Sonny Kaiser *1978 Randy & Wendy Kaiser

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Sonny Kaiser *1978

Randy & Wendy Kaiser

Kaiser Charolais, Hussar, AB

Randy Kaiser Pres. ACA 2001

Orest & Terry Kaminski *1993

Kaminski Bros. Polled Charolais, Beausejour, MB

Jerry Kanewischer *1970

Auctioneer, Calgary / Lethbridge, AB

Ralph & Irene Kapteyn *1994

Drayton Valley, AB

Hugo & Lore Kappel *1978

Southeastern Charolais, Medicine Hat, AB

dispersal 1989
Vern & Judy Karle *1986

Ridgewood Ranch Inc., Codette, SK

dispersal, Dec. 2000
Don & Florence Kaufmann *1986

D-5 Charolais, Ceylon, SK

children: Kelly, Rick, Debbie
Garth & Denise Kaufman *1986

Kaufman Charolais, Ceylon, SK

Dr A.J. Kavanaugh *1969

Calgary, AB

Darrell Kay *1993

Brookfield, NS

Walter & Violet Keim *1978

Long Lane Charolais, Carstairs, AB

dispersal April 1988
Robin E. Keim *2000

Frog Hollow Charolais, Acme, AB

Fred & Diane Keisig *1979

Fireside Charolais, Ituna, SK

Dale Kelly

General Manager CCA 1995 - 2001

Charolais Banner April 1995

Kelly comes to the CCA as a relative unknown in cattlemen’s circles, although he is no stranger to agriculture. He has had extensive experience in the Alberta Treasury Branches’ agriculture and commercial lending departments. In addition, he has worked as a management consultant in Halifax and Moncton and developed an agri-business consulting practice for Peat Marwick, Edmonton.

Jason & Bev Kelly *2002

Prime Time Cattle, Innisfail, AB

Adolf & Edith Kempin *1991

Kempin Charolais, Wapella, SK

children: Torrey
Rick & Anne Kendal l *1985

Blue Rock Charolais, Amisk, AB

Roy & Corinne Kenny *1983

Fourway Farms, Davidson, SK

Roy Kenny Pres. SCA 1988, 1989
Bob & Dot Kent *1979

Triumph Charolais, Battleford, SK

dispersal May 1983
Sid & Dorothy Kent *1983

Soderlen Farms, Airdrie, AB

Sid Kent CCA director 1988 - 1991
M. Frank & Agnes Kenyon *1964

Windy Acres Charolais Farm, Lundar, MB

dispersal Oct. 1983
Cam & Jane Kerr *1980

Kerr Charolais, Goodwater, SK

Ralston C. Kerr *1965

Valley Fur Farm, Rosedale, BC

Rod & Cathy Kerr *1980

Kerr Charolais, Goodwater, SK

children: Meaghan

Rod Ker Sec. SCA 1981, 1982, 1983

Cathy Kerr President Charolettes 1983, 1984
D.C. Key *Founding Member 1959

Weslaco, Texas, USA

Jim Kidney *1970

Kidney Charolais, Tisdale, SK

Jim Kidney died 2002
Marie Kienle *1998

Kienle Charolais, Quill Lake, SK

Leonarad & Joanne Kiesman *2002

LXJ Cattle Co. Moosehorn, MB

Mark Kihn

to Canadian Charolais Banner Jan. 1983

Editor Charolais Banner 1984 - 1993

Mark Kihn, a journalism major from Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana has joined the Banner Staff.

Morris & Loreylye Kiland *1973

Tulamoe Charolais, Hendon, SK

children: Korelye (1972), Kimberly (1973), Kameron (1975)
Barb King *1995

King Country Holdings, Clavet, SK

Bud & Phyllis King *1979

King Charolais, Rocanville, SK

children: Faith, Aldyn, Randy
Ron & Mary King *1973

King-White Cattle Co., Pefferlaw, ON

Ron King died 1986
Leo & Mary Kinshella *1990

Irish Creek Charolais, Dewberry, AB

Maurice, Marj and Don Kirk *1965

Kirk Charolais, Calgary AB

Maurice Kirk CCA director 1977 - 1980

Maurice Kirk died July 1988

Myron & Dewayne Klassen *1989

My-De Charolais Farm, Main Centre, SK

A.J. Kletzel *1966

Denzil, SK

Ben & Verna Kletzel *1966

Eye Hill Charolais Farm, Denzil, SK

son: Ron
Geral Kletzel *1967

Denzil, SK

John Kletzel & Son *1965

Denzil, SL

Ken Kletzel & Sons *1970

Eye Hill Charolais Farm, Denzil, SK

Ron Kletzel *1974

Char-Ron Ranch, Denzil, SK

Mel & Donna Knebush *1972

Special K Charolais, Alameda, SK

children: Janelle Renee (1977)

