyrics the text of the prologue.
* Arctic Monkeys' song 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor contains the lyrics 'Oh there ain't no love no, Montagues or Capulets/Just banging tunes in DJ sets'
* Madonna's 1989 album Like A Prayer's third single, Cherish, a song about appreciation towards a lover, has a line that says "Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way, I bet."
* Dire Straits' 1980 album Making Movies had a popular song "Romeo and Juliet", in which the singer looks back on a failed relationship. It was inspired by Mark Knopfler's broken romance with Holly Vincent. The Indigo Girls covered this song on their album Rites of Passage.
* The album Romeo Unchained by Tonio K includes a song called "Romeo Loves Jane", describing a romance between well-known fictional characters (perhaps as a satire of celebrity relationships). Another song, "Impressed", includes Romeo and Juliet in a long list of what the singer considers bad examples of how love should work.
* The Lou Reed song, "Romeo had Juliette" was included on the 1989 album New York.

* The 2003 musical remake of Reefer Madness featured a song "Romeo and Juliet" in which a pair of young lovers compare themselves to Romeo and Juliet, having only read the first half of the play, and mistakenly assume the ending to be happy.

* The Radiohead song "Exit Music (For a Film)" was written for the closing credits of the Baz Luhrmann version. The lyrics describe a Romeo-like character entreating his sleeping lover to run away, inspired by Act III.
* The Delta Goodrem song "I Don't Care" contains the lyrics "they tried to keep Romeo and Juliet apart..."
* The Blue Öyster Cult song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" mentions Romeo and Juliet as being "Together in eternity".
* The song Ampersand by The Dresden Dolls, in which the singer rebuffs her former lover, features the lines "and I may be romantic, and I may risk my life for it/but I ain't gonna die for you/you know I ain't no Juliet."
* The band Genesis uses the names Romeo and Juliet for characters in the song 'The Cinema Show' from their album Selling England by the Pound
* The Big Audio Dynamite 1985 album This is Big Audio Dynamite has in the song "The Bottom Line" a reference to Romeo (as well as a reference to the famous soliloquy in Hamlet).
* The Ash song "Starcrossed" is a reference to Romeo and Juliet.
* The Bob Dylan song "Desolation Row", from the 1965 album Highway 61 Revisited, contains the lyric "And in comes Romeo, he's moaning..."
* The American band The Reflections reference the play in their song called "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet" which has been covered by Sha Na Na and the Australian band Mental As Anything.
* HIM frontman Ville Valo has stated their song "Join Me in Death" was inspired by Romeo and Juliet.
* The Bon Jovi song "I'd Die For You" contains the lyrics "In a world that don't know Romeo and Juliet".

* Danish musician Sebastian has a song on the album Dejavu, entitled Romeo. The first line goes (translated from Danish): "There's something about this scene reminding me of Romeo and Juliet."

* The My Chemical Romance song Our Lady of Sorrows off their debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, contains the line "...and die like star-crossed lovers when we fight...". Their song The Sharpest Lives also mentions the two in the line "Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands, drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo."
* The Semisonic song "Singing in my Sleep" alludes to the infamous balcony scene in the lines "I've been living in your cassette / It's the modern equivalent / Singing up to a Capulet on a balcony in your mind."
* The A Change of Pace song "Prepare the Masses" from the album of the same name is about Romeo and Juliet. "Sing me to sleep tonight/sweet Juliet/two star-crossed lovers marry looking for regrets/by daybreak I'll be gone and searching for your kiss/leave me a drop of poison waiting on your lips."
* Sarina Paris's song "Romeo's Dead" sums up the relationship as foolish.
* The Reflections reached #6 on the pop charts in the summer of 1964 with the song "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet".
* An Escape the Fate song called "Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche" where the chorus reads: "...finger in the trigger to my dear Juliet. / Out from the window see her back drop silhouette, / This blood on my hands is something I cannot forget..."
*Taylor Swift's Love Story

*Hey Juliet by LMNT- "Hey Juliet, I think your fine, you really blow my mind..I just want you to know I wanna be your Romeo"

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