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Dated: 29.04.2013

Major Highlights:

  • Two accused of Thak-Thak gang nabbed.

  • One auto rickshaw recovered.

  • Two laptops recovered

  • Three cases worked out.

With the arrest of accused persons namely Vinod S/o Keshav (28 yrs.) R/o H. No. H-17/74, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi and Irfan @ Chipan S/o Babu khan(22 yrs.) R/o H No. F-2/34, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi, the police of Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur has unearthed the Thak-Thak gang, who were indulged in the lifting of laptops from the cars and disposing off the same.


On 28.04.2013, ASI Dilbag Singh alongwith HC Sharwan, Ct. Manoj and Ct Parveen was on vehicle checking duty at Suraj Kund Road near Sharma Market, Pul Prahlad Pur, New Delhi. The staff was checking the vehicles coming from M.B Road side. At about 12.00 noon informer informed ASI Dilbag Singh that two persons will come from Badarpur via M.B. Road who will be in a stolen auto-Rickshaw and will be having some stolen laptops. At about 12.30 PM auto-rickshaw having the similar specification so rendered by the informer was found coming from M.B. Road, which was signaled to stop by the staff, but the driver of the Auto-rickshaw tried to escape the check, on which barricades were placed and the auto-rickshaw was forced to stop. The driver was identified as Vinod S/o Keshav (28 yrs.) R/o. H No. H-17/74, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi and other was identified as Irfan @ Chipan S/o Babu khan(22 yrs.) R/o H No. F-2/34, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi. Both the persons were directed to produce the documents in respect of the auto-rickshaw. They did not produce any document related to Auto-rickshaw to the police party. On searching the auto-rickshaw two laptops were recovered from their possession. They did not gave any satisfactory reply regarding ownership of auto-rickshaw and the laptops. Make of the laptops was found to be of HP and Apple. On scrutiny of the official record it was revealed that the HP laptop was found stolen vide FIR No. 94/13 U/S 379 PS Badarpur, New Delhi. The other laptop of Apple company was found to be stolen from the area of P.S. Vasant Kunj North. This Apple Laptop is of son of an Ex MLA. The accused persons have been arrested in U/S 41.1(D) CrPC vide DD No. 24A Dated 28.04.2013 Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur, New Delhi.


The police officials subjected the accused persons to sustained interrogation. During interrogation, accused persons disclosed that they both belong to poor families and are involved in such crime since long and they have been to jail for this. After release from Jail, they changed their way of stealing. They started targeting the luxury cars in which there were chances of costly articles, costly laptops, heavy cash etc. and the chances of being caught were minimum. If they find some car with costly items, one of them used to knock the car to divert the attention of the driver and the other used to steal the articles.





Stolen from




FIR nO. 94/13 U/S 379 IPC P.S Badarpur




fir no. 122/13 u/s 379 ipc pS VaSant Kunj North


Auto rickshaw

No. HR55 H9817

complaint filed at gurgaon by the complainant

Concerned police stations have accordingly been informed to take necessary legal action against the accused persons to arrest them in their respective case.

Previous Involments of Accused Persons:

  1. Vinod S/o Keshav (28yrs.)

A .FIR No.173/11 U/S 379/411/34 IPC PS Mundaka, New Delhi

B. FIR No 171/12 U/S 457/380/411/34 PS Old Ggn Sec. 05,HR

  1. Irfan @Chipan S/o Babu khan(22 yrs.)

A. FIR No.171/12 U/s 457/380/411/34PS Old Sec.5 Ggn. HR

B. FIR No. 173/11 U/S 379/411/34 IPC PS Mundaka, New Delhi

C.FIR 366/10 U/S 380/411/34 IPC PS Sangam Vihar, New Delhi

D. FIR 262/12 U/S 380/411 IPC PS Sangam Vihar, New Delhi

Further investigation is on. With the arrest of the accused persons, three cases have been worked out.


Addl. Commissioner of Police,

South- East District, New Delhi.

OUTER DISTRICT Date: 29.04.13





  • Three accused namely (1)Bablu Maan @ Surya Prakash, (age-36 Yrs) (2) Anil, (age-36 Yrs) 3. Monu @ Surender (age-36 Yrs) arrested.

  • One country made fire arms and two live cartridges recovered from their possession.
  • Two cases of Arms act worked out.


AATS/OD Staff arrested three wanted active members of Babloo Maan Gang and recovered one country made fire arms and two live cartridges from their possession.