Charolais Banner Dec. 1976

We started into the Charolais breed in 1968 when we bought a percentage Charolais bull. We were pleased with the Charolais cross calves and found that they topped the feeder sales each fall. In 1972 we bought our first high percentage females and a purebred bull.

Willard & Dorothy Koch *1980

Creekside Charolais, Three Hills, AB

dispersal Nov.1995
Doug & Cindy Koehn *1987

Kastle Mountain Ranches, Pincher Creek, AB

Ron & Lucy Koenig *1993

Mike Koenig

Tracy Koenig

Goldstar Charolais, Unity, SK

John, Louise & Greg Kolenosky *1965

J K Charolais Ranch, Bapaume / Spiritwood, SK

Peter & Robyn Kondratowicz *1997

Bar-K Charolais, Saskatoon, SK

children, Kari, Kim
J.D. Konkin & Sons *1970

Kamsack, SK

Sam Konkin & Sons *1971

Kamsack, SK

Otto & Corrine Kopp *1991

Kopp Charolais, Amaranth, MB

Mark & Diane Koss *1980

Freefield Charolais, Inglis, MB

children Lailand, Amanda

dispersal Nov. 1989

Mark Koss died July 1993

Charolais Banner April 1987

Mark Koss began giving Charolais cattle a serious look as a commercial cow/calf producer in the sixties. Together with his brother, who has since stuck with the commercial operation while Koss has becom exclusively purebred oriented, Koss bought his first Charolais bull in 1969. In 1980, he bought his first Charolais females and has been building up the herd ever since.
Nick & Natalie Kowechuk *1971

Rabbit Lake, SK

George & Anne Krahn *1973

GK Charolais, Rivers, MB

George Krahn president MCA 1975

Peter & Helen Krahn *1990

Sunny K Charolais, Bezanson, AB

Dale & Diane Krasnow *1972

Onoway Charolais, Onoway, AB

Randy & Leslee Kress *1994

Kress Charolais, Winfield, AB

Jerry & Marda Kristjanson *2002

Big Elm Charolais, Ochre River, MB

Chris & Gisele Krozer *2001

LA Land & Cattle Co., Leduc, AB

Henry & Linda Krueger *1989

Krueger Charolais, Kellarney, MB

children Tiffany, Quinton
Brian & Cathy Kruk *1981

Kruk Charolais, Souris, MB

Ted & Jackie Krushkowski *1991

TJ Ranch, Norquay, SK

Ron & Roxanne Krysik *1975

Herb & Anne Krysik

Krysik Charolais, Mayerthorpe, AB

Charolais Banner Feb. 1997

The Krysik Charolais herd began 1975 with Ron’s Junior Charolais Association membership. Now, 21 years later, the herd has about 75 purebred breeding females and about the same number of commercial cows. In addition to the cattle, they have enough famland to grow their own feed grain and hay.
Dr. Mel G. Kunkel & Sons *1966

Mel, Dick & Don Kunkel

Charlo Stock Farm Ltd, Saskatoon, SK

dispersal Aug. 1979

Philip & Erica Kuntz *1979

Park K Charolais, Grayson, SK

Romeo Laberge *1965

Leoville, SK

Ron & Joanne Lacey *1974

LCK Ranches Ltd., Brandon, MB

dispersal Oct. 1980

Charolais Banner - May 1978

The Laceys took their plunge into the cattle business six years back. Ron decided to establish his own bloodlines. A search for the right bull ended at the Litton Charolais Ranch, Missouri.

Michael & Roxanne Lachance *2000

Mindale Charolais, Lindale, AB

Real, Francois & Denis (& Murielle) Lacoste *1984

Lacoste et Freres Inc., Cte Iberville, PQ

dispersal Oct. 2004

Denis Lacoste died June 2003

Paul & Georgette LaCroix *1962

Ferme de Charolais, Beaumont, PQ

children: 2 girls, 1 boy

Paul LaCroix- CCA director 1964 - 1973

Charolais Banner - Dec. 1968

Paul Lacroix has been in the Charolais business since the early 1960’s when he imported a number of cattle from the US as well as an outstanding herd sire “FWT Catano”.