Due to increasing incidents of firing & threats in outer district, police officers of AATS/Outer District under the leadership of Inspr. Swadesh Parkash were working very hard under the supervision of Sh. Ved Prakash, ACP/Operation, the team was directed to develop information regarding active BC’s & criminals and to nab them. The dedicated team members worked hard to identify the desperate active BC’s & criminals and left no stone un-turn to achieve the target assigned to them and continuously kept on to track such criminals through deployment of sources as well as by other means of collection/development of information. On 28.04.13 const Prem Singh received secret information that three members of Babloo Maan Gang will come near Sec-16 & Sec-17 Rohini. According to the information they may posses illegal fire arms. A team comprising of HC Joginder, HC Rohtash, Ct. Sanjeev, Ct. Prem and Ct. Bhim Singh was formed and a trap was laid near the Sec- 16 & 17 Divider Road. Around 9 Pm three persons came walking and stopped near sec 16 and then they were waiting for someone and their activities were suspicious. Team members swung into action and nabbed them from behind. On their personal search one country made fire arms loaded with one live cartridge were recovered from possession of Babloo Maan @ Surya Prakash. During the interrogation they disclosed their names as (1)Bablu Maan @ Surya Prakash S/o late Sh.Silak Ram R/O VPO Khera Khurd Delhi, (2) Anil s/o Mehar singh r/o VPO Khera Khurd Delhi, 3. Monu @ Surender S/o Dariyav singh r/o H.No.525 VPO Ali Pur Delhi.


On interrogation Bablu Maan @ Surya Prakash disclosed that he is Leader of the gang and BC of Shahabad Dairy having 11 cases on him. He was last arrested alongwith Praveen Beniwal @ Lila r/o VPO Pitam Pura murder case in 2010 at manglu Chicken Corner in Sec 16 Rohini vide FIR No 409/10 Dated 27.12.2010 u/s 302/34 IPC PS K.N.K Marg and after released from jail, he again formed his gang with kukki,Anil and monu. On 10.04.2013 they thrashed one Rajeev at gunpoint at a Dhaba near Yadugreen in PS Ali Pur area. Thereafter they absconded and were looking for more targets to regain their position in outer Distt criminal world.


1. Bablu Maan @ Surya Prakash S/o late Sh.Silak Ram R/O V.P.O. Khera Khurd Delhi, is 10th pass and is married. He is B.C of PS Shahabad Dairy He is previously involved in 11 criminal cases.

Previous involvements of Bablu Maan @ Surya Prakash

  1. FIR No. 409/10 u/s 302/34IPC PS K.N.K Marg.

  2. FIR No. 83/09 u/s 325/34 IPC PS S.B Dairy

  3. FIR No. 684/08 u/s 307/34IPC & 25 A Act PS S Rohini

  4. FIR No. 160/08 u/s 323/506/34IPC 25 A Act PS Narela

  5. FIR No. 924/06 u/s 247/253/34IPC PS S.P Badli.

  6. FIR No. 279/04 u/s 342/323/506/34IPC PS Kanjhwala.

  7. FIR No. 149/99 u/s 341/323/34IPC PS Narela.

  8. FIR No. 268/98 u/s 25 Arms Act PS Narela.

  9. FIR No. 233/97 u/s 324 IPC PS Narela.

  10. FIR No. 360/96 u/s 25 Arms Act PS Ali Pur.

  11. FIR No. 87/94 u/s 323/324 IPC PS Narela.

2. Anil s/o Mehar Singh r/o VPO Khera Khurd Delhi is an associate of Bablu Maan. He is 11th pass.

Previous involvements of Anil s/o Mehar Singh

  1. FIR No. 373/03 u/s 420/468/471/120B IPC PS Narela Delhi

  2. FIR No. 149/99 u/s 323/341/34 IPC PS Narela Delhi.

  3. FIR No. 159/13 dt. 11.04.2013 u/s 323/341/325/506/34 & 25/54/59 Arms Act PS Ali Pur Delhi.

3. Monu @ Surender S/o Dariyav Singh r/o VPO H.No-525 Ali Pur Delhi. is an active associate of Bablu and was involved in PS Ali Pur Case. He is driver in DTC Rohini. He is 11th pass.

Previous involvements of Monu s/o Dariyav Singh

  1. FIR No. 159/13 dt. 11.04.2013 u/s 323/341/325/506/34 & 25/54/59 Arms Act PS Ali Pur Delhi.


  1. One .315 bore Desi katta with two live cartridges.


  1. FIR No. 159/13 dt. 11.04.2013 u/s 323/341/325/506/34 & 25/54/59 Arms

Act PS Ali Pur Delhi.

2. FIR No. 167/13 dt. 28.04.2013 u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act PS K.N.K Marg Delhi.


Addl. Deputy Commissioner of Police,

Outer District, Delhi.