Charolais Banner - Dec. 1973

Paul Lacroix after over a year’s absence from the Charolais sales scene was back buying at Valiant’s Sale in Calgary. “I never really dispersed but rather I cut way back to only about 50 head. I was very heavily involved in other businesses at the time and I could not manage the cattle the way they should be. At that time I was running over 300 head, so I cut back. I sold my farm but I have an arrangement with the new buyer to keep 50 head..”

Lorne & Effie Lakusta *1991

Syt & Margaret Lakusta

Spruce View Charolais, Andrew, AB

Gerard B. & Maureen Lalonde *1960

Lexicourt Charolais, Lemieux, ON

Gerard Lalonde- CCA director 1960 - 1972

CCA president 1963

Gerald Lalond died July 1994

Charolais Banner - Dec. 1969

Gerry Lalone bought a purebred bull “ML Juan” from Murray Little in the earlier years and has been upbreeding from his herd of registered Herefords.
Lou & Yvette Lalonde *1968

Ottawa ON

Laurence A. & Marguerite Lalonde *1960

Lalonde Farm, Brockville, ON

Laurence Lalonde Sec.Treas. OCA 1971, 1972,1973, 1974

Laurence Lalonde died April 1999

children: Pauline, Louise, Roseanne

Charolais Banner Dec.1966

Living on a farm and raising livestock is what I have been doing all my life. I was born and raised on the banks of the Nation River in Prescott Country, just east of Ottawa. My parents, Mr. and Mrs Oliva Lalonde, had seven boys and one girl. They farmed all their working days, and are now retired and live in the village of Fournier, ON.

While attending elementary and secondary schools, I spent my weekends and summer holidays working on the farm. I attended Kemptville Agricultural School in Guelph, ON. In 1933, I started out expecting a position but was fortunate to get a job. After some experience in poultry and egg grading in the commercial field, I spent some ten years as a poultry products inspector with the Dominion Government working mostly in Ontario with a short time in Montreal.

In 1938, I married Marguerite Beaulieu and our home has been blessed with three girls, and of late, we have added to the family two fine sons-in-laws, one who now own some horses and two Charolais cross cows.

We started crossing Charolais on our Herefords and Shorthorns in 1957. While we only have a small herds specializing only in top quality breeding stock, we how have four 3/4 Charolais and one French Charolais heifer on our farm and another French heifer presently in quarantine. We also have some 60 horses specializing in Appaloosa and American Saddle Bred horses.

Since we started cross-breeding Charolais, we have always sold our cross-bred Charolais bulls for good prices to farmers wishing to crossbreed on a commercial herd to increase the size of their calves and also the rate of growth of their calf crop. We have had a lot of repeat orders because when a farmer tries Charolais he usually stays with it. In fact, now we have a big demand for Charolais cross-bred females.

We firmly believe that the commercial beef breeder and commercial feeder of the future will want to cross-breed with Charolais to get extra vigor, extra size and faster rate of gain. The poultryman and the grain corn grower have long ago recognized the value of cross breeding for th extra vigor. It is hard to believe, but some hybrid corn varieties often yield more per acre than either of the parent stock used in cross breeding. Of more recent years, the hog men have recognized the real value of cross breeding.

Our farm is within the city limits of Brockville. I have been manager of the Brookville Co-operative Assn. for 21 years, and have also been active in many organizations such as Past President of the Canadian Landrace Assn, the Co-op Union of Ontario, the Brockville Rotary Club, the Vincent de Paul Hospital Board in Brockville. At the present time I am Chairman of the Brockville Separate School Board, Vice President of the Brockville Memorial Centre Board, Vice-Prsident of the Rotary Pool Board, Director of Leeds Co-op Medical Services, of the 4H Beef and Poultry Club in the Country for several years, a Director and onthe executive of the Co-op Fire and Casualty Company, all with the Head Office in Regina, SK. As a director of the Co-op Insurance Companies I have travelled to every province of Canada, except Newfoundland. In my travel I like to visit Co-ops especially farm oriented ones and I also try to visit Charolais breeders whenever possible in other areas.

I am very busy but enjoy my work and hobbies, and especially my home and farm. We travel some with our house trailer on weekends.