Dated 29.04.2013


Staff of Police Station Mundka has busted a gang of autolfters cum snatchers. Two gang members Prince @ Binni and Suresh Kumar were arrested. The gang was headed by Prince @ Binni. Gang leader Prince @ Binni being stout and smart is aspiring to be a famous model. He has spent a huge amount to fulfill his dream earned through snatchings. With the arrest of this gang, many incidents of Motor Vehicle thefts and snatchings have been solved. One stolen Bajaj Discover Motorcycle, three mobile phones and other articles were recovered from their possession.


  1. Prince @ Binni S/o Late Shri Mohan Lal R/o C-105, Peera Garhi Relief Camp, Paschim Vihar, Delhi , Age- 25 yrs.

Education- 10th standard

Occupation- Medical Representative (MR)

  1. Suresh Kumar S/o Shri Kalaish Chander R/o C-26, Peera Garhi Relief Camp, Delhi, Age- 25 yrs.

Education- 5th standard

Occupation- Champion Driver


One stolen Bajaj Discover motorcycle

Three Mobile Phones


  1. Case FIR No. 155/13 U/s 379/356 IPC, PS Rajouri Garden, Delhi.

  2. Case FIR No. 24/13 U/s 379 IPC, PS Rajouri Garden, Delhi.

(iii) Case FIR No. 137/13 u/s 379 IPC, PS- Geeta Colony, Delhi

(iv) Case FIR No. 8/13 u/s 379 IPC, PS- Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

(V) Case FIR No. 8/13 u/s 379 IPC, PS-Paschim Vihar, Delhi


Keeping in view the regular increasing incidents of Motor Vehicle Thefts and Snatchings, Insp. Rajkumar, S.H.O-Mundka was assigned the task to collect intelligence about the gang indulged in these types of crime. SHO Mundka constituted a team to apprehend the active criminals. Sources were deployed in this regard. An information about a gang involved in committing Motor vehicle theft and snatchings was received to SHO Mundka. On 28.04.13, specific information was received that the gang members will come on a stolen motorcycle bearing number plate DL-3S-AL-8567 at PVC Market Mor, Bahadur Garh Road, Delhi at about 08.00 pm. On this information, a raiding party   under the supervision of Insp. Rajkumar/SHO Mundka, consisting of SI Manoj Bhatia, HC Rajesh Kumar 366/W, HC Narendra Kumar No. 948/W, HC Puran Mal No. 458/W , Ct, Jai Prakash 2742/W and Ct Joginder No. 3168/W and overall supervision of Shri Raj Kumar, ACP-Nangloi was constituted,  and a trap was laid near PVC Market Mor, Bahadur Garh Road, Delhi. At 08.15 pm, one Bajaj Discover Motorcycle bearing number came from Mundka side which was intercepted by the police party on the pointing out of secret informer. They were apprehended by police party. They disclosed their names as (1) Prince @ Binni S/o Late Shri Mohan Lal R/o C-105, Peera Garhi Relief Camp, Paschim Vihar & (2) Suresh Kumar S/o Shri Kalaish Chander R/o C-26, Peera Garhi Relief Camp, Delhi. They were asked to show the papers of above motorcycle but they could not produce any paper in this regard. On enquiry this motorcycle was found to be stolen from Police station Geeta Colony vide FIR No. 137/13. During further interrogation they made disclosure of many incidents of motor vehicles theft and snatchings.


During interrogation Prince @ Binni disclosed that he studied up to 10th standard from Paschim Vihar. His father expired in the year 2001. He started his career as a medical representative but he came in contact with the bad elements of society and left his job. He started to sell the pressure cooker door to door and started consuming alcohol and drug capsule. This earning was not sufficient for this so he started committing MV thefts and snatchings. Suresh Kumar disclosed that he belongs to poor economic back ground and studied up to Vth standard. He left his study due to the neglect attitude of his parents. He came in contact of bad elements and started taking drugs. He is a champion driver by profession.

The earnings from this crime were spent on drugs. Both the gang members are of young age. Gang leader Prince @ Binni being stout and smart is aspiring to be a famous model. He has spent a huge amount earned through snatching to fulfill his dreams. Prince @ Binni is also a good rider and is also a self styled stunt man. This quality of Prince @ Binni helped the gang in committing snatchings. Prince & Binni used to ride the motorcycle and Suresh Kumar sits on the pillion.

Staff involved in the good work is being rewarded suitably.