After giving you some of my activities is it any wonder my wife Marguerite sometimes says, “Why don’t you stay home and rest a little?”
Raymond & Archie Lambert *Founding Member 1959

Lambert Bros. Charolais, Cadillac. SK

Archie Lambert Sec. SCA 1967, 1968, 1969,1970,1971,1972

CCA director 1973 - 1976

Charolais Banner - Nov. 1968

First of all, we were born and raised here at Cadillac, SK and have spent most of our time on the farm with our father. The farm wasn’t as big in those days of course, but in addition to the farming he always had cattle - Shorthorn. Now we farm four and one half sections and run more cattle.

In 1939 the P.F.R.A. took over land to make community pastures to help farmers raise more cattle. Dad put his herd in with the others. The bulls used were Herefords. From this cross we kept the females from the best producing cows.

In the early 1950’s we were getting an American magazine, “The Farm Quarterly” and it was in here that we first learned of the great white cattle. At that time their rate of gain was hard to believe, so we wrote for information and prices....however were disappointed when none arrived.

While visiting friends in Alberta we again heard of the Charolais. There was a herd close by so we visited the rancher and bought a bull from the late Ray Branum. It was a 3/4 and as we were living in a purebred area, we never got him home (Mr. Branum returned our money), however it was a second disappointment.

In 1958 while attending a friend’s wedding at Fort Macleod, we heard of Mr. Fletcher Bennet’s herd. This time we bought a purebred bull - Etienne J B 2, MC21. He was bred by Judd Bridge Farms, New Milford, Conn., and this put us in the Charolais business. Up to this year we had bought only one domestic female. We have bought bulls and bred A.I.

Glen, Gary & Rick Lamontagen *1993

Windsor Lake Charolais, Blaine Lake, SK

Dale & Valerie Lang *1976

Charlang Charolais, Tyvan, SK

Darren & Shelley Lang *1984

Olds, AB
H Lang & Sons *1976

Charlang Charolais Farms, Tyvan, SK

Dale & Margaret Lang

Henry Lang

Vern Lang

Wayne & Rosetta Lang
Ken & Selma Lang *1971

Lang Brothers Farms Ltd., Olds, AB

Wayne & Rosetta Lang *1976

Charlang Charolais, Tyvan, SK

Daniel & Kerry Lange *1990

Lange Charolais, Bezanson, AB

Robert & Gayle Langer *1973

Lakeview Charolais, Riverhurst, SK

Jim Langevin *1990

Rafter JL Ranch, Calgary, AB

dispersal Nov. 1994
Kelly & Theresa Langstaff *2003

Langstaff Charolais, Wallaceburg, ON

children: Lindsay, Wayne
Paul & Deborah Langstaff *2000

DePaul Farms, Oil Springs, ON

Pat & Cathy Lannan *1976

Okotoks, AB

Joe & Tony Lanno *1981

Char Jan Farms, Bradford, ON

Merv & Trudy Lansing *1982

Spring Lake Charolais, Daysland, AB

children: Jodi, Carmen, Sandy, Cathy
Ralph & Margaret Larocque *1984

Rock Charolais, Roblin, MB

children: Scott, Lisa, Clayton

Len & Sharon Larson *1976

Taurus Farms, Archerwill, SK

Ron & Hulda Larson *1978

Island View Charolais, Vogar, MB

A. R.Bob Laun *1987

Char-Laun Charolais, Camrose, AB

Erin & Cindy Lavalle *2003

Big Valley Charolais, Mayfair, SK

William.J. (Bud)& Enola Laveck *1959

Fletcher and Laveck, Airdrie, AB

Enolabud Stock Farm, Ground Birch, BC

children: Judy (1954), Garry (1956), Christie (1960), Ivy (1961), Shelly (1963),


Bud Lavek died June 1995

In the June 1966 Charolais Newsletter Enola Laveck writes:

Bud Laveck was born in Crossfield, AB and spent the first 9 years of his life in Water Valley. He finished his schooling in Airdrie, where he worked with his stepfather, John Fletcher, on his farm. Several years of 4H Club work stimulated Bud’s interest in cattle.

After our marriage in 1951, we took a temporary job with Don McKinnon at Carsland, while he went on a trip to Phoenix. When spring seeding came, we took a prearranged job with Ed McKinnon at Airdrie and Bud was able to continue his 4H work.

Upon leaving Ed’s ranch in 1953 we went to work for Victor Watson on his Willow Springs Ranch at Airdrie. Bud spent 8 of the 16 months we were at the ranch in a leg cast when his knee went into a forage harvester. However, it was due to Mr.Watson putting Bud in charge as manager here on his Sarcee Agricultural Lease, that gave us the chance to have some stock of our own. Brushing, breaking and farming many acres and pasturing many more, Mr. Watson allowed us to keep a limited number of cows as part of our wages.

Bud’s interest in the “Silver Cattle with the Golden Future” had been growing for some time and he decided he wanted to try some cross breeding. He visited several people raising Charolais, one of the first being Ed Lyons. An ad in the Cattlemen took us to Pincher Creek and Fletcher Bennets, where we bought our first Charolais Bull Etienn JB, affecionally called “Tiny” by the family. This was in late August of 1959. We were too late for breeding that year but put him with some big purebred Herefords anyway.

The spring of 1959 brought 11 crossbred calves and even though they were later than the other calves, at weaning time they were as heavy as the other calves and considerably heavier than some.

In July 1959 Bud made a trip to Strome and purchased five femals from the AAA Ranch.

Several trips to Ray Branum’s Ranch at Craigmyle convinced us that the Charolais-cross was the one to have. We have since bought a purebred bull from Shirley Branum and are very pleased with him.

We have sold some Charolais, but mostly we have exchanged cross bred cows for our original stock until we have only a few without some Charolais cross in them. We have a few registered Angus cows that delight us each year by weaning a Charolais-Angus cross calf almost as big as the cows themselves. This is Bud’s choice of cross, but he likes them all.

Bud took his better bred Charolais to his stepfather in Airdrie and they formed a partnership, Fletcher and Laveck. They use mostly A.I. and are pleased with the results. Bud’s young brother, Wayne takes care of the records for them

Glen Laycock *1990

Tykymar Charolais, Standard, AB

Ross Laycock *1994

Owen Sound, ON

Ross Laycock Pres. OCA 1995, 1996
Jim Leachman *1969

Ankony Charolais, Unionville, ON

Larry & Patricia Leahy *1971

Charleahy, Peterborough, ON

children:______, Derrick

Charolais Banner - July 1979

The Leahy’s who farm near Peterborough, ON have found the challenge of upbreeding a rewarding one. Larry and his father had previously raised Herefords. Larry decided to try a Charolais bull after reading about the merits of the Charolais. Later, in 1970, Larry purchased his first purebred Charolais bull.
Benoit LeBlanc *1999

Lois LeBlanc

LXL Ferme Charolais Farm, Haute Abourjagne, NB

Benoit LeBlanc Pres. Maritime Char. Assn. 2000, 2001

Roger Leclaire *1980

Green Leaf Farms, Didsbury, AB

Leslie & Ester Ledene

Less Ledene CCA Computer Operations Manager 1973 - 1997

CCA Acting Manager 1983

CCA General Manager 1984 - 1987

children:Murray, Kimberly Dawn (1975) , Kirk Jeffrey (1981)

Charolais Banner - March 1974

Lloyd Quantz, Executive Secretary of the Canadian Charolais Association, announces the appointment of Mr. Leslie Ledene to the post of Computer Operation Manager.

Mr. Ledene was born in Camrose, AB, was raised on a farm and attended the University of Alberta where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in computing sciences. Mr. Ledene has a good backround in agriculture, having spent the first two years of University in the Faculty of Agriculture and having worked for the Farm Management Branch of the Alberta Department of Agriculture for a period of time. Most recently Mr. Ledene has been Customer Systems Representative with Computer Sciences Canada Ltd.