Dated: 29.04.2013

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  • RECOVERY - 4470 Sim Cards, 998 CAFs of fake IDs, fake retailer stamps, LAPU sims, Two Lap tops etc.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested five persons, who were operating an organized racket, indulging in the illegal sale and supply of pre-activated mobile SIM cards issued on fake IDs of innocent people. 4470 mobile SIM cards, which were got issued on fake IDs and photographs, forged CAFs and stamps of several fake retailer companies’, two lap tops and 10 LAPU/Master Activation Cards have been recovered from them.

The arrested persons are:

  1. Sandeep Kumar S/o Shri Devender Kumar R/o 631/39, Omkar Nagar, C-block, Tri Nagar, Delhi.

  2. Gazanfar Khan S/o Shri Kanwer Hussain Khan r/o 1850, gali NO. 39, Jhor Bagh, Tri Nagar, Delhi.

  3. Ravi Bhadauria s/o Shri Anil Kumar Singh Bhadauriar r/o 2/558 Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Pr. Add. J1/74 A Top Floor Khirki Extension, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

  4. Farman Khan S/o Shri Shahid Hussain r/o G-16, Om Vihar,-5, Uttam Nagar, Delhi.

  5. Sandeep Singh @ Rocket Singh s/o Shri Jagdish Singh Sabharwal r/o H.No. 32, Site – I, Vikas Puri, New Delhi.


A secret input was received by Special Operation Squad of Crime Branch regarding an organized racket indulging in the illegal sale and supply of pre-activated mobile SIM cards issued on fake IDs. And that if the deal is struck through a decoy customer, they can be apprehended and huge quantity of such sim cards can be recovered.

Immediately, a team lead by Inspr Ashok Kumar and consisting of SIs Virender Singh, Ashok Kumar, ASIs Jasvinder Singh, Ranjeet Kumar, HCs Virender, Harvinder, Sanjay, Surender, Subhash Cts Bhoop Singh, Rajesh, and Dinesh was formed under the close supervision of ACP Suresh Kaushik and overall supervision of Addl.DCP Kumar Gyanesh.


The team worked on the input, developed the information and started surveillance on the activities of the alleged persons. HC Sanjay Kumar was deployed as decoy customer. After being briefed properly, he reached the house-cum-office at 631/39, Omkar Nagar, C-block, Tri Nagar, Delhi and showed interest in purchasing Sim Cards in bulk without his ID proof & photograph. The owner Sandeep Kumar settled the deal to issue 700 Sim Cards on forged IDs which were brought there by Gazanfar Khan and were available for sale. He gave those 700 Sim Cards to the decoy customer and told that they had procured the Sim Cards on fake IDs & photographs. After finalizing the deal, shadow witness gave a specific signal and accordingly, the team apprehended both the alleged persons and one office boy, namely Farman Khan.

A cursory search of the shop was conducted, during which 3280 Sim Cards of Reliance and 490 TATA Indicom SIM cards issued on forged IDs, 250 incomplete CAFs of Reliance without any stamp, 11 blank CAFs of Reliance with pasted photographs, 22 copies of IDs of several persons, 41 copies of IDs along with their scanned photos, 22 stamps of various retail outlets, 10 LapuSim (Activation Sim), One data traveller 4GB make Kingston and two CPUs were also recovered. Accordingly, a case was registered and investigation taken up.


During investigation, accused Sandeep Kumar has disclosed that he has been carrying out this illegal business of SIM cards for the last one and a half years with the help of his brother-in-law (Jija) Gazanfar Khan and one worker Farman Khan, who is nephew of Gaznafar Khan. After bearing loss in his Retail Mobile Phone/SIM Card Outlet situated at Patel Nagar and Satya Niketan (Dhaula Kuan) two years ago, he contacted Ravi Bhadauria, Territory Sales Manager of Reliance Telecom. He used to take sim cards from Ravi to help him achieve the targets assigned by the company, and to earn extra-incentives. He used to submit the CAFs after completing all the requisite formalities on the basis of forged ID’s and photographs and submit to Ravi who used to send scanned copy to the company to activate the sims.

Sandeep used to ensure the activation by tele-calling to Customer Care number. He used to sell the pre-activated sim cards as per his convenience and market rates. He started arranging forged IDs through scanned photographs and IDs of his previous customers. He used to get three sim cards activated on a single ID at a time and repeat the same process after some gap. Accused Ravi Bhadauria, Territory Sales Manager, Reliance Telecom, as well as another accused Rocket Singh @ Sandeep Singh a sub-dealer have also been arrested in this case.

Further investigations are in progress.


  1. 4470 SIM Cards of Reliance/TATA Indicom issued on fake IDs,

  2. 672 CAFs of fake Ids.