Byron & Linda Ledingham *1982

Ledlais Charolais, Pangman, SK

Janet, Shannon & Don Ledingham *1979

Shan-Don Charolais, Colgate, SK

Ross Lee *1966

Tighnduin Farm, Lashburn, SK

John & Joyce Lee & Sons *1969

Double J Charolais, Ponoka, AB

Roy & Carol Leech *1985

Allan & Donna Leech

Wawota, SK

dispersal Dec. 1993

Everett & Lenore Leeder *1987

Maples Charolais, Renkvill, ON

children: Randy
Gerald & Judy Lefebvre *1987

Levebvre Charolais, St. Brieux, SK

Wm. F. (Bill) Lefty *1968

Fresno, CA, USA

Jim & Mary LeGeyt *1990

Le Geyt Farm, Sexsmith, AB

Jean Guy Lemay *1982

Ste.Croix Lotbiniere , PQ

Jean Guy Lemay Pres QCA 1983, 1984, 1985

Andre & Helene Lemire *1988

Ferme Odelil, Ste.Monique, PQ

children: Judith, Michelle, William

Andre Lemire Pres. QCA 1996, 1997

CCA director 1996 - 1999

Charolais Banner May/June 1996

Andre Lemire was born on a dairy farm located near Drummondville, PQ. At 18, he traveled and worked in many different places. In 1976 Andre and Helene bought their own dairy farm consisting of 42 purebred Holstein cows. In 1979 Anre decided to break with tradition and purchased a few crossbred beef cows and in 1983 he sold his dairy cows and bought 44 purebred Charolais cows. He chose Charolais “Because they have the best growth and is the breed that brings in higher returns!”

A. & R. Lepetich *1970

Quesnel, BC

Andre & Odette Lerendu *1969

Crystal Acres Charolais, Saskatoon, SK

Henry & Evelyn Less *1972

Atlas Charolais, Black Creek, BC

dispersal Oct. 1996
Joel Lessard *1976

St-Jules B. PQ

Lawrence Letniak *2000

Ron Letniak

Letniak Charolais, Veteran, AB
Alfred & Margrit Leu *1991

Alma Charolais, Red Deer, AB

Keith & Elaine Levandoski *1990

LEK Charolais, Eden, MB

Gerald & Marlene Lewis *1971

Char-Lew Ranch, Pincher Creek, AB

children: Ken,Geralyn, Sheldon, Murray, Joan, Rosanne, Shauna
Ken & Nancy Lewis *1981

K & N Charolais, Gladstone, MB

Sheldon & Larissa Lewis *1971

Char-Lew Ranch, Pincher Creek, AB

Frank Linke *1964

Enderby, BC

Vernon Libke *1976

Lipke Charolais Farms, Dundurn, SK

Trent & Janelle Liebreich *1993

Merit Cattle Co., Radville, SK

Ron & Louise Lipsett *1970

Lipsett Charolais, Annan, ON

children: Julie, Frank Robert (1975), Carolyn (1979)

Ron Lipsett OCA pres. 1974

CCA director 1977 - 1985

CCA President 1982, 1983

Louise Lipset Sec.Treas. Charolettes - 1978, 1979, 1980

Charolais Banner - June 1980

Ron graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a music major. Ron was involved in decision making on the farm when he was 12 years old. Louise was a public school teacher when she married Ron, and now finds living on a farm a full-time occupation.

When asked - Why are you farming and why Charolais? –“After I graduated from university, the farm seemed to offer more potential to gather capital assets. Farming is definitely a way to maintain capital assets. None of us buy Charolais cattle because they’re nice and white, it’s because they’ll make us money!”

Bruce Little *Founding Member 1959

Agincourt, ON

Bruce Little CCA director 1961 - 1962
Murray Little *Founding Member 1959

Markham, ON

Murray Little CCA director 1959 – 1961

Charolais Newsletter April 1962

M.L. Capitan bred by Murray Little, Ontario and owned by 4T Ranches, Weslaco, Texas was Grand Champion at Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

Charolais Banner - Oct. 1971

In May of 1957, Murray Little of Markham, ON purchased a group of a dozen or so top notch purebred Charolais cows from 4T Ranch, Texas
Rex & Reg Little *1998

Little Farms Charolais, Biggar, SK

Litton Charolais Ranch *1965

Chillicothe, MI, USA

Charolais Banner - Aug. 1976

The Charolais world was shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of Jerry Litton on Aug. 3 when Jerry, his wife Sherri and their two children were killed in the crash of a light aircraft.

Joyce Lockwood - see Joyce Stewart
Dan & Marg Loewen *1980

Loewen Charolais, Rosemary, AB

childen Chad, Scott (&Janee)

Marg Loewen - Sec. Charolettes 1983, 1984

Pres. Charolettes, 1985, 1986, 1987
Bill & Shirley Logan *1985

L-7 Charolais, Gull Lake, SK

Craig & Glenda Logan *1993

Misty Creek Charolais, Porcupine Plains, SK

children: Paige, Carson, Calla

Dave & Sandy Logel *1972

Sandvey Charolais, Kitchener, ON

James J. Logel *1973

Gennylee Charolais, Waterloo, ON

Mark & Patricia Lohues *2000

George & Angela Lohues

John & Shelley Lohues

Coyote Flats Charolais, Coaldale, AB

Marcel Longpre *1980

Marcel Longpre Farms Ltd., Casselman, ON

Sid Lore

Charolais Banner - Jan. 1974

Mr. J. Sid Lore, well known to many Charolais breeders having judged at the Toronto Royal, World Show, P.N.E. and other shows has recently been appointed Livestock Commissioner for the Alberta Dept. of Agriculture.

Mr. Lore was raised on a ranch and farm in the Bassano district and graduated with a B.Sc. in Agriculture from the University of AB in 1952. He was then appointed district agriculturist at LacLaBiche where he served for 5 years. Then he worked for 2 years with Canada Packers Ltd. in feed sales.

Since 1959 Mr. Lore has been the Livestock Supervisor with Alberta Agriculture’s Animal Industry Division. His major responsiblility has been the development of the Beef Cattle Performance Testing program.
Doug & Lynne Love *1988

Eagle Nest Cattle Co., Portage la Prairie, MB

children: Brandi, Tara

Doug Love Pres. MCA 1999, 2000

Lambert & Gail Love *1993

Wes-Love Charolais, Vegreville, AB

Fred & Linda Loveridge *1987

Ridge O’Gold Charolais, Duff, SK

Bob & Jan Lowe *1987

Lowe Bros. Charolais, Moose Jaw, SK

Marvin Lowe *1979

M T L Charolais, Moose Jaw, SK

Reg Lowe *1977

Lowlands Charolais, Moose Jaw, SK

Mark Lowerison

CCA Breed Improvement coordinator 2002-2004

Glen & Pam Lowry *1991

Shady Hollow Charolais, Darlingford, MB

Darrell Lumax *1973

Greenvalley stock Farm, Swan River, MB

Art Lund *Founding Member 1959

Milk River, AB

Philippe & Rae Lusson *1972

Valanjou Charolais, Ranch, Clyde, AB

Edgar Charles & Millie Lyons *Founding Member 1959

Cheadle, AB

childern: Terry (1945), Diane (1946), Earl (1947), Ricky (1953) and Dale (1956)

Edgar Lyons CCA director 1959 - 1960

In the October 1965 Charolais Newsletter Ed Lyons wrote:

I born and grew up on a farm twenty miles east of Calgary in the Strathmore, Cheadle district. In the dirty thirties when a good cow was worth only twelve or fifteen dollars, I decided there was no future in farming so I went to work in the Turner Valley oilfield. While with this oil company, we drilled at the Kinsella gas fields where I met my wife, Millie, who was working at Viking. Millie was born in Consort and spent her early years on her parents’ farm. After working six years in the oil fields, we bought the service station where we now live.

Most of my customers being mixed farmers, I became involved in the cattle business. My uncle, a Charolais breeder in Louisiana, questioned how a Charolais would winter in Canada. Visiting us in 1955, and finding we had ample pasture, he inquired if we would be interested in this breed of cattle. Arrangements were made and in 1956 a shipment of 30 heifers and one bull arrived. In that year we had people from all across Canada visit our herd, many wishing to purchase, some left orders to be filled. The next year I flew down to H.M. Kimball’s ranch in Louisiana who has an interest in a Charolais Co. in Mexico. From him I purchased a cattleliner load to fill a part of the demand.

Having a family of four boys, I instigated the forming of a 4-H Beef Club. Different years we showed Charolais-crosses at our show and sale. We are particularly proud of a Charolais-Angus cross Terry showed four years ago at the Calgary baby beef show and sale. This calf at sixteen months weighed 1430 pounds.

Mike & Connie Lynch *1989

Alpine Charolais, Saskatoon, SK
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history -> Northeast Texas Area 65 (neta) Archives Foreword
history -> Hopewell Archeology: The Newsletter of Hopewell Archeology in the Ohio River Valley Volume 1, Number 2, December 1995
history -> The Notebook of William Benjamin Sayer: 1926-27 Draft Transcription, 2008 by S. Gardner
history -> History of the Nation of China and Its Medicine (Part II)
history -> Event Date: October 15 & 16 Location: Various – throughout Historic Monterey
history -> Other New York Grand Lodge Officers
history -> History Optional of Part b main Examination of Civil Services Exam

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