  3. 326 incomplete CAFs of Reliance without any stamp,

  4. 11 blank CAFs of Reliance with pasted photographs,

  5. 22 copies of IDs of several persons,

  6. 41 copies of IDs along with their scanned photos,

  7. 37 blank CAF forms of Reliance.

  8. 22 stamps of various retail outlets running by Sandeep Kumar,

  9. 10 Lapu Sim of Reliance (Activation & recharge Sim Cards ),

  10. Two Laptop make HP & Compaque.

  11. One data traveller makes Kingston.

  12. Rs. 7000/- from the pocket of accused Sandeep Kumar, given to decoy customer.




Dated: 29.04.2013






The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has successfully rescued a minor girl, age about 15 years d/o Mangal Bhagat r/o Jharakhand from a posh locality of Gurgaon and handed over to the Gurgaon Police. Her distant relative had brought the girl to Delhi on false promises.


On 27.04.2013, a complaint was received from the father’s side that his daughter and another girl of same village were brought to Delhi and working in bondage somewhere in NCR. The other girl managed to escape back to Jharkhand and narrated her woes. But since then, his daughter is untraceable. Acting swiftly on this complaint, a team of Anti Kidnapping Section of Crime Branch consisting of Inspector Hariwansh Singh, SIs Subhash Chand, Rajbir Singh, ASI Surender, HCts Mukesh Kumar, Ram Dev and Ct Yatender was constituted under the close supervision of ACP VK Dham. After collecting the necessary information, technical surveillance was carried out and the girl was located and rescued from H.No.C-12, Greenwood City, Sector-45, Gurgaon (Haryana) in cooperation with Gurgaon Police.

The story behind the trafficking episode is one which is commonly seen in such cases, comprising of elements of poverty and exploitation. The girl was taken by one of her relatives on the promise of better life and was handed over to one Sushma in Ranchi. Thereafter, she was brought by Sushma and Raju, who are agents of placement agencies, to Delhi. After reaching Delhi, she was placed as a domestic help at H.No.C-12, Greenwood City, Sector-45, Gurgaon (Haryana). After getting released, the girl was happy to be united with her parents and obtain freedom from exploitation.

Further legal action shall be taken by the Gurgaon Police on the basis of directions of the Child Welfare Committee.




Dated: 29.04.2013



  • Sharp Shooter/Inter-State criminal of Sandeep Chitania gang arrested.

  • One improvised Semi-Automatic Pistol with five live bullets recovered.

  • Arrested person wanted in case of escaping of notorious gangsters namely Sandeep Chitania and Surender Malik @ Neetu Daboda.

A team of Anti Robbery Cell, Crime Branch led by Inspr. Kuldeep Singh, consisting of ASI Narender Singh, HC Satpal Dagar, Constables Ranbir and Sunil has apprehended Sumit @ Vicky @ Vakil s/o late Sh. Ramdutt R/o 726, Sector-23, Sonipat, Haryana, age 30 years. He was found in possession of an improvised semi automatic pistol with five live bullets.


On 28.04.2013, the team received a secret information regarding movement of notorious criminal Sumit @ Vicky @ Vakil, a member of Sandeep Chitania gang, in the area of Najafgarh and Mitraun village. The information entailed that Vicky @ Vakil would be coming near Khimmi Mai Mandir, outskirts of village Mitraun, Delhi between 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The team swung into action and laid a trap around Khimmi Mai Mandir on the outskirts of village Mitraun, Dhansa-Najafgarh road, Delhi and at about 2:40 PM, one person was apprehended in front of Khimmi Mai Mandir whose name and address was later revealed as Sumit @ Vicky @ Vakil s/o late Sh. Ramdutt R/o H. No. 726, Sector-23, Sonipat, Haryana. On seeing the police party the accused in order to escape from the police party, took out an improvised semi automatic pistol, cocked and brandished it but was overpowered by HC Satpal, with the help of raiding party. This dreaded gangster has been nabbed by the police team without shedding a drop of blood, in a swift and spontaneous operation. On checking the improvised semi automatic pistol, it was found to be of .32 bore. One bullet was found in the chamber of the pistol and four live bullets were found in the magazine. A case vide FIR No. 78/13 dated 28/04/2013 U/s 25/27 Arms Act is registered in PS Crime Branch, Malviya Nagar.


Sumit @ Vicky @ Vakil is a young man of 30 years. He hails from Chitana village of district Sonipat. His father was a Sub- Inspector with the Delhi Police and died a fortnight ago. His mother is a teacher in Govt school. Vicky has one sister and one brother. Vicky is the eldest amongst siblings. Vicky did his schooling in different schools in Sonipat, Haryana. He did 1st year of L.L.B from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak and 2nd and final year of law from Dr. Bhimrao Ambedakar University, Agra in the year 2008.

In the year 1998, Vicky picked up a quarrel with one Raju at Sonipat, Haryana and he snatched the licensed pistol of Raju, and shot one Suresh. A case of attempt to murder and robbery was registered at PS Sonipat (City).

His gang leader Sandeep Chitania also hails from the same village of Chitana in Sonipat. They were in business of property dealing. In 2007, Vicky and Sandeep became friends, but some differences grew up among the two regarding a plot. Vicky got registered a case u/s 307 IPC against Sandeep Chitania at Gurgaon but later on, both of them compromised the matter. He met Surender Malik @ Neetu Dabodha through Sandeep when both of them were in jail.

In February 2012, Vicky was asked by Sandeep Chitania to meet Kishori and Anil Mann, both residents of Village Mangali, and arrange for their escape from the custody of Haryana Police. All three of them made the arrangements for escape of Sandeep and Neetu Dabodha.On 02.04.2012, when Haryana Police brought Sandeep and Neetu from Bhondsi jail to Saket Courts, the trio in connivance with Sandeep and Neetu Dabodha managed to escape from Dwarka. They snatched the carbine and handcuffs from Haryana Police personnel. Sandeep and Neetu Dabodha are carrying rewards on their arrest from police of different states.

Sandeep and Vicky used to hide at various places including their relatives. Nowadays, Sandeep and Vicky extort money from property dealers and cable operators to meet their expenditure. However, the victims are reluctant to come forward and lodge complaints owing to fear of these notorious criminals.

Previous involvements are as under:




Brief Facts(Only of heinous cases)


392/307 IPC

Sonipat City

Suresh Pehlwan was injured by the accused by a licensed pistol of one Raju. Acquitted.


302/449/34 IPC

Sonipat, Haryana

Parveen @ Pinki, a cable operator was shot dead. Acquitted.


379 IPC

Kundali, Sonipat, Haryana

Bolero used in FIR No. 62/12 was stolen. Wanted.


223/224/225/120B IPC

Dwarka South

Gangsters Sandeep Chitania and Surender Malik @ Neetu Dabodha escaped with the help of accused Vicky and his associates. Wanted (PO).


307/120B IPC

Sonipat Sadar

Vicky and his associates shot at proprietor of Oma Cable operator, Sonipat. Two of his associates have been arrested. Wanted.





29th April, 2013


With the arrest of (1) Mohd. Irfan, aged about 22 years s/o Samadeen r/o Vill. Balli, Distt. Baghpat, U.P. and (2) Shahzad, aged about 22 years s/o Manzur r/o Vill. Balli, Distt. Baghpat, U.P, Central District police has solved a case of robbery and burglary of PS Hauz Qazi, Central District, Delhi.

One mobile phone, one laptop, one loaded country made pistol along with two live cartridges used in commission of crime have been recovered from their possession.


On 13.04.2013, a PCR Call regarding robbery at shop No. 104, Mohalla Dassan Charkhewalan, Hauz Qazi, Delhi was received at PS Hauz Qazi. SHO/Hauz Qazi along with staff reached at the spot where one man, who later on revealed his identity as Ashok Gupta s/o Ram Avtar r/o H. No. 3108, Gali Madho Pandit, Mohalla Dassan Charkhewalan, Hauz Qazi, was found locked in the shop from outside. The lock was broke opened. Sh. Ashok Gupta informed that when he was present in his shop, two persons entered his shop and bolted the door from inside. Then at the point of dagger and country made pistol, both the accused persons robbed two mobile phones, one ring, one laptop and cash Rs. 6000/- from him and fled away from the spot locking him inside the shop. Accordingly, on the statement of Sh. Ashok Gupta, a case vide FIR No. 59/2013 u/s 392/397/342/34 IPC was registered at PS Hauz Qazi and the investigation was taken up.

To work out the case and apprehend the culprits, a team consisting of Inspr. Vijay Singh Chandel, SHO/ Hauz Qazi, SI Pawan Tomar, ASI Nassu Ahmed, HC Khurshid, Ct Sandeep and Ct Sarvesh was constituted under the close supervision of Sh. Ram Kumar, ACP/Kamla Market.

During the course of investigation, concerted efforts were made to apprehend the culprits. Technical surveillance was also mounted. On the basis of technical surveillance, one of the mobile phones was found functional. Accordingly, the user of the mobile phone was tracked as Salman r/o Patpar Ganj, Delhi. He was traced and interrogated. On interrogation, he disclosed that the mobile number is being used by his brother in-law namely Mohd. Irfan s/o Samadeen r/o Vill. Balli, Distt. Baghpat, U.P. A raid was conducted at the native village of Irfan but Irfan managed to escape from there. On 27.04.2013, on the basis of secret information, Irfan was apprehended by the police team from Meena Bazar Park, Jama Masjid, Delhi. On his personal search, one loaded country made pistol along with two live cartridges used in the commission of crime was recovered from his possession. He was subjected to sustained interrogation, On interrogation, he disclosed that he along with his accomplices namely Shazad, Ankit and Doctor has committed the robbery. He also disclosed that Shahzad would also come at Meena Bazar Park to meet him. Accordingly, a trap was laid and at the instance of accused Irfan, one person was apprehended who revealed his identity as Shahzad s/o Manzur r/o Vill. Balli, Distt. Baghpat, U.P. They were interrogated at length and on interrogation, they revealed that they had also committed a burglary at a shop at Peepal Mahadev, Gali Raja wali, Hauz Qazi. They had stolen 110 kgs of brass and sold the same to a kabari for Rs. 31,000/- At their instance, a raid was conducted at their houses and robbed laptop and mobile phone were recovered from the house of Irfan and Shahzad respectively.
Further investigation / interrogation is in progress and efforts are being made to apprehend other accused.


  1. One mobile phone

  2. One laptop,

  3. One loaded country made pistol along with two live cartridges


  1. Mohd. Irfan s/o Samadeen r/o Vill. Balli, Distt. Baghpat, U.P. is 22 years old. He has studied upto 5th class. He is married. He has two brothers and two sisters.

  2. Shahzad s/o Manzur r/o Vill. Balli, Distt. Baghpat, U.P is 22 years old. He has studied upto 5th class. He is unmarried. He has five brothers and two sisters.




NORTH- WEST DISTT Dated 29th April-2013




With the arrest of six accused namely Sohan Pal Sharma s/o Naval Kishor Sharma, Prabhat Sagar s/o Prakash Sagar, Kapil Narula s/o Harish Narula, Vikash Gupta s/o Jayprakash Gupta, Nitin s/o Pramod Katiyar and Santosh Kumar s/o Naresh Gupta staff of PS Mahendra Park had worked out a cheating with forgery case and recovered Rs. 4.60 lacks of the cheated amount out of Rs. 8.50 lacks.

Incident :-

On 03.04.13 Shri Shyam Lal Arora owner of Sunam Fruit Company, Azadpur Delhi reported that he received a message on his Mobile phone regarding withdrawal of Rs. 8.5 Lacks by a self paid cheque from the company account. Cheque No. 956602 which was encashed at ICICI Bank Gwalior Branch M.P. A case vide FIR NO. 86/13 Dated 03/04/13 u/s 420/467/468/471/120-B/34 IPC, P.S. Mahendra Park, Delhi was registered and investigation taken up. During the course of investigation, it was revealed that the said cheque was never received by the company. ICICI Bank, Azadpur informed that said cheque book was issued from their Branch to deliver it through SMS Courier company to the account holder Sunam Fruit company.


A team consisting of SI Anoop Singh, I/C PP New Sabzi Mandi, Azadpur, Delhi, Ct. Anil No. 1402/NW and Ct. Rajender No. 2051/NW under the close supervision of Inspr. Rajender Dubey, SHO/Mahendra Park was constituted. The working system of Courier Company for delivery of cheque book and the accesses of the employees for doing pilferage was checked. The needle of suspicion pointed towards the involvement of the staff of the courier company but there was no specific input to fix their criminal liability.


During the course of investigation CCTV footage of ICICI Bank Gwalior Branch and cheque having the forged signature of Sumit Arora and forged stamp of Sunam Fruit Company were obtained and analyzed. On the basis of CCTV footage alleged person who had withdrawn the money after submitting forged and fabricated cheque was identified as Sohan Pal Sharma @ Sonu Sharma residing at Pandav Nagar Delhi. The information was further developed in order to unearth the gang. On 16.03.13, a secret information was received that the accused Sohan Pal Sharma along with his other accomplice who had committed the said offence will assemble near Bank Complex Azadpur Mandi Delhi. Acting on the tip of a secret informer, accused Sohan Pal, Prabhat Sagar and Kapil Narula were apprehended. They were found in possession of scanned signature of account holder, two deposit slip for Rs. 3.5 Lac and some other incriminating documents. They further disclosed that they had hatched a conspiracy for committing the said offence by stealing the cheque book issued to the Sunam Fruit Company by ICICI bank. It was to be delivered to the account holder through SMS Courier Company.


During sustain interogation it revaled that, the accused namely Nitin was an employee of the SMS courier company. He stole the Cheque book of ICICI Bank that was to be delivered to Sunam Fruit Company. Nitin gave the cheque book to Santosh and he passed on the same to Vikas. Later on, Vikas, Prabhat Sagar, Kapil Narula and Sohan Pal planned the entire conspiracy. Kapil Narula forged the signature of Sumit Arora and forged rubber stamp of Sunam Fruit Company was affixed on the Cheque. Sohan Pal produced the forged Cheque in the ICICI Bank Gwalior and withdrew cash Rs 8.5 Lacs. After withdrawing the cash all the accused persons shared the cash as per their agreement.


  1. Nitin s/o Pramod Katiyar r/o Harkesh Nagar Delhi belongs to a middle class family and studied up to 12th class . He worked at SMS Courier company from where he stole the said cheque book which was to be delivered to SUNAM FRUIT COMPANY. He passed on the same to Santosh in a small amount.

  2. Accused Santosh Kumar s/o Naresh Gupta r/o Tuglakabad Gaon Delhi is a permanent resident of Bihar and came to Delhi in search of job. He joined BSA Courier company and met with Nitin. After leaving BSA company, Nitin joined in SMS courier company but Santosh didn’t get any job. He hatched the conspiracy with Nitin in order to steal Cheque book from courier company. According to their plan Nitin stole the cheque Book and passed on to Santosh.

  3. Vikash Gupta s/o Jayprakash Gupta r/o Badarpur Delhi,belongs to a educated family. His father owns a General Store at Molar Band Gaon at Badarpur Delhi. He studied up to graduation. He is a close friend of Kapil Narula and received the said cheque from Santosh and passed on to Kapil Narula.

  1. Kapil Narula s/o Harish Narula r/o Palwal Haryana is a single earning hand in his family and studied up to 12th class .He wanted to earn money in easiest way and received the said cheque book from Santosh .

  2. Prabhat Sagar s/o Prakash Sagar r/o Sukhdev Vihar Delhi is the only son of his father and residing alone with his wife. He didn't get job anywhere . He wanted to fulfill his needs in easiest way and met with Kapil Narula and Sohan pal Sharma . They hatched a conspiracy for encashing the said cheque. He managed to enquire the balance of Sunam Fruit Company and authorized signatory. Later on he filled the annexure 1 form and said cheque.
  3. Sohan Pal Sharma s/o Naval Kishor Sharma r/o Baghpat U.P came to Delhi in search of work. He studied up to 10th class. He met with Prabhat and Kapil Narula in Delhi. He executed their plan after producing the cheque having forged signature and forged stamp of Sunam Fruit Company at ICICI Bank Gwalior Branch .He got encashed the cheque and divided their share as per their agreement .


  1. Rs. 1.10 Lacs was recovered on the instance of accused Prabhat.

  2. Rs. 3.5 Lacs was traced deposited in the IDBI Bank which is part of the cheated amount received by accused Kapil. The accounts have been freezed.

  3. Two mobile phones of make DELL & SAMSUNG purchased from the cheated amount were recovered from the possession of Parbhat & Sohan Pal respectively.




NORTH-WEST DISTT. Dated: 29.4.13

The picket staff of PS Adarsh Nagar has arrested one auto thief Sunil s/o Sh. Jagdish Kumar r/o Gali No. 5, Swatantra Nagar, Nerala, Delhi and a stolen motor cycle TVS Star City has been seized from his possession.

On 26.4.13 during joint checking at Waste Water Pump picket at about 9.00 PM, HC Karambir, Ct. Sudhir, Ct. Sachin and Ct. Rakesh intercepted one suspicious looking person going towards Jahangir Puri on motor cycle TVS Star City bearing No. DL8S AL 1154. On asking, he neither produced the documents of the motor cycle nor gave satisfactory reply. During sustained interrogation, he revealed that on 18.4.13, he had stolen this motor cycle from in front of House No. A-251 Majlish Park Delhi. On verification, a case vide FIR No. 110/13 dated 18.4.13 u/s 379 IPC found registered at PS Adarsh Nagar in this regard. He came out to be one Sunil s/o Sh. Jagdish Kumar r/o Gali No. 5, Swatantra Nagar, Nerala, Delhi and also found involved in two other theft cases of PS Adarsh Nagar and Narela. Accordingly, he was duly arrested. Alleged Sunil was born in 1990 and belongs to a poor family. He is a school dropout and has no permanent source of livelihood.

(Dr. P. Karunakaran)IPS

Dy. Commissioner of Police,

North West Distt., Delhi.


